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Prison Architect - Psych Ward: Warden's Edition
Second Chances Bugfix Update 2! [Part 2/2]

• [Multiplayer] Client de-syncs after using cheat spawn.
• [Multiplayer] Tall fridges and cookers lose their electrical cables on the Client's side when the Host moves them.
• [Multiplayer] The client information about Qualified Prisoners is not updated immediately in multiplayer.
• [Multiplayer] The Director's prompt call is only displayed to the host in multiplayer.
• [Multiplayer] When the Client is building objects on a map amount of delivered objects will be not the same as the number of ordered objects.
• [Multiplayer] Incorrect age in the character's menu in multiplayer.
• [Multiplayer] Holding cell doesn't count in Basic Detention Centre Grant at the Client's side.
• [Multiplayer] Clearing a room causes the Client to still see the name of the Room on the map.
• [Multiplayer] Changing prisoner arrival time on the Client's side makes the timer go backwards.
• [Multiplayer] Clients are unable to connect to sessions that are hosted.
• [Multiplayer] Expanding prison map in multiplayer not working as intended.
• [Multiplayer] % don't appear (or change) on a Client's screen in multiplayer.

Escape Mode:
• [Escape Mode] Dogs from DLC GM do not have their graphic in Escape Mode Victims.
• [Escape Mode] Destroying door servo causes remote doors unable to open and guards cannot enter the cells at all. It also causes constant triggers to guards.
• [Escape Mode] Guards will not drop keys at all.
• [Escape Mode] Recruited Prisoners push players if too many of them were recruited.

Localisation fixes:
• "Staff" text overflows when adjusting its window size.
• Text Overlappings in staff needs menu.
• Text too long where it exceeds the prisoner profile menu size.
• Text in prisoner profile experience overlaps with bars.
• "Allow transfer" text overlapping on prisoner UI image in Transfers tab.
• Parole Cutoff Policy "Adjust Cutoff" text being overlapped by adjuster arrows.
• Parole Cutoff Policy "%" and bracket texts are overlapping on each other.
• Prisoner Intake's Countdown timer is overlapping with other text in the Todo List in certain languages.
• All Prisoner Wages text overlapping on the "Decrease" button.
• X displaying in the line "Criteria above to be met" in certain languages.
• X displaying hours in Total time played.
• Other localization fixes, including translations and text overlapping in various menus.

Known Issues:
• The water landscape does not complete its function when replacing the floor.
• Gardeners not performing the 'Garden Outdoor Area' action in Yard, Deliveries, Garbage and Flower Garden Room.
• Drinks count as contraband instead of luxuries.
• The CEO calls with the instructions about the Shelby DLC, even if it is not active when using a premade map.
• The number of guards hired stops at 99 in the Staff menu.
• Plates on the Dining Table turn invisible.
• Food waste which is a product of expired harvest is not collected in the Recycling Bin or the Compost Bin.
• New Contraband is available even if the Shelby DLC is disabled.

Thank you for your support!
The Prison Architect Team
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Astrox Imperium

Updated to b0.0122c.

No changelog.
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Northgard has been updated to version (48852).

No changelog on GOG but the developer posted on Steam:
Update version v2.5.19.22446:

- Valkyries no longer produce happiness
- Kraken tech “Endless Tide”: Increases all your military units’ attack power by 20%=>10%
- Forging time for raid improvements set at 6 => 3 months
- Fixed Stag’s annexation ability
- Fixed several crashing issues
- Fixed issues while playing in Korean (Black screen, infinite loading screen…)
- We removed the Giant Boar spawning animation and VFX. It sometimes made the Giant Boar invisible and uncontrollable.
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.6b (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:
The Tenants Patch 0.6a


- Locked certain perks in the skill tree until appropriate timings within the main questline.
- Disabled the ability to clean Steve's trailer during Pedro's trashing bonanza.
- Tweaked the Subscription Upgrade tenant event to only occur once per service for a given apartment.
- Fixed an issue where the game wouldn't sometimes load back up due to invalid text messages in the save file.
- Fixed an issue where previously fixed items were available for interaction during cleaning.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to complete renovation requests by delivering a regular renovation job.


