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Momodora: Reverie under the Moonlight has been updated to ver. 1.062 - no changelog but I found this on Steam:

October 23th patch update
23. Oktober - rdein
Hello everyone!

This news post is a list of the changes in the recent patch we uploaded today.

- Fixed some situations where text would not display correctly in some languages.

- Fixed issues previously introduced by the 2018 patch, like incorrect text display on Linux and missing audio on Mac. Both versions are now on the latest 2018 patch.

Please let us know if any other serious issues like the ones mentioned above are found! Thank you.
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25 October:


Games included in this batch:

· Alan Wake
· CrossCode
· Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
· Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
· Slime Rancher
· Stronghold HD


Alan Wake has changed

>>> Game title changed *FROM* Alan Wake [removed on May 15, 2017] *TO* Alan Wake

>>> Supported OS changed *FROM* Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 10) *TO* Windows (7, 8, 10)

>>> Compatibility changed *FROM* Intel Integrated Graphics are not supported by this game, Please be advised that Windows 10 operating system will receive frequent hardware driver and software updates following its release; this may affect game compatibility *TO* [empty]


CrossCode has changed


* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size has not changed (444.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.0.0-10 *TO* 1.0.1-1

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 443.0 MB *TO* 442.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.0.0-10 *TO* 1.0.1-1



Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition has changed

>>> Features changed *FROM* Single-player, Co-op, Controller support *TO* Single-player, Co-op, Controller support, Cloud saves


Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight has changed


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 146.0 MB *TO* 145.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.06 *TO* 1.062

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size *FROM* 58.0 MB *TO* 56.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.06 *TO* 1.062

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 58.0 MB *TO* 59.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.061 *TO* 1.062

Patch 1.062 (25 October 2018)

- Fixed some situations where text would not display correctly in some languages.

- Fixed issues previously introduced by the 2018 patch, like incorrect text display on Linux and missing audio on Mac. Both versions are now on the latest 2018 patch.
(Full changelog)


Slime Rancher has changed


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 505.0 MB *TO* 497.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.3.0b *TO* 1.3.1

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size *FROM* 503.0 MB *TO* 486.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.3.0b *TO* 1.3.1

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 2) --- Size *FROM* 498.0 MB *TO* 490.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.3.0b *TO* 1.3.1

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 2) --- Size *FROM* 501.0 MB *TO* 493.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.3.0b *TO* 1.3.1

Patch v1.3.1 (23 October 2018)

Slime Rancher v1.3.1 represents a significant overhaul to the way that a lot of backend systems work and while overall it should produce significant gains in performance, it may produce unexpected issues that we did not catch in our testing process. Should you experience any issues with v1.3.1, please email and we’ll be sure to help you right away!

The Optimized Update
The Optimized Update is here to improve overall performance of Slime Rancher. Yes, even though we're nearly 3 years out from initial release, we're still hard at work to make Slime Rancher the best possible experience for everyone!

Game Optimization:
We have upgraded Slime Rancher’s game engine which will bring performance improvements for a majority of players!
- We did a lot of technical wizardry, but the short of it is we upgraded the game engine to Unity 2018 and all game data has been reorganized to optimize the way we store data and manage certain game states.
- Most PC players, as well as all Xbox and PS4 players should see improved performance and overall frame rate.
- DirectX 9 is no longer supported. More on this here.[]

Drone Improvements:
Drones got a nice little update that allows them to deliver to the Refinery and improves how they interact with some targets/destinations!

For plorts only:
- Refinery and Refinery Link have been added as a destination—for science!
- Updated “Outside Plots” to a new “Free Range” option. Drones set to “Free Range” will collect the target item from anywhere on the ranch expansion that is not in storage (e.g. Silos, Plort Collectors).
- Updated programming interface to clarify that drones can deliver to the Plort Market via Market Links when you’re in another ranch expansion. The destination will dynamically update to either read “Plort Market” or “Market Link” depending on where you are.

- Updated incinerator programming so they now serve the sole purpose of feeding fire slimes rather than infinitely destroying items. Drones will only deliver food to incinerators until the ash trough is full. If you’re looking to burn two thousand carrots because you really hate carrots, you’re going to have to do that manually. But come on, they’re just carrots.
- Drones are now able to deliver food directly from silos to corrals.

New & Updated Translations:
- Added Korean translation!
- Completely overhauled the French translation!
- Updated the Chinese translation!

- Updated the super secret Party Gordo schedule. Wondering who the Party Gordo is? Check out the details over in the Party Gordo Update notes.[]

- Fixed an issue where fruits and veggies would almost always be unripe in an area that you haven’t visited in awhile.
- Added a fix that will prevent some cases of items getting stuck below ground in Ogden’s Retreat.
- Fixed drone trail artifacts upon re-entering areas with drones.
- Fixed it so that drones would stop grabbing carrots out of gardens instead of odd onions while you’re not looking.
- Fixed a bug where certain other slime types were counting towards the Omnivorous achievement.
- Fixed gamepad bindings buttons being invisible in certain resolutions.
- Fixed an issue where the ash trough was not correctly remembering its fullness after a save/reload.
- Fixed a few instances where some game translations would overflow in the UI.
- Fixed the “Reset Defaults” button on the gamepad options panel leaving the invert-y-axis option in an inconsistent state which was resulting in some players not knowing what was up and what was down.
- Fixed an issue where plorts didn’t know if they should stay or they should go after a save/load.
- Fixed ferals sometimes cooling off after jumping into water while chasing you. This involved delicately balancing their ‘Hangry’ parameter. Game development is fun.
- Fixed a bug where gold slimes were leaving an incorrectly, unfabulously colored splat.

Again, if you encounter any oddities with this update please contact us at

Happy ranching!
(Full changelog)


Stronghold HD has changed

>>> Supported OS changed *FROM* Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) *TO* Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and Mac OS X (10.11.0 or newer)
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Slime Rancher has been updated to version 1.3.1.b and Shadows: Awakening to version 1.20. No changelogs here or on Steam as of yet.
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Kingdom Come Deliverance has been updated (happy downloading ;)):

Update 1.7.1-1 (24 October 2018)
– Amorous Adventures Fixes –

A big part of the second DLC - "No Rest for the Wicked" quest is now available from the Charlatan. The quest is available even with completed Amorous Adventures DLC so there is no need to reload to the previous state.
Infinite fader during dialogue with Hans Capon after failing Next to Godliness fixed.
No Rest for the Wicked quest now properly reacts to the player killing the guys he was supposed to scare.
Player now correctly receives Musk of Infinite Allure on completion of No Rest for the Wicked.
It is now possible to finish active Game of Throws quest even when the player initiates Vranik battle.
Rare crash when arriving at gamblers' den fixed.
Game of Throws journal text bug fixed.
It is no longer possible to break Honeyed Words quest by closing the door in front of Hans Capon a moment before he forces the dialogue on the player.
Infinite fader after rapid skipping of Capon's dialogues fixed.
Player will no longer be harassed for not having a lit torch during the encounter with the butcher and his men in Honeyed Words quest.

