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MarkoH01: 1) No idea what you are talking about or who you are trying to adress here.
2) This is probably the wrong thread since this is simply a thread that lists updates.
e33et: Sorry, I meant Custom executables / arguments in the Configure menu and -> Feature. After you duplicate a new entry you can't remove it unless you make reinstall the GOG laucnher!
This is still not the topic for it since you are talking about the GOG Galaxy launcher. However just to help you: it IS possible to remove hose duplicates. You just need to access the window that shows the path in the "File 2" settings and you will see it is actually a dropdown box which also offers the option "remove executablöe" which will remove the duplicate. If you should have further questions about this you can simply send me a chat or create a new forum in the correct forum which you can find here:

This thread here is ONLY meant for listing new updates and not to discuss anything else.
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.558.3 to 0.559.4 on Windows, Mac and Linux. No blue dot.
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted in the forum by the developer:
0.559.4 - Quantum Leap

- Updated the game engine to Godot 3.5.1 for OSX systems.
- Phage stations will not re-spawn in front of you when you are flying away from them anymore.
- The gravimetric drone display would reset every hour that passed in real-time.
- The focus effect on HUD buttons is now more visible.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash while handling new leaderboard entries.
- The game would crash if your ship ran out of propellant while performing an astrogation countdown.
- Fixed keyboard/gamepad button order on the Settings screen.
- Added Ukrainian language support.
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Weird West updated to 1.04E


We released a minor patch today, 1.04E to address a batch of issues that were recently reported and were low hanging fruits that could be easily addressed immediately:

Fixed bug where some town locations would not go abandoned after wiping their population
Fixed blocker bug that can happen in Protector Journey where either Maryann or West Standing Woman refuses to talk to you despite the objective leading you to them
Hide the rival distillery sidequest location until the sidequest is active to avoid stumbling out of context on a bunch of raging farmers attacking you on sight
Fixed a couple of Russian translation issues with Vendetta dialogs
Fixed rare blocking bug with the Crime & Punishment side quest where the Oneirist enrolled for the Ritual would decide to be the quest giver for the Once Upon a Dream Side Quest
On PC, force the game to startup Full Screen rather than borderless to avoid resolution issues
Fixed Localization issue in Traditional Chinese with the golden shovel and erroneous punctuation in some of the Protector Journey starting dialogs
Cleaned up Thriving Place of occurrences where NPCs would walk into fireplaces or damage themselves on pickups lying on the ground which could result in a weird mess with the AI Detection/Awareness system
Fixed various bugs with the wrong weapon being the one equipped or assigned to the Quick Swap slot when multiple variations of the same base weapon exist in inventory
Increased some of the AI Barks cooldowns to ease a bit the rate at which companions speak

This updated 1.04E Build is now available on Steam and GoG and should be available on other storefronts and consoles in a few hours.
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A.I.M.2 Clan Wars

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.4.31 ⇒ 1.4.31 water fix.
Update 1.4.31 water fix (October 7th, 2022)

• fixed water rendering
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Spellforce 3 Reforced & Soul Harvest & Fallen God [Part 1/2]

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 161554.339115 ⇒ 163175.365556
Soul Harvest:
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 161554.339115a ⇒ 163175.365556
Fallen God:
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 161554.339115a ⇒ 163175.365556
Patch #6 (Looots of yummy stuff)

Thank you all for your awesome feedback regarding SpellForce 3 Versus!

With this patch we are hoping to address the feedback from the last months.

These changes should increase the game's speed as well as make some underused options more viable, either by buffing them directly or slightly nerfing alternatives.
Other changes are more quality of life changes or small improvements in unit handling, such as the Warrior Of Depth's time to hit on their attacks.

Last but not least, we are introducing some bigger changes such as also giving Trolls the worker health upgrade, and are looking to nerf some outstanding heroes without going overboard.