- Safeguarded Pedro's babysitting tutorial to end sooner than after a year if the player doesn't do any jobs.
- Safeguarded Pedro's trashing tutorial to start only after the gifting action is complete.
- Locked installing heating to only be available after completing Pedro's trashing tutorial.


- Adjusted the new game screen layout.
The Tenants Update 0.6b


- Adjusted animation positions for all services and sabotages.
- The skunk will now stop by a few spots in the apartment to do its deed when performing the skunk sabotage.
- Locked the ability for tenants to break the lease agreement on their own until the lease renegotiations tutorial is completed.
- Locked the ability to use the new tenant interactions on Cindy until the apartment events tutorial is completed.
- Cindy has now preset traits and likes.
- Fixed a few issues related to the Shack job.
- Fixed a few issues related to the new tenant interactions not ending properly when the tenant's lease is up mid-interaction.


- Safeguarded apartment events tutorial in cases where the Uncle is sent before the player finishes reading all instructions.
- Fixed a rare case where the apartment events tutorial wouldn't register players using the Anti-Bug Spray via a keyboard bind when reloading the game (thanks @vritto!).


- Toned down trashing frequency by about 50% for all tenant archetypes.
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Lacuna - A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure

Updated to 1.1.5 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
V. 1.1.4

- Fixed a bug preventing players using Chinese localization from progressing past AdSpot

V 1.1.5

- Fixed Healthy Lifestyle and Corion Church achievements not triggering reliably

Second Sight

Updated to 1.0 bindfix2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog but it's a fix for the controller bindings



Updated to 1..31a (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Totally forgot this one. xD


Updated to 45385_Ship (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:

PART 1 / 2
Major Patch - Game quality improvement pass 2

This is the last patch before the premiere. It was a busy time for us. We've managed to process 2000 bug fixes and improvements since the previous patch. For obvious reasons, you will only find the most important ones listed in the changelog below.


- We have deeply optimized the performance of the CPU. As a result, the game should run MUCH smoother with a high number of enemies on the map. We have also introduced a change in the way opponents are highlighted. We hope you will like the new effect.
- We have added a loading bar that informs you of the game loading progress.
- We fixed most of the crashes that were reported to us.


- We've added 2 community driven languages - Hungarian and Ukrainian. It's the first pass, so you may still encounter errors and missing names of items. The work on Czech and Turkish is still ongoing.
- We have fixed another large batch of localization bugs and bugs where texts do not fit in the windows.

Additional improvement and feedback:

- During trading, information is displayed about how many sold or bought items are in our inventory.
- When talking to companions, information about their state of health / psyche and the modifiers that affect them are displayed.
- On the timeline, when interacting with the crystals, information appears about the impact of a given decision on your companions and which mission it relates to. As a result, the consequences of changing reality should be much clearer.
- After training with a companion, the player now receives a notification about acquiring a new skill with a clear frame.
- Melee attack was changed from punch to knife strike. We've also improved how opponents react to it.
- Story Notes are now marked on the map, making them easier to find.
- Moving through low radiation areas no longer slows down the player. This should significantly improve combat and stealth in radioactive places.
- We have introduced numerous AI tweaks in patrol state. For example, the enemies should be much more responsive when they find a body or hear a mine blast.
- We've added a new loading screen for instances where Igor doesn't use the portal.
- Lenses in the sights are more transparent so as not to obstruct the shooting
- Old saves will no longer be deleted when a player starts a new game.
- We have added a tutorial encouraging you to commence the heist if the player has finished all available story missions.
- We have added Checkpoints at the NAR prison level. As a result, it will be easier not to lose your progress.
- When an item is dropped on the ground due to an inventory overflow (for example, during trading), the player is informed about it via a tutorial.
- All machines built by the player are marked on the map.
- Information about the current quest is displayed while browsing the map.


