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Tannath: Kerbal Space Program was updated to version

The changelog basically mentions an hotfix for some aerodynamics problem.
thanks GOG for delaying the Linux hotfix to after the weekend :(
who has time to play to video games during the weekend anyway ...
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HypersomniacLive: On a different note, is there no Wandersong forum, or is it just me?
MarkoH01: It is not just you (in case your question was not a rethorical one).
It finally arrived.
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Gydion: It finally arrived.

Speaking of Wandersong, the changelogs are a bit of a mess. I assume the first two patches are included in that third one (added on Oct 9), but the one added on Oct 15 is the forth one, not the second.
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The recap of updates for the 3rd week of October has been posted:
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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Update (22 October 2018)

Co-op Fixes/Improvements:

Add support for up to 4 players in local drop-in / drop-out co-op (including ability to choose costumes for P3/P4)
Update arena population across entire game for 3P/4P modes
Fix for MP camera-zone-related crash (e.g. occurred if players died repeatedly in co-op play in final boss fight)
New "co-op re-entry" cooldown to help deal with camera contention issues in co-op play. If you try to exit a room within 1 second of having entered while in co-op, you will be auto-bubbled.
Tweak to shadow mode options text (now refers to co-op mode as 'MP' instead of '2P')
Fix for soft lock that could occur when P2/P3/P4 breaks stalactite in the Canal and P1 is in countdown timer
Tweaks to lightning skeleton arenas in the Great Temple
Adjust co-op camera positioning in some areas, to provide better view of what's ahead of player
Update auto-bubble-due-to-long-fall tolerances with custom per-camera-zone settings
Increase general bubble movement speed, for easier un-bubbling
Have players inherit active move of bubble target when un-bubbling
When dimension-swap is blocked by one or more players: Flash those players
Update Temple of Rain dimension-swap portals to fail immediately if swap is blocked by another player
Disable low-health warning sound in co-op
Disable Temple of Rain portals for a brief period of time after a dimension swap
In co-op play, normal difficulty, when a player hits insta-kill lava while others are alive, have the player bubble (not die)
Auto-flip HUD icons associated with custom skins, when these are used in right-facing player positions
Change controller-to-player mapping screen to a single option (controlling whether P1 is bound only to keyboard)
Fix for soft-lock when player countdown ends mid Flame Face fight

General Fixes:
Added a safeguard to the Tule Tree that deactivates the Uppercut Blocks leading up to the Tree Tops, if the player happens to be dropping back down and one (or more) of the blocks is not destroyed
Fix for chicken bomb bug
Fix for misaligned damagezone in long room in Pico de Gallo
Fix for issue where blackness covering 'I am error' sometimes didn't fade out properly when player moved into the 'I am error' scene
Fix for issue that made it possible to respawn as human in chicken-only portion of Desert
Add subtle "wall slime" indicators to other-dimension hull visuals throughout game, as appropriate
Fix for bug where elite enemies sometimes fail to re-appear after teleporting out
Misc. additional minor/rare bug fixes
Wow. It only took 4 years, but 4-player multiplayer is finally here. What's next? Slender making an updated return to the store?
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Ghost of a Tale has been updated.

Changelog for Patch 7.45 (22 October 2018)

Texture stretching on some of the catacombs' walls.
Some visual section toggling issues.
Tilo's flower book remains stuck on the first page.
One of the guards in the barracks doesn't go back to bed after being awoken.

(Edit: Deleted Guacamelee STCE since Grargar was faster which I missed ;))
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I think Gwent got achievements literally just now. 0% completion on everything.
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Project Warlock got updated.

Changelog for Update (18 October 2018)

Fixed a rare bug where e2 boss water emergence doesn't trigger

Changelog for Update (19 October 2018)

Fixed Dagger/Magic Light audio bug
Fixed Shotgun/Magic Light audio bug
Fixed E1M6 Secret exploit
Fixed E5M5 Freeze/Death on entering
Fixed the movement problem from patch
Adjusted Magnum pistol ammo consumption and damage

More coming soon!

Not to mention that the devs are doing so great and they added a changelog thread themselves here.

Also I got an update flag for Sunless Sea but no changelog so I cannot post what changed. Version meanwhile changed as well to,).
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Grargar: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
Can't believe they actually updated the gog version considering someone on the forums years ago got an earlier response saying the gog version wasn't going to be updated. I tried to contact the devs shortly after that on their site and twitter, and got no response.

In any case, glad it's finally updated.
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CrossCode has been updated to version 1.0.1 (22 October 2018), only galaxy.

Version: 1.0.1

Removed problematic FORCE_COMBAT in the Bergen goat caves on repeated visits.