– Tournament Fixes –

During Epilogue, the first Tournament now starts automatically one hour after the player skips time far enough from Rattay (eg Neuhof). It is no longer necessary to start the accompanying quest of Samopesh blacksmith.
The second and any other Tournament now always periodically occurs every 7 days even when the player is close by. It is now possible to wait right next to the Herald.
Guards will no longer attempt to frisk you during an active tournament, which caused the Tournament to fail.
Tournament will no longer delete some items of players who have huge amounts of items in their inventory.
Possible infinite fader during later Tournament stages fixed.

– Other Fixes–

It is now possible to start Miracles While You Wait even if you refuse Charlatan multiple times.
It is now much easier to hit the topping out during Miracles While You Wait quest.
Fixed bug in Miracles While You Wait that sometimes broke the ending if the player completed the whole quest without saving or loading.
Rare crash during escape from Skalitz fixed.
Absurdly bright screen caused by persisting effect of Nighthawk potion during daylight has been fixed. Any remaining issues can be solved by drinking another Nighthawk potion and waiting for a few hours.


Question: Did the texture pack and HD sound pack DLCs even change? Their version has but I wonder if it is really necessary to backup those again every time the base game has been changed.
Post edited October 26, 2018 by MarkoH01
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MarkoH01: Question: Did the texture pack and HD sound pack DLCs even change? Their version has but I wonder if it is really necessary to backup those again every time the base game has been changed.
After the third update in this month I was curious myself. I extracted and compared with the newest (voice pack English, texture, sound) and as far as I can see, the relevant game contents are identical. Only some installer related data changed.
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Star Control: Origins

Patch 1.10.54010 (26 October 2018)


he Bard's Tale Trilogy

Update 2.03 (26 October 2018)

Fix is in place for bugs in the random number generation that was making the same battles appear multiple times after some random period of time in dungeons.
Fix bug where torch couldn't be purchased in a shop (because it was first item in the table)
Fixed some data bugs where 4 monsters had no advance speed set.


Dopplegangers all have melee attacks as well now.
Songs now stack again, though some spells have diminishing returns.
Fix bug making it impossible to Leave the Winged Creature.
Fix problem where random seed was continually being reset when dungeon visuals were updated.
Add ability to back out of scarlet bard interface.
Dreamspell now requires you to visit the 5 dream spell messages before answering the riddle.
Just knowing the words isn't enough. Won't affect games in progress, but new games started.
Reset shop items when you rtransfer from BT1 to BT2 using "Reset.." option.
Fix monster advance speed so monsters like Leapers move 90' in one round.
Fix tiles not always getting marked as visited after a teleport or taking stairs.
Blackjack dealer now uses more standard casino rule of having to play cards until over 16.
Fix bug in thrown weapon saving roll for enemies in BT1 and BT2, was making them much harder to hit.


Inventory spell list command now shows all spells (including combat spells).
Fix issues with shop buy & sell.


Add journaling to Longinus in BT1.
Fix typo in Sage Scarlet Bard clues.
Fix gender in rogue disarm message
Fix some duplicate hints in tangramayne.
Fix missing period after "You still face.." combat message.
Fix grammar error in Melee March spell text.
Tweak the temples hint
Fix spelling error in waver.
Fixed spelling error in a magic mouth message in Oscon's.
Post edited October 26, 2018 by Edward_Carnby
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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

#### Update Hotfix 1.0.13c (26 October 2018)

We have got a report last night about the issue that the game could get stuck
while loading the save files at the last chapter. We don’t want to leave this
bug open for the upcoming weekend. So here is a speedy hotfix (just this
60 Parsecs!

#### Update - Balance patch #3 (26 October 2018)


* Balance tweaks and enhancements to several events
* Petersons now have a greater chance of appearing
* Localization fixes
* Added extra tooltips and additional text for better user experience
* Increased chance for generic rewards on Expeditions
* Credits are now localized


* Fixed black screen issue on Mootopia
* Fixes for UI
* Fixed locations discovered counting
* Fixes for StarLog
* Improvements to some of the tooltips
* Fixes for issues with game save files
Victory at Sea Pacific

#### Patch 1.1.2 (25 October 2018)

##### Gameplay:

* When ordered to attack, ships in a formation will stay in formation until their target is close to weapon range.
* Bombers that have not yet dropped their payload will continue with an attack order even if the squadron leader is returning to its carrier or airfield.
* Fighters automatically return home after expending their ammunition, but others in their squadron may likewise continue with an intercept order.
* Added a toggle to bottom right of airfields to forbid their AI from automatically launching aircraft.
* Added alert popups for spotting enemy aircraft.
* Removed alert popups for spotting enemy convoys, or enemy fleets that are not currently at war.
* A ship’s seaplanes floating on the water will automatically return home when the player leaves the area.
* Seaplanes on the sea are visible in the bridge view.
* Submersibles are less effective against ASW-armed ships in bridge combat.
* Shifted some ports’ supply drop-off points.
* Added more randomised names for non-historical US battleships.

##### Bug fixes:

* Fixed a bug where an excessive number of sounds could attempt to play and reduce performance.
* Aircraft squadron markers on the bridge show the total number of planes in the squadron, not just in the lead flight.
* Bombers cannot bomb ports at an excessive distance during bridge combat.
* Fixed a bug often preventing land-based AAA batteries from firing in bridge combat.
* Reduced the lethality of land-based AAA in bridge combat, when it does fire.
* The South Dakota-class battleship’s model now has all three 16-inch gun turrets.
* Fixed a bug preventing damaged aircraft on an airfield from repairing.
* Fixed a bug that could cause non-player faction squadrons to spawn in a tight cluster.
* The exchange panel on the fleet screen shows the correct port’s name.
* Improved AI for ships following a formation, so they will not intermittently try to double back on themselves.
* Players can no longer order a flight armed with torpedoes or depth charges to attack a port.
* Fixed a bug where a move order could end up targeting the wrong position.
* Ensured the American campaign always starts at war, and the war state is correct when loading older saves.
* Ensured that landed aircraft load from saves on their home carrier or airfield.
* Ports do not send aircraft against deep-diving submersible fleets on the bridge.

