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Sztaszov: [...]
Many thanks for posting your changelog here! :)


Hustlefan: Northgard

Updated to (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])
Linux & Mac offline installers now updated as well.
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Whow !
Dev in thread !

Thanks for keeping us updated Komrade !
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Distant Kingdoms (In Development)

Updated to 12053 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch: 12053

Hello All,
Another round of bug fixes and minor tweaks as we prepare for our upcoming Update 1.5 (coming next week!).

As always, please do let us know of any issues you encounter, and be sure to join us in our Discord

Patch Notes


- Implemented player analytics to gather detailed gameplay feedback. Analytics can be opted out of if desired.
- Lowered the volume of the sound effect for building construction completing.

Bug fixes

- Fixed an issue where attempting to access the Save or Load menus while in a match fail and block further input.
- Changing volumes in the Audio Settings no longer makes loading into a match never end.
- The South-West corner of Windy Peaks can now be explored as intended.
- Fixed an issue where Coal Mines destroyed by a Fire Emergency could cause game logic to stop.
- The "Noble Tier" Tech Tree node's Quest now requires building the correct number of Houses.
- The Settings menu sidebar no longer moves around after changing the resolution in the Launcher.
- Settings changed in the Launcher are no longer reset after closing and reopening the Launcher again before launching the game.
- Fixed an incorrect line of terrain being unusable across the North edge of Windy Peaks.
- The fade to black that occurs after completing the Trade section of the Tutorial now lasts the intended length of time.
- Audio is now paused when the game is minimised.
- Building names in inspectors no longer move around when being edited.
- Employees are now distributed to buildings in line with their Priority.
- Fixed an issue where buildings would sometimes become unable to be selected.
- Changing the aspect ratio or display mode in the Graphics Settings now applies them correctly.
- The mouse cursor no longer changes when hovering over the Race selection box in the Main Menu.
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Ys IX: Monstrum Nox has been updated to version 1.0.6 (Galaxy-only for the time being). There is no changelog on GOG, but there is one on Steam:
Hi everyone,

we have fixed various minor issues with Ys 9 and implemented some new features:

Input / Controls
added remapping of confirm and cancel actions
added mouse wheel support for scrollable lists and journal when mouse menu navigation is off
added mouse wheel support for message log
fixed vibration only working for controller with ID 0
improved save game menu navigation by disabling page-wise scrolling for left stick

Monitor / Display
properly support Borderless mode on non-primary screens
save used monitor for multi-display setups
prevent screensaver from activating while the game is running

Draw Distance / LoD
added "Lunatic" draw distance setting (higher than Ultra, see notes below)
made draw distance setting apply to sub-map level of detail selection (see notes below)
make draw distance setting apply to more object types (see notes below)
fix calculation of draw distance applied to objects when changing the setting in the menu
fix distance fadeout of objects being closer towards the center of the screen than at an angle

fix specific boulders not starting to move in some situations at framerates ~>100 FPS
updated credits

Note: Due to the additional graphics improvements now associated with the draw distance setting, higher levels will have a somewhat higher performance impact than on the previous version. Also, the "Lunatic" setting is strictly intended for very high-end systems and future proofing.

While we do not expect this patch to introduce any regressions, with the great variety of hardware and software configurations available on PC this is not always guaranteed in all circumstances. As such, you can return to previous versions of the game by selecting the any of the public "version_*" branches on Steam.
Grargar: Ys IX: Monstrum Nox has been updated to version 1.0.6 (Galaxy-only for the time being).
Offline installer now updated as well. :)
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Tooth and Tail

Updated to

No changelog.
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Astrox Imperium

Updated to b0.0122a.

No changelog.
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* Rimworld
Mac and Linux offline installers seem to have been updated to 1.3.3069 rev1226
(I think it's the first time I see the PC installers fall behind :)

- Update is probably related to this steam changelog:

" - Reduce nutrition required for biosculpting from 20 to 10 for healing and age reversal cycles.
- Adjust trees-related thoughts. Negatives for killing trees are reduced. Positives for seeing trees are amplified.
- Bug mitigation for null map in QuestPart_SubquestGenerator_RelicHunt.
- Fix: Pawns will attempt to harvest trees in growing zomes marked as no cutting.
- Imported new player creative content.
- Reversed meme order in UI. Low impact at top, high at bottom.
- Assign mapPawns.FreeColonistsAndPrisonersSpawned to a local variable in Alert_RitualObligation to avoid repeated expensive calls.
- Add caching to pen-related calcualtions related to WorkGiver_TakeToPen to address large performance spikes when having many animals in a pen.
- Chance of resentment on failed conversion attempt reduced from 36% to 20%. Chance of fight reduced from 4% to 2%.
- If a pawn has sight under 50%, he should gain a psychic sensitivity bonus of up to 50%.
- Assign mapPawns.FreeColonistsAndPrisonersSpawned to a local variable in Alert_RitualObligation to avoid repeated expensive calls.
- Add caching to pen-related calcualtions related to WorkGiver_TakeToPen to address large performance spikes when having many animals in a pen.
- Change back HomeFaction to Faction in JobDriver_TakeToBed, improve related comment.
- Changed all culture icon colors to full white.
- Changed implementation of delivering pawns to their bed after gladiator duel.
- Small optimization: Check a flag before calling a complex function when checking for repeating memes during ideo generation.
- Add short comments for couple recent fixes.
- Skulls are stackable.
- Clarified 'right-click' info in beggars quest.
- Removed duplicate blind check in ThoughtWorker_Dark.
- Connecting to a Gauranlen tree gives 25`45% connection strength to the connector depending on ritual quality.
- Psychically deaf pawns cannot connect with Gauranlen trees.
- Bonsai trees no longer are auto-harvested on reaching max growth
- Added debug tool to stop timed raids once started.
- Text fixes for certainty tooltip.
- Fix: Missing eye wound graphic and tattoos visible on beheaded pawn.
- Fix: 'The maximum number of (role) is xx' flickering on edit ritual dialog
- Fix: Dueling slaves without beds assigned results in errors
- Fix: Possible string concatenation issue.
- Fix: Failing to generate a new unique name for a precept can leave it with a null name.
- Fix: When a styled standing lamp is failed to build, a non-styled blueprint replaces it.
- Fix: Inverted desired connection strength check in alert.
- Fix: Slave ideo buildings lacking causes empty alert.
- Fix: Another quest node relating to animals could possibly use dryads.
- Fix: Dryads can show up as animals for hospitality quests.
- Fix: Cannibal tribes can sometimes generate without cannibal precept.
- Fix: Sterilized roosters can still fertilize eggs.
- Fix: Female pawns can infrequently gain beards on style change.
- Fix: Exception when selecting leader with building precept that has no requirements.
- Fix: Wrong zone checked for auto cut
- Fix: Duplicate building precepts from multiple ideos only shows first building in architect menu.
- Fix: Missing body parts constantly draw bandages on pawns. Now they go away once it has been tended to.
- Fix: Typos. "
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Geralt_of_Rivia: Tooth and Tail

Updated to

No changelog.
I believe that was almost two weeks ago, according to these reports;
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Geralt_of_Rivia: Tooth and Tail

Updated to

No changelog.
mrkgnao: I believe that was almost two weeks ago, according to these reports;
You are right, I completely missed those posts. Maybe because they were so close to the page break.
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* Atom RPG
Windows offline installers updated to 1.180

- Changelog from steam:

" Hello friends!
It's time for another minor update of the game, which may prove very significant for those of you who patiently waited for the unofficial German language translation of the game.
Thanks to our amazing fan translation team which can be found here: [CLICK] we can finally release the first version of the translation publicly. We hope it is to your liking, but if you find any issues please share your feedback here: [CLICK]

Other changes this update brings are:

- Loading times optimization;
- Memory usage optimization;
- Small controller problems fixed;

Thank you for being with us and let there be ATOM! "
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Geralt_of_Rivia: Astrox Imperium

Updated to b0.0122a.

