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Doc0075: Is anyone else struggling to open this thread recently?
It is infested with GOGbears, maybe because of the page count?
Me too (not hashtagged). It has always taken 5 - 10 seconds to open, but lately I need to see a couple of gogbears before it miraculously opens instantly on the third try.

I have always thought it was down to page count. Just my ignorant logic.

(Just before replying to this it opened instantly! Gogfairies?)
Swedrami: Offline installers for the base game as well as additional content seem to have been downgraded from 1.7.16475 to 1.7.16454 for some reason?
Looks like it. After Succubus got an update a couple of days ago, we can only assume, that something went wrong and we see a rollback here,although build numbers are not very expressive. A higher build number does not always mean, that there is anything new in the build. It could as well have been, that the previously uploaded build was not meant for GOG at all.

ps: additional content and base game always need to have the same version number, the installer will prevent mixing them
Doc0075: Is anyone else struggling to open this thread recently?
It is infested with GOGbears, maybe because of the page count?
bonzer: Me too (not hashtagged). It has always taken 5 - 10 seconds to open, but lately I need to see a couple of gogbears before it miraculously opens instantly on the third try.

I have always thought it was down to page count. Just my ignorant logic.

(Just before replying to this it opened instantly! Gogfairies?)
The servers or the forum forum engine struggles with threads that have many pages, lately more than usual.
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Doc0075: Is anyone else struggling to open this thread recently?
It is infested with GOGbears, maybe because of the page count?
I have this problem not just with this thread. The gogbears are very busy lately.
Hustlefan: VirtuaVerse

Updated to 0.435 (Windows) & 0.432 (Mac & Linux) (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
viperfdl: Is this a bug? Because the latest update in the offline download section is for version 1.29a and so a version number lower 1 rather implies an early development version.
The version I downloaded after getting the game from the end-of-summer-sale giveaway was 1.35, so those are old patches.
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.523.2 to 0.524.3 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted by the developer in the forum:
0.524.3 - Safety Protocol
- Relaxed safety protocols of NDPT-4205 point defence turrets. The firing solution computer was overzealous at times, limiting the fire cone far more than it should - in extreme cases completely preventing the fire on certain ships and mounts.
- Adjusted position of spinally-mounted NDPT-4205 on all the ships with spinal mounts.
- All the docking arms are now more rigid, preventing the cradled equipment wiggle in the fully locked position, which was especially noticeable in lower physics framerates.
- Cargo Containers and similar equipment could spin out of alignment when the initial cutscene was terminating.
- The game no-longer relies on your operating system to provide an order of multiple monitors, as some systems used to change their minds about which monitor was the primary one on subsequent boots, causing the game to switch to an undesired monitor. You might need to change the monitor you want to use in settings when you first start this version, but the choice should be persistent now - as long as you don’t re-position the monitors.
- Fixed interlunar propellant usage for ships to use a correct value. If you tuned your Xenon drive usage, you might want to re-examine the tuning option before starting a dive.
- Uranium Caves could disappear prematurely from your Astrogation list if you followed a specific order of actions.
- Re-balanced dialogue frequencies of friendly encounters with miners. Some of the dialogue options were underutilized and quite rare. You should perceive that as a wider range of replies possible from miners if you are on friendly terms with them.
- Miners will not hit you on how to obtain a hardware licence if it’s apparent that you already have that licence.
- The dive entry selection screen will now take into account the amount of propellant and other consumables you will take aboard when displaying the propellant required for entry burn.
- Improved performance of the ship setup, making ship spawns faster. This should prevent slight lags you could see when new ships entered the detailed simulation area.
- When you fly to a Vilcy drop point, the ship awaiting you there will not fly away as soon as it finishes talking to you. Flying away caused the ship to re-spawn nearby and re-initialize the dialogue, as long as you remained in the area.
- When you dock to a ship at a drop point for a prisoner transfer, you will be now able to continue the dialogue, making obtaining the bounty hunting licence smoother.
- If you docked into an Obonto station after opening fire at them and apologizing, you could be able to confirm a trade deal that was not proposed, breaking the dialogue tree.
- Crewmember that left your ship on a successful salvage operation will return aboard when you return to Enceladus automatically.
- Significantly improved the performance of the Crew menu at Enceladus station and added better animations to showcase new crew being available and being hired. This also improves the performance of all the time skips.
- Search and Rescue teams will not ask you if you have seen someone to rescue when there is a stranded ship just next to them.
- Vilcy patrols will not ask if you have seen something suspicious or warn about rumoured piracy in the area if you are in the middle of combat with a pirate already.
- When telling your crewmember to get out from your ship during a quest event, you will now see the proper EVA action happening.
- Mod loader will now look for mods at the correct path on OSX system.
- New achievement.
- Updated translations.
- Fixed a number of typos.

