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That hot dog that I never liked.
Post edited September 21, 2015 by A_Future_Pilot
The TV show I still like :)
Myself when I tried an armor at a medieval fair, and realised I didn't know how to get out of it..

("Nah, a chainmail is pretty much a heavy sweater. How complicated can it be to pull it off?")
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An aquaintance of Edna & Harvey :P
Someone who constantly receives nuggets of information without bothering to check whether or not they are authentic or fraud... Much like "the tiny step for mankind".
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the grumpy face expression that you get, when another person is faster than you at taking the last parking lot
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Have achieved caffeine bliss...

As for the doubled line
A little pony that decided to dress up as a menial worker for Haloween or something
Someone who has lost his hat.
Druid summons from Diablo 2 Lod.
extreme fear against clothes made after year 1000
Extreme fear of contact lenses!
Medieval bling
Being angry at the fact that this lil nugget of gold won't be enough to make a new shiny hat.
Being angry that this lil nugget of gold wasn't gifted to the lady of the avatar.