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Alexim: So on GOG they removed the classic versions, while on Steam no less than two older versions of the game, the Original Edition and the 2015 Edition, are available for free, great.
MarkoH01: Communication with GOG support:

Me: "Thanks for solving the main part of my ticket (missing OL Installers).
Unfortunately you seem to have missed the second part of my ticket: "Be aware that you should NOT remove the original untouched version completely since your customers won't like that. Also, since the orginal is available on Steam as well, I guess it is pretty safe to say that your partner don't mind to keep it online."

"Now the untouched version is gone from GOG and since it is still available on Steam I actually doubt that this was forced by the publisher of the game. Your userbase prefers to keep untouched versions along with the enhanced ones whenever possible. Sometimes publishers are forcing your hand here - I know - but this seems to be unlikely here so that's a bit disappointing."

Support: "Unfortunately, I am unable to comment about releases or de-listing products from GOG store. The only available versions of the games on GOG are Twinsen's Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 Classic. I have also checked the Steam platform as you have mentioned and I was only able to find Twinsen's Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 Classic available for purchase there for the time being."

Me: "I took the liberty of helping you finding the original versions on Steam store (which are now completely absent on GOG)."
Experience the original, untouched version of Twinsen’s Little Big
Adventure Classic, originally released in 1994 as */Little Big
Adventure/* or */Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure/*.
"Experience the original, untouched version of Twinsen’s Little Big
Adventure 2 Classic, originally released in 1997 as */Little Big
Adventure 2/* or */Twinsen's Odyssey/*. "

If you stilll won't add these versions back as an extra I guess I will
have to contact your partner and complain to them instead.

Support: "Please keep in mind that this is up to game developer if game or it's certain version is available on GOG. We have contacted the game developer and will try to fix this issue as soon as possible, however, we do not have any ETA about if or when it will be addressed.

Keep in mind that due to legal reasons and as I have mentioned previously I am unable provide comment about release of the original version."
Thank you Marko for your continued efforts to try to solve these problems. We'll see if they do anything, I can't understand why it always has to be so complicated to get the green light to distribute files they already have available.
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Linux installer updated to 1.0.4

No changelog.
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Alexim: Thank you Marko for your continued efforts to try to solve these problems. We'll see if they do anything, I can't understand why it always has to be so complicated to get the green light to distribute files they already have available.
You're welcome :)
It is so complicated beause they simply don't communicate enough and they don't know their userbase and their focus enough. You can clearly see this in the dialogue I had with them: They contacted the responsible publisher way too late. They should have asked the moment they received the remastered version if it would be possible/allowed to add the original as a bonus to the remastered since it would help sales and their customers would love to keep untouched versions as well (this WAS good old games after all). Wait for reply, act accordingly and if they should not allow it, make a short sttement (it is called "transparency") that unfortunately "due to legal reasons" (no need to hurt their partner) they could not add the untouched version as an extra. IT IS NOT MAGIC it is simple communication which is the thing GOG simply is bad with, I mean REALLY bad (I even explained why I think that their partner acted as if they would not have a problem with it and GOG simply overlooked that part of my lengthy ticket ...). Learn to write, learn to read, learn to know your customer base and their focus and all GOGs problem would be gone pretty fast ... they might still "listen" to our feedback but listening alone never helped at all ;)

Sorry for OT - I am finished now :)
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Ganni1987: Deep Sky Derelicts
Yes, finally. It seems that my email to their support did work, although I never received a reply.
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Twinsen's Little Big Adventure Classic

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 3.2.1 ⇒ 3.2.2.
Patch notes v3.2.2

• Fix crop issues for 1280x1024 resolution

Twinsen's Little Big Adventure 2 Classic

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 3.2.1 ⇒ 3.2.2.
Patch notes v3.2.2

• Fix crop issues for 1280x1024 resolution
• Fix random crash in GiveTriangle
• Prevent Emperor Palace access when MagicLevel < 3
• Fix NG+ Pearl of Incandescence and esmer shuttle wheel conflict
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Death Trash (In Development)
Death Trash Demo

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

In-game changelog:

- fixed a camera scale issue in recently added area
- fixed input buffering for shooting being too long
- fixed stealth tutorial not recognizing Body inventory tab
- fixed a few UI issues
- additional bug fixes for issues introduced with 0.8.4
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Project Warlock

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒

Graphical settings patch

Hey everyone!

We’ve patched the game to version

For new users, it should now entirely resolve the issue of screen resolution not detecting during the first launch.

If you ever experienced issues with graphical settings not saving between the main menu and gameplay or resetting between sessions, these issues should also be resolved.