Bonus Content
Tales from the Rings - a collection of short stories - added to the namesake free DLC.
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Doc0075: Is anyone else struggling to open this thread recently?
It is infested with GOGbears, maybe because of the page count?
For me GOGBears have shown up frequently the last few days. Everywhere on the website, not just in the forum or in this thread.
Hustlefan: VirtuaVerse

Updated to 0.435 (Windows) & 0.432 (Mac & Linux) (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
viperfdl: Is this a bug? Because the latest update in the offline download section is for version 1.29a and so a version number lower 1 rather implies an early development version.
HunchBluntley: The version I downloaded after getting the game from the end-of-summer-sale giveaway was 1.35, so those are old patches.
FYI: I installed it and it says V. 1.36 in the main menu. So indeed just a weirdly named installer.
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Updated to 1.0.5 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Hustlefan: VirtuaVerse

Updated to 0.435 (Windows) & 0.432 (Mac & Linux) (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
viperfdl: Is this a bug? Because the latest update in the offline download section is for version 1.29a and so a version number lower 1 rather implies an early development version.
I took the liberty of asking the devs about the strange version number and here is the reply:

"just a typo
we are fixing it"
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Jupiter Hell was updated from version 1.4 to version 1.4f. No changelog available for this one.
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Titan Quest Anniversary has just received an update from 2.10.3 to 2.10.4.

Titan Quest - Eternal Embers Update #4

We have just launched the beta patch into the live version of Titan Quest, below you can see all the changes!

New Content :

New dungeons - To enter them you need to collect 3 unique keys for each dungeon;
2 new item sets that can be obtained when clearing the dungeons;
All the dungeons have new (retextured) monsters with boss fights and traps;
New Electrum transmuter Shrine.

Other Fixes/Changes :