+ New Assist Mode added, allowing you to tweak the difficulty for puzzles and combat.
+ Joern now has elemental melee attacks! Yes, he only used Neutral attacks before. Did anybody notice?
+ A new hidden guest role in Rookie Harbor! There might be more in the future!
~ Screen shake option is now applied on all screen shake effects.
~ Strongly increased the duration of most food buffs.
~ Food-related SP\/Overheat-buffs got stronger.
~ Food-related HP-Regen is now a bit weaker, though longer duration compensates for it.
~ Removed distracting camera movement during the brewing process in Ba'ki Kum.
~ Elemental barriers in final dungeon now kill you instead of making you stuck. That's better, right?
~ Less annoying camera movement for some of the elemental turret boss fights of the final dungeon.
There is also another change that doesn't appears in the changelog and it's that the game again uses the newer version of the NW.js quote from the Radical Fish website
We released CrossCode 1.0 using the new NW.js version, but as a lot of players experienced crash issues we quickly downgraded to the old version again, offering the new version through the nwjs_new beta branch. Through a number of Hotfixes we managed to reduce the amount of crashes, which is why we decided to now use the new NW.js version by default as it runs better for most players. Instead, we now offer the nwjs_old BETA branch to switch back to the old version in case the new one still doesn’t run well for you.
Also today's Galaxy client update fixed the overlay and now it works again with the game.
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#### Update (19 October 2018)

* Cuphead is now available for macOS!
Frozen Synapse 2

#### Patch 105 (19 October 2018)

* Added 'Story Missions Only Mode'. Play through the campaign in an uninterrupted stream of encounters like in the original Frozen Synapse.
* Crash fixes
* Miscellaneous fixes
Pathfinder: Kingmaker

#### Update 1.0.11b (22 October 2018)

Hello everyone!Please, be aware that there are plot spoilers in the
description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

##### Quests

* The Six Bears Camp was inaccessible during the Reforged Blade quest. Resolution: fixed.
* The game could freeze or crash if the party came to the A Feast of Feasts quest area without Ekundayo and talked to Ntavi or Elina. Resolution: fixed.
* The Door to Nowhere quest couldn't be completed under certain conditions. Resolution: fixed.
* The Varisian Caravan area (By Desna's Paths quest) didn't appear on the Global Map. Resolution: fixed.
* Irlene didn't start a conversation about her artisan quest. Resolution: fixed.
* A dialogue with Tristian didn't work correctly in the Capital after completion of Betrayer's Flight quest. Resolution: fixed.
* The players could get the reward for the quest at the City of Hollow Eyes area more than once. Resolution: fixed.

##### Areas

* It was impossible to talk to Hassuf the vendor at the city-state Capital Square (Neutral Good alignment). Resolution: fixed.
* The attempt to rest at Capital Square could cause the game to freeze if there were active events in the Throne Room area. Resolution: fixed.
* Poor Bokken could die again after his artisan's quest if players came to the Oleg's Trading Post area. Resolution: fixed again.
* Valerie's quest NPC didn't leave the Throne Room area. Resolution: fixed.

##### User Interfaces

* To change their selected Deity, players had to start customizing a new character from the beginning. Resolution: fixed.

##### Kingdom

* Problem with Taxes and Letter from Brevoy kingdom events couldn't be completed in some cases. Resolution: fixed. Specific choices are automatically selected to resolve these events for affected saves files (for characters with good alignment - taxes are not collected twice; project for the road construction is available. Neutral alignment - Oleg's Trading Post moved under the jurisdiction of Restov; project to improve diplomatic affairs with Restov is available. Evil alignment - baron's troops are sent to strengthen Oleg's Trading Post; project to improve fortification is available).
* Upgrading an artisan's shop doesn't disable the artisan any longer.

##### Classes & Mechanics

* Players could get two animal companions from different classes. Resolution: the animal companion players got later do not appear any longer. Its levels were added to the first animal companion.
* Non-Aasimar characters could select Wings as a feat after 10th level. Resolution: only Aasimars can select the Wings feat now.
* Clerics with Sun domain did not get any domain spells. Resolution: fixed.
* There were issues with the visualization of critical threat range and critical multiplier bonuses for equipped weapons. Resolution: fixed.

##### Items

* “Chilly Midnight” was not working correctly, dealing physical damage instead of dexterity damage. Resolution: fixed. The item has to be reequipped.
* “Gear's Rule” didn't add 1d6 to alchemist bomb damage. Resolution: fixed. The item has to be reequipped.
* The “Downfall” bow didn't work. Resolution: fixed.

##### Miscellaneous

* New pack of typo and localization fixes.

##### System

* Performance improvements for the Global Map with the area names turned on.

We know that a lot of players experience a bug with Linzi's A Bard's Calling
quest - there are no characters near Pitax Academy. Our first attempt to fix
the issue didn't work for all the cases, unfortunately. As soon as we find a
general solution we will release a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Return of the Obra Dinn to version 1.0.89
-> Myst IV: Revelation to version Myst 25th Anniversary Release (Lang Select) (added Mac installers)
-> Myst III: Exile to version Myst 25th Anniversary Release (added Mac installers)
-> Cultist Simulator to version 2018.10.k.6 (Windows & Mac only)
WinterSnowfall: The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Return of the Obra Dinn to version 1.0.89
-> Myst IV: Revelation to version Myst 25th Anniversary Release (Lang Select) (added Mac installers)
-> Myst III: Exile to version Myst 25th Anniversary Release (added Mac installers)
-> Cultist Simulator to version 2018.10.k.6 (Windows & Mac only)
Anyone know if Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition offline installers have been updated?
Lucian_Galca: Anyone know if Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition offline installers have been updated?
They did.
Lucian_Galca: Anyone know if Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition offline installers have been updated?
Grargar: They did.
Much thanks. Just wanted to make sure before I download as sometimes the offline installers update later than Galaxy installs.

Off topic: Oh! Vampire Cat! :P
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