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Infectonator 3: Apocalypse has been updated to v1.4.2, but without changelog.
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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

#### Update 1.0.5 (05 October 2018)

Dear Pathfinders,

After considering the upcoming feedback we decided that it will be better to
focus on releasing hotfixes with the best possible frequency rather then
spending time on testing the next big version. The way we see it now we will
keep preparing hotfixes during the next 1-2 weeks. The so called big patch
with several hundreds improvements and minor fixes will be released after
October, 22nd.

Please be aware that there are story spoilers in the descriptions below (at
Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections).

##### Quests

* Tristian's dialogue may not work correctly during Saving Grace quest. Resolution: fixed.
* If the player skips the first quest with Bartholomew and then returns with a whip, the incorrect dialogue is triggered. Resolution: fixed.
* 2nd Valerie romance event may not start and lock the party in the tavern instead. - Resolution: fixed. Players already trapped in the tavern need to exit it for the event to start correctly.

##### Areas

* Amiri may not appear in the beginning of Flintlock Grassland area and the story events don't start in this case. Resolution: fixed.
* Amiri returns as not active companion after the events at Flintlock Grassland. If the player takes her into the party she may be not visible and not controllable. Resolution: fixed.
* There may be infinite loading after entering the portal at Temple of the Elk. Resolution: fixed.
* Bokken may disappear from Oleg's Tradind Post in some cases. Resolution: fixed.-Chief Sootscale can't be killed if the player returns to the first level of the Old Sycamore -Dungeon after the baronation event. Resolution: fixed.
* Tristian may not leave the location after meeting with Raven. Resolution: fixed.
* Players are unable to reach the Hunting Grounds area - required for Ekun quest - if they decided not to participate in the Noble Safari event earlier. Resolution: fixed.
* There may be issue with Tristian behavior at Vordakai's Tomb. Resolution: fixed.
* The certain cutscene may freeze during the final fight at the first level of Vordakai's Tomb. Resolution: fixed.
* Party may lack camp rations at Vordakai's Tomb. Resolution: camp rations are added at Vordakai's Tomb.
* Loot can't be picked up at Ruins of the Old Tower area. Resolution: fixed.

##### Items

The description for the Cloak of Resistance +2 stated that it gives +1
resistance bonus to saving throws despite it actually giving +2. Resolution:

##### User Interfaces

* The wizard's list of spells includes spells from the previous levels during Level-Ups. Resolution: fixed.
* Missing description for some abilities in class progression table for example for Sage Sorcerer. Resolution: class progression table was improved.
* On of the Chinese character is missing in ZH localization. Resolution: fixed.
* There is no option to see the day of the week (required for some quests). Resolution: the day of the week is available in the hourglass tooltip.
* There are cases when quest's objectives are not visible in the Quest Journal, for example for Twice-Born Warlord quest. Resolution: fixed.
* A bunch of new unique icons added (mostly for wands and potions).
* The Arcane spell failure chance string is visible in divination casters spellbook. Resolution: the string is removed.
* Amiri's portrait is doubled in party selection interface. Resolution: fixed.

##### Kingdom

* When the boss of the chapter is defeated on the exact day she/he is supposed to destroy the kingdom, the corresponding event that is destroying your kingdom is removed.
* Technic League Encampment is inaccessible during artisan's quest to get inubrix. Resolution: fixed.
* If Kassil was chosen as an envoy and then was killed at Flintlock Grassland he might still appear during coronation event at Throne Room. Resolution: fixed.
* Varnhold and Pitax settlements are not working. Resolution: fixed.

