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^ Tom Hanks after being cast away for 48 years.
^The person who smiles and laughs at one's joke or story but is actually dying inside of how awkward and strange the joke/story was.
^ Overused free stock imagery one might see in a science book, or on poster.
The gaming episode of Futurama where Farnsworth shot through cover at the aliens.
Local pub.
Spaghetti god.
a candy cane knight
A good afternoon meeting with a clay pipe somewhere in the Shire ^
Scientists in shit movies have this insane habit of touching the weird things so that they can die or be corrupted. Like in Fantfourstic, Victor touches the green lava and they don't even have the decency to play the song "GREEN SLIME".
An intense scene of debate in Ancient Rome, about the future of the empire`s religion, edit: or the future itself.
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Fossilized prehistoric cavemen's smiley mask recently discovered and excavated.
The first time I saw that game-show on Nickelodeon and thought, "is that monster blood from Goosebumps?"

Edit: I'm not changing this in light of the jousting ninja up there.
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"It's over, Anakin! I have the high ground!"
Godzilla (1998) is the best media to ever depict baby godzillas, change my mind.
two dogs mating and one of their owners trying to interfere