❶ Bugfixes:

⯈ Liannon:
---• Fixed an issue that trivialized the fight against Anselm.
⯈ Mulandir:
---• Fixed a plotstopper that was caused when looting the Rune Shards out of order.
---• Fixed repeating dialogue.
⯈ Mulandir, Nexus:
---• Fixed various cut off and overlapping dialogues.
---• Fixed some blueprints and removed an unused technology from the Orc section in the progress window.
---• Fixed an issue when applying Defensive Stance to a specific hero.
⯈ Everlight:
---• Fixed an issue with the item "Love Potion" being equippable.
⯈ Everlight, Glittering Mine:
---• Fixed an issue that Undergast wouldn't follow the player again if they leave the map and return during the quest "The World Within".
⯈ Everlight and Glittering Mine:
---• Added missing combat music to two specific boss encounters.
⯈ Leafshade:
---• Fixed icons remaining above corrupted pools after successfully cleaning them.
---• Fixed unobtainable loot.
---• Fixed missing voice file of Yria.
⯈ Aonir's Blade:
---• Fixed an issue when destroying the gates in a specific order with the catapult.
---• Fixed that the side quest "In the name of Knowledge" didn't start properly if a dialogue of the Mentalist didn't start.
---• It should be a bit easier to capture the first sectors.
---• Fixed wrong display of resistances on Undead near their towers.
---• Fixed dialogue of the deserter playing too late.
---• Fixed quest updating incorrectly when the enemy AI took a specific sector.
⯈ Unknown Island:
---• Fixed prisoners not entering the village properly. Also fixed prisoners not leaving their spots after being freed.
---• Duul's weapons should no longer be visible when he's kneeling down. Also fixed fade to black in the cutscene with Duul.
---• Adjusted the Medusae to scale better with difficulty settings.
⯈ Iskander Wilds:
---• Fixed an issue that Clara and Commander Theon wouldn't stand next to each other when their designated location was blocked by a building.
---• Fixed cutscene dialogue cutting off when the bridge was repaired during a cutscene.
⯈ The Eye:
---• Fixed a bug that unintentionally allowed direct travel to map Iskander Wilds.
---• Fixed that a quest marker during the quest "The Deserter" was shown on a NPC when this specific NPC was already dead.
---• Fixed an quest marker being shown too early.
---• Fixed Utran Infantryman unit not counting towards the Population capacity.
---• Fixed wrong description of the item "Poison".
⯈ The Golden Road:
---• Fixed an issue that allowed certain heroes to walk through the magical fog unaffected.
---• Fixed an issue that caused units getting stuck behind the "Grove" building.
⯈ Windwall Foothills:
---• Fixed dialogue issue.

⯈ Greykeep, Throne Room:
---• Fixed multiple dialogue issues after failing quest "Knowing the Pack".
---• Fixed an issue that caused multiple cutscenes and dialogue playing at once.
---• Fixed dialogue issues with Yria.
⯈ Greykeep, King's Vantage:
---• Fixed an issue that allowed for duplication of specific items when receiving them from Berghol.
---• Fixed various dialogue issues.
⯈ Howling Steppes:
---• Fixed a dialogue issue when revisiting the map for the quest "The Exiled".
---• Fixed quest marker issue during quest "Golem".
---• Fixed that a quest marker during the quest "The Missing Son" wasn't shown properly if Kaiawu responded during a dialogue instead of Aerev.
---• Fixed dialogue issue with Ceyn.
⯈ Cahlabrok:
---• Fixed an issue with the completion of the quest "Scavengers" when killing the Nidari too early.
---• Fixed an issue that caused Gold being added to Kel's trading inventory when choosing a specific dialogue option.
---• Fixed an endless repeatable dialogue.
⯈ The Eye:
---• Fixed various interaction issues.
⯈ Leonidar Gorge:
---• Fixed an issue with the completion of the quest "The Shunned Friend".
⯈ The Crimson Mire:
---• Fixed that a cutscene dialogue was cut off.
⯈ Old---•Hâlu:
---• Fixed a missing voice line of Aerev.
⯈ Silver Drift Hollow:
---• Fixed collision of cages.
⯈ Windholme Cavern:
---• Fixed dialogue overlapping with a cutscene.
⯈ Temple of Light:
---• Fixed a plotstopper that was caused by skipping boss phases with Damage over Time effects.
---• Fixed a plostopper that was caused when walking away from the Masked Woman while she was talking.

