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high rated
Ok this might be a supremely stupid game, but here goes:

Ok I'll start....uhm... nada, zipo, ziltch, grey, void, empty etc...

Right I'm going to make some Milo : its like hot chocolate, only way better!
....All I see is a Yeti looking man with a very techy looking sword.
He's turning his back on me.
Some kind of a superhero.
An angry Inuit.
My aunt.
Some grey thingy that looks vaguely familiar...
My Avatar
Old Black $ White poster of Empire State building ^^

EDIT: Ninja'd

Satisfied Pratchett's DEATH
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An upstanding citizen. (specifically, he is standing up)
Weird art?
Doing drugs with teddy bears.
Some book hardcover
a tv commercial
This one time in Port Elizabeth when I saw a guy mistake wasabi for guacamole...