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7 Billion Humans

#### Patch 1.0.31949 (24 August 2018)

* Added the ability to turn off the camera bob. This should reduce motion sickness for players.
* Added English subtitles.

#### Build 1.18j (27 August 2018)


* Changed sprite for legendary items “Deep Lake’s Gem” and “The Shard”


* The minimum cost to heal at Percy now scales with level (100g at level 5, 200g at level 8, 300g at level 12, 400g at level 15).
* Champions that summon tornados now have a reduced chance to spawn tornados near the player when outside of LOS

##### BUGS

* Fixed hanging dialog cursor that happened sometimes when switching jobs at Percy
* Fixed bug where Spellshaped Auras, Sneak Attack would disappear sometimes from you
* Fixed bug with multi-target abilities like Godspeed Strike and Escape Artist not working correctly
* Fixed bug with certain dialogs not responding to ‘Confirm’ input
* Fixed bug with dual wielding accuracy calculation
* Attempted fix at map generation bug with certain Item Dream layouts


* The tutorial popup for when you try to switch skills - but can’t - now force closes the skill UI so you’re not confused as to why it’s not working. Also, an error sound now plays.

* * *

#### Build 1.18g (27 August 2018)


* Previously, we had a Game Modifier that limited your character to using only skills assigned to your hotbars. You also could not switch skills outside of town or a safe area. Now, we are making this mode the default setting.
* In other words, you can actively use up to 16 skills at a time, but you can no longer use skills directly from the Skills page, and you can no longer switch skills in a combat area.
* We think this change will make your choice of what skills to learn and use more meaningful, encouraging you to try different ‘skill builds’. Also, it will give very end-game and NG+ characters a bit more of a challenge, as you will no longer be able to access dozens of toggles, buffs, and movement abilities at all times.
* p.s. If you prefer the old way, you can select the appropriate Game Modifier when creating a new character!
* P.p.s. We’re also considering expanding the hotbars with an extra 1 slot each, based on the feedback to this change.


* With the above balance change, we’ve changed the way Spellshape and Spellshift abilities work. Now, as a Spellshaper, learning any of these abilities gives you just a single active ability called “Spellshapes”. Using this ability will pop up a menu of all available Shapes/Shifts, and you can toggle them on/off at will.
* You will still learn abilities like Spellshape: Line and Spellshift: Penetrate like before, but these will be treated as ‘free’ Support abilities that don’t take any slots. You need only use the new “Spellshapes” active ability to switch between them!


* Soulkeeper’s Gold emblem that summons Soulshades on crit now has a 5 turn internal cooldown (up from 3)

##### BUGS

* Fixed bug where a number of “reaction” type abilities were not evaluating their trigger conditions correctly and thus triggering too often. For example, Detect Weakness was triggering and being consumed even when attacking at unmarked angles.
* Fixed bug where Thundering Lion charges were consumed with some attacks (such as Spears at range 2) without triggering the lightning strike effect. Now, the charges should ONLY be consumed if the effect triggers.
* Fixed bug where monsters with “Stalking” behavior could engage in this behavior regardless of player Stealth and aggro-reduction effects
* It should now be possible to Fast Travel from town if you don’t have any kind of portal open.
* Fixed bug where bosses and their “adds” were not nearly as aggressive as intended
* Fixed bug where boss “adds” such as the bandits in the first boss fight were giving too much JP
* Final boss phase 2 is now immovable, which should prevent some softlocking bugs that were possible.
* Fixed some logic bugs with 2nd job trial floor, e.g. monsters giving XP/JP when they shouldn’t
* Fixed visual oddities with Craggan’s summoned mud drawing on top of certain objects and actors
* Fixed extra staircase spawning after the final boss is defeated.
* Fixed bug where unknown characters in your character / pet names would mess up various displays such as the combat log. These characters are now replaced with question marks. (This is true for all game languages.)
* Fixed bug where Percy’s Blessing of Protection was not lasting long enough.
* You can no longer assign passive abilities to your hotbar by pressing 1-8 on the Purchase Abilities page
* Fixed bug in Equipment and Inventory UIs where sometimes interacting with an item would do nothing