Made Electrum to be given on creature kill per act and per difficulty
Made some balancing in electrum economy
Fixed Broken Atlantis item set called Priest of Ba’al Hammon
Added Energy Cost and Recharge reduction to character window stats.
Moved Weapon Base as Elemental and Weapon Damage as Health to 3rd tab.
Fixed bug when players could buy grayed out Orbs at Electrum transmuter
Fixed Energy and Recharge cost not being capped on the characters' window stats.
Fixed Crash when killing enemies in areas without ZoneData setup
Upgraded Talos’ 100 Poison & Vitality resistances to proper immunities
Ancient of the Soil now summons more centipedes
Ancient of the Soil now uses his skills more tactically
Centipedes summoned by the Nerthus cult now survive their masters
Ancient of the Forest’s bear now survives its master
Lord of the Fjord MI & unique equipment chances increased
Lord of the Fjord health increased
Lord of the Fjord casts Freezing Blast in melee range
Tiamat passively deflects some attacks and projectiles
Tiamat learned new skills and tactics
Changed damage of Tiamat’s bricks from Fire to Physical
Changed damage of Atlantis final boss’ geysers from Cold to Fire DoT
Ylva is now of “Human” race
Increased HP on Loki
Increased damage & disruption on Surt’s two-hand slam
Lena learned to dodge melee attacks in flight
Set unified proc chance of 20% on all Troll Tusks charms
Added damage reduction effects to Troll Tusks charms
Increased proc chances and slow effects on Fungoid Spores charms
Corrected sell value of Rigid Carapace charms
Corrected sell value of legendary Demon’s Blood
Corrected sell values of epic Hades charms
Corrected sell values of all Atlantis & Ragnarök relics
Corrected sell values of all Atlantis & Ragnarök charms
Corrected Frostburn duration on Hiemal Decapitator to 3s
Reduced attack speed on Mjolnir to match the description
Reduced total damage buff on Torc of the Ancestors to +10%
Reduced base damage on Dagger of Dawn
Tartarus Block & Dodge debuff now reduces values by 75 & 40
Gave voices to Tartarus merchant NPCs
Lowered Ascacophus roar volume
Life Drain Wards (from Lost Soul mages) now last longer and survive their creator
Life Drain Wards now do notable damage & scale
Life Drain Wards now properly heal their allies
Crippling wards (from Lost Soul heroe) now properly cast their debuff
Crippling wards are now also used by some mages
Removed inactive +% bonuses from the “chance of” list on Archimedes’
Cogwheel and Shard of the Elements
Added a chance for +% Elemental Damages to Shard of the Elements
Tripled “Absorption of Spell Energy” stat on Archimedes’ Cogwheel
Fixed attack speed debuff not working on Spear Dance
Fixed missing hero properties on Salt Mine quest boss
Added short cooldowns to item-triggered projectile skills
Fixed Scroll of the Meteor creating no projectile
Fixed Scroll of the Meteor damage values & scaling
Fixed Scroll of Creeping Death damage values & scaling
Added new effects to Creeping Death’s contagious debuff
Tweaked Ladon’s poison spit effect and frequency
Added item stats to Sword in the Stone
Added drop chance for lost Ragnarök parchment
Halved conversion chance on Aphrodite’s Favor and doubled duration
Reduced %OA reduction but doubled OA bonus on Sargaris Tartarus
Changed poison to DoT on Desert Dweller’s Club
Tweaked Dvergr death sounds
Increased loot amount of Atlantis final boss by ~15%
Added a number of new Rings & Amulets to Atlantis area
(Item skills without detail text trigger on potion / on kill / on kill while afflicted)
Removed armor value from Bandit King’s treasure
Vince (Secret Passage) aligned with his Chi
Fixed multiple pathing issues
Thrown weapons now also use prefixes that substitute OA bonuses for Projectile Speed
Thrown weapons can now have prefixes that boost Rogue, Hunting or Rune Mastery skills
Fixed Alboran Sandals hiding the character’s legs
Increased (irrelevant) duration of Battle Standard’s aura to always 99s
Renamed Helmet of Valhalla’s item skill
Corrected name of Fafnir’s Orb
Doubled pet reflection bonus on Shine of Pandia ring
Rebalanced Canopic Jar and Porcelain Pot and Sarcophagus drop rates
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With each passing day I'm also having more and more problems opening this thread, this last time for example I had to reload the page about ten times. It only happens with this and other threads with more than a thousand pages, so it's definitely related to the number of posts. It might be time to open a new one.
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Dicey Dungeons has been updated to v 2.0. No Changelog, but I've confirmed that it's the Reunion DLC.
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AI War 2 has just received a (Huge) update from 5.018 to 5.500 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
(1 of 4)

== 5.500 Classic Fusion, And A Megaton Otherwise ==
(Released July 8th, 2022)

* ExternalWorldBaseInfo objects can now also use the DoOnSpecialEvent_OnMainThread_ClientOrHost methods similar to factions, in order to i.e. directly react to settings or the lobby being changed.

=== Mod Releases ===

* Added UI support for enabling and disabling total conversion mods, now that we have one that is releasing (Classic Fusion).
** Enabling a total conversion mod through the UI closes the game and requires you to reopen it manually, which is unavoidable, but the rest of it is very smooth.
** Total conversions now show all the same info that regular mods do, including the author and an abbreviation and color and detailed description, etc. They are also shown first in the list of other mods, since they are so huge and also so rare, and they have the prefix T-C rather than Mod.

* When you try to enable a mod that relies on an expansion that is not enabled at the moment, or not installed at all, it now gives you a warning about that and does not allow you to enable said mod.
** Thanks to Dismiss for reporting that this was not working as expected.

==== Classic Fusion ====

* Classic Fusion, a Total Conversion mod by Puffin, is now released, roughly 2 years after it had started on/off development.
** This conversion attempts to recreate as much as reasonably possible of AI War: Fleet Command, also known as 'Classic', in the second game, and 'fuse' it with the AIW2 specific factions, mechanics, etc. I have attempted to make it as accurate as I can, working within limitations.
** This means you have all the Classic units, variants of those with AIW2 abilities, AIW2 specific units and factions redesigned to fit into this system, so on. Even some new things, not in either game. It's...big, almost nothing is untouched. It could possibly be seen as an entirely different/new game.
** These people have assisted in some form (specific details are in-game): DEMOCRACY, StarKelp, Badger, SirLimbo, Chris, Tom, ptarth.
** A note: Multiplayer is an unknown, due to being unable to test it. Attempts were made to make things work for it, but in practice it is unknown how well it works overall. Please do let me know if you try.