- Due to the previously used algorithm, our companions failed far too often, even with a high chance of mission success. We fixed it.
- Tooltips should now display better if the player has changed control mapping.
- PDAs should highlight soldiers' corpses if there is loot on them.
- Esc key should now close all fullscreen UI.
- In specific circumstances, the UI of the weapon was still visible when we entered the fractal world. We fixed it.
- We fixed a rare bug where subtitles were hanging after ending a conversation.
- The loading screen sometimes disappeared too quickly, and part of the level was loading in front of the player. We fixed it.
- We fixed a bug where the player had two PDAs in their backpack.
- We fixed a bug where the enemy's laser sight would sometimes show up even though it was disabled in the settings.
- We fixed the ability to split some indivisible items in your inventory into tenths (e.g., adrenaline, flash drive).
- We fixed a bug where it was possible to remain in the build system during cutscenes.
- We fixed a bug where the loot UI remained visible on the screen permanently.
- Regular NPCs should no longer trigger traps.
- Radar highlights no longer disappear after using a stealth kill or receiving fall injuries.
- Black Stalker would not show up during the Hermit quest if we had failed the quest and went on a second quest the next day. We fixed it.
- During the Old Hideout quest, after loading the checkpoint, Igor sometimes forgot a poem. We fixed it.
- During the Old Hideout quest, if we were doing the mission "out of sequence" the quest marker would hang on the monument. We fixed it.
- We improved the operation of the NPCs. They should remember that they already got to know us and not introduce themselves every time.
- In particular conditions, the first tutorial soldiers in the power plant could kill us. We fixed it.
- The Black Stalker should no longer show up in strange moments, such as cutscenes.
- Sashko's loyalty should work correctly during the Black Stalker quest.
- Modifying decisions with Black Stalker was able to block the exit from the timeline. We fixed it.
- We have fixed a bug where if we went to jail during Old Hideout, our choice was reset in Chain reaction.
- We fixed a rare bug where Olivier tried to kill us during stealth training.
- We improved the cameras for the upgrade tables.
- After getting killed by soldiers, Volodya could resurrect and thank us for saving his life. We fixed that.
- We fixed music not shutting down properly in several quests (Some Excuses, Hardware for real men).
- Entering the pause menu while in flight no longer removes fall damage.
- Weapons dropped from your inventory on the ground now have visual attachments.
- Visiting the fractal world will no longer rearrange your inventory.
- The food tutorial should now display correctly even if you die on day 1.
- We fixed a rare bug where it was possible to lose companion info during the heist after loading the save.
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* Rimworld
Windows offline installer updated to 1.3.3075 rev736

- I wonder if the Changelog is related to this update:

" - Desired apparel now uses the same faction restrictions as role apparel does. Tribal-Only: War mask, Tribal Headdress. Non-tribal only: Slicecap, Beret. Removed visage mask restriction to non-tribal only.
- Slaves no longer slight or insult non-slaves
- Slaves never start social fights with non-slaves if insulted.
- Allowed saving all ideos and allowed saving ideos in-game.
- Allow non-ideo members to participate in leader speech.
- Melee-ing a slave now increases suppression.
- Rebellion chance per slave now relates inversely to the number of slaves on the map, so overall rebellion chance shouldn't climb so aggressively with higher slave counts.
- Adjust slave rebellion base MTB 50 days back to 45 days.
- Change animal products and processed food to not generate negative thoughts related to meat-eating precepts. Vegetarians and carnivores alike can now eat these without being bothered.
- Beggars can now be given items when they are traveling to their wait destination.
- Prevent thrumbos from eating Gauranlen trees in addition to anima trees.
- Ideo UI Role apparel requirements float menu now lists the incompatibility reason.
- Added confirmation dialogs in ideo config UI when precepts will change.
- Dryads of not the correct caste will return to the tree first when connection strength drops enough to be unable to support the current number of dryads.
- Integrate art for rough living issue and set it to medium importance.
- Gauranlen pod sprouts now happen much earlier for tree connector ideoligions.
- We are now more selective about which weapons increase rebellion chance (exclude wood, emp, smoke...)
- Allow black color to be selected for apparel coloring.
- Integrated new mod source and warning graphics for the mod menu.
- Integrated new meal graphics.
- Improvements to ideoligion save/load UI.
- Ensure Tunneler meme always has the MiningYield_High precept.