* New champion mods: Heavy and Massive! These champions cannot be pushed or pulled, and cause damage with each step they take. (Massive monsters cause even more.)
* New champion mod (higher level): Resist-Piercing! These champions pierce 50% of your resistances with their attacks, so watch out!
* Three new monsters with new powers and abilities: the Marbled Banebite, Maniox, and Inferno Spirit!
* Magic Books can now get mods that increase single-elemental damage by 18% (lower rank items) or 30% (higher rank), thus making 10 new magic mods total! You can stack multiple elements (such as a boost to Fire and a boost to Water), but the lower and higher-rank versions of the _same_ element mods are not compatible.
* Added a new possible map layout type to Item Dreams


* Beta support for Chinese and German!
* (JP) Various adjustments to font rendering and sizing for the pixel font. It should look best at 720p/1080p on almost all UIs.
* (JP) You can now select a “smooth” Vector style look. Just click the smooth, non-pixelized Japanese flag on the title screen and restart the game.

##### ENGINE

* Minor optimization to monster pathfinding / movement.
* Various other minor optimizations


* Circlet of Persuasion is now “Charm Circlet”
* Fixed slightly awkward game log message when a monster heals you (“Monster heals yourself for…”)
-> The full changelog is available here.

The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Ash of Gods: Redemption to version 1.3.22 (Windows & Mac)
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Man O' War: Corsair - Warhammer Naval Battles got an update v1.3.5 (2. june)
and updated offlione installers still not avaiable.
Could someone from the relevant people say something?
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Marked as updated.

Changelog from Steam.
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Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered

Patch #7 (28 August 2018)

Fixed backpack pickup icons in multiplayer
Fixed more (potential) crashes
Fixed custom game settings immediately resetting after a match
Fixed and improved Reset Destruction feature
Fix: the image of the selected map is now displayed when joining via Find Game
Fixed invisible turrets/weapons when using stealth backpack
Fixed convoy spawn condition
Updated localization
Increased time until NPCs start stealing the player's car
You can now switch to another controller or keyboard + mouse on a controller disconnect (just press a key/button on the new device)
Improvement: multiplayer match doesn't start automatically when only two players are in a matchmaking lobby
Added control option to switch between "toggle" and "hold" for Zoom
Gauss Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Nano Rifle, Reconstructor and Super Gauss Rifle now ignore the "camera shake" option as their recoil behavior depends on it, potentially giving players in multiplayer an unfair advantage without it.

Commandos - Behind Enemy Lines
Commandos - Beyond The Call Of Duty
Commandos 2 - Men of Courage
Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin

Internal Update (28 August 2018)

[WIN] updated internal installer structure, no changes to game files
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T_a_J: Man O' War: Corsair - Warhammer Naval Battles got an update v1.3.5 (2. june)
and updated offlione installers still not avaiable.
Could someone from the relevant people say something?
Three patches are not downloadable.
HTTP Error 404: Not Found.
GOG Support ticket: #298573.

I have to say, recent GOG have tooooooooooooo many similar bugs.
Many new installers or patches are not downloadable.
Just got an update flag for Conarium but no changelog. Any idea what this is about?
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Patch 1.50436 (28 August 2018)

Updated the game engine for improved compatibility with modern systems
Added simplified Chinese language option; 感谢您的支持!
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MarkoH01: Just got an update flag for Conarium but no changelog. Any idea what this is about?
Mac version was added
MarkoH01: Just got an update flag for Conarium but no changelog. Any idea what this is about?
Cusith: Mac version was added
Thank you :)
Thanks! Added to the list. :)
kbnrylaec: Three patches are not downloadable.
HTTP Error 404: Not Found.
GOG Support ticket: #298573.
Neither is the macOS installer. :\
GOG Support ticket #298651.
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Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

#### The Deluxe Update is Live! (28 August 2018)

##### New Content - Local Multiplayer!

* Added Local Split-screen Multiplayer!
* Play with a friend, loved one, or eternal rival to prove who the best chef in the house really is.
* Choose your character and loadout with every item in the game available for you to create the perfect multiplayer build.
* Customize every aspect of the match including number of judges, time, key ingredient, map, mutations, and chef vs. chef damage multiplier.
* Custom multiplayer maps let players enter the Arena from their own side of the Kitchen Colosseum.
* Knock out your opponent in the Arena to steal their ingredients.
* Players who lose all their health in the Arena will respawn back in the kitchen.
* The Player with the highest total score from the judges wins the match!