##### Classes

* Jaethal is not immune to negative levels. Resolution: fixed.
* Feyspeaker archetype of druid previously has orisons that wrongly based their DCs on Wisdom, instead of scaling off Charisma like all other Feyspeaker spells. Resolution: Feyspeaker orisons scale their DCs off Charisma.
* At character creation, the game does not change stat recommendation for Feyspeaker, pointing the Wisdom as recommended and Charisma as not recommended. Resolution: - Charisma is a recommended stat for Feyspeaker.
* Vital Strike feat does not give the appropriate usable ability. Resolution: fixed.
* Extra Arcane Pool feat does not increase the pool of Eldritch Scions. Resolution: fixed.
* Weapon Training bonus isn't shown in the tooltips of attack rolls. Resolution: fixed.
* Hideous Laughter requires target intelligence to be higher than 2 for you to be able to cast it. This, combined with penalties for Weak Enemies (default setting for enemy difficulty on Easy Mode and Story Mode), lead to the case that some enemies in this weakened state are too dumb to get the jokes. Resolution: fixed, the Hideous Laughter now takes only the base intelligence of the target into account.
* Greater Vital Strike has the same description as normal Vital Strike. Resolution: Greater Vital Strike now has correct description.
* Duelist Precise Strike has no description and is not visible in the class progression table and in the character ability list. It also works only for characters with a sneak attack. Resolution: both problems are fixed.
* Players may select Point-Blank Master, Slashing Grace and Fencing Grace while not having Weapon Focus/Weapon Specialization with an appropriate weapon. This lead to the case when they see an empty list of available selection. Resolution: Slashing Grace now requires Weapon Focus with a one-handed slashing weapon, Fencing Grace requires Weapon Focus with a one-handed piercing weapon and Point Blank Master requires Weapon Specialization with a ranged weapon.
* Freedom of Movement is classified as a Necromancy spell. Resolution: Freedom of - Movement properly counts as an Abjuration spell now.

##### Misc

FX trails may work not correctly after multiple save/load. Resolution:
fixed.New pack of localization fixes for FR, DE, ZH.

##### System

There are reports of quits to the main menu when changing scenes on rare
occasions. Resolution: more logging is added and a temporary workaround is
implemented (there should be no quits but area lighting may not work
fault - milestone one -> algumas boas notícias

#### Update 05 October 2018

* Brazilian-Portuguese language added
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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

#### Update v1.0.10 (04 October 2018)

As announced a few days ago, we have been working on a new massive free update
for Gladius.The changelog is enormous, but its main features are the new World
Builder settings and the revamped and improved AI.We received some tremendous
feedback from testers, and we're really glad with how the update turned
out.You can now completely customize the map you'll play in to your liking.
Set the region sizes, as well as their density. You can now make the planet
entirely volcanic, if you wish, or desertic. It's up to the player.The AI
revamp is truly massive, as you can read in the changelog below. There have
been many improvements in key areas, and you'll find that the AI is now
tougher than ever. We are eager to hear what you think of the new AI in
particular.With 1.0.10 now live, Proxy Studios is moving ahead on the next
milestone for Gladius. You'll be thrilled to know that the announcement of the
first DLC is imminent, so stay tuned!

##### Changelog:

##### New

* Added world parameters for general region size and density as well as arctic, desert, tropical andvolcanic region densities.
* Fortifications now capture and keep control of adjacent outposts.
* Fortress of Redemption now only gains percentage and flat resources from a controlled outpost.

##### AI

* AI will now prefer building units with a cost profile that fits its resource pool and income.
* AI will now cease producing units if this would slow the economic buildup.
* AI will now cease producing units if this would lead to going bankrupt in one of the resources.
* AI will now cease producing units if this would lead to going into negative income for the resource required to power their buildings.
* AI is now better at stockpiling the right amount of resources based on its expenditure.
* AI will now make sure to have at least one colonizer unit in case it wants more cities.
* AI now knows the true value of loyalty and constructs this building when it makes sense.
* AI will now research loyalty and habitat buildings even if it doesn't need them yet so it has them available once required.
* AI will now take into consideration that loyalty also increases the production capabilities of production buildings and reduces the required count accordingly.
* AI will no longer add more research buildings once it reaches the highest research tier.
* AI units now prefer moving through forests and imperial ruins in order to gain combat advantages.
* AI now considers their production capabilities when choosing what units to research.
* AI now chooses better tiles for healing its units.
* AI no longer has the urge to explore water tiles.
* AI now assumes there are unseen enemies near visible ones.
* AI no longer spams colonizer units.
* AI is now a signficantly better in grouping its units.
* AI now performs more organized retreats.
* AI will no longer wait for the population to grow before constructing a building that helps with a resource emergency (even if the required population exceeds the available population).
* Fixed Space Marines AI placing several fortresses of redemption on the same resource node.
* Fixed an issue with Space Marines AI not acquiring tiles with a city center distance of 5.
* Fixed an issue with AI operating on outdated strategy data.
* Fixed AI stopping exploration under certain circumstances.