⯈ Temple of the Sacred Seal:
---• Fixed exploit that allowed for infinte shaping points for Noag.
---• Fixed Noag standing up unintentionally after a cutscene finished.
---• Fixed out of order dialogue when talking to Anug.
⯈ The Blackheart Jungle:
---• Fixed an issue that allowed the player to equip "Greenskin Boom Rock".
⯈ The Brittlebone Village:
---• Fixed animation of mayor when standing at the entrance.
⯈ The Red Meadow:
---• Fixed quest update display.
⯈ Cobalt Coast:
---• Fixed dialogue issue.
---• Fixed highlighting of pickup resources.
⯈ Temple of Hirin:
---• A gate can no longer be bypassed by using the "Heart of Ice" trinket in front of it.
⯈ Shrine of Niethalf:
---• Fixed an issue during which the heroes could have been trapped behind an electric fence.
---• Fixed an issue with a portal.
⯈ Shrine of the Eclipse Goddess:
---• Fixed issues with dropping the "Spirit Ward" items from inventory.
---• Fixed "empty" quest update display.
⯈ Shrine of Shanna:
---• Added missing notification.
⯈ Path to the Coast:
---• Fixed navigation issue with rocks.
⯈ The Northern Coast:
---• Enemies spawned during specific cutscenes and dialogues now resume attacking after the player completes them.

• Fixed an issue causing enemy Troll and Goblin heroes to not be rendered properly.

• Fixed "Dirty Old Battlestaff" to be equipped by heroes in the wrong hand.
• Fixed Undergast's "Annihilation" skill not dealing damage.
• Fixed outdated resistance display on various buffs and debuffs.
• Fixed various typos.
• Fixed crash when inventory or trading windows are closed while a context menu is open.
• Fixed gamepad controls getting stuck when a trader round ends in arena mode while focus was on the trader list.
• Fixed resource icon positioning on overview map.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the game to have very noticeable freezes when rainfall begins/ends, especially on the Unknown Island map.
• Fixed game result overlay and spectate controls being able to receive gamepad focus, even when they were not visible.
• Fixed Journey quest tracker being shown in Journey Skirmish mode, event though you cannot complete any quests there.
• Fixed game not showing overwrite confirmation for savegames with same name but different letter casing.
• Fixed some issues with shadows being culled while still visible on screen.
• Fixed outlines/highlights permanently being disabled after certain cutscenes, requiring a game restart.
• Fixed a bug that could cause dialogue lines to repeat when characters leave the conversation shortly before they are about to speak.
• UI for changing co•op privileges in multiplayer lobbies is now consistent with actual permissions (host can change privileges for AI•only factions, players can change privileges of AIs in their own faction).
• It is no longer possible to join journey sessions via invite if you have no journey heroes.
• Fixed crash when closing multiplayer lobby using gamepad.
• Fixed "Skirmisher" achievement possibly being unlocked when playing Journey or Arena mode.
• Fixed missing Music and Ambient Sound on Bitter Canyon Skyrmish Map.
⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ ⭢ CONTINUED BELOW ⤵︎
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Spellforce 3 Reforced & Soul Harvest & Fallen God [Part 2/2]
❷ Miscellaneous changes:

• Ranked and unranked queues have been consolidated in favour of shorter all around queue times.
• Building and unit UI now shows additional information such as player name
• Production buildings now show additional queued resource production assignments for which resources have been delivered already
• Removed end session option in pause menu
• In Skirmish lobbies with co•op enabled, players can now add/remove AIs in their own faction
• Internal improvements to network code

