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Earthworm Jim's son.
Approx. when I have to get up to work every day of the week.
Your avatar reminds me of Mr. Crab from sponge Bob, owner of the burger restaurant!
Vigo slays vampires now!
Spongebob on acid.
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Someone who's not as cool as they think they are.
A goth girl, that decided to wear red for the carnival or something...
Someone who doesn't know how to discern and clearly doesn't like, goth lolita girls, grrr.
gaze of a hunter
gaze of a pill popper.......
The familiar of the weird wizard Morton the short. The main reason why Morton had a falling out with Erasmus. Their familiars were behaving like cat and mouse.
...melancholic gaze...

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Someone who can beat anyone up easily, without need to resort to shouting techniques and mesmerizing glare, or kiai-jutsu.
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Someone who can creep people out easily, without resorting to anything else but his vaguely menacing stare
Unhappy with your Kinder Egg surprise.