==== Dyson Sidekick ====

* This is a new player-controllable faction. Play as a coalition of Zenith, Neinzul, Templar and Spire trying to build a Dyson Sphere, while fighting the AI and the Reapers, the forces of an evil Necromancer..
** To get raw materials to build the sphere, you must ravage planets. The Reapers can spawn forces at ravaged planets, so be careful where you mine!
** Playable in Empire and Sidekick form
** This faction also allows you to destroy planets outright, allowing you to actually kill a Zenith Architrave
** This faction comes with a "Automatically help defend my planets" setting, to facilitate using the Sidekick in solo-play
** NOTA BENE: very little effort has gone into balancing this faction.

==== The Reclaimers ====

* The Reclaimers by Dismiss are a human faction dedicated to human recovery and advancement in the galaxy, though not through direct combat.
** Their deep space outposts provide scouting, and research alien technology. They also provide a few metabolic station-keepers to help recover metal after fleet battles.
** You may also find new station-keepers and turrets from hacks throughout the galaxy.
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AI War 2 has just received a (Huge) update from 5.018 to 5.500 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
(2 of 4)

=== Mod Updates ===

* Outguard Party by Dismiss has been updated to v3!
** Check out 'Galaxy Settings Category: Outguard' and adjust what you want!
** New Outguard: Hacking Drone Operator, Tactical Shield Generator, Planetary Missile Command Orbital, Planetary Defense Orbital, Mobile Super-Fac.

* DpsHud by Dismiss has been updated to v2!
** Better coloration for distinguishing damage tier.
** More precision for single digit Millions (eg. 3.5m).

==== Re-Released AMU Code Parts ====

** Right now AMU is only at about 20% of the code it had before, but a lot of AMU has been integrated into the main game, so the actual progress is probably between 30-40%.
** The codebase has almost entirely been rewritten to be clearer, better, and actually documented with comments and teaching moments.
** To all modders: Inspect the code inside AMU (which is included with the mod) to your heart's content. It is designed to make modding easier for others.
** AMU now has a common "black code magic"-based framework for settings. The main goal is to make settings being read more efficient, easier to be set up and to make it nigh impossible for a misspell to waste time finding it.
*** The new abstract class CachedSettingRoot (which also holds the static functions for this framework) can execute GetAllStaticCachedSettingsOfClass(), which causes it to go through all the fields in the class (and potentially object) given, looking for anything that at its base is a CachedSettingRoot, then tries to find the proper reference of the 3 major base types:
**** The class CachedPersonalSetting includes all settings that a player has in their personal profile.
**** The class CachedGalaxySetting includes all settings in the game lobby, excluding faction settings.
**** The class CachedFactionSetting includes all custom(!) settings a faction can have, and to be set up requires an instance of the class given to GetAllStaticCachedSettingsOfClass(), and a faction being passed inside GetAllStaticCachedSettingsOfClass().
*** Then UpdateAllStaticCachedSettingsOfClass() and UpdateAllStaticCachedSettingsOfClass_FilteredByEventType() can be used to update all settings by the same logic. Both of these factions are fairly costly, so they are only recommended to be used once to update all settings when the current map is loaded/generated, and then filtered by events when a special event (player saves new personal/galaxy/faction settings) is fired.
*** Note that for this to work the name of the setting in XML and the field name in the code need to be the same. For examples, see the new AJEA_Base class.
*** The improvement here is that instead of always having to look into the hash dictionaries and/or do string comparisons for getting the values of settings AMU can simply cache and easily access the value of settings no matter how often they are being used.
*** Additionally, since the XML and field name need to be the same, one being off will automatically thrown an exception instead of potentially being an invisible bug that is hard to find.
** AJEA (Auto-Juggle Energy Assistant) is back!
*** With more settings than ever before (and its own setting categories) it is now once again possible to have a "smart grid" for building Matter Converters if needed. AJEA is a can of Brownout-Be-Gone.
*** For it to have access to also converting unused energy into metal, the Micro Mod Collection offers that functionality. It is, however, rather unbalanced in the favor of the player and not required for AJEA to work.
*** Note that AJEA has not yet been tested on clients, feedback is required!
** Capturable Repositioning also has made a comeback.
*** With settings related to defining how close/far from the gravity well, and how far from wormholes immobile capturables and if desired also asteroid mines are being placed CR is now vastly improved.
*** Repositioning happens the very moment the game is unpaused for the first time, so looking at a planet with capturables will immediately show the effect.