• Inferno Golem: Increased ability cooldown from 6s to 12s

All Factions
• Advanced Unit Production Buildings: Normalized all construction times to 40s (from 60s)
• Iron Mine: Increased construction cost from 5 Wood 5 Stone to 6 Wood 6 Stone
• Forester: Reduced construction cost from 20 Stone to 10 Stone
• Shrine of Thorns: No longer requires stone cutter
• Shrine of Thorns: Reduced construction cost from 20 stone to 10 stone on Lv1
• All Schools: Increased health from 1200 to 2000
• Moon Temple: Defense Song now increases resistances by 8% (from 5%)
• Moon Temple: Faster Resource Production now increases production by 40% (from 30%)

All Factions
• Worker health upgrade now 20s for all races
• Catapult: Increased cost from 5 Wood 5 Iron to 7 Wood 6 Iron (PREVIOUS PATCH: 7 Wood 5 Iron)
• Champion: Reduced damage from 200 to 180
• Scout: Increased health from 450 to 550. Upgraded health fgrom 700 to 750.
• Scout: Increased damage from 25 to 30. Upgraded damage from 50 to 55.
• Medic: Reduced Iron cost from 2 to 1. New cost: 4 Food 1 Iron
• Pesterer: Increased damage from 20 to 22
• Drummer: Increased movement speed from 40 to 48
• Drummer: Decreased number of affected goblins from 24 to 18
• Drummer: Reduced XP given on death from 30 to 20
• Refinery: Construction time reduced from 60 to 50
• Population upgrade time now 30s
• Warg Rider: Increase health from 450 to 500
• War Troll: Increased siege resistance from 20 to 50
• Guardian: Reduced base health from 650 to 600
• Guardian: Damage values changed to 65 base in melee and 60 base range
• Guardian: Upgrade now grants +100 health and +10 range when in ranged stance.
• Patfhinder: Increased health from 450 to 550. Upgraded health from 750 to 800.
• Pathfinder: Increased damage from 30 to 35. Upgraded damage from 40 to 45.
• Ice Phoenix: Reduced food cost from 15 to 13. New cost: 13 Food 4 Lenya
Dark Elves
• Infiltrator: Increased supply cost from 2 to 3
• Specter: Reduced base health from 400 to 300
• Specter: Unit upgrade now also grants 100 additional health
• Twisted One: Increased supply cost from 4 to 5.
• Twisted One: Increased base health from 800 to 900
• Harvester: Limited amount harvested at once to 15
• Scion: Reduced bleeding duration from 10s to 5s
• Emissary of Nor: Summon Ability: Reduced cooldown from 6s to 3s. Spawns 1 melee summon by default. Upgraded version adds 33% chance to also spawn ranged summon.
• Sentry: Increased supply cost from 2 to 3
• Berserker: Reduced base damage from 200 to 120
• Berserker: Now deals 60 bonus damage to creatures
• Berserker: Limited amount of allies hit by warcry to 5
• Combat Balloon: Increased range from 170 to 180
• Population upgrade cost now 10 Wood 10 Stone 15 Food
• Mole Rider: Increased health from 450 to 500. Upgraded health from 650 to 700
• Mole Rider: Increased damage from 25 to 35. Upgraded damage from 40 to 45.
• Fire Golem: Reduced charcoal cost from 15 to 12. New Cost: 5 Iron 12 Charcoal
• Workers: Now also have a health upgrade available in the capital. (Compensation for now•removed extra Pierce Resistance)
• Skull Crusher: Damage reduced from 140 to 130
• War Bringer: Production cost adjusted from 20 Stone 20 Scrap 20 Offerings to 10 Stone 10 Wood 20 Scrap 20 Offerings
• Bone Hexer: Increased leech damage back from 10 to 20, reduced magic damage from 130 to 125
• Spike Flingers: Reduced damage from 100 to 90
• Spike Flingers: Increased attack speed from 0.25 to 0.33
• Ironbeak Corpse Seeker: Fixed a bug that would not apply effects in are of effect
• Adjusted amount of souls dropped for all units:
--- 2: Smasher, Thrower
--- 3: Skull Crusher, Spike Flinger, Flesh Eater
--- 4: Wall Breaker, Bone Hexer
--- 5: War Bringer

