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You are the Kinder Egg surprise.
And you're the grandmother who brings them to her grandchildren
^ The Giant alien zombie lobsters from Guess what's coming to dinner
I now have the urge to boot up Turrican 2 on my A1200.
Hold on, my ancestors just texted me in smoke signals
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
Have we met before?
Yarrr I be reminded of th' time we be stranded in thar island and we had to resort to cannibalism or eat VEGETABLES!.

Tharrr be the worst 22 hours of our lives.
Post edited September 19, 2015 by j0ekerr
Sick 'em scurvy landcrabs, Max
My favorite snack from IKEA's bistro!
Finally found the one who eats my brethren!
A clip from a public service film about LSD.
those [url=]sugar skulls[/url] from dia de los muerta.
The Land Shark is..... blowing up????
Monsters Inc. has a new employee.