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This is not a big deal, and I can enjoy the game without it just fine (it's an awesome game, by the way, and the lack of Galaxy overlay doesn't detract anything from that), but sometimes I like to take screenshots of some games, and CrossCode has some gorgeous pixel art I'd like to save and keep, so the Galaxy overlay would help immensely with that.

I know I can use Print Screen and then paste the screen grab in some image editor, but this doesn't always work with a lot of titles for a number of reasons; plus, it's just more practical to press F12 and be done with it.

Like I said, not a big deal, just something I'd like to have for minor reasons of convenience.
It was working in the past but the 1.0 release broke it.

Another user already reported it to GOG support, after that I also opened a mantis report ( were GOG staff already changed the status to confirmed, so I suppose that it's a matter of time until it works again.
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Latest Galaxy client update (1.2.47), has restored overlay functionality to a few games, including CrossCode. Enjoy.