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Definition of bored because Covid-19 stopped Lara Croft from exploring more tombs
Post edited May 20, 2021 by albinistic
The flying frog has umbrellas for feet, it is the amphibious Mary Poppins.
Watching a movie with subtitles
A mario 64 game cube rom hack
Man sitting on toilet and trying so hard to go that hair from body quickly grew out
The world's smallest frog can sit on a dime with square milli-meters to spare.
...of the reason why I gave up memes
A man staring disappointedly at what the future has become of
I once ate a poison dart frog just so I could hear the medical expert describe it. This was Metal Gear Solid 3, mind you.
a bull in a china shop
A man staring intently at a bull in a shop causing tons of damage
Someone who masterminded the Allied "island hopping" strategy during WW2 in the Pacific.
^ A knight whose mission it is to enlighten scofflaws who, if they don't obey the law or understand why they should, he helps them "get the point."
A man who finds everything interesting and stares at it for days until he finds a new fascinating thing. He never sleeps and never shaves.