##### UI:

* Updated the intercept order icon on the squadron list.
* Depleted bomb or ammunition icons are now red.

#### Update v1.1.5 (25 October 2018)

Hey guys, I've been super busy with a house move over the last week but I've
still managed to squeeze out a little patch for you!


* Added staff priorities to level up messages.
* Added fully grown active swimmer requirement to tooltip.
* Fixed bug where cashflow was misreporting the costs of food, drink and gift shop items.
* Fixed bug where guide book and balloon refills were too cheap.
* Fixed bug where calcium reactor was free.
* Reduced number of horse eye jacks given as gift in Myra level from 5 to 3.
* Fixed bug with deep outcrop tank where staff would go inside temporarily if you dropped it on top of them.
* Fixed bug where Blue Whiting had no ecology point value.
* At end of day we don't auto drop items that are being carried by the player unless they are tanks or animals.
* Scenery no longer produce negative prestige if a guest sees it over and over.
* Clicking cancel task now drops the item making it slightly easier to force staff to do a particular job. (More stuff coming in this area!)
* Fixed bug where staff learned slightly slower on fast mode.

I'm still very busy with the house move but after I've moved I'll be back with
more update goodness!
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Frozen Synapse 2

#### Patch 107 (26 October 2018)

* Fixed crash to do with planning for ghost units
* Added alert for not having an ammo contract before playing a story mission which requires it
The Messenger

#### Patch 1.0.2 (25 October 2018)

* Fixed memory leak to prevent framerate drop issue when playing for extended periods of time (6+ hours)
* Fixed soft lock that occurred when dying at the same time as killing a boss
* Fixed game timer that would restart at zero after going over 24h
* In Catacombs, preventing an issue where players could get stuck in a challenge room after saving in the room and reloading the game because of breakables respawning
* In Rivière Turquoise, fixed an issue where players could respawn in the wrong dimension and get stuck
* Health and mana drop upgrades will now function properly the moment they are bought, instead of upon restarting the game
* Being careful with spoilers here, but a certain button mashing sequence has been reworked to prevent blockers for certain players.
Death's Gambit

#### Patch 1.04 (25 October 2018)

##### Community Requests

* D-Pad support for movement has been added. You can change to this in the keybinds option menu. Please note this will change the way your quick inventory is bound automatically.
* Improved player hit reaction.
* Removed the last two frames off the dodge roll animation. Dodging should now feel smoother and more responsive.
* Holding the interact button will now skip long cutscenes like the horseback flashback sequence, and others.
* Holding the interact button will cause you to respawn quickly after death.
* The selection square when enchanting no longer moves back to slot 1 every time you enchant an item.
* You can now reset your levels and talents twice per playthrough. This count resets on NG+.
* Controls for climbing have changed to remove the need to hold down a button while climbing. Now, pressing up near a ladder will allow you to climb. You can revert to the older controls on the configuration screen.

##### Quality of Life

* If you leave a save point without pressing the confirm button the game now asks you if you are sure you want to exit without leveling up.
* Can no longer move mouse out of screen on computers with two screens if on fullscreen.
* Can now map multiple buttons to use abilities 1 through ability 3.
* Pressing escape will no longer quit you out of an options submenu completely.
* Some flashback scenes are spaced out more evenly so you are not constantly getting scenes after dying.
* Getting on ladders should feel easier.
* Collision improvements for the tall creatures in Gaian's Cradle.
* All options and configurations now save correctly through play sessions.
* Jumping through platforms no longer eat up your jump button input when pressing jump quickly after landing on a platform.
* You can now access the options from the main menu.
* You can no longer pick up items if your inventory is full. The only exception are key items required to progress the main game.
* There is now more information in the level up screen.

##### Animation Canceling

* Attack animation recovery frames are now cancelable into dodge, block, and jump.
* Basically, once the hitting portion of an attack has finished, you are now free to choose your next action without waiting for the rest of the weapon's recovery animation to play. This should make combat feel more fluid and responsive overall.
* Removed the ability to cancel out of certain animations early.
* Fixed an animation cancelling bug when changing between two different weapons.

##### NPC and Boss Behavior

* Zuma will now react with new dialogue the first time you talk to him if you have killed him.
* Can no longer interact with Zuma while meditating.
* Vrael no longer rescues you from prison if you have previously killed him.
* Changed the parameters that determine whether Vrael and Ione appear dead in the hallway before the final boss.
* Changed the parameters that determine who appears dead or alive in the scene before the credits.
* Fink now resets when you go to NG+. This means you can see him appear in Gaian's Cradle and other areas in NG+.
* Nymeria will no longer mention Grimgaud when you rescue her if you have killed Grimgaud in his jail cell.
* Fixed an issue where Ione can appear in the Dark Knight room even after she has been killed by the player.
* Vrael health was too low in the Thalamus betrayal premonition. This has been fixed.
* Ione health was too high in the Thalamus betrayal premonition. This has been fixed.
* You will now get the Fink quiz scene if you have previously killed Fink.
* Nymeria and Grimgaud now say something when attacked in their respective jail cells
* Hitbox for Vrael improved.
* The doppleganger in Ylnoth talks less now.
* Forgotten Gaian no longer plays a specific cutscene after defeating Origa.
* Soul of the Phoenix and Amulvaro now talk less during their respective boss encounters.
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26 October:


Games included in this batch:

· Shadows: Awakening
· Shadows: Awakening - Legendary Armory Pack [DLC]
· Shadows: Awakening - The Chromaton Chronicles [DLC]
· Slime Rancher


A game has been added: Shadows: Awakening - Legendary Armory Pack [DLC]


A game has been added: Shadows: Awakening - The Chromaton Chronicles [DLC]


Shadows: Awakening has changed


* File removed: Patch (1.01 to 1.11)

* Files removed: Windows installer, English (parts 1-3)

* File added: DLC: – Legendary Armory Pack: Windows installer, English --- Size: 6.0 MB --- Version: 1.20

* File added: DLC: – Legendary Armory Pack: artbook --- Size: 45.0 MB --- Version: [empty]

* File added: DLC: – Legendary Armory Pack: soundtrack (MP3) --- Size: 148.0 MB --- Version: [empty]

* File added: Patch (1.13 to 1.20) --- Name: patch_shadows_awakening_1.13_(24179)_to_1.20_(24682).exe --- Size: 455.7 MB --- Date: Fri 26 Oct 2018 11:33:56 GMT --- Version: 1.20