All Factions
• Helmets: Reduced purchase cost from 3000 to 2000
• Melee Heroes: Decreased health by 100
• Royal Mage: Hail Storm damaged increased from 8 to 12 and 20 to 25 on level 1 and 2 respectively
• Royal Mage: Hail Storm chill duration increased from 1 to 2 seconds
• Royal Mage: Biting Frost Lv2 freeze duration reduced from 10s to 5s
• Occultist: Zarachs Champion: Reduced buff intensity from 40% to 33%
• Occultist: Nullify: Reduced area sizes from 30 to 26 and from 40 to 36 on level 1 and 2 respectively
• Occultist: Death Resilience: Resistances granted changed from 10% / 20% / 30% to 7% / 13% / 20%
• Goblin Warlock: Summon Golem now available at level 5 (was 7)
• Goblin Warlock: Reduced Golem stats: 2500 health to 2000. 180•200 damage to 175.
• Goblin Warlock: Chain Lightning Lv2 damage increased from 100 to 120
• Goblin Warlock: Explosive Finale damage increased from 250 to 300
• Goblin Warlock: Changed "Lifebloom". Now is a single•target spell that damages, interrupts and applies poison to target enemy
• Ranger: Howl: Level 2 now costs 10 focus
• Ranger: Howl: Increased radius of effect by 20% (to 120)
• Ranger: Spectral Bear now has the "Big" tag
• Ranger: Moonwell changed to self•targeted area cast
• Archdruid: Psychokenic Blast focus damage on Lv2 increased to 10
• Pathfinder: Increased production cost from 4 Food to 5 Food
Dark Elves
• Guardian of Nor: Plague Field: Reduced Weaken from 30 to 25
• Guardian of Nor: Soul Explosion: Reduced chaining distance from 50 to 40
• Guardian of Nor: Soul Transformation: Reduced teleport distance from 250 to 200
• Guardian of Nor: Soul Charge duration increased from 10s to 15s
• High Hierophant: Barrage: Reduced number of projectiles from 5 to 4
• High Hierophant: Barrage: Increased projectile damage from 130 to 140
• Warrior of the Depths: Reduced time to hit from 0.9s to 0.67, making it easier to damage kiting enemies • overall attack frequency stays the same
• Warrior of the Depths: Reworked "Relentless Rage": For each successive attack on the same target, the Warrior of the Depths grants a +6% attack damage and 3% speed to himself. Removed Lv2 and Lv3.
• Warrior of the Depths: Reworked "Precision": Grants 1 focus on each hit and +10 total focus. Removed Lv2 and Lv3.
• Warrior of the Depths: Reworked "Stalwart Song": Now is an Aura that reserves 10 focus. Every 15s, the Warrior of the Depths applies a shield worth 100 health to allied units around him. Level 2 also applies regeneration for 5 seconds.
• Warrior of the Depths: Reworked "Deathblow": Regenerates 100 / 150 / 200 health on kill. Cooldown of 10s.
• Plaguebringer: Plague Bolt Disease duration increased from 2s t 5s
• Plaguebringer: Plague Bolt Disease cooldown reduced from 10s to 7s
• Plaguebringer: Plague Orb now consumes Disease I and Disease II on hit
• Plaguebringer: Disease cooldown increased from 5s to 10s
• Plaguebringer: Increased Undead Troll limit from 2 to 4
• Plaguebringer: Summon Undead Troll: Reduced cooldown from 60s to 40s
• Plaguebringer: Tiring Attack reverted to small area of effect radius
• Chieftain: Stomp: Increased damage from 40 to 70
⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ END ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎ ⛔︎
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Outward Definitive Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.0.1 ⇒ 1.0.2.
Oct 7th 2022 - DEFED Patch Note

• Added a surprise somewhere.
• Gave all Definitive Edition Unique encounters (EXCEPT THE TROGS ) a drop of any random basegame Unique Arena Relic Item.
• Fire and poison arrows give more when dropped. Oil and Fragment bombs added to drop pool (1-2, two potential rolls)