No changelog.
Build 0.0122a (changelog from in-game file)

* Hotfix for removing test code on resource objects.
* Updated Unity project to 2021.1.15f1
- Fixed bug with structure editor part selection not retaining all obj info.
- Fixed null reference error in STATION update function.
- Fixed preloaded ammo bug when loading save inside station, requiring reselection of energy ammo.
- Fixed construction skill bug preventing building of structures when skill reduces material requirements to 0.
- Fixed bug with transfer cargo item update code not refreshing new inventory properly.
- Fixed textfield entry on structure editor part data panel. no longer rotates or flips part when editing.
- Fixed resources from spawning inside of structure interiors.
- Fixed drag_cargo_script bug causing NullReferenceException error.
- Adjusted the NPC info panel to remove unused display data.
- Adjusted and aligned a number of main panels for consistency.
- Adjusted star lighting , particles and lens flares.
- Adjusted interior light cones to assume tint color of parent light object.
- Adjusted all old interior parts to fit new model format suring transition to new structures.
- Adjusted pilot skill first load code to prevent lag when loading many skills.
- Adjusted fps view code controlling movement and item interaction.
- Adjusted structure scaling and ability to view ships outside of structure windows.
- Adjusted interior structure post stack processing effects.
- Adjusted interior dialog box to adjust background window to size with text for improved readability.
- Adjusted Journal panel scrollbars and viewports to fix alignment issues.
- Added new structure editor part system with 8 variable data slots per part.
- Added new scripting triggers to the structure editor.
- Added 3 trigger sizes to the parts array for the structure editor.
- Added new scripting trigger to new NPC character models.
- Added 7 new NPC character models for the interior structures.
- Added 2 NPC character Imperium uniform textures.
- Added structure editor ability to modify scripting trigger of NPC characters.
- Added ability to set the NPC character base animation routine via structure editor.
- Added ability to modify color of NPC character body skin and hair
- Added ability to modify color of NPC character uniform and shoes.
- Added start position variable to parts data in structure editor and structure file vars.
- Added new structure video system to allow for modding of videos and 3d players.
- Added new video folder to the MOD folder.
- Added new video player props to the structure editor parts database.
- Added new video player effects for old video player kiosk.
- Added new animated doors props to the structures parts database.
- Added trigger to the new animated doors for auto open and close.
- Added structure part variables to doors to allow for plot trigger locks and access.
- Added sound fx for opening and closing of doors inside of structures.
- Added sound fx for failing to open locked doors in structures.
- Added creation of unique save specific structure file when docking at a structure for the first time.
- Added toggle functionality to the office button. It will now open and close the office panel.
- Added ability to move thru locked doors in structure editor when in first person view.
- Added new LOCKBOX structure prop item that will allow you to store inventory in the LOCKBOX.
- Added highlight material when mousing over a lockbox inside a structure.
- Added Move all to Ship Cargo button to the structure LOCKBOX inventory panel.
- Added new hologram animated material to the selection of parts in the structure editor.
- Removed old tutorial videos from the resource folder.
- Removed CC3 Assets folder along with old unused npc models that will be replaces with the new models.
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Updated to 1.0.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Version 1.0.3 online!!

In Patch 1.0.3 the main focus was on bug fixing and repairing crashes.

Bugs & Crashes:

- When traversing to the next building, one now keeps his progress in inventory and skill points. This has actually been a topic in the last patch alreday, but maliciously, the bug persisted for some players. Even worse, we were totally unable to reproduce it on our machines, as it was involuntarily corrected by the test mode we use for testing and bug fixing. Be that as it may: It is fixed now!
- Savegames were overhauled, and now loading should no longer leasd to any crasheds whatsoever.
- Fixed a crash caused by a dreamer trying to grab or release a dead player.
- Fixed a bug where the game froze under certain conditions when a player tried attacking a dreamer that was already dead.
- Fixed a bug were fuel was not properly consumed on level transition.
- Fixed a bug where flower pots and plant containers wouldn't get focussed properly on by the camera after being transported to another floor.
- Fixed a bug where resources were returned upon aborting repairs that were never invested in the first place.
- Fixed a bug where flower pots and containers where not properly displayed after loading.
- Fixed a bug where the ceiling lights stayed off after loading a game in the night.
- Fixed a bug where the players where already standing on the rooftop in the landing sequence.
- Fixed a bug where the game couldn't reconstruct the state of unconscious players.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to cheat oneself infinite skillpoints by save/loading the game again and again during the morning (Sorry, guys... ^_^)
- Fixed a crash caused by missing reference of a sound file.
- Fixed a crash caused by players mannign a barricade under certain circumstances.
- Fixed a bug where the number of dreamers is doubling with each load of a savegame.
- Fixed a bug where the helicopter would not be ready for launch after loading, although it was when the game was saved.
- Fixed a bug where the InteractionBubbles were covered or out of the screen on some resolutions.
- The helicopter now also has a "deliver crating materials"-interactionBubble.
- Fixed a bug where the helicopter could not be inspected after level transition.
- Fixed a crash caused by a tooltip for a non-existing object trying to show up.
- Fixed a bug where the skill descriptions would not show in the skill menu after loading a savegame
- Fixed a crash caused by players being manning the helicopter during the save.
- Unconscious players now no longer have "assist"-interactionBubbles.
- Fixed a bug where cardboard boxes and other containers could not be correctly loaded.
- Fixed various other crashes and bugs.