* File added: Patch (1.20rc1 to 1.20) --- Name: patch_shadows_awakening_1.20rc1_(24682)_to_1.20_(24709).exe --- Size: 13.4 MB --- Date: Fri 26 Oct 2018 13:29:30 GMT --- Version: 1.20

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 4) --- Name: setup_shadows_awakening_1.20_(64bit)_(24709).exe --- Size: 938.0 KB --- Date: Fri 26 Oct 2018 13:32:08 GMT --- Version: 1.20

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 4) --- Name: setup_shadows_awakening_1.20_(64bit)_(24709)-1.bin --- Size: 4.0 GB --- Date: Fri 26 Oct 2018 13:30:38 GMT --- Version: 1.20

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 3 of 4) --- Name: setup_shadows_awakening_1.20_(64bit)_(24709)-2.bin --- Size: 4.0 GB --- Date: Fri 26 Oct 2018 13:31:31 GMT --- Version: 1.20

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 4 of 4) --- Name: setup_shadows_awakening_1.20_(64bit)_(24709)-3.bin --- Size: 89.8 MB --- Date: Fri 26 Oct 2018 13:31:37 GMT --- Version: 1.20

* File changed: DLC: The Chromaton Chronicles: Windows installer, English --- Size has not changed (5.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.13 *TO* 1.20

* File changed: Patch (1.11 to 1.12) --- NOTE: the download link has changed for this file

* File changed: Patch (1.12 to 1.13) --- NOTE: the download link has changed for this file

* File changed: Patch (1.12 to 1.13) #2 --- NOTE: the download link has changed for this file



Slime Rancher has changed


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 497.0 MB *TO* 496.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.3.1 *TO* 1.3.1b

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size *FROM* 486.0 MB *TO* 485.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.3.1 *TO* 1.3.1b

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 2) --- Size has not changed (490.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.3.1 *TO* 1.3.1b

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 2) --- Size has not changed (493.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.3.1 *TO* 1.3.1b

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Death's Gambit -> continued from above

##### Sound Fixes

* Sniper grab attack now has new sound effects.
* Some sound effects would persist if you died during the Eldritch Council encounter. The more you would attempt the boss the more they would stack. This issue has been fixed
* Voice overs in a cutscene stop playing if you press the interact button to move on to the next part of the cutscene. This used to not happen if a voice over was followed by a cutscene action.
* Bysurge sound effects go away if you die to him. They will no longer continue playing after you respawn.
* Many other minor sound effect fixes and adjustments.

##### Balance Changes

* Ranged archers will not agro if you are behind them.
* Improved hitbox for tome lighting 1 orb ability.
* Red matter during the Amulvaro Heroic boss fight now lasts 4 seconds instead of 1 second before fading away.
* Red matter and dark matter during the Amulvaro Heroic boss fight deals less damage.
* Tundra Lord Kaern Floats a bit lower during his final phase.
* Ability cooldowns will now go off during the damaging portion of an attack.
* Ability cooldowns will no longer trigger if knocked back after starting an ability animation.
* Shade Knights are now stunned when blocked.
* Soul of the Phoenix now drops Phoenix down the first time she is defeated.
* Getting hit while climbing a ladder now makes you fall off. Also fixes a few other bugs related to being hit while climbing a ladder.
* You can now go past shields during Sky Crash, Heroic Lunge, and two Tome Dark Orb abilities.
* Decreased HP of Bysurge Heroic by 20% and Bysurge Normal by 10%.
* Decreased HP of Eldritch Casters in Eldritch Council Heroic 15%.
* Decreased HP of Red Crystals in Eldritch Council Heroic 20%.
* Decreased HP of Eldritch Inquisitor in Eldritch Council Heroic 20%.
* Decreased HP of Red slimes in Eldritch Council Heroic 15%.
* Decreased HP of Amulvaro Heroic Jellyfish by 15%.
* Decreased damage taken when getting hit by Amulvaro Heroic jellyfish by 15%.
* Decreased HP of Dark Knight Normal by 10%.
* Increased time for darkness to coalesce for Dark Knight Normal by 25%.
* Decreased damage dealt by Dark Knight Normal attacks by 15%.
* Decreased the health of dark orbs on the dark phase for Heroic Endless by 20%.
* Decreased the health of Endless Heroic Phase 5 by 20%.
* Decreased damage dealt by the Giant Golem's light blade by roughly 25%.
* Increased XP received by most Heroic Bosses.
* Rebalanced Scaling for Heroic Boss HP and Damage for NG+ to be more forgiving. Owlking heroic, Tundra Lord Heroic, Forgotten Gaian Heroic, Soul of the Pheonix Heroic, Origa Heroic, all remain unchanged.
* You can no longer shoot at Origa at the edge of your screen if she is grappled on to a obelisk. She will shoot back.
* Bulwark no longer takes damage from damage over time effects during his ghost phase.
* Camera during the Bysurge bossfight improved.
* Light of the Gray Wanderer no longer stops working when you change room after equipping. This aura now illuminates areas better.
* Thalamus red laser beams no longer slow you down, they only deal damage.
* Thalamus spawns that create the red lasers have had their health reduced by 17%.
* Some abilities deal less damage during the Thalamus fight.
* Mythril Greaves have been reworked and are now working correctly.
* Phoenix feather healing effectiveness now scales with your vitality stat.
* You can no longer block Bysurge's ground lightning and not take any damage.
* Adjustments to Amulvaro Heroic meteor summons.
* Shaman enemies now stop attacking you when you are far away.
* Added Moisture...

##### Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where the green orb spell that pulls you in during the Eldritch Council encounter would sometimes disappear if created close to the player.
* Fixed the death counter not working properly when fighting Origa, Cusith, and some Heroic Bosses.
* Fixed an issue which caused some boss journals to not appear in the boss journal page after picking them up.
* Fixed a parry bug that prevented parries against Mimics, Soul of the Pheonix, Amulvaro, and Fink.
* Fixed a bug that caused the level title UI to appear over the inventory instead of the other way around.
* Fixed a bug that would cause custom keybinds to be reset when closing the game.
* Fixed a bug that caused The Soul of the Phoenix phase marker from displaying properly.
* Fixed a bug where players could received double the amount of shards for killing Cusith if you kill him right after you die.
* Fixed a hitbox issue with the Dark Knight.
* Fixed a bug where certain ability effects were not triggering when abilities were hitting Ione, Soul of the Phoenix, and the Lizard Spearmen.
* Origa heroic will no longer float in the air if she explodes the obelisk she has grappled to.
* Fixed an issue that caused camera jitter.
* Ranged attacks no longer freeze your character and enemy. This would sometimes lead to some inputs being eaten.
* The teal orbs that slowly fall down during the Eldritch Council heroic encounter will no longer create explosions every frame if created inside a wall.
* Red bullets during the Eldritch Council fight now correctly deal damage to the player.
* Fixed an issue where you would pick up a Panacea after dying to Eldritch Council.
* Golden Gaian in the flashback cutscene has art improvements.
* Fixed a few Voice Over lines with the Soul of the Phoenix that were not properly displaying the correct subtitles.
* Fixed an issue with player art not correctly animating while blocking on a jump through platform.
* Fixed issue with not being able to use abilities on gamepad if you do not have an shield equipped.
* Fixed some sound effects that were still playing even if the game was muted.
* Fixed a very rare crash related to the tome weapon.
* Fixed a crash where you could select NG+11 in the NG+ screen. This would crash the game.
* Fixed a crash where you could attempt to buy abilities from a merchant even though you have already bought all abilities.
* Fixed an issue where If your shield gets broken while blocking and you try to throw an item immediately after, it would repeat the shield stun animation.
* Fixed a few issues where you wouldn't be able to use certain abilities on ability slot 2 and ability slot 3.
* Fixed an issue where opening menu while reading shield causes player movement to be disabled.
* Fixed a bug where Shield Reaper's Maw displayed the incorred strength requirement.
* Fixed shade knights respawning when you re-enter a room.
* Longsword ability heroic lunge now correctly resets its cooldown if you kill an enemy with it.
* Fixed a bug where the church barrel would drop more than one suicide blade item.
* Fixed a bug where the church prison cell was drawn at the incorrect depth.
* Mousing over a NPC menu button no longer overwrites your input if on gamepad.
* Fixed an issue where the game would display the wrong cape behind your character.
* Fixed a bug that caused the Soul of the Phoenix to close the back door twice.
* Fixed a rare bug that caused players to get stuck in the ceiling when crushed by blocks in Caer Siorai.
* It is much harder to get stuck inside walls after being knocked back.
* Fixed a bug with Amulvaro heroic's green buff. It now correctly increases your damage.
* Fixed a bug where the game softlocked if you dodge rolled into a destroyed acolyte save point and attempted to interact with it before your dodge roll animation ended.
* Fixed many issues related to monitor refresh rates.
* Fixed an issue where getting hit by a saw blade while shield broken would make you get stuck in place.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the cape appearing while on horseback.
* Enchanting equipped items to +10 now gives you the correct achievement.
* Shade Knights are less likely to materialize inside walls.
* Fixed an issue where dying while saving could lead to a corrupted save slot.
* Fixed a few memory leak issues that could lead to a corrupted save slot.
* Dying inside the church cell now leaves your phoenix feather outside the cell.
* Drake Knights no longer drop certain items twice.
* Light of the Phoenix resets timer if you cast it while the effect is still active.
* Death no longer takes a long time to pick up your soul in large rooms.
* Some background art will now parallax correctly when close to edges of rooms
* Spear roll attack hitbox is no longer hilariously large.
* Turtle shield no longer plays the Vados shield animation when attempting to move on gamepad.
* Theurgist Aura no longer stops working after changing rooms.
* You will no longer see some floating swords on top of Cusith when he is defeated.
* No longer have to kill all heroic bosses on same save file to obtain Chosen of Death achievement.
* Fixed a bug where you could get infinite immortalite from talking to Zuma on top of the ice giant.
* Throwing an an Abyssal Eye off screen no longer leaves you stuck until you quit the main game.

#### Patch 1.0.1880 (25 October 2018)

##### New & Changed Features for Build 1880

* Added a main menu button to join the Overload server on Discord.

##### Fixes for Build 1880

* Fixed multiplayer disconnection issues introduced in Build 1875.
* Removed code for restarting Dedicated Servers after each match because it seemed to have been causing troubles.
* Fixed an issue with the HUD disappearing with custom loadouts in private matches.
WinterSnowfall: Death's Gambit -> continued from above
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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

#### Patch (25 October 2018)

##### New Features & Updates

##### UI Simplification

* Changes to how some UI displays and the ability to customize some of the UI in and out of combat to provide a better experience for both. Dropdowns to control the UI can be found within the Options Menu.

##### Hauani O Whe Mega Boss - A new Mega Boss can now be challenged! This
colossal Ooze is prepared to face some of the strongest teams that dare brave

* Spoiler: Can be found on an island between Dunnage and Fort Deadlight.

##### Spell Shaping

* Spell shaping is available for the Wizard, Druid, Priest, and Chanter classes! This passive ability allows spell casters to adjust the radius of certain AoE spells to increase the power level or area that the spell can reach!

##### Magran's Fire Difficulty Additions

* All Challenges can now be done on any difficulty in the game! Play through with new challenges for a new, interesting game experience!

##### New Berath's Blessings

* ...Can I Pet Him Anyway? - Allows Eder to equip a pet!
* Infamous Past - Gain the Infamous Captain passive ability, as if you had survived a mutiny.
* Spoiler - +3 Intimidate, +5% Damage, Lower level Kith enemies may become Terrified at the beginning of combat. This will not award any achievements tied to mutinies.

##### Premade Characters

* Characters can now be imported to use on various playthroughs through Deadfire. Characters can be chosen in character creation, or by visiting taverns and recruiting them as Adventurers.

##### Hylea and Rymrgand Challenges - Hylea and Rymrgand Challenges make their
way into the Magran's Challenges!

* Hylea - Vela joins the adventure and must be protected at all costs or the adventure is over! She does not take a party slot and does not attack during combat.
* Rymrgand - Food now lasts for a small duration before decaying and expiring from use.

##### Path of the Damned Endgame Tuning

* Path of the Damned has been reworked to give a better experience for mid- and high-level end-game content. Can you survive the increased difficulty with your party?