• Fixed an issue where Crock would stay Drunk indefinitely when leaving Vendavel mid•fight.
• Fixed some performance issues due to multiple lights in the Compromised Mana Transfer Station.
• Fixed an issue where Oliele would move to Berg too early and lead to a quest being completable before the quest began.
• Rainbow Tartine Effect now do the same as the Rainbow Jam.
• Fixed a Hyena sound that would play when a Runic trap exploded.
• Fixed the expiration timer for the Dez rune that was longer than the others.
• Added "Inflict Cripple Effect" in the Wolf weapons set description. (They were already inflicting cripple but it was not in the description).
• Casting Runic blade while it's already out now reset the cooldown.
• Fixed Mana Ward that was making the character immune to impact, not just damage.
• Fixed the lever at Corsair's Headquarters that wouldn't raise the water level in The Slide.
• Fixed an issue where the client would join with a (great) runic blade active and its time limit would go to over 40,000 seconds
• Removed the prompt to quicklsot stashed items as they need to be on a character to be quicksloted.
• Fixed Ore samples so they do not always respawn at the same position.
• Fixed a loss of controller focus when changing tab in the crafting menu while scrolling up or down the recipe list.
• Fixed that Pressing dodge and attack on the same frame would disable attacks and opening the inventory.
• Fixed the Wrong music that was playing when in combat in The Slide dungeon.
• Now possible to start a fight in the Gladiator's arena after the client left the session mid•fight.
• Fixed it so defeating the Light Mender while the player's backpack is at its chair's spawn makes the backpack no longer unreachable.
• Fixed an issue that made it impossible for the client to deal/receive damage when joining a started Gladiator Arena fight.
• Fixed Characters getting stuck when using Shield Charge as the character falls.
• Fixed issue where Arena Fighters would move when being teleported into the arena before the Player enters the fighting ring.
⚠️ Patch notes for v1.0.1 are here.
No Mans Sky 4.0 did not update!!! Again GoG can't handle it!!!
I had enough and will buy NMS on Steam!
ThatOncleSam: No Mans Sky 4.0 did not update!!! Again GoG can't handle it!!!
I had enough and will buy NMS on Steam!
Patience, young Padawan. It usually takes a couple of days until updates make it here. As far as I can tell the developer of No Man's Sky always uploaded his changes. He doesn't ignore GOG, as you can see in the list. It just might take some days more.

But if a few days delay worry you, nominate the game in the "second class citizens" thread.
Post edited October 08, 2022 by neumi5694
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The blue dot failed to work since Sep 28.
ThatOncleSam: No Mans Sky 4.0 did not update!!! Again GoG can't handle it!!!
I had enough and will buy NMS on Steam!
But lol the patch comes out. It may have a slight delay on gog due to a problem with the build. I would understand if he's weeks late. But it's not even 24 hours.
ThatOncleSam: No Mans Sky 4.0 did not update!!! Again GoG can't handle it!!!
I had enough and will buy NMS on Steam!
neumi5694: Patience, young Padawan. It usually takes a couple of days until updates make it here. As far as I can tell the developer of No Man's Sky always uploaded his changes. He doesn't ignore GOG, as you can see in the list. It just might take some days more.

But if a few days delay worry you, nominate the game in the "second class citizens" thread.
Funny : ) On all other Platforms it works but not here. LoL
ThatOncleSam: Funny : ) On all other Platforms it works but not here. LoL
That's true, GOG always has some delay after an upload.
It has to do with generating and testing the offline installers and patches, which don't exist on other platforms. At least that's what I heared. Could be bollocks of course.
But there is just no use in ranting or whatever one thinks he must do if he is annoyed for the update being released later. That just does not help anyone in any way.
Post edited October 08, 2022 by neumi5694
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Severed Steel received another small patch (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

Update 3.31

• Getting cannon headshots easier

Bug Fixes

• Fix disappearing stunt lines
• Removed couch bind response leftover from demo rebinds
• Altered DX11 explosion effect to be same as DX12
• Fix for “1” opening pause menu (may need to reset controls to default to apply)