- Adjusted the difficulty of the dreamer wave, which storms the buildijng after initiatin launch preparations.
- Adjusted some crafting- and disassembling times.
- Adjusted the dropchance and recipe requirements for aluminum.

With version 1.0.3, the problems with the savegames and most crashes should now finally be a thing of the past. As always, we could only achieve this through the help of our awesome community, which helped us with crashlogas and savegames, so we were able to even find the most devious bugs. Thank you for that!

We will keep on working on the remaining bugs and issues, and then turn our focus towards some of the requested features of controls and item management.

Enjoy the update and see you soon!

Your team of Solar Powered Games
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Loop Hero v.1.102
• The "Witch hut" tile is reworked, now each one decreases max amount of potions by 1.
• The game no longer freezes when opening the menu with ESC.
• English sturdy stool description is now on english instead of french.
• Minor fixes.
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* Rimworld
Windows offline installers updated to 1.3.3072 rev1038

- Changelog from steam:

" - Having 1 or 2 colonists of a player's original ideoligion boosts conversion chance for that ideoligion and reduces it for conversions against that ideoligion. This is configurable in difficulty settings. This makes it easier to expand an ideoligion starting from just one person.
- When a pawn is connected to multiple gauranlen trees, they prioritize pruning the tree with the biggest difference between desired connection strength and current.
- Tune slave rebellion chances a bit lower, and reduce the effects of some factors. Slave weapon noticing distance reduced from 10 to 6.9.
- Burka now covers neck and shoulders.
- Gauranlen pod sprouts can happen even when no tree connector pawns are present. They will occur roughly every 60 days. Roughly every 30 days for tree connectors. Gauranlen pod sprouts can occur on desert or extreme desert biomes, but not ice sheet or sea ice.
- Auto-slaughter config allows you to control bonded animal slaughter specifically.
- Gauranlen trees heal slowly over time.
- Suspend dryads currently in cocoons.
- You can no longer change the color of lodgers' apparel if they refuse to change their apparel at all.
- Improvements to styling station dialog based on feedback.
- Added darker black hair color option. Moved hard-coded hair colors to ColorDefs.
- Use faster HasHead property instead of GetNotMissingParts().Any(x =>...)
- Fix: Women constantly using the styling station to get a beard that they are not allowed to have.
- Fix: Animals portraits blank on ritual setup dialog.
- Fix: Dryads prioritize rest over drafted follow.
- Fix: Potential NRE when ritual participants target a bed.
- Fix: Pawns can extract skulls from corpses that have lost their head since designation.
- Fix: Royal titles wanting personal bedrooms don't like love clusters. Bed room owners are now calculated by love cluster rather than pawn relationship pair.
- Fix: Missing reservation check.
- Fix: Potential error when ritual participants target a bed.
- Fix: Checking all beds instead of just humanlike ones for room owner.
- Fix: Checking reachability in ClosestThing_Global_Reachable.
- Fix: Members of a love cluster that have a single bed get "slept alone" thoughts.
- Fix: Couples made of a slave/colonist pair want to sleep together, despite not being able to share a bed.
- Fix: Missing translation key.
- Fix: Animals portraits blank on ritual setup dialog.
- Fix: Checking reachability in ClosestThing_Global_Reachable.
- Fix: Tattoos add transparency to pawn skin background.
- Fix: Iterating forwards through knownExpansions instead of backwards.
- Fix: Not using local map variable in Alert_IdeoBuildingDisrespected.
- Precept.PlayerWarning -> GetPlayerWarning.
- MayRequire="Ideology" -> MayRequire="Ludeon.RimWorld.Ideology" in a few places. "
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