Thank you for your continuous support for Project Warlock, leave a review if you like the game, and please consider checking out the sequel with our great bundle offer.
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Disco Elysium has been updated on Galaxy and offline installers.
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Colt Canyon was updated one again (Offline & GOG Galaxy):

Big changes

• Save game support! Yep, you can now save progress and resume any time.
• Switched to a new engine version hopefully fixing a lot of old bugs that couldnt be fixed otherwise but possibly also introducing new ones that can be fixed once reported
• Please note: User progress is not backwards compatible! (If upgrading to 1.2 do not go back to 1.1 or you might lose your unlocks and stats)

Balancing changes

• Adjusted bullet logic for shell weapons (shotguns), also buffed some of the shotguns in general, like the pumpgun, and adjusted damage values and falloff distances for all shell weapons
• Buffed most throw weapons and reduced their melee cooldown but decreased melee damage
• Slightly reduced health of bear boss and bandit boss and slightly increased slaver boss' health
• Increased explosion size of explosive weapons
• Increased amount of items found in loops
• Reduced revolving rifle reload speed
• Buffed Eagle's bow reload speed but nerfed bonus damage
• Nerfed Fox' bow reload speed
• Buffed Taco's tnt reload speed but nerfed bonus damage
• Allowed enemy attention 50% without disabling achievements
• Spawning less new containers if player already has a lot of ammo
• Made ammo cheaper to buy from merchants
• Companions bleed out slower and can no longer bleed out in boss levels (they can still be executed)
• Loot in all locked crate now scales with level (before only the locked weapon crate scaled with progress)
• Slightly reduced elite power in looped runs
• Reduced attention range of elites
• Made it impossible for enemies to spot you unless they are visible on screen
• Increased health or attack speed of some bandit types
• Its no longer possible to keep companions when looping, except for Flint
• Made ambushes much less likely to occur after first level

Various changes

• Added indicator in character selection when all loadouts for a character are unlocked
• No longer removing loaded ammo that cant be turned back into ammo when weapon is replaced
• Dead prisoners will no longer drop medicine
• Added a way to unlock the unique revolver again and added some ammo to its loadout (Die just before reaching your partner, but in a looped run)
• You can now visit the main menu before starting the prologue
• Disabled damage indicator in tutorial level
• Disabled weapon level indicator when swapping with empty slot
• Weapon level indicator now highlighting if same weapon but durability is better than equipped durability
• Changed the input system causing some custom key mapping to possibly become invalid
• Persistent levels now utilize the save game system so reduce memory usage (they are loaded from disk now)
• Various command prompt changes to support new engine features
• Fixed boss corpses fading before dropping their loot
• You can now go back in menus using RMB
• Fixed active reload being impossible to fail in first half on some weapons
• Fixed some objects being displayed incorrectly on game over screen
• Fixed level 4+ elites not having circle indicator
• Fixed crosshair animation missing if no weapon equipped
• Fixed a special case where buying a shop item would fail
• Various minor visual changes/fixes/tweaks
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MarkoH01: Disco Elysium has been updated on Galaxy and offline installers.
Updated: [Windows][Mac] b8a132b0 ⇒ 406890b8.
(No changelog).
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Imagine Earth Demo

Update to V1.8.1.5147.

No changelog.
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Unforeseen Incidents has been updated to version 1.2 (55881).

Changelog from Steam:

* Controller support added
* Compatible with Steam Deck
* UI update for menues, since they didn't work with a controller before
* Various bug fixes
* Heavy reduction in file size due to better compression. This is also the main reason for the relatively big download size of the update, but it will actually save disk space on your machine.
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Dark Reign + Expansion
Installer updated to 1.4 hotfix

GOG Changelog:
"Internal Hotfix (04 July 2022)
fixed campaign issues reported by the community"
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The first update for POSTAL: Brain Damaged just appeared (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

Version 1.02
• Fixed second boss saving issues
• Fixed end boss saving issues
• Quicksaves are saved on disk upon saving, instead of when quitting the game
• Cutscenes force vsync for their duration, should fix screen tearing
• Final boss overlapping audio fixed
• Added "-novideo" launch option, might help with game crashing in certain instances
• The prison showers in "Bareback redemption" shouldn't block progress now
• Suburbia leaderboard exploit fixed
• Sniffing in the vip zone aquarium breaking blocker fixed
• Sniffing in the vip zone blue key killplane added
• Fixed quick pills effect persisting through scene changes
• Ragdoll and physical object saving should not cause performance issues anymore
• Penterator moaning can be adjusted in audio settings now
• ammo capacity increased for all weapons, should make ammo management easier for now. The issue will be addressed properly in the balancing update
• ambient stopping aftewr player death fixed
• fixed leocalisation of move left and move right in control settings
• achievement description fixed (GYMCEL, TAKE THE BLUE PILL, DOUBLE THE EXCITEMENT)
• added default controller template for steam
• fixed weapon wheel time slowdown persisting between scenes
• fixed kill plane/reset level exploit
• combat music condition checking fixed, should be way more consistent now
• added optional dynamic combat music, you can set number of hostiles that trigger combat music in audio settings (0 disables dynamic combat music)
• all beam attacks have their audio moved to end point, you can actually hear the beams now
• Unity engine version updated
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OPUS: Echo of Starsong has been updated.

New update adds Japanese and Chinese Mandarin voiceovers.
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