##### General

* Made regions more pronounced.
* Improved multiplayer UPnP connectivity.
* Updated French, German, Russian and Simplified Chinese translations.

##### Bug Fixes

* Fixed crash when using an operation after having selected a transport unit.
* Fixed unit autocycling moving to the next unit when the item shop is open, resulting in bought items disappearing into the void.
* Fixed Ctrl+Y showing unexplored tiles.
Deep Sky Derelicts

#### Patch 1.0.3 (05 October 2018)

* Fixed bugs related to some quest steps

* Fixed Tracker/Trained Focus ability values having an extra zero.

* Fixed bug in Blue Disciple / Mend Damage

#### Update 1.2.1 (05 October 2018)

* Fixed the problem with not being able to write new save data
* Additionally we've drastically reduced the size of saves and improved the way cloud manages save data
* Fixed crash related to taking automaton from Frostland in 'The Fall of Winterhome' scenario
* Now the generator panel displays proper values in Turkish language
* Fixed issues with displaying Brazilian-Portuguese languageImproved translations for recently added languages
* Additional minor bug fixes and tweaks

#### Build 1.19d (05 October 2018)


* Adjusted the NG+ resist penalty. Now applies a flat -25% to “All Defense”, which does not interfere with your Resist calculations. Previously, the resist math was getting messed up by this new penalty.
* Kalzarius’ armor can now ignore damage from Deadly Void
* Champion “Vampiric Touch” melee attack now deals about 25% less damage (sorry for the oneshots)
* Max cost to change jobs has been capped at 99,999 gold.

##### BUGS

* Fixed bug with Thundering Lion charges and Skill Orb’d Radiant Aura disappearing when opening/closing menus (among other abilities)
* Fixed bug where Hunter’s Spirit Wolf would not disappear upon switching jobs, sometimes
* Added Phoenix Fang to certain spawn tables where it was missing


* Fixed handful of missing strings in Simplified Chinese
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Need to Know

#### Update 1.20.1 (05 October 2018)

This update is the next in a series of updates to improve clarity and
usability of the game, particularly in the early stages, in response to
feedback and reports.

Once again, thank you for your bug reports and feedback so far! If you have
any bug reports or suggestions to make - you can visit this board to post
them: [

For a list of the changes made in v1.20.1, see below:

* Added ‘Magnifying Glass’ feature, to zoom in on suspect evidence, which can be enabled during missions by holding down Left-Control
* Fixed issue where evidence would sometimes need to be clicked twice when using BlackSheep or DeepLink if a different tool had previously been used on the same evidence
* Fixed issue where evidence added to Strongbox could be double-counted as either correct or missed in some situations
* Fixed issue with DeepLink tool where evidence could be marked as ‘Missed’ if it was DeepLinked on a ‘helper suspect’ profile, rather than the decision suspect profile
* General bugfixes and typo fixes
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Graveyard Keeper to version 1.036 (Windows & Linux only)
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5 October:


Games included in this batch:

· Age of Wonders 3
· Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
· Banner Saga
· Battlevoid: Harbinger
· Eisenwald: Blood of November
· Mount & Blade: Warband
· No Man's Sky
· Shadows: Awakening
· Tempest
· Turok 2: Seeds of Evil


[Part 1 of 3]


Age of Wonders 3 has changed


* File removed: Patch 1.801 b26272

* File added: Patch (1.801 b26272 to 1.802) --- Name: patch_age_of_wonders_iii_1.801_b26272_(20409)_to_1.802_(24203).exe --- Size: 20.9 MB --- Date: Fri 05 Oct 2018 11:52:14 GMT --- Version: 1.802

* File added: Patch (1.801 to 1.801 b26272) --- Name: patch_age_of_wonders_iii_1.801_(19572)_to_1.801_b26272_(20409).exe --- Size: 18.8 MB --- Date: Mon 30 Apr 2018 09:18:05 GMT --- Version: 1.801 b26272

* File changed: DLC: Deluxe Edition Upgrade: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_age_of_wonders_iii_dragons_throne_scenario_1.801_b26272_(20409).exe *TO* setup_age_of_wonders_iii_dragons_throne_scenario_1.802_(24203).exe --- Size *FROM* 6.6 MB *TO* 6.5 MB --- Date *FROM* Mon 30 Apr 2018 09:18:34 GMT *TO* Fri 05 Oct 2018 11:53:14 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.801 b26272 *TO* 1.802