##### Resolved Issues

* Swapping party members will spawn them near the Watcher as expected.
* Players can no longer select blessings in challenge mode using a specific workaround.
* The save button no longer becomes unclickable when attempting to create a save.
* Quests for Seeker, Slayer, Survivor show the appropriate difficulty level in the Journal.
* Figurines and items that have charges do not recharge at the end of combat or after rest, as intended.
* Hired Adventurers now start with the correct engagement value when they are recruited.
* Sacred Immolation no longer incorrectly gets 20% increased damage from Sworn Enemy.
* Riposte no longer causes abilities such as Eternal Devotion to deal no damage.
* Performing a Save/Load cycle near the aura-granting Paladin while on the ship no longer causes the aura to remain on the player indefinitely.
* Characters exported to Steam Workshop are set to be visible to public by default.
* Character Inspection window has been adjusted to a smaller font based on player feedback.
* Mod load order can be changed without issue.
* Completing Tasks in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor now awards significantly more experience.
* The Chanter Bar now correctly changes when the UI changes.
* Brilliant now restores resources every 6 seconds instead of every 3 seconds.
* Added Vocalization to Call of Rymrgand priest spell.
* Removed null game data reference from Overbearing Guard.
* Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp now displays its Frost keyword on its stat block.
* Kalakoth's Freezing Rake now displays its Frost keyword on its ability stat block.
* Seven Nights She Waited and The Tears Falling Like Rain now display their Frost keywords on their ability stat block.
* Thrice Was She Wronged and Her Revenge Swept Across now display their Electricity keyword on their ability stat block.
* Raw is no longer a linked entry in the Journal.
* Wizard spells in the Trickster ability tree now display correctly.
* Slog Zone effects are now considered hostile.

##### Spoilers

* Players should now be able to complete A Dance With Death on the Aeldys questline.
* Player can no longer repeatedly loot bodies in the Hauani O Whe Megaboss encounter map.
* Potions of Plenty now updates properly with the correct quest rewards Bubbling Chalice and Least Unstable Coil.
* Xoti will no longer hold your hand out of character if the player is not in a relationship with her.
* Players will no longer get stuck in the SI during the fleet battle on any of their decisions through it.
* Kua's Head can now be given to Ruasare on the Cruel Cargo questline.
* Fixed Vela not entering her combat state under some conditions on the Hylea challenge
* The Flimsy Bridge SI will no longer display skill check values of 0.
* Engari's conversation for Artifacts now triggers as expected for all Player choices.
* Watcher Vision VFX does not end prematurely if Humaire's Spirit is encountered.
* Survivor's Tusk now levels up correctly; affected players will have to unequip the item for it to change.
* Pickpocketing Mokeha for Rinco's coinpurse does not leave the item in the player's inventory when completing the Burning Bridges quest.
* Companions will now bark before Seeker, Slayer, Survivor arena content.
* The Watcher will not be treated as a companion during SIs in Kazuwari.
* The Life in Death passive ability is no longer usable during SI checks as intended.
* Players can no longer Save/Load to avoid Arena fights for Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.
* The Arena Warden's portrait and character model for Beast of Winter now match.
* Muwatu no longer respawns during the Humaire conversation when soul is infused with the Beast's essence.
* Grave Calling and Hel Beckoning Freeze/Corrode procs now correctly only apply their procs to attacks made with these weapons.
* Fixed an issue where Belranga wouldn't use her screech unless someone was nearby.
* Dragon Scales no longer hides itself from all UI and will only hide from the combat tooltip.
* Ukaizo Guardian will no longer progress through his phases out of order.
* Veilpiercer and St. Omaku's Mercy base damage now correctly matches a War Bow's expected damage.
* Three Bells Through and Mechanical Marvel will now fire in a line when their projectile count is adjusted.
Empires of the Undergrowth

#### Update 0.13.1 (25 October 2018)

##### Challenge modes added to Rising Tide and Queen of the Hill

* The new challenge mode introduces a new creature – the beach tiger beetle larva. This critter lies buried waiting for unsuspecting victims to walk near its trap, then snatches them away in the blink of an eye!
* They will only attack if your ants are alone, and can only be damaged for a short time after attacking. Will your colony accept the losses to get the food they need, or will they rip these ambush hunters from their burrows?

##### New Freeplay map – Towhead

* Set on a small island near the mouth of a river, Towhead offers a much more intimate experience on the surface, with higher densities of creatures
* A map option allows a periodic flooding of the lower level. This will raise your score but at the cost of possibly losing ants and resources when the waters rise

##### Minor Improvements System for Formicarium colonies

* Got spare Royal Jelly laying around the nest? Fear not, we have you covered! Minor improvements can be accessed by selecting any already purchased species from the tech tree and selecting the icon
* The improvements start cheap and get more expensive the more you buy for a species. Each ant species has their own different improvements which complement various play styles
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Rise of Industry

#### Patch A7.3:2410a (26 October 2018)

##### Improvements and Changes

* Due to popular demand, Mineral Gatherers placement mechanics changed again:-- They no longer spawn upon world creation.-- The Player can build them within one tile of a corresponding Raw Resource.-- The Player can demolish them, which removes the Harvesters and then rebuild them.-- AI can also build Mineral Gatherers, but the Player cannot demolish them.-- The depletion of a Raw Resource is based on the Node and not the tile.
* Updated In-game Economy (harder start, easier mid-game).
* Adjusted the Difficulty Percentage so it cannot produce a negative value.
* Adjusted the Warning Notification for loading Outdated Save Files.
* Adjusted Efficiency Values for better balance.

##### Bugfixes

* Fixed a bug that would cause the Warehouse’s Incoming and Outgoing tabs to occasionally appear blank.
* Fixed a typo on the Save Warning from public build to the previous build.
* Fixed a bug that would cause Trucks to go off-road.
* Fixed a bug where the Area of Effect of buildings will spawn a tooltip.
* Fixed a bug where the Building Tab option displayed Fields and Harvesters as well.
* Fixed a bug where Settlements could build multiple Hardware Stores.
* Fixed a bug where Mineral Gatherers could not be demolished or copied by the player.
* Fixed a bug where Loading and Saving the game would break Raw Resource tile amounts.
* Fixed a bug where the R Hotkey would open the Network Tab instead of selecting the last Road used.
* Fixed a bug where going to a Warehouse’s Storage Tab would create error spam in the log.
* Fixed a bug that would break Boat Trade Routes when you loaded a saved game.
Need to Know

#### Update 1.22.1 (26 October 2018)

Thanks so much for your continued feedback and bug reports! If you have any
bug reports or suggestions to make - you can also visit this board to post
them: [

For a list of the changes made in v1.22.1, see below:

* Changed assignment panel so that it no longer automatically drops down after making rule selection
* Changed percentage of foreign-born suspects within USA
* Fixed issue with suspect name generator, where an unrealistic percentage of suspects would have first-names as surnames, like “John” or “Scott”
* Fixed issue in end-game missions where player could sometimes proceed without finding any data
* Fixed issue where game could save on conversation with Geeb Wellfleet, and if player did not have enough money, they would be unable to progress and save game would be stuck (also retroactively fixes save games affected by this issue)
* General bugfixes and typo fixes
State of Mind