##### New Character - Ziggy!

* Ziggy’s mysterious past (or was it future?) remains shrouded in mystery. He’s got more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Like most necromancers, he’s a bit lazy, often relying on summoned friends to take care of the dirty business.
* Ziggy, the Undead Chef, added as a playable chef in all non-story modes!

##### Ziggy’s Moves:

* Standing: A fast standing kick combo.
* Down: Breakdancing crouch kick combo because Ziggy’s got style.
* While Running Attack: A quick slash attack that leads into his standing combo.
* Up: A Spinning uppercut that moves at a slight diagonal.
* Down Air: The Ziggy Divekick. Patented year unknown.
* Slide: Slide continuously down hills or across ground. Makes Ziggy briefly invincible.
* Magic Skill 1: Magic Bomb throw with randomized rare projectiles.
* Magic Skill 2: Summon Shooty - A demon that shoots homing energy orbs.
* Magic Skill 3: Summon Skelly - A slow sous skeleton that does massive damage.
* Magic Skill 4: Summon Stabby - A goofy imp that’ll poke monsters and teleport the ingredients to Ziggy’s Pantry.
* Ziggy’s Combat Upgrades, New Items, and More!
* Super Slide: Keep sliding up hills and slow enemies in the way.
* Big Hitter: Skelly damage and range increase.
* Devouring Abyss: Shooty's energy orb pulls monsters into it before exploding.
* Exploding Imps: Stabby explodes when the summoning magic wears off.
* Flamboyant Grill: Continuously adds combo fuses to a dish's bottom row.
* Quick Clean Pot: Match 2 but only for Poison and Bone.
* Carnivore Master Expertise: Bonus for serving a dish containing no plant ingredients, other than the Theme Ingredient.
* Bony Tongs: Prevents Poison from popping when stirred.
* A Dollop of Ambrosia: 1 Large Promote sauce.
* Added Break the Dishes levels for Ziggy.

##### New Content - Survival Mode

* Added Survival Mode!
* Start with nothing but your chosen character, Dull Pan, and Cutting Board.
* When you run out of health or time, the run ends.
* Monsters start to mutate as the rounds progress.
* Breakable health pack chests can be found to regenerate much-needed health..
* Each round ends when you satisfy the dish score and ingredient requirements for the round.
* At the end of a round you can choose two out of six randomized upgrades to carry with you for the rest of your run.
* Compare your score to that of the world or your friends on the Survival Mode leaderboards.

##### New Content - Free Play Mode!

* Added Free Play Mode!
* Battle against any of the NPC chefs in a duel whenever you want.
* Fully customizable match rules and loadouts similar to multiplayer options.
* Hone your chef skills without the pressure of Dailies or live-human opponents.

##### New Content - Gallery

* Added the Gallery!
* Illustrations are unlocked based on Brigade Rank.
* See concept art, character iterations, and a few gorgeous marketing pieces.
* When you unlock every item in the gallery some players may feel a great sense of accomplishment. Results will vary per player.

##### Quality of Life Improvements

* Added Color Blind Mode to the options menu.
* Players can now fast-forward through duel intro and outro sequences by holding the continue button.
* Changed the default background of already-purchased shop items to green instead of red so that it doesn't appear that they are unaffordable.
* Sun Hat Tomatoes and Nochi Fruit are easier to knock down.
* Removed the restriction on controller triggers being rebound.
* Fragile gem state is now much clearer.
* Added support for Simplified Chinese.

