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Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] Version 3.0.8 ⇒ 4.0.0.


Dear Innkeepers of Delcrys,

It is with great pleasure that I bring you the news of Patch 4.0! This has been a long time coming. The kingdom, and I, are grateful for your patience and for sticking it out with us! All joking aside, Klabater heard you loud and clear and brought a person onboard to specifically work on correcting and improving things.

A lot of time and effort went into not only the coding and compiling of the massive list of bug fixes and improvements seen below, but there were also considerable hours of play testing done prior to release. Not only by ‘the kingdom,’ but also by me, your faithful Court Herald! I have said that things would get better and, dear Innkeepers, we have crawled through the moat together and are now standing on the other side. And it. Is. Better!

All that being said, there are always improvements to be made and fun things to be added once the dust has settled. I have said it for months now and I say again, Delcrys is alive and well!

Let’s get to it!

Patch Notes
• Added pathfinding visualization to help players with issues related to pathfinding. You can activate it by using a new button located next to the ‘God Hand’ button. There are 3 colour-coded areas:
--- green - outside
--- blue - inside available for everyone
--- yellow - inside available only for worker
• Fixed anti-aliasing.
• Fixed workers continue to try performing an action even if there is no path available.
• NPCs don’t walk into walls anymore.
• Fixed the issue regarding more than one person using the bathtub. (Also confirmed!)
• NPCs now respond properly to deleting bathtubs while they are going to use it.
• Adventurers won’t be taking baths anymore.
• NPCs now are properly removed from the user tab after taking a bath.
• Fixed issues related to the game assigning wrong user to baths.
• NPCs won’t stay at the counter for no apparent reason no more. Now only NPCs waiting for their baths will stay at the counter to wait for their service to be prepared.
• Fixed bath actions not working properly after reloading the game.
• Fixed an issue regarding removing particular wooden planks.
• Decluttered the screen by only showing icons for selected levels instead of all.
• Updated physics check for object placement on the map.
• Fixed Chinese translation.
• Added option to choose a prefered counter to be used by guests depending on set priority.
• Fixed animation whilst performing going to bed action.
• Fixed animation whilst performing taking a bath action.
• Fixed crashes caused by Vedetas actions.
• Icons responding for city influence level where lighting before the level was achieved. This is also fixed now.
• Fixed posh benches not fitting posh tables.
• Tweaked finance system.
• Removed unused shortcuts from Tips’n’Tricks.
• Fixed issues regarding putting down and deleting tiles.
• Translated “Allow All Objects in All Rooms” to all supported languages.
• Fixed paying back debt system.
• Fixed issues related to different tasks.
• Shortened error messages so they fit the UI properly.
• Added missing pop-ups with descriptions for objects.
• Added missing counter name.
• Limited the amount of wood that can be stored in a wood holder.
• Fighting rings now earn money properly.
• Fixed multiple bugs related to UI.
• Watched resources are now sorted alphabetically. (along the bottom of the screen)
• Fixed crashes occurring when buying pets in pause mode and inspecting them.
• Changed the direction of the green arrow showing the alignment of benches and stools.
• Fixed issue regarding multiple staff performing a single task.
• Fixed income animation for renting a bed not showing up.
• Fixed waitress's headdress clipping.
• Corrected mouse accuracy when building on higher floors.
• Fixed issues regarding sending employees to obtain a piece of furniture while they’re asleep.
• Fixed bard’s music speeding up when setting time to ‘Fast’.
• Fixed already known recipes showing as available for purchase. (It’s true! Duplicates are removed overnight! Furniture, too)
• Updated employee levelling and their salary raise.
• Fixed the rotating cats bug.
• Fixed lag when switching to Build mode.
• Fixed lag when deleting certain objects.
• Fixed different crashes triggered by animations.
• Fixed issues with translations for several asset names and UI elements.
• Fixed map clipping issues.
• Fixed Crude Candelabra not working properly.
• Fixed Horse Armor.
• Fixed Paint.
• Fixed Carpet.
• Fixed Classical Rug. (I am so in love with how it looks now!)
• Fixed Pillar.
• Fixed Billboard, so horses don’t get blocked anymore.
• Fixed Bushes.
• Fixed Peeping Thom location not showing or/and having the ability to interact with.
• Doors and windows now give money when deleted.
• Fixed room index.

I have also received an Official Decree regarding other platforms. Now that many of the bugs have been fixed, focus will now turn to Mac and Linux to get 4.0 for them as well. This patch is the last one for Mac, Linux, and Windows 7/8 users and support for those platforms is being discontinued.

A few more notes:
• You do not need to uninstall/reinstall the game for this patch to work.
• This patch does not require starting anything over. Therefore, you should have no problems playing previously saved games that were updated to 3.0.8.
• Did you know? You can skip the prologue (Act I) of the game! Check under Options>Game and check the “Skip Prologue” box. Not recommended for first-time players. Act I is important for learning how to play.

Whew! As with any large patch, there will be quirks. We welcome your feedback and will work quickly to resolve anything that comes up.

Your Faithful Court Herald,

PATCH 3.0.8

Innkeepers of Delcrys,

Work in progress, repairs in progress. And after a prior update it is time for another. So here comes a fresh bunch of fixes, because PATCH 3.0.8
is here!

Patch Notes:
• The game will no longer stop awarding upgrade points in Act 3
• Multiple fixes to resolution; it now saves player's choice after rebooting the game, and doesn't change on its own
• Fixed pathing for imported taverns
• Animals no longer disappear after a new tavern is imported
• Level 0 dialogues and icons are no longer visible when level -1 is active
• Fixed fonts and issues that could occur when changing languages (ex. to Chinese)
• New workers no longer spawn t-posed
• Fixed issues with stairs to the basement

With a recent patch 3.0.7 for PC and the hotfix released on Xbox version, we’ll continue to meet up expectations of the community and hope to provide you with even more fixes very soon. That all, however, wouldn’t be possible if not your continuous feedback on Steam and Discord, so keep it up!
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Interstellar Space: Genesis


Fixed an issue with the 'Space Elevator' facility where it could still prevent the colony view screen from closing when clicking on the 'close button' and instead would ask if the space elevator should be scrapped. This still happened in window-mode with certain custom resolutions.
Fixed an issue in the 'Uncreative' leader skill where the wording "No secondary skill choice on level up" could be misleading. It now reads: "Only one secondary skill option on level up".
Fixed a glitch in the Admiral Diaz' angry animation, where her arms could fold incorrectly. The arm is now correctly layered on top of the body [Natural Law expansion].
Fixed an issue when 'Trade Goods' was in the construction queue, it would not refresh the empire credits when adding another project to the top of the queue. It would still report credits as if Trade Goods were on top (a refresh was required).
Fixed a text error in the Point Defense tooltip vs torpedoes. "Can't fire torpedos" now reads :"Can't fire at torpedoes". And, another instance of "torpedos" in the PD tooltips was also fixed to "torpedoes".
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Necromunda: Hired Gun

Greetings Bounty Hunters!

The second patch is now live and brings various improvements, thanks to your feedback!
For this update, we mainly focused on improving the stability of the game and reducing the stutters significantly, on top of multiple bug fixes.

As always, we want to thank you for your continued support to the game! Let’s dive into the patch content!

Patch content

New features

New dialogue added when leaving a merchant shop
Eschers do not have Cameleoline (invisible effect) anymore, except the Boss
New NPC melee attack variation
New sound for overloaded cells (plasma gun and pistol)
New sound for Grenade launcher Proximity grenade and high explosive grenades
Weapon reloads automatically when empty after switching weapons
If a player keeps the ADS button pressed when reloading or any action it should go back to ADS automatically
Added options to disable crosshair and enemies outline
Added a flinch animation when you rip off a shield from an Orlock with the grapnel

Bugfixes and stability

Global game stability improvements
Stuttering occurrences should be reduced a lot, even if it’s still work in progress
AI improvements to limit the cases where enemies stand around without trying to fight
Fixed a focus issue in the dialogue when the bartender and Kal are next to each other
Fixed arms and legs from the player which could have an issue when dying while performing a takedown or using shock power
Archeotechs information now correctly display a number of damage instead of a range of damage
Loot bonuses: removed the % as it's technically not a percentage
Avarus: When player enters wrong coordinates, the hoist goes to the wrong coordinates before triggering the alarm
Players should not get stuck in chests anymore
Fix a bug when Strength Booster was still active at the end of a mission
Tweaked the voice "mask effect" to recover some mid / low frequencies and get a better clarity in dialogue
Several fixes on takedowns when the player and the enemy are not at the same height


Balancing on some mastiff implants and large NPC HPs
The mastiff now attacks by himself in a larger area
Greater range of Goliath missile launchers

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