* File changed: DLC: Elven Resurgence: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 5.0 MB *TO* 6.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.801 b26272 *TO* 1.802

* File changed: DLC: Eternal Lords: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_age_of_wonders_iii_eternal_lords_1.801_b26272_(20409).exe *TO* setup_age_of_wonders_iii_eternal_lords_1.802_(24203).exe --- Size *FROM* 79.8 MB *TO* 79.0 MB --- Date *FROM* Mon 30 Apr 2018 09:18:19 GMT *TO* Fri 05 Oct 2018 11:52:44 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.801 b26272 *TO* 1.802

* File changed: DLC: Golden Realms: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_age_of_wonders_iii_golden_realms_1.801_b26272_(20409).exe *TO* setup_age_of_wonders_iii_golden_realms_1.802_(24203).exe --- Size *FROM* 60.8 MB *TO* 60.4 MB --- Date *FROM* Mon 30 Apr 2018 09:18:27 GMT *TO* Fri 05 Oct 2018 11:53:00 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.801 b26272 *TO* 1.802

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 2) --- Name *FROM* setup_age_of_wonders_iii_1.801_b26272_(20409).exe *TO* setup_age_of_wonders_iii_1.802_(24203).exe --- Size *FROM* 1.1 MB *TO* 1.1 MB (+37.8 KB) --- Date *FROM* Mon 30 Apr 2018 09:19:16 GMT *TO* Fri 05 Oct 2018 11:54:08 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.801 b26272 *TO* 1.802

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 2) --- Name *FROM* setup_age_of_wonders_iii_1.801_b26272_(20409)-1.bin *TO* setup_age_of_wonders_iii_1.802_(24203)-1.bin --- Size *FROM* 2.3 GB *TO* 2.3 GB (+2.3 MB) --- Date *FROM* Mon 30 Apr 2018 09:19:08 GMT *TO* Fri 05 Oct 2018 11:53:58 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.801 b26272 *TO* 1.802



Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura has changed


* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_arcanum_-_of_steamworks_and_magick_obscura_1.0.7.4_(19476).exe *TO* setup_arcanum_-_of_steamworks_and_magick_obscura_1.0.7.4_hotfix_(24155).exe --- Size *FROM* 1.1 GB *TO* 1.1 GB (+1.1 MB) --- Date *FROM* Thu 22 Mar 2018 12:29:58 GMT *TO* Wed 03 Oct 2018 11:52:55 GMT --- Version *FROM* *TO* hotfix

Internal Update (05 October 2018)

- [WIN] improved compatibility with newer systems
(Full changelog)


Banner Saga has changed


* File removed: Patch 2.49.02

* File added: Patch (2.48.04 to 2.49.02) --- Name: patch_the_banner_saga_2.48.04_(16973)_to_2.49.02_(17641).exe --- Size: 28.5 MB --- Date: Thu 11 Jan 2018 10:26:09 GMT --- Version: 2.49.02

* File added: Patch (2.49.02 to 2.57.05) --- Name: patch_the_banner_saga_2.49.02_(17641)_to_2.57.05_(23639).exe --- Size: 1000.4 MB --- Date: Thu 04 Oct 2018 12:17:11 GMT --- Version: 2.57.05

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Name *FROM* banner_saga__the_en_2_49_02_17641.pkg *TO* banner_saga__the_enUS_2_57_05_23640.pkg --- Size *FROM* 2.8 GB *TO* 3.0 GB --- Date *FROM* Thu 11 Jan 2018 10:53:11 GMT *TO* Thu 04 Oct 2018 12:20:17 GMT --- Version *FROM* 2.49.02 *TO* 2.57.05

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 2) --- Name *FROM* setup_the_banner_saga_2.49.02_(17641).exe *TO* setup_the_banner_saga_2.57.05_(23639).exe --- Size *FROM* 1.5 MB *TO* 2.0 MB --- Date *FROM* Thu 11 Jan 2018 10:36:54 GMT *TO* Thu 04 Oct 2018 12:20:45 GMT --- Version *FROM* 2.49.02 *TO* 2.57.05