#### Patch 1.2.24280 (26 October 2018)

##### Dialogue Logic

* Fixed some logical issues in dialogues

##### Dialogue Camera

* Fixed several small issues with dynamic dialogue cameras

##### Localization

* Corrected wrong ticker texts
* Corrected several inconsistent dates
* Added a few missing texts in the French localisation.
* Fixed several orthographical errors in English and German localisation

##### Scripting

* Fixed wrong state of Richard's loft being loaded, if you come back from the strip club, after having retrieved all data from Simon's module
* Added an emergency reload script for players who use broken savegames (concerning the return from strip club issue above)
* Fixed an AI navigation issues leading to the Doomsday surveillance drones occasionally getting stuck
* Fixed an dialog staging issue where Adam was wrongly being able to walk around after the CloudCall with Richard
* Corrected conditions for some holo pin board hints
* Fixed a hotspot/dialogue issue with Steve at The Voice
* Reduced the durations of fetching cryo containers inside the Skywhale
* Fixed a sound issue of the cleaner bot in the Queens Loft
* Added missing credits entry

##### Staging

* Fixed Phil's head peeking out of the floor in the backstage area in “Doomsday”
* Fixed an staging issue with Simon at the piano during his last memento flashback

##### Collision

* Fixed minor collision issues in Adams Loft
* Fixed collision of door terminal at Artificial Human Lab exit
* Fixed a collider issue with the Doomsday surveillance drone obstructing Lou's hotspot

##### Controls

* We increased each character's turn rates a little
* Fixed an issue where holding the “Sprint” button before walking forward makes the character run on the spot

##### Crashes

* Fixed multiple crashes when leaving minigames (e.g. Clinics Spymission)
* Fixed crash in memento puzzle

##### Graphics

* Fixed invisible car in “The Dome” when Adam decides to accept Utopia

#### Display

* Fixed problems with the game window resolutions
* Fixed that the game doesn't start on the primary monitor
* [Windows] Fixed potential crash when dis-/connecting an audio device
* [Linux] Fixed that some keys are not handled correctly
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Star Control: Origins

#### Patch 1.10.54010 (26 October 2018)

* Important: Due to the scope of these changes, this build may break any local mods that you have.

##### Gameplay

* Added new Flee mechanic. After winning your first round, you can flee the battle. However, note that the enemy fleet will be fully healed when you fight them again.
* Added a new System Scanner component that highlights planets with interesting things.
* Added mouseover info for planets
* Added mouseover to the fleet picker in Fleet battles for ships in your fleet
* Adjusted lander physics to feel more weighty
* Planet mineral balance pass.
* Ship AI changes:
* AI makes better use of wormholes
* Smarter about hunting for wrecks (e.g. powerups)
* Better at evading
* Improvements to how the AI interacts with incoming projectiles
* Improved AI behavior for Tywom turret placement
* Added new unique weapons: Flank Blasters, Rapid Laser Dual & Gauss Cannon
* Distributed new weapons among existing alien ships for better combat variety
* Added new race of minor aliens in the Fang Cluster
* Added new pheromones aliens encounter
* Added tough new alien interactions in 4 systems
* Changed the type of hyperdrive you get from Kzanti in Sirius A so that Star Control accepts it for Colony ships.
* After meeting Wymdoo on Triton, a beacon now points the player towards the training base
* Adding some Captain's Logs to the scared Tywom quest giver NPC.
* Fix for a hitch with the Mukay Ice World prank the Menkmack play on them. All Ice Worlds are despawned when the prank is caught.
* AI now taunts you in Fleet Battles
* Moving the planet Vrooms in Alpha Mensae much further into the system to stop some weird behavior when the player tried to land on it and went into hyperspace instead.
* Moving some planets in Arcturus a little closer to the star, so that players can actually land on them.
* Reduced cost and increased efficiency of lander components
* Increased the cost of powerful nuclear missile variants
* Reduced the selling price of some weapons that can be looted
* Increased the cost of late-game ship components
* Earthship energy regen rate increased from 7 to 9.
* Changed some ships to the human faction to allow healing.
* Default Lander Crew increased from 5 to 6.
* Deflector Mark II reduced from 20% to 15%.
* Reduced cost of overpriced lander components.
* Reduced the selling price of some of the random pick-up weapons.
* Fixed some ships having too small RU value.
* Increased cost powerful Nuke variants.
* Overmind Deflector reduced from 25% to 20%.
* Slight nerf to stacking deflectors.
* Planet mineral balance pass. In general, the higher the risk, the higher the reward!
* Minor balance changes to Norast ship and Battlecruiser since you can now heal them.
* The game now despawns mercenaries when you hire the Mercenary Captain.
* Measured/Phamysht/Boscan Transport won't bother the player after winning
* All ships can now be recrewed from Star Control base
* Urlon convoys now use the proper ship in combat.

##### Audio

* Added new voice for the Freed Trandals
* Fixed streaming settings for new Scryve music
* Adding Earthling Cruiser weapon variations
* Added canister bomb weapon fire variations
* Added Scryve space exploration 1 song.
* Added audio event for planetary investigation

##### Interface

* Improved remapping of keys and controller inputs
* MP Lobby no longer shows the wrong Fleet after ending a match
* Right-clicking on AI button in fleet battles setup now moves backward through the opponent types.
* Starbase Buy/Sell Panel no longer loses focus sometimes
* Fix the possibility of users being able to select options whilst are you sure you want to surrender prompt is up
* Resolved issue with pressing B button on controller causing popup dialogs to cancel but not call any button functions!

##### Graphics

* Improved some planet buildings and props that weren't set in the ground properly
* Improved appearance for many planet props
* Updated visuals for the bug and worm critters
* Optimized shaders to increase perf. on planets
* Added a configurable frame limiter in the settings file
* Fixed some very pixelated Red Stars in hyperspace
* Updated the Xraki, Greegrox, Trandal and Jeff leader screens visuals
* General animation polish/fixes for the Menkmack and Mercenary Captain
* Added animation to the Trandal leader background
* Added a bigger explosion when you defeat the final boss
* Compressed planet models textures to save space on disk (and small perf. bonus to boot!)
* Slight performance improvements to stamps

##### Foreign Languages

* Added Commander voice over for German, Russian and Chinese languages.
* Updated galaxy object names for non-English to improve translation and better match quests.
* Added translations for Portuguese-Brazil and Spanish (Spain).
* Updated translations for German, Russian and Simplified Chinese with lots of fixes/corrections.

