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Astrox Imperium

Updated to b0.0122b.

No changelog. Must be a pretty important fix though since it was released so quickly after the last version.
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* Rimworld
Mac offline installers updated to 1.3.3072 rev1038

* Atom RPG
Mac + Linux offline installers updated to 1.180
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Second Sight

Updated to 1.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, English)

No changelog but they've added more resolutions (Widescreen) and controller support.
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Call of the Sea

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelog from Steam:
Call of the Sea Patch

Hey everyone,

Patch is now live. Please find the patch notes below.

Please continue to share your feedback with us. We are actively listening and love to hear from you. Thank you and have fun in Call of the Sea!

General Gameplay

- Fixed: You can pass through current doors in Chapter 5

Music & SFX

- Updated some musical themes with their orchestra versions: Main Menu, Town Underwater Ride (Chapter 5), Temple Paintings Gallery (Chapter 6), Ending Underwater

Art & Visual FX

- Fixed: Removed the blue light that tints the cabin in Chapter 1


Updated to (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Linux & Mac])

Changelog from Steam:
Update version v2.5.18.22416:

- Fixed server issues and endless loading screen when picking the same clan in the same team .
- Fixed reward for TownHall decolonisation
- Fixed Goat clan sheep crash after using Selling & Sacrifice at the same time on the same sheep
- Fixed free feast for the Goat clan being displayed on the calendar for all players and provoking crash
- Korean localisation is back
- VFX of scabbard of gram is no longer visible for your enemies in the Landvidi
- Fixed several issues with the Giant Boar
- Fixed Seafood buffet issue with defensive power on upgraded units
- ‘Life is Over-Rated’ achievement is corrected (Kill a Jotnar with an undead Jotnar)
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Updated to B (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Added Polish Localization

Added Simplified Chinese Localization

Added Traditional Chinese Localization

Added Bulgarian Localization thanks to didka222 of

Added CJK font glyph support to facilitate Asian language sets.

Adjusted some systems specific to CJK font support, such as forcing ‘best fit’ for strings when using CJK font.

Included support links in main menu.

Improved VFX of Portal Spawner in Ark 1 scene.

Fixed rare error in quest marker system with regard to Command Module at Unknown (Nest). (The Command module was not ‘pinging’ for the Virus AND there was an error in a ping showing when no event was available if the player used the Virus on the Module) – these issues did not mess with game-play but may confused players if they have already completed these tasks.

Improved visuals of lens flares on Agnates in relative scenes and combat.
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Patron Demo

Updated to 0.800.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Third demo update, sizeable improvements en route


After an avalanche of awesome and constructive feedback during Steam Playtest, we've adjusted our plans for the final development steps regarding the full version of Patron. But, at the same time, we've also spent a good portion of last week to introduce many improvements in the public demo version too.

So, without further delay, there are a lot of improvements and tweaks. We can't introduce everything we've been working on since the demo version is limited, but either way, the list is still sizeable:


- Added data tracking for all citizens and social groups per months
- Added population panel with appropriate filters for larger population
- Children now leave with their parents if they are homeless, no more children left behind situations
- Added multiple optimizations to the Nav Mesh
- All workers that gather ore resource will take it to warehouse themselves
- Added an improved Minimap
- Watchtower doesn’t have production anymore
- Added some UI tweaks when looking over social issues
- Social issues stats are now refreshed after every change, not at the end of a day
- When you decrease game speed to zero, update of buildings and sceneries is halted, while speed of weather effects update is significantly reduced
- After building is demolished intentionally, player can receive some resources back (depends on what that difficulty setting is set to at the start of the game)
- Coloring added to warnings if you have too few workers in some profession
- After building is placed, set rotation is saved
- Added Event frequency and Demolish refund options in New game
- Added hint to notify players if they are placing buildings too far from Depot or Warehouse, or if they are selecting gathereable resource too far from the same buildings
- Added improvements for game display on higher resolutions and ultrawide screens
- Added notification if your orchard or ranch don’t have any workers assigned
- Improvements to bridges, their price, needed length and resource cost
- Dock upgrades now work properly
- Added Forester priority: Plant, Cut or Plant & Cut
- If production building has more then 60 units of some product stored, it automatically becomes a priority for transport of these goods to warehouse
- Added Priority building selection and ability to pause building
- Stone road cannot be built anymore if there are no stones in stock
- Building a road over existing stone road is not included in price anymore
- Added marker for building orientation towards main entrance
- Water effects of ponds is reduced
- Fixed map flip when selecting a map
- Added AZERTY keyboards
- Added saving data on riots
- Signpost object now increases villager speed properly
- Roads now increase villager speed properly
- All soundtrack music is now properly used during play
- Family number will now display correct value on hint
- Added option to invert left and right mouse button
- Apply, default in options now have hint confirming changes have been saved
- Default config button now works properly
- Fixed icons on trade panel

You're welcome to give the demo another go, and let us know your opinion. A lot of added details came directly from your feedback, and full release will bring even more!

Enjoy, and don't forget to wishlist and follow the game! We're only 2 weeks from release!

Overseer Games
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Updated to v1.0.234-rc official (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:
Haven - Patch notes June 9th 2021

Just a quick patch today to fix two small but annoying issues. As a heads up, we are working on a little bit more content, and we will let you know more after the summer...
Thank you for playing and stay posted!

Update version: v1.0.225

Bug fixes:

- Fixed an infinite loading issue when launching the game on Windows 7.
- Fixed an issue blocking the start of the Holobug cutscene.
Haven - Patch notes July 20th 2021

A quick update today with an overhaul of the keyboard and mouse controls rebind and a few bug fixes. We hope you’re having a great summer. Thank you for playing!

Update version: v1.0.234

- Keyboard and mouse controls rebind overhaul

Bug fixes:
- Corrupted save management
- Fixed missing portraits in some story events
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Great to have a news post for a game update with just some basic information in it. xD
So here is the full changelog for...

The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.6 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 1 / 2
The Tenants - Tenancy Update

Welcome to the Tenancy Update, the first major update in The Tenants Early Access.

Hello there, Landlords!

Welcome to the Tenancy Update, the first major update in The Tenants Early Access. Being the first big update planned on our roadmap (available here), this patch has been in the works for quite a while and it involves a plethora of new content and several massive features that address the biggest shortcomings of the current gameplay loop. Keep in mind that as a result of the scope of it all, your old saves will no longer work after the update and you'll have to start a new game.
We'll try to avoid save wipes as much as possible in further development. Now, without further ado, let's go over the most significant changes in more detail.

New content

We're constantly working on new content to add to the game and this update is no exception as a number of new Elite Contracts and dozens of new furniture items make their way into the game. One might especially enjoy the set of contracts involving designing a wedding reception space as well as the interior of a chapel for where the ceremony is set to take place.

It wouldn't be a tenancy update without a new tenant archetype! Wondersville folks have taken the time to expand their horizons and now you'll be able to meet and house Artists who enjoy units designed with a bit more pizzazz in mind than usual. Try to meet their demands and you might make some money off of them too!

Additionally, we've added a fair share of items based on your suggestions posted on our official Discord (available here). If you're not a member yet, make sure to join us as we'll gladly talk all things game related with you and our lovely community will make you feel right at home.

New tenant interactions

As mentioned in the last development update, we took some time to reflect on the core game mechanics and decided to rework the set of the bland attributes that define the in-game tenants. Instead of the core tenant qualities that ultimately don't translate to any meaningful gameplay, we've introduced a new system of tenant traits, likes and dislikes. Together with the archetype, they now form a three-tier pyramid that describes your renter:

- Archetype (1) defines what needs they have regarding furniture and apartment layout; it tells you what they do and what potential events they can trigger.
- Traits (4) say if they're a "bad" or "good" tenant, they affect how you manage them.
- Likes and dislikes (4) come into play when increasing their happiness with the new services system and gifts.


For instance, you can now have an Artist who is Diligent, Easygoing, and yet Clumsy and Picky. They're also someone who loves Sweets and Feel Good Movies, all the while disliking Shopping and Flowers. By having access to these more defined characteristics, you'll be better equipped to handle your tenants in a meaningful manner. As part of the changes, we're rolling out a new feature called Services & Sabotage through which you'll be able to take the initiative and treat your tenant to an exquisite meal with a private cooking show at home to make them happier, or to send in an annoying trumpet player next door to make them.. less happy. You'll also be able to purchase Gifts which affect their happiness depending on what they like and dislike.


Mid tenancy renovation requests

To accompany the changes mentioned above, we've decided that it's time to implement a feature that we had wanted to have in the game for quite some time already. We're of course talking about the tenant renovation requests, which add a new layer to the whole tenancy thing.

Starting now, you'll be receiving occasional requests from the tenants who have been with you for a while. These requests will range from simple stuff like adding in some hobby-related equipment to full-blown kitchen revamps. Most tenants will be reasonable with their demands; however, there may be some hotheaded renters out there requesting a full makeover on day one. Taking on these odd jobs will be of course optional, though your tenants might like you less if you turn down their requests. Likewise, accepting a request and then failing to deliver will result in a relationship drop.


Completing such a request will greatly increase your tenant's happiness and make them more loyal towards you. In some cases, you might even be rewarded with some cash or a unique item!

Considering how big and tricky the system is, we're aiming to gather feedback on this first iteration, and with future updates we'll be adding in more new and interesting requests to spice up the mid and late game.

Skill tree

With the introduction of all the new features and mechanics, we've decided to organize everything and group it into unlockable perks. You'll finally be able to improve Uncle Steve's walking speed or repair chance on top of it as the tree comes split into three categories, all with plenty of exciting stuff to unlock. While working on the new skills app, we also took some time to spruce up the phone's UI and improve the interface of all the other apps as well.

Tutorial changes

Given the number of changes and new features, we also made some adjustments to the in-game tutorial and the main questline. The reworked tutorial aims to ease you into the new systems that affect your tenancies by introducing new mechanics step by step. For example, now you'll not only have to renovate the old RV for Uncle Steve, but also babysit Pedro himself for some time while learning the basics of Gifting and Sabotage.

With all this in mind, we still worked hard to make all the features as intuitive as possible by themselves, so even if you give no second thought to the tutorial, you should still be able to make use of the new options and systems.

Creative mode

One of the most common suggestions we have received since launch is the idea to introduce a new game mode that is more laid back in nature. And we listened! If you're not a fan of the constant time management aspect of the game, you will enjoy the new Creative mode, where time stops in renovation mode, the jobs pay better, the progression speed is higher and things in general are just a little bit less hectic.
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.6 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 2 / 2

We're constantly looking to find new avenues for optimization to make the game run even smoother on all platforms. One of those avenues turned out to be the way we render furniture in apartments. We've implemented a smart dynamic batching system that reduces the number of draw calls for static items outside of renovation mode, and so with the new update you should see an FPS boost
in scenarios where you own multiple units.

Another area that needed tweaks was the phone and the way we display text messages and reviews. We've noticed plenty of reports from you that with a lot of messages the UI tends to slow down when opening certain apps, and thus we've optimized it by loading content dynamically on demand which should greatly increase performance.


With every update there's also a bunch of small stuff that we take the time to work on. You'll notice a few new environment animations in the Slums, changes to how the bank loan interest rate is calculated to better reflect real life, as well as improvements to how the walls are rendered when building. As always, there's also a number of bug fixes and improvements that you can find in the detailed changelog.

This update took a lot of work and as such there's quite a lot of changes for you to play around with. We hope you enjoy the new version of the game and we can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Full Changelog


- Implemented Services & Sabotage system.
- Implemented Gifting system.
- Implemented Renovation Requests system.
- Reworked tenant core qualities and replaced it with Traits, Likes and Dislikes.
- Implemented Skill Tree.
- Implemented Trashing system.
- Implemented an option that allows tenants to break the lease if they're really unhappy with the living conditions.
- Implemented Creative Mode.
- Implemented Research feature allowing you to learn more about your tenants.


- Added a new tenant archetype: Artist.
- Added new Elite Contracts: Temple, Wedding Venue, Funeral hall, Spy Van, Shack.
- Added new residential buildings to host the new Elite Contracts.
- Added ~150 new furniture items (part of which are available only within the new Elite Contracts).
- Added 16 tenant Traits.
- Added 14 tenant Likes & Dislikes.
- Added 30 different Gifts.
- Added 7 Services.
- Added 6 Sabotages.
- Added 2 new loading screens.

User Interface

- Reskinned the mobile phone UI.
- Tweaked the tutorial highlighting effect.
- Added a button that opens the community Discord server in the main menu.
- Fixed an issue where more than one speed button could appear highlighted after using the keyboard to change gameplay speed.


- Player-placed walls should now also come with filled corner pieces.
- Added an option to censor pests and drugs.
- Changed the tutorial to include babysitting Pedro.
- Fixed an issue with disabling payment notifications.
- Locked some room types to only appear in certain jobs.
- Fixed an issue with the electricity box not displaying highlights when hovered.
- Fixed an issue with incorrect numbers of items left to unlock.
- Fixed an issue with placing wall mounted items on exterior walls.
- Fixed an issue with painting exterior walls.
- Disabled residential building markers above properties that never go on sale.


- Fixed an issue with the Mayor Commission job listing incorrect room missing issues.
- Tweaked the tutorial RV job's furniture and requirements list.


- Tweaked bank loans to work more like in real life.
- Increased pay for Total Makeover renovation jobs.


- Optimized displaying large quantities of text messages, contacts and reviews.
- Optimized static mesh rendering for apartment furniture.

Thank you,
The Tenants Team
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Updated to 1.0.4 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Highrisers Hotfix (version 1.0.4) available!

Thanks to your ongoing support and valuable feedback, we were able to tackle more bugs.

More details below:

- Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash if you dragged items from an assisting character.
- Fixed an issue which would flood the savegame file with ceiling lamps, thus bogging down gameplay speed until it crashes.
- All blunt weapons can now smash open glass containers.
- Fixed crashes connected to helicopter module repairs and increased damage after landing.
- Fixed incorrect display of the preview of Barricade health values.
- Fixed an issue where inventory content and unlocked additional inventory skills would turn invisible after moving to the next building (although they were technically still there).
- Fixed an issue where the stack size of an item stack was not properly visually represented after loading a savegame.
- Fixed an issue where, under rare circumstances, the helicopter could no longer be inspected after loading a savegame.
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Kentucky Route Zero: PC Edition

Download added: Bonus, Act V soundtrack (MP3)
Download added: Bonus, Interlude - Un Pueblo De Nada (Windows, Linux, MAC)

The Darkside Detective

Standalone installer updated: [MAC] (b) ⇒

[There is no entry here, but I ask myself if we ever got this patch.]
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The Darkside Detective

Mac installer updated to the version

No changelog that I could find.

File name: the_darkside_detective_en_2_2_0_1122r_48330.pkg
md5sum according to gogrepo: 3c3fb20f88271604d0615ab9672fa95e
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.3-2.
No idea whats updated.
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Solasta Hotfix 1.1.11 Patch Notes, changelog taken from Steam. Offline backup installer updated.
Hi there people,

We're back with a new 1.1.11 Hotfix before summer break rolls in full force, to fix a few bugs that you folks brought up to our attention.

Patch Notes:
[Sorcerer] Added Blue Dragon Ancestry (Lightning) in Character Creation.
[Sorcerer] Draconic Sorcerer Elemental Affinity should now properly apply to all spells that deal their ancestor's elemental damage, such as Fireball and Burning Hands for Gold Dragon Sorcerers.
[Sorcerer] Empowered Spell Metamagic now correctly costs 1 Sorcery Point instead of 2.
[Sorcerer] Empowered Spell Metamagic now correctly rerolls 1s and 2s instead of only 1s.
[Sorcerer] Fixed a rare crash on level-up if the Sorcerer had too many spells known for their current level.
[Item] Potion of Fly should now correctly grant you Fly instead of Levitate.
[Item] Staff of Metis are no longer restricted to Wizards.
[Quest] Fixed a bug where Arwin Merton could be controllable but not considered in the party. You are on this council but we do not grant you the rank of Master.
[Quest] Fixed a bug in Cradle of Fire where Brok would just chill next to the Arena instead of helping you fight Arrok. Must have just forgot the time. Note: If your main quest is stuck after killing Arrok due to that bug, you'll need to load a save from before you start the fight with Arrok and that should fix it.
[Quest] Fixed a bug where the exit to the Legendary Quest would not appear unless you touched the wooden sign next to the fireplace for uh... reasons I guess. Now the exit always appears once the quest is complete. Note that if you are stuck there, just have one party member interact with the wooden sign next to the fireplace (press ALT to highlight it).
[Quest] Fixed an issue where characters with the highest skill modifier were not always selected for the respective skill check in the Caer Lem Door Cutscene. Note that this only fixes this specific dialog, so if you find that this issue occurs somewhere else please send us save files / screenshots!
[Shop] Powerful magic items no longer restock once bought (such as the Tomes which grant +2 permanent stat)
[Combat] Fixed an issue where the UI could disappear between characters' turn.
[Combat] Fixed an issue where banters would no longer be played when getting healed. Always thank your healer!
[Dungeon Maker] Poisons should now appear in the list of items available in chests

Alright folks, this is the end for today! As always thank you for reading, hope you all have a great summer and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.
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Prison Architect - Psych Ward: Warden's Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] the_pen_6447 ⇒ the_pen_6834.
Second Chances Bugfix Update 2! [Part 1/2]

We have just released a new bugfix update with fixes and improvements reported by the community. We appreciate all the feedback we are getting, and we are still investigating more issues.


Second Chances fixes:
• The Shop Counter in the Quick Build Bakery is in the wrong position.
• Display Counter's sprites are appearing incorrectly during placement.
• Prisoners drop ingredients when their shift at the Restaurant ends.
• Completing the "Three Strikes Program" does not grant prisoners with "Work Experience".
• Prisoners are petting dogs before "Animal Therapy" starts.
• A "Required:" text for the Bakery Room is missing.
• Restaurant and Bakery play customer sounds even if the rooms are empty.
• "Conflict Resolution" teacher's head is placed incorrectly.
• Some objects required for Canteen and Kitchen can't be placed outdoor.
• Display counter is incorrectly rotated.
• Delinquents are not showing on the "Three Strikes Program" if the Program begins right after the previous one.
• Prisoners leave the Three Strikes Program after saving and loading the game.
• Customers are not served and are placed incorrectly after the Diner Booth they are sitting at is moved
• Shared objects between Kitchen and Restaurant will fulfil room requirements but cause odd behaviour.
• "Reform" window can be opened an infinite number of times.
• Intake Arrival time can be set over 24 hours.
• Therapy Animal Container will get teleported to the Animal Therapist.
• The prisoner picks up a new dog after Prisoner Search during Animal Therapy.

Other fixes:
• Bureaucracies are no longer being researched simultaneously by different staff members.
• Player can access Prisoner Wages page without having an Accountant.
• Bureaucracy isn't researched in the order it's queued.
• Reset Criteria button does not reset Adjustment Criteria in Reports menu.
• Satisfying Recreation need while working in the Flower Garden is not indicated in the Reports > Needs tab.
• Guard Tower stair overlapped sniper head sprite.
• Amount of money that Prisoners earn for their work is halved in the "Total Prisoner Wages" description.
• Riot Police and Paramedics can be commanded to move out from their respective vehicle before the vehicle stopped moving.
• Psych Ward contraband is available without the DLC enabled.
• Game freezes after multiple field creation requests.
• Prisoners facing north direction when using the weight bench will be under the weight bench.
• Game crashes if execution is scheduled and a Prisoner is in the Reception Room.
• Reform Program History overlap with prison served timeline if there's more than 6 Reform Program.
• Prisoners earn money while working in the Flower Garden, even if the Prison Labour option is locked.
• In the Reform tab, the "Reformed Prisoner Consultation" program is described as an advanced program.
• Prisoners go to work in farming fields despite being assigned to work in the forestry.
• Prisoners' heads are separated from their bodies when they sit facing North.
• Map Settings Uniform Colours not being applied once set.
• Staff Wage pay raise is not constant for 10%.
• Lower parts of visitors' heads are cut off.
• Danger text is coloured in green.
• "Total" value in Finance tab moves up as scrollbar goes down.
• Guards operating sorting desks are facing the wrong way.
• Quick clone allows wall lights to be placed internally.
• Vegetables are not stored on Pantry Shelves and in the Fridges.
• Civilian Customers spawn just to beeline for the exit.
• The head of the sleeping prisoner is shifted on the bed.
• Camera does not follow selected room in Crop Distribution.
• Clicking on the polaroid causes a crash, if a "Shakedown" option is active.
• "Random" in the "Choose Guard Dogs" tab does not work if DLC "Psych Ward" is disabled.
• In the Reform tab, the "Solar Panel Development" program is described as it was an advanced program.
• Enlarging the "Valuation" menu causes its text to overflow out of the menu window.
• Prisoners with active Punishments go to the Flower Garden during a FreeTime schedule.
• Cook Operating a Sink is overlapped by a Food Tray.
• Prisoners that are checking their stashed "Booze Bags" cannot move.
• Books laying on the bed are z-fighting when zooming in and out.
• Missing information about requirements for unlocking Crop Distribution.
• A "Crop Sprinkler" can not be placed on the field, if a wall stands in its work area.
• Practice Solar Panel progression speed remains the same on different game speed ups.
• Players can instantly complete a Tool Cleanup Grant by saving and loading the game.
• The laundry baskets are delivered before the Laundry room from the "Quick Build" tab is finished.
• Canceling building two connected Quick Build Rooms cause the connected wall to be made of Bricks instead of a chosen material.
• Classrooms and Common Room at "The Work Fields" pre-made map has got Staff Doors as entrances.
• Stepping Stones always use default sprites instead of what players choose.
• Prisoners get stuck between Topiary Bushes while they are released or trying to escape.
• Prisoners heads and clothes overlap on bunk beds.
• Wind Turbine blades don't move with the rest of the wind turbine when using the Move action.
• Connecting Transformer to Power Station resets Current Power Output.
• Options disappearing after resizing UI.
• The workman icon is displayed in the "Jobs" window for farmers' fertiliser-based jobs.
• Task of moving crops to a field have incorrect staff icons in the Jobs tab.
• During Strike/Riot on the Todo list is a note about cancelled Intake.
• The Phone Taps are not connected with the Phone Booths on the Premade Prison "Green Power Plant: Going Green".
• A status "Locked" is not showing after highlighting a "Narcotic Search" option.
• Incorrect disconnection warning for the Scanning Machine if the Scanner Monitor is connected.
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