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 2) --- Name *FROM* setup_the_banner_saga_2.49.02_(17641)-1.bin *TO* setup_the_banner_saga_2.57.05_(23639)-1.bin --- Size *FROM* 2.7 GB *TO* 3.0 GB --- Date *FROM* Thu 11 Jan 2018 10:36:43 GMT *TO* Thu 04 Oct 2018 12:20:31 GMT --- Version *FROM* 2.49.02 *TO* 2.57.05

Patch 2.57.05 (05 October 2018)

- We released a build today to address a few fixes and make improvements to the game! This is part of our ongoing commitment to make the game awesome, and we sincerely appreciate the reports and forum posts from our players who alert us to bugs and feedback on issues within the game. Thank you for doing your part to keep the Banner Saga series awesome.
- Following is a list of specific fixes made in Banner Saga 1, many additional incremental fixes have been made across both the foundation code base and game engine that do not appear in this list:
- Bellower Music cuts out in 2nd part of final battle
- Muting all options does not mute the voiceovers in game
- Opening text is missing lines
- Arriving at Wyrmtoe triggers a Console Error
- Travel to the godstone of Stravhs triggers a Console Error
- Audio Console Error at camp after Hridvaldyr godstone
- D-pad and "X" icon on the Turn Order pop up in Chapter 2 are misplaced
- Russian - Text not aligned on character promotion pop up
- Japanese - Truncation at the information box in battles
(Full changelog)
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[Part 2 of 3]


Battlevoid: Harbinger has changed


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 187.0 MB *TO* 94.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 2.0.3 *TO* 2.0.6

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size *FROM* 90.0 MB *TO* 91.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 2.0.3 *TO* 2.0.6

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 110.0 MB *TO* 113.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 2.0.3 *TO* 2.0.6

Patch 2.0.6 (05 October 2018)

- New ship BSE Haven
- 2 new hangars, Gatling fighters and Photon bombers
- Increased alien ship blueprint drop chance
- Fixed BSE Siege point defense turrets
- Fixed bugs
(Full changelog)


Eisenwald: Blood of November has changed


* File added: Patch (1.3 Hotfix to 1.3 Language Update) --- Name: patch_eisenwald_blood_of_november_1.3_Hotfix_(23699)_to_1.3_Language_Update_(24176).exe --- Size: 4.0 MB --- Date: Thu 04 Oct 2018 08:22:53 GMT --- Version: 1.3 Language Update

* File changed: Patch (1.3 to 1.3 Hotfix) --- Name has not changed (patch_eisenwald_blood_of_november_1.3_(18731)_to_1.3_Hotfix_(23699).exe) --- Size has not changed (4.4 MB) --- Date has not changed (Fri 14 Sep 2018 11:23:29 GMT) --- Version has not changed (1.3 Hotfix)

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_eisenwald_blood_of_november_1.3_hotfix_(23699).exe *TO* setup_eisenwald_blood_of_november_1.3_language_update_(24176).exe --- Size *FROM* 1.6 GB *TO* 1.6 GB (+1.2 MB) --- Date *FROM* Fri 14 Sep 2018 11:24:18 GMT *TO* Thu 04 Oct 2018 08:23:47 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.3 Hotfix *TO* 1.3 Language Update

Patch 1.3 Language update (05 October 2018)

- Added support for French & Italian
(Full changelog)


Mount & Blade: Warband has changed

Patch 2.044 (04 October 2018)

Viking Conquest
- exclude horses from courage calculations
- mayor test for bad quest party
- fix released prisoners returning to defeated factions
- reverse strength test for besieged, add consideration for player allies
- add consideration of player party strength to surrender decision
- initialize s49 in script_update_troop_political_notes
- change Hersir Guthrum to avoid confusion with story character of the same name
- correct math for bard's feast comment
- fix loss of extended shield taunts
- add restock for farmstead recruits
- fix leave/surrender bug
- remove Hardcore Budget option, which was doing nothing, and have easier center relations by options_camp, not easy_wage and easy_levelling
- fix logic of bad quest exception
- prevent banished lord from returning to player
- fix reset feast bug
- rewrite center conversion
- fix rebalance the work mini games
- add checks for no lord of town
- clean up notes list of factions
- consolidate center transfer functionality somewhat
- fix $players_kingdom that is somehow 0
- restore encounter recount after party joins
- report battle sizes with joined parties correctly
- add missing try_end to restore faction trigger
- correct Hubbi's name
- fix Christian ladies in Northumberland (new game)
- remove inconsistent religious considerations from script_troop_get_player_relation
- make target bandits never friendly
- fix item typos
- use correct recruit costs for player faction lord decisions
- exempt ports from releasing prisoners when inactive
- lords give locations of NPCs in their faction when at another faction center
- fix successful rebellion notifications
- properly set Caio to Pagan
- remove Ragnar's Seax as condition for continuing quest
- fix political quests and following logic in script_abort_quest
- replace bad dog_ruff sound
- correct pagan town note
- remove redundant title strings

- Added support for newer keys
- Fixed issue with server names for multiplayer workshop mods
- Edited game credits

Napoleonic Wars

New features:
- Added a button to the left of the map selection that when clicked, brings up a menu of all of the available maps. When you select a map, it will take you back to the admin panel with that map selected. this will make navigating the map list easier, especially with number of custom maps selectable in the panel being fixed.
- Added automatic friendly fire on and off depending on when you want it. If you leave the number at 0, it will not toggle the settings off and no. FF will turn off when the round ends.
- Added the ability for admins to ban admins. this will have to be done through scripting by uncommenting the code.
- Added a new admin weapon; Cannonball launcher.
- Added a range of new items for server side modders to spawn like tea cups, and wooden training weapons
- Added a new map

- Improved the player hitbox, should reduce pokes.
- Redone the cannonball hit detection a bit, balls hit much more accurate now both buildings and players/horses. if you crouch it is taken in account and a horse can be shot away under you.
- Revered some of the changes of last patch in regards to melee
- Reduced number of light infantry, partizani, and pirate numbers in Commander Battle
- Gave rhine artillery train the correct swords.
- Lights infantry and rifles have the same stats in Commander Battle
- All arty troops should receive a buff from the arty officer.
- Bandages swing faster and can no longer do a down attack.(cant block)
- Build props were changed to make it easier to see where they will be when built. also changed their col meshes to make building easier. (example, the fence posts can be hit to build them)

Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed an issue with skirmishers with regards to class limits.
- Fixed competitive scoring. in combination with for instance slays.
- Fixed a bunch of issues with the admin panel setting the wrong settings.
- Fixed an error message regarding highlanders in CB.
- Improved teleporting doors.
- Improved Rambo feature. you have an increase of 50% range of the rambo range when you have less than 4 bots. so if the range was 50 meters, you now have 75 meters. if you are the last one, you can attack where you please.
- Fixed a bug with the royal prop boxes + fixed some strings for them.
- Fixed doors not having physics after reset in some game modes.
- Changed officer bonus to cav to only work on horseback and tweaked the bonus it provides in non CB modes. It now increases the speed of horses.
- Made default custom maps better.
- Fixed issue with the amount of custom maps you can select in the admin panel.
- Fixed preset arty not working on the first round of a map.
- Added some new sapper messages for planting props to show if your planting too fast, or on a bad location.
- Fixed issue with musicians speed changing when it shouldn't while playing a song after getting a speed buff.
- Fixed auto beacon not working properly when there were 2 players left.
- Fixed birds not moving.
(Full changelog)
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[Part 3 of 3]


No Man's Sky has changed


* File removed: Patch (1.57 to 1.58d) [Windows]

* File added: Patch (1.61 to 1.63) [Windows] --- Size: 115.0 MB --- Version: 1.63

* File changed: DLC: Pre-order: Windows installer, English --- Size has not changed (6.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.61 *TO* 1.63

* File changed: Patch (1.58 to 1.58g) [Windows] --- NOTE: the download link has changed for this file

* File changed: Patch (1.59 to experimental_) [Windows] --- NOTE: the download link has changed for this file

* File changed: Patch (1.60 to internal) [Windows] --- NOTE: the download link has changed for this file

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 4) --- Size has not changed (1.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.61 *TO* 1.63

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 4) --- Size has not changed (4.0 GB) --- Version *FROM* 1.61 *TO* 1.63

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 3 of 4) --- Size has not changed (4.0 GB) --- Version *FROM* 1.61 *TO* 1.63

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 4 of 4) --- Size *FROM* 1.8 GB *TO* 1.8 GB (+39.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.61 *TO* 1.63



Shadows: Awakening has changed


* File added: DLC: The Chromaton Chronicles: Windows installer, English --- Size: 5.0 MB --- Version: 1.13 ⟵ DLC incoming!