##### Daily Cook-Off Improvements

* Now shows the character used in for a Daily Cook-Off entry next to the score on the leaderboard.
* Now shows judges for Daily Cook-Offin pre-gameplay UI.
* Now always draws an Expertise for the Daily Cook-Off and number of items randomly given in Daily Cook-Offs now increased to 6.
* Butcher Expertise no longer appears if the required ingredient is a plant (i.e. only drops one type of ingredient).
* Dull Pan is no longer included in the Daily Cook-Off possibilities, as pulling it meant that you'd only get two containers, which is boring.
* The number of ingredients that spawn from Treasure Chests has been made consistent for the day's challenge.

##### Thrash Balance and Fixes

* Thrash's Berserk timer can now overfill the bar when Consuming.
* Adjusted Thrash basic slash Interrupts to be a bit earlier.
* Reduced Thrash's Homing Flamebreath initial search area.
* Increased Thrash's base Fireball duration.
* Increased Thrash's attack speed when Berserk.
* Thrash's Counter improvements and FX updates.
* Thrash Berserk FX upgrades.

##### Balance and Improvements:

* Armarock spin duration has been reduced slightly.
* Lupir in the Caverns has a tell before attacking.
* Skylands creatures no longer hit each other.
* Reduced Rixal duel difficulty slightly.
* Bumped up Iceberg Turnip's Water quality.
* Purifying Oven now converts poison and bone to their respective match reward (Poison yields a combo fuse and Bone becomes a Rainbow Gem)
* Bumped Explorer (aka Region) expertise up to Journeyman value from Apprentice.
* Improved Dragon and Big Hydra ingredients so they contain some Supers.
* Changed Hydra Lungs' Fragile modifier to be applied to a Super taste gem.
* Changed Dragon to always spawn 3 ingredients instead of occasionally 4.
* Dragon now does slightly less damage on Hard Mode.
* Reduced Mutated Dragon additional damage.
* Changed tracking of containers-used stat such that it only counts if you trigger the effect for a container. Now you have to actually trigger a Match 3, or an Oven Promote, or cut out a gem to have that cookware count towards the expertise.
* Balanced the total value of ingredients available at round start across Forest, Skyland, and Caverns.
* Sped up Wart's Spatula since it would take a while for fully-fragile ingredients.
* Feedback for when the dominant taste changes - a ring appears around the Super gems matching the new dominant taste.
* Chopping no longer uses two separate controls and no longer ignores some inputs.
* Slowed down the speed of the Crystallizer Oven considerably.
* Improved logic for culling mid-air entities so that monsters aren't left hanging, literally.

##### Art and UI

* Added Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe intro video on game start.
* Polished up the Bull's charge dirt/rock particles.
* Updated the recipe poof effect.
* Smoothed gem bobbing curves a little.
* Updated Belchior puzzle user interface.
* Updated input prompt banners and improved positioning per controller type.
* Moved the anchor for objectives when Loadout is open down to center of the screen so that it doesn't obscure the category widgets at the top.
* Promote gems now also trigger points increased stars so that it's easier to tell something has changed.
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Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe (continued)

##### Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where Rixal was invisible in the finale.
* Fixed a bug where soft lock could occur if you completed an ingredient hunt successfully on the same frame that the clock ran out.
* Fixed a reset prompt not appearing in Thrash Campaign Day 5.
* Fixed Armarocks launching into the air randomly meaning the Armarock’s spines could be deflected while still attached to its shell.
* Fixed an issue where you could be killed during Weiz’s health-regaining death-preventing kiss and forced to respawn. Chefs are now invincible while Weiz is regenerating them.
* Fixed an issue where adding a bone to a container after it had already displayed another, different dish would fail to trigger an update for the complexity widget. As a result the bone would appear as whatever the last dish's value was.
* Fixed a bug where the pick-up widget could appear on top of the Duel judgment UI.
* Fixed a bug where Mina could dash through some characters' talk hitboxes when they were intended to trigger automatically.
* Fixed a bug where saucing a dish with a part from the required entity wouldn't immediately turn the dish’s point widget blue.
* Fixed a bug where Non-Steam PC platform scores wouldn't have ranks.
* Fixed the red ‘hurt vignette’ around screen edge so that it appears consistently.
* Fixed Thrash's Berserk bar sometimes being out of sync with the number of ingredients absorbed.
* Fixed a bug where you could start stirring gems if the Cook button was mashed while starting to use a cutting board.
* Mina is now invincible during the dialogue after Rixal is caught so she doesn't die from any remaining Yoku whirlwinds.
* Fixed Thrash sometimes being unchallengeable on the Practice Day after deleting saves.
* Fixed NPC sprite facing direction in a variety of challenges.
* Swapped Hazgil and Akebo's order in Day 2B so the our next judge line comes at the right time.
* Fixed a bug where Verskit could eat ingredients that should not be collectible.
* Fixed an issue where category widgets in the Panel Loadout wouldn't report New state ever (banners were never being updated).
* Fixed issues with Big Hydra spawning and hiding.
* Fixed exit hotkey shown in shop.
* Added at least one Easter Egg :P
Phantom Doctrine