- Optimized QuestNode_Root_WorkSite.
- Removed _NewTemp suffix from PreceptWorker methods and made optional parameter non-optional.
- Renamed def Nutrifungus to Plant_Nutrifungus per standard.
- Changed ThoughtWorker_Precept_IdeoDiversity to not iterate over spawned pawns list twice.
- Removed unused 'Notify_MemberSpawned' methods.
- hairColor -> hairOnly.
- Mark PlaceBlueprintForBuild as [Obsolete].
- Improvements to pawn blindness checks.


- Fix: ProblemCauser quest can fire with mech cluster even if mechanoids disabled.
- Fix: Incorrect requireOne usage for PainIsVirtue.
- Fix: Some bad requireOne usages.
- Fix: Diversity of thought calculates the percentage of pawns with another ideo by dividing against all spawned pawns of the faction including animals, slaves and prisoners.
- Fix 5218: Some ancient doodads are rotated when they shouldn't be.
- Fix: Lovers/Spouses sharing a bed in barracks get "sleeping alone" thought.
- Fix: Initial player ideo can be set multiple times on different ideos if the user revisits the configure ideo page before starting a game.
- Fix: Pawns under 18 can use age reversal.
- Fix: Starting leader speech from a ritual focus bypasses some checks, like being able to speak.
- Fix: Funerals are expected to be held for slaves if they have same ideo as colonists.
- Fix: Farskip with Relic gives debuff from losing the relic.
- Fix: Hermetic crate missing opening completed sound. Applied the same sound as security crate.
- Fix: Slaves and prisoners will not be carried to slave medical beds after a duel ended in which they got wounded.
- Fix: Ancient complex world objects remain on world map after archonexus cycles making it potentially hard to generate a new site as a ritual reward.
- Fix 5232: Wimpy Noble quest generated with generic tags rather than text.
- Fix: Apparel color buff is gone after save / load.
- Fix: NullRefException when abandoning royal title.
- Fix 5234: Pawns can build turrets when prohibited by precepts.
- Fix 5225: Undefined 'spritElement' text element.
- Fix: Ideo creation warning about incompatibility between apparel requirement and desired apparel even if both apparel are the same.
- Fix: Collapsed rocks have 'attack to destroy' inspect pane and disabled deconstruct message.
- Fix 5216: Minor text overlap issue in ideo config UI.
- Fix: Bestower pawns can engage in social fighting, breaking the ceremony.
- Fix: Misc small copy errors. "
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Updated to 45385_Ship (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:

PART 2 / 2
Rev 44944 Hotfix


- Chernobylite Plasma Thrower should now function properly. I don't know how we could have missed it :/
- Crash that appeared on the benchmark when testing high game settings should no longer occur.
- Speedrun (you must be REALLY very fast to break it) during power plant level should no longer block the game during the inventory tutorial.
- Some weapon accessories were levitating in the air. We fixed it.
Chernobylite is available in full version for PC!

Enter the Zone and see what has changed

Hello Stalkers!

It's been a long road, but we finally reached the finish line. When we released Chernobylite on Early Access, even in our wildest dreams we couldn’t foresee the extent to which a project created by a small group of enthusiasts would grow.

Today we’re giving you the full version of Chernobylite!

How much the game has changed in Early Access?

We extended the game time three times. Now it takes an average of 25 hours to complete it.

We expanded the game with 15 new story missions, as well as numerous random events in all locations.

We’ve introduced 11 new characters. In addition to side characters such as Konstanty, Locksmith, Semyon, Vagabond, Volodya, we’ve added a new companion to the game - Olga

We supplemented the game world with 10 new maps. Including: prologue, Pripyat Central and Red Forest, NAR prison.

We've added new enemies: 4 new monsters and some new variants of NAR soldiers.

We’ve given you 5 new weapons with a whole range of upgrades at your disposal.

We tossed in a whole host of technical and gameplay improvements, such as character development, weapon and item crafting, difficulty levels, improved enemy AI etc.