=== Bugfixes ===

* Fix a bug where AI Relentless Waves were getting stuck on planets that were owned by the wild hives.

* Fixed a bug where if an AI was defeated, but more than one AI remained undefeated the player would get the wrong journal for killing this AI.
** Thanks to Dismiss for reporting.

* Fix several bugs with hunter fireteams that were against the Fallen Spire
** They no longer show "Not After You" (they are, in fact, after you), and also they don't take unexpected vacations
** Thanks to benjbrun for reporting

* Fireteams targeted against crippled units now correclty identify them as "killed", and can get new targets
* The planet sidebar no longer counts the strength of crippled units toward the "Strength" it shows

** The ForMark field in FleetMembership is immediately set upon deserialization. This prevents potential tooltip exceptions when immediately looking at units after loading or starting a new game.

** The "Defeat Or Suppress All Hostile AIs" victory condition setting is now named "Defeat Or Suppress All Hostile Minor Factions". The former was simply a visual copy & paste error.

* Fix a bug where the Spire couldn't bolster cruiser/dreadnaught flagships in Expert mode
** Thanks to JDingDong8_1 for reporting

* Fix a dyson antagonizer bug
** Thanks to GreatYng for reporting

* Galactic Control Ships unleashed at the end of a Showdown Device event didn't always explode properly and additionally would be replaced by regular phase two overlords on reloading a save. They now go up with a nice big kaboom like they should and additionally don't get the doppelganger treatment on loading a save game.
** Thanks to Lampshade for providing a save game with the problem.

* Fixed a bug where ships were by default set to being able to do unlimited overkills on stacks - this meant that an Artillery Golem which has one shot with massive damage and, if there were 10 unstacked VWings as its target, could still only kill one of them, could still kill the entire stack in one shot. Now this should be fixed.
** This padded a bunch of false math for stacks receiving damage and dying, which should now also be fixed.
*** I went through the logs of a few shots with stacks, compressed shots, etc hitting - but there's no way to catch every single encounter and check it for something being wrong. If the amount of damage dealt or received, the amount of stacks dying, etc appears wrong or exceptions pop up, please report it as a bug (with a good description and if possible a savegame or reproduction instructions included).
*** Big thanks to Lampshade for reporting!

* The ZA Portal no longer vanishes when some hacks are cancelled
** Thanks to Lampshade for reporting

* Jabberwock/Heroic AI Types no longer get blasphemous elderlings that grant science
** Thanks to JDingDong8_1 for reporting

* The DZ Hersir now uses its proper model
** Thanks to Lord of Nothing for reporting, and to Puffin for finding model

* Fix a null reference exception for maddened elderlings
** Thanks to Chuito12 for reporting

* The notification for wormhole borers no longer appears once the AI owning it is defeated
** Thanks to Matt Dyer for reporting

* Adjust the stack planning logic to account for the fact that combining stacks leaves a stack behind.
** If you have 110 stacks, you need to combine 11 stacks to end up with 100.
** Properly calculate the remainder, when calculating how to split a stack on debuff.
** Now that debuffs are properly applied to stacks, don't cause them to decay faster than normal.
** When combining stacks, preserve damage and some debuffs on the combined stack.
*** Currently, this preserves:
**** total hull damage, which may cause some ships in the stack to die
**** total shield damage up-to the max shield of a single ship
**** average paralysis, engine stun and weapon jamming seconds remaining.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Add fuel producers as potential targets for threat and hunter.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Tweak "NOT AFTER YOU" debugging information.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Fix a couple of potential use-after-free[1] of `FireteamRequiredTarget`s.
** This was causing AI Extragalactic budgets and unit's fireteam specifications to get otherwise impossible values, such as being targeted at a faction and at a allegiance that it doesn't belong to. This was usually treated as an "or", though it was not displayed that way.
** Discovered while looking at the saves from #27469.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!
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