#### Patch 1.0.4 (24 August 2018)

##### Major improvements:

* weapon ranges and viewing distances rebalanced
* new visualizations for characters leaning out of full cover (increasing visibility for the full cover sidesteps)
* improved AI behaviors
* revealing an enemy attacker in Fog of War for the duration of the attack
* characters no longer perform unnecessary sidesteps

##### Bug fixes:

* fixed a continuity issue with the Omikron Detention mission under specific circumstances
* fixed a continuity issue with the Locate Lamster mission under specific circumstances
* fixed an issue with icons disappearing from the world map in specific conditions
* solved an issue where occasionally the campaign could be continued after failing a story mission
* fixed an occasional issue caused by an operative shooting from within a gas cloud
* numerous fixes to minor issues with collisions/visibility caused by objects on maps
-> now has a changelog on GOG as well, unfortunately it's too gigantic to post here, but see this link.

The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Opus Magnum to versions 20180817 (Windows & Mac) and 17.08.2018 update (Linux)
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WinterSnowfall: Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

#### The Deluxe Update is Live! (28 August 2018)
[a whole bunch of additions and improvements to the game, so much that they don't fit in one post]
Looks like a really nice update! (I don't own the game, but this update is enough for me to at least wishlist it; don't think I'm buying it yet, however.)
high rated
28 August:


Games included in this batch:

· Bastion
· Commandos Ammo Pack
· Commandos 2+3
· Man O' War: Corsair - Warhammer Naval Battles
· Planetbase
· World to the West


[Part 1 of 3]


Bastion has changed

>>> Supported languages changed *FROM* Audio and text: English. Text only: German, Spanish, French, Italian *TO* Audio and text: English. Text only: Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Name *FROM* *TO* --- Size *FROM* 1.0 GB *TO* 1.0 GB (+24.8 MB) --- Date *FROM* Thu 20 Oct 2016 14:49:01 GMT *TO* Tue 28 Aug 2018 10:52:44 GMT --- Version *FROM* [empty] *TO* 1.50436

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_bastion_0.7393_(18778).exe *TO* setup_bastion_1.50436_(23291).exe --- Size *FROM* 1.1 GB *TO* 1.3 GB --- Date *FROM* Wed 21 Feb 2018 10:23:06 GMT *TO* Tue 28 Aug 2018 11:11:59 GMT --- Version *FROM* 0.7393 *TO* 1.50436

Patch 1.50436 (28 August 2018)

- Updated the game engine for improved compatibility with modern systems
- Added simplified Chinese language option; 感谢您的支持!
(Full changelog)


Commandos Ammo Pack has changed


removed: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, English+French+German+Italian+Spanish

* File added: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 2) --- Name: setup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines_1.1_(23145).exe --- Size: 745.9 KB --- Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:25:41 GMT --- Version: 1.1

* File added: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 2) --- Name: setup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines_1.1_(23145)-1.bin --- Size: 392.3 MB --- Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:25:39 GMT --- Version: 1.1