* File added: Patch (1.12 to 1.13) --- Name: patch_shadows_awakening_1.12_(23510)_to_1.13_(24179).exe --- Size: 768.0 KB --- Date: Fri 05 Oct 2018 10:43:56 GMT --- Version: 1.13

* File added: Patch (1.12 to 1.13) #2 --- Name: patch_shadows_awakening_1.12_(23510)_to_1.13_(24179)-1.bin --- Size: 2.0 GB --- Date: Fri 05 Oct 2018 10:43:47 GMT --- Version: 1.13

* File changed: Patch (1.01 to 1.11) --- Name has not changed (patch_shadows_awakening_1.01_(23365)_to_1.11_(23460).exe) --- Size has not changed (78.6 MB) --- Date has not changed (Wed 05 Sep 2018 07:31:40 GMT) --- Version has not changed (1.11)

* File changed: Patch (1.11 to 1.12) --- Name has not changed (patch_shadows_awakening_1.11_(23460)_to_1.12_(23510).exe) --- Size has not changed (203.8 MB) --- Date has not changed (Thu 06 Sep 2018 14:27:00 GMT) --- Version has not changed (1.12)

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 3) --- Name *FROM* setup_shadows_awakening_1.12_(64bit)_(23510).exe *TO* setup_shadows_awakening_1.13_(64bit)_(24179).exe --- Size *FROM* 929.8 KB *TO* 933.2 KB --- Date *FROM* Thu 06 Sep 2018 14:29:19 GMT *TO* Fri 05 Oct 2018 10:46:46 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.12 *TO* 1.13

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 3) --- Name *FROM* setup_shadows_awakening_1.12_(64bit)_(23510)-1.bin *TO* setup_shadows_awakening_1.13_(64bit)_(24179)-1.bin --- Size *FROM* 4.0 GB *TO* 4.0 GB (-3.0 KB) --- Date *FROM* Thu 06 Sep 2018 14:27:56 GMT *TO* Fri 05 Oct 2018 10:45:22 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.12 *TO* 1.13

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 3 of 3) --- Name *FROM* setup_shadows_awakening_1.12_(64bit)_(23510)-2.bin *TO* setup_shadows_awakening_1.13_(64bit)_(24179)-2.bin --- Size *FROM* 3.8 GB *TO* 3.9 GB --- Date *FROM* Thu 06 Sep 2018 14:28:49 GMT *TO* Fri 05 Oct 2018 10:46:15 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.12 *TO* 1.13

Update 1.13 (05 October 2018)

- Improved the GUI controls when using a gamepad.
- Fixed a bug which made it possible to equip an item into an incorrect slot.
- Fixed a bug which caused items to disappear when escaping from prison.
- Fixed a bug with the ‘Guild of Steel’ puzzle.
- Fixed a bug which caused ‘Imperial Tombs’ sarcophaguses to be non-interactive after saving and loading in certain situations.
- Fixed invisible walls in ‘Burial Grounds’.
- Fixed a bug which made it possible to kill certain NPCs under special conditions.
- Fixed the calculation for the offhand when dual wielding.
- Fixed a bug with the Blind Demon for the ‘Guild of Steel’ quest.
- Fixed a bug when interacting with Graabak.
- Fixed a bug for weapons with the ‘Slay’ attribute.
- Fixed some minor collision bugs.
- Fixed some minor text and localisation bugs.
(Full changelog)


Tempest has changed


* File changed: DLC: Jade Sea: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 5.0 MB *TO* 6.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.2.2 *TO* 1.2.5

* File changed: DLC: Treasure Lands: Windows installer, English --- Size has not changed (5.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.2.2 *TO* 1.2.5

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 459.0 MB *TO* 472.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.2.2 *TO* 1.2.5



Turok 2: Seeds of Evil has changed


* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 730.0 MB *TO* 725.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.5.6 (Update 4) *TO* 1.5.9-GOG

Update 1.5.9 (05 October 2017)

Renderer / Graphics
- Motion blur fixed in DirectX 11

Local and Network Multiplayer
- Made network retransmission vastly less agressive
- Netspeed no longer necessary and has been removed
- Reduced memory footprint of delta tables

User Interface
- Added Crouch Toggle option

- Fix for crash when deleting corrupted saves
(Full changelog)
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Updates recap for the 1-5 October week:
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Victor Vran has been updated:
Patch 2.07-20181005 (08 October 2018)
Fix for a freeze or a crash following numerous subsequent map restarts or a frequent change of map;
Fix for the challenges not resetting in the Fractured Worlds DLC (Thanks for reporting it!);
Enemies in the Bottomless Pit should no longer get stuck outside of the arena;
Fix for positioning logic used by Banshees and other enemies;
Substantial performance optimizations for low-end machines.
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Battle Chasers: Nightwar has been updated.

Changelog for Patch 24034 (08 October 2018)


Minor bug fixes.
Fixed disappearing text in certain languages.
Improvements to item detail UIs across game.
Fixed an issue where the Collector was missing some inventory.
Small performance and memory optimizations.
Rich presence support added for playing Battle Chasers through Discord.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Internal Update (08 October 2018)

[WIN] updated internal installer structure, no changes to game files
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The Curious Expedition
Patch (08 October 2018)
UI Changes

Added smooth zooming
Improvements to infection/death system
Infobox now shows the death chance for infected characters
A diary alert is shown before opening the diary when somebody is dying
Tin can items will only be shown as usable when they can actually be used (sanity less than 30)
Added quick scroll to credits; added new entries for fan edition

Tuning changes

Increased chance of catastrophic outcoume when sending claustrophobic person into cave without torch
Waiting now costs the base trip cost in sanity
Only one item per item category is now cooled down per turn, instead of all of them
Changed jungle rot sickness to be potentially deadly
Tweaked how often some events could appear on one expedition


Toughness can't be reduced below zero when contracting a disease
The shop-specific item value bonuses are only displayed when at the shop screen
Indicator for item usage in combat now matches the reality
Various German typos fixed


Added support for Character flags +noMirror, +noHealth and +noLoyalty
Party buttons are refreshed when stats change
Vehicles can't get infected
The Longest Journey
Internal Update (08 October 2018)

[WIN] fixed blank window issue on Windows 10
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A note about the Linux installer for Don't Starve:

The installer is mislabeled as version "222215", however the actual game is at version "276758", corresponding with the same as the Windows one.

I've attached a screenshot for reference. A GOG bug report has already been filed :-)
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Wurzelkraft: The Longest Journey

Internal Update (08 October 2018)

[WIN] fixed blank window issue on Windows 10
I got an update flag for this game, but the changelog says "Date Published: 22/8/2018".
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Ganni1987: The installer is mislabeled as version "222215", however the actual game is at version "276758", corresponding with the same as the Windows one.
Nice catch. Always wondered why the Linux installer was so far behind... now we know. Because it wasn't :).

Graveyard Keeper

#### Update 1.037 (08 October 2018)

* Alchemy ingredients dissappear fix.
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Pathfinder: Kingmaker to version 1.0.6+ (Windows & Mac only)
-> Frozen Synapse 2 to version 103
-> Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption to version 20181002 (Linux only)
-> Objects in Space to version
-> The Universim to version
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CrossCode has been updated to version 1.0.0-9 (8 October 2018)
Only galaxy, offline installers are still for version 1.0.0-7 (Windows and Mac, linux build seems to be the 1.0)

Edit (9 October 2018): Offline installer for Windows updated
Edit (10 October 2018): Offline installer for Linux updated to 1.0.0-9

Hotfix 1.0.0-9 (Extracted from the ingame changelog)

HOTFIX(1-9): Fixed a lot of softlocks and other problems.
HOTFIX(1-8): Improved performance
HOTFIX(1-9): Fixed a lot of typos in both English and German.
HOTFIX(1-8): Changed wrong equip-values and trade-offers.
HOTFIX(1-9): Fixed wrong icon usage to compare equipment. It is a new option entry for keyboard users.
HOTFIX(9): Fixed a few more things killing you VERY quickly during the final boss fight.
HOTFIX(9): That one box you couldn't push twice during the stealth quest can now be pushed twice.

HOTFIX(8): Added trophy tracking
HOTFIX(9): Added option to run game while unfocused (now also working!)
HOTFIX(9): Added warnings about potential performance issues.
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