The soundtrack for the game was composed by Mikołaj Stroiński, known among gamers as the author of music, incl. for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

...and many others.

All the work that we’ve devoted to the game consists of:

- 35,000 scanned 3D models
- 7,000 lines of dialogue (that's 110,000 words!)
- 100 days spent in the Chernobyl zone
- 14,000 bugs fixed
- countless feedback from our players

All this work was certainly not in vain.

What's new?

Those who have the game in Early Access will be happy that we've made a ton of bug fixes that were caught by us, as well as those that you reported to us on the Steam forum. Thanks again! But these are not the only novelties we’ve prepared for the game's premiere.


- In cooperation with AMD, we have fully implemented FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0
- We improved memory management that could cause micro stuttering on slow HDDs and weaker computers.
- We have resolved the various crashes that were reported to us. The game should be more stable.


- Heist level Finished: It is now 3 times longer and can be completed from start to finish in many different variants.
- Game ending: You can end the game in several ways and see an outro depending on your decisions.
- New weapon: Railgun. There are too few weapons in chernobylite? So here is the kinetic cannon. It uses the power of Chernobylite to instantly energize the coils and use them to create an enormous electromagnetic field that gives the projectiles great strength and speed.
- New base structure: Railgun Calibration Tools. It will allow you to create 14 upgrades that will have a considerable impact on the operation of the Railgun.
- Photo mode. The Chernobylite world is a great place to take some photos. We decided to make it a bit easier for you ;)
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Wizard of Legend got updated to v1.23.
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Updated to 1.0.4.a (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Hotfix 1.0.4.a

This fix patches the problems of not being able to disassemble objects after completing the tutorial or after loading a savegame.

In addition:

- Fixed a bug where the game would crash upon aborting the opening/closing of a barricade
- Fixed a bug where ongoing crafting interactions upon saving would be aborted. They are now paused and will continue upon loading.
- Some missing crafting recipes were added.
- Fixed an error with spear combat animation speed.
- Prevent the assist-bubble on players currently grabbed by dreamers.

Known issues:

- When paused interactions continue after loading, the animations of the working player or the progress bubble are not always updated. Players seem to be standing idle. You can see at their progress bar in their inventory however that there actually is progress.
- When during the ongoing construction of a barricade a game is saved/loaded, moving the player away from the barricade will consume the resources and lock the construction site in an unaccessible state.

We'll look into those issues next.

Thanks for all the clues and help from the community!
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* Project Zomboid
Offline installers got an update flag. Apparently the devs have updated the installers to 41.53, but GOG only states ver.40.43.

- Anyway, here's the Changelog, according to the devs:

" This patch includes a fix to a longstanding bug - we have always wanted to have the mouse cursor disappear when you prepare for a melee strike so that only the Iso-cursor is visible.

We have always wanted this as it will mean that new players find it easier to adjust to PZ's combat.

If you find this fix weird/annoying then we have also added a Display option to toggle it back to how it was before: "Show Mouse Cursor While Aiming".


- "Remove Curtains" works the way it used to, giving the player a Sheet.
- Added a tooltip to tell the player they'll get a sheet, and that they can pick up the curtains using the furniture tool.
(We may adjust sheet loot again in future by letting you take them off beds, or having more to loot in bedrooms etc)

- Don't display the option to plumb a sink if there isn't a water source overhead.
- Allow plumbing a sink if the water source is directly overhead (as opposed to requiring a square adjacent to the square overhead).

- Reverted the change that checked for tainted water in rain collectors connected to plumbed sinks. We intend to improve on this system at a later date.

- Added "Lock Cursor To Window" display option. This keeps the mouse pointer inside the window. Alt-Tab must be used to switch applications.
When enabled, the game renders its own cursor and the system cursor is hidden.

- Combined "Fullscreen" and "Borderless Window" options into a combobox with these three options:
Borderless Windowed
"Borderless Windowed" ignores the resolution set in the options. The window is resized to whatever the desktop resolution is set to.