##### Bugs

* In fleet battles, the enemy purple engine trail now matches the player trail's in length and size
* Fleet battles now have space backgrounds in hyperspace
* Pulsar weapon now has a description
* Fixed some transports not giving the right RU bounty when destroyed
* All misc salvageable ships now use the human pilot animation in combat
* Using the Observer cloak ability in MP will no longer cause the ship parts of the affected ship to sometimes have very bad transforms
* Ship acceleration indicator on inventory and starbase screens now use correct value rather
* Fixing some incorrect popup descriptions for Engine rewards
* Autonav to a starbase will not drain your fuel while you're there
* The Tywom will now properly deduct any superfluids from the player.
* Tywom Fuel Rescue guy will no constantly respawn further away when you enter combat (coward!)
* If your Vindicator is full, collecting an item no longer deletes it permanently
* The sell conventionals button is no longer disabled if you didn't have a common resource in your cargo.
* Fix for the alien who can't be ignored in Alpha Mus.
* Fixing an incongruous movie for a building on Iota Aspis B II.
* Fix escape when using surrender from escape menu in Fleet battle (campaign) causing the game to unpause.
* Fix for various bugs with strange Measured obelisks quests
* Modified marketplace to deal with an issue where you could lose fuel by selecting the same component in the list.
* If your main ship mysteriously disappears, we'll give you a new one
* Urlon ships no longer look huge in hyperspace
* Deleting a ship design will now correctly select the first design in the list afterward.
* Ships are no longer stuck on the edge of the Arcturus system.
* Maelnir trader in Arcturus is no longer stuck inside the star.
* You can longer get stuck running out of fuel during the final fight
* Fix for incorrect Game Over a few days later if you stop the Xraki from destroying Earth after they arrive.
* Removed collision from trees and small rocks because hitting trees wasn't fun
* Fixed a controller hang issue when dismissing auto nav dialogs quickly.
* Adjusted Controller UI dead zone value as it was overly sensitive.
* Fixed difficulty checking boxes in gameplay tab of options
* Fixes issue with acceleration and recharge being identical in Melee config screen
* Fixes various problems with interacting with a planet after interacting with a ship
* Fixed floating rocks on Beta Wendigo I
* Fixed bad placement of village on Wastear in the Lacaille 8760 system.
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Star Control: Origins -> continued from above

##### Fleet Battles Balance Changes

##### Tywom

* Despite being the first ship players get access to in the Adventure Mode, it’s incredibly powerful and one of the best. The incredibly rapid fire rate of the main gun made it too good at bursting enemy ships down. In particular, the Spawn Turret mechanic could be quite exploitative and anti-fun by encouraging the player to avoid the enemy spawning turrets and never engaging directly. These changes will make the Tywom play more actively and make it feel like more of a starter ship.
* Tywom Bolt cooldown increased from 1.5 to 2.25
* Turret duration reduced from 30 to 15
* Max turrets reduced from 5 to 3
* Points reduced from 12 to 10

##### Greegrox Swarm

* The Greegrox was far too difficult to hit with projectiles due to the tiny Collision box combined with instant direction changing. These changes will make the Greegrox easier to hit.
* Collision box increased from 0.25 to 0.30
* Acceleration reduced from 18 to 12
* Points reduced from 12 to 10

##### Measured Response

* The Measured Response could be very frustrating to play against due to the permanent slows and difficulty to hit due to high acceleration, small hitbox and instant direction changes. It will be easier to hit and its weapons are getting toned down to justify its 7 points cost.
* Red Tape now only temporarily slows instead of permanent slows
* Acceleration reduced from 20 to 14
* Invitation damage reduced from 10 to 8

##### Terran Cruiser

* The Earthling Cruiser was too fragile and too clunky too control. These changes will make the Terran Cruiser stronger and more fun to play
* Health increased from 19 to 24Turn rate increased from 75 to 85

##### Lexite Interceptor

* The Lexite Interceptor was far too strong to justify its low 9 point cost.
* Points increased from 9 to 11

##### Trandals Frigate

* The raw power of the Trandal Weapon was too much, especially when combined with its massive mobility allowing it to flank enemy ships or pickup all the salvage easily.
* Laser Ribbon Bola damage per second reduced from 150 to 110

##### Scryve Probe

* Like the Tywom Bolt, the Scout Shot was able to burst targets down far too quickly despite also having the dangerous self-destruct.
* Scout Shot damage reduced from 6 to 5
* Scout shot cooldown increased from 1.5 to 2.25
* This is intended to also affect other ships using Scout Shot.

##### Drenkend Carrier

* The Drenkend Carrier was too strong to justify 12 points. The De-energizer Bolt could be quite exploitative due to it’s rapid-fire and low energy cost, which could permanent chain stun targets.
* Points increased from 12 to 16
* De-energizer Bolt energy cost increased from 5 to 10
* De-energizer bolt cooldown increased from 0.4 to 0.8

##### Xraki Devourer

* The Xraki Devourer was too strong at 12 points. The long range and massive energy pool encouraged the ship to avoid the enemy and fly away poking long range black holes, which also were deadly at close range. Lowering the range of the Black Hole projectile will force the Xraki ship to approach the enemy more.
* Points increased from 12 to 14
* Energy cost reduced from 100 to 85
* Black hole duration reduced from 5 to 2.5

##### Menkmack Negotiator

* The Menkmack Negotiator was too weak for 12 points.
* Points cost reduced from 12 to 10

##### Phamyst Consumer

* Invitation was far too spammable at only 10 energy as it practically had no drain on the Phamyst, given the huge range and lack of required aiming it was too powerful.
* Invitation Energy cost increased from 10 to 20

##### Kzanti Intimidator

* The Kzanti ship was frustrating to verse as it was overly nimble and able to knock the enemy away with Repulsor. It will now be slightly less agile and not be able to spam Repulsor on top of planting mines. Especially important as this was one of the first ships the player would encounter in the Adventure Mode.
* Points cost reduced from 13 to 11
* Repulsor energy cost increased from 5 to 10
* Max speed reduced from 6.5 to 6
* Acceleration reduced from 6.75 to 6
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Staxel to version Sapling 1.3.46 (181025c)
-> Circle Empires to version 1.2.1 (Windows & Mac)
-> Wizard of Legend to version 1.033B (GOG) (Mac only)
-> Cuphead to version hotfix 1.1.4 (GOG) (Mac only)
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