* File added: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, French (part 1 of 2) --- Name: setup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines_1.1_(french)_(23145).exe --- Size: 746.1 KB --- Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:25:27 GMT --- Version: 1.1

* File added: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, French (part 2 of 2) --- Name: setup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines_1.1_(french)_(23145)-1.bin --- Size: 388.4 MB --- Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:25:24 GMT --- Version: 1.1

* File added: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, German (part 1 of 2) --- Name: setup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines_1.1_(german)_(23145).exe --- Size: 745.8 KB --- Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:25:55 GMT --- Version: 1.1

* File added: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, German (part 2 of 2) --- Name: setup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines_1.1_(german)_(23145)-1.bin --- Size: 388.2 MB --- Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:25:53 GMT --- Version: 1.1

* File added: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, Italian (part 1 of 2) --- Name: setup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines_1.1_(italian)_(23145).exe --- Size: 745.9 KB --- Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:26:10 GMT --- Version: 1.1

* File added: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, Italian (part 2 of 2) --- Name: setup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines_1.1_(italian)_(23145)-1.bin --- Size: 388.8 MB --- Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:26:07 GMT --- Version: 1.1

* File added: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, Spanish (part 1 of 2) --- Name: setup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines_1.1_(spanish)_(23145).exe --- Size: 746.0 KB --- Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:25:13 GMT --- Version: 1.1

* File added: Behind Enemy Lines: Windows installer, Spanish (part 2 of 2) --- Name: setup_commandos_-_behind_enemy_lines_1.1_(spanish)_(23145)-1.bin --- Size: 389.3 MB --- Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:25:10 GMT --- Version: 1.1

* File changed: Beyond Call of Duty: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_commandos_bcd_2.1.0.20.exe *TO* setup_commandos_-_beyond_the_call_of_duty_1.1_(23150).exe --- Size *FROM* 256.4 MB *TO* 281.0 MB --- Date *FROM* Thu 26 Feb 2015 11:32:22 GMT *TO* Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:30:02 GMT --- Version *FROM* [empty] *TO* 1.1

* File changed: Beyond Call of Duty: Windows installer, French --- Name *FROM* setup_commandos_bcd_french_2.1.0.20.exe *TO* setup_commandos_-_beyond_the_call_of_duty_1.1_(french)_(23150).exe --- Size *FROM* 255.6 MB *TO* 279.6 MB --- Date *FROM* Thu 26 Feb 2015 11:32:59 GMT *TO* Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:29:35 GMT --- Version *FROM* [empty] *TO* 1.1

* File changed: Beyond Call of Duty: Windows installer, German --- Name *FROM* setup_commandos_bcd_german_2.1.0.20.exe *TO* setup_commandos_-_beyond_the_call_of_duty_1.1_(german)_(23150).exe --- Size *FROM* 255.9 MB *TO* 281.3 MB --- Date *FROM* Thu 26 Feb 2015 11:31:03 GMT *TO* Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:29:08 GMT --- Version *FROM* [empty] *TO* 1.1

* File changed: Beyond Call of Duty: Windows installer, Italian --- Name *FROM* setup_commandos_bcd_italian_2.1.0.20.exe *TO* setup_commandos_-_beyond_the_call_of_duty_1.1_(italian)_(23150).exe --- Size *FROM* 264.4 MB *TO* 288.7 MB --- Date *FROM* Thu 26 Feb 2015 11:32:27 GMT *TO* Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:29:49 GMT --- Version *FROM* [empty] *TO* 1.1

* File changed: Beyond Call of Duty: Windows installer, Spanish --- Name *FROM* setup_commandos_bcd_spanish_2.1.0.20.exe *TO* setup_commandos_-_beyond_the_call_of_duty_1.1_(spanish)_(23150).exe --- Size *FROM* 259.4 MB *TO* 283.5 MB --- Date *FROM* Thu 26 Feb 2015 11:32:35 GMT *TO* Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:29:21 GMT --- Version *FROM* [empty] *TO* 1.1

Internal Update (28 August 2018)

- [WIN] updated internal installer structure, no changes to game files
(Full changelog)