- Hide the mouse cursor when the "iso aiming cursor" is visible.
- Added Display option "Show Mouse Cursor While Aiming".
- Force the mouse cursor to be visible whenever it is over any UIElement.
- Force the mouse cursor to be visible whenever the mouse-using player's context menu or radial menu is visible.


Increased the threshold at which you can't sprint because of clothing.
Reduced some RunSpeedModifier on some clothings.


- Fixed being unable to turn off the alarm in the alarm clock from the UI
- Fixed VehicleEngineRPM.reset() NullPointerException.
- Fixed incorrect choosing of random mannequin outfits.
- Fixed (possibly) seams sometimes appearing between the masked parts of clothing textures.
- Fixed silent knife attacks that are in jaw-stab range when no jaw-stab occurs.
- Fixed being able to place furniture-curtains on top of sheet-curtains.
- Fixed garbage creation with calling UIElement Lua functions from Java.
- Fixed station wagon detail texture
- Fixed zed story issue by checking that all chunks covered by a zone story are loaded instead of only checking the north-west and south-east squares.
- Fixed null pointer with adding tent via stories.
- Fixed minor issue in the Display class. It has no effect unless the game window resolution is higher than desktop resolution.
- Fixed sprint issue in tutorial


- Added OnWorldSound(x,y,z,radius,volume,source) event
- Added a check for an MP related change that broke the Supersurvivors mod.
- Added media/WorkshopTags.txt which contains all the allowed Steam Workshop tags for mods.


- Made triggerEvent() calls exit sooner when no functions are bound to the event being triggered.

- Fixed Linux ProjectZomboid64 failing to find the ProjectZomboid64.json file.

- Rebuilt Linux ProjectZomboid64 using up-to-date Steamworks API.
- Updated Windows Steamworks SDK to 1.51.
- Rebuilt Linux ZNet and RakNet libraries using Steamworks 1.51.
- Fixed translation IGUI_NeedToBeStandingInside appearing where IGUI_MustPlaceRoomRoof was needed.
- Added Linux scripts.
- Fixed missing languages on MacOS.

- Added ISComboBox.setEditable() to allow filtering the choices in a combobox by typing.
This is used in the vehicle editor and attachment editor to make them a bit easier to use.
- ISTextEntryBox.onPressDown() .onPressUp() and .onOtherKey() are passed the ISTextEntryBox object
as the first argument. Previously, .onPressDown() and .onPressUp() weren't passed any arguments,
and .onOtherKey() was passed only the key that was pressed. The change to .onOtherKey() is the only
incompatible change.
- Added ISTextEntryBox.selectAll().

- Hopefully fixed fullscreen on MacOS "
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Prison Architect - Psych Ward: Warden's Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Linux, MAC] the_pen_6447 ⇒ the_pen_6834.

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karnak1: * Project Zomboid
Offline installers got an update flag. Apparently the devs have updated the installers to 41.53, but GOG only states ver.40.43.
It's a new beta. The offline installer links for these are a few entries below the 40.43 version.
karnak1: * Project Zomboid
Offline installers got an update flag. Apparently the devs have updated the installers to 41.53, but GOG only states ver.40.43.
Wurzelkraft: It's a new beta. The offline installer links for these are a few entries below the 40.43 version.
Thank you. I hadn't noticed those.
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Song of Farca

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:
Hotfix is now available!

First Song of Farca hotfix is now available!

List of changes:

- Fixed an issue with objects disappearing from robot's inventory
- Fixed an issue with some internet profiles not being updated after collecting clues
- Fixed an issue of displaying the scrollbar in dialogs
- Fixed an issue with the counter for collecting evidence work in some locations
- Fixed dog sleep animation in some places
- Fixed bug bots and drones getting stuck for some players
- Fixed safes opening without a code
- Other minor fixes

Join our Discord server:
New patch is now available!

New Song of Farca patch is now available!

List of changes:

- Fixed an issue when some of the choice consequences were not updating correctly on subsequent playthroughs, blocking some players from earning achievements
- Fixed several issues blocking players from progressing through locations
- FPS should now be locked to 60, drastically reducing GPU load
- Other minor fixes

Join our Discord server: