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That part in Tokyo Gore Police where a woman with dinosaur jaws for legs bites a guy's arm off and he stuffs grenades into her leg-mouth.
The end of a perfect family dinner.
Spongebob's boss.
Red Riding Hood turns towards the camera holding her cheeks with amazement because a giant tanuki is swinging giant testicles around.
^ a conspiracy nut who got ninjaed but failed to edit his post
Alzheimer's, with a post that inaccurate.

"En guard"
I once saw a gif of a frog with a parasitic worm wiggling around in its eye.
The last supper. Mhhh ... delicious.
^ someone in line at an all-you-care-to-eat pizza buffet
^ teh guy that rummages around teh nearby dumpster for plastic bottles
^ the fair fox from Fairfax
^ Me, according to Fairfox. (I'm more of a flabby Joel Miller.)
What happens when a customer wants to see the manager about a problem with the service, but keeps getting denied.
^ a brilliant way to win a tournament by polishing armor so well that it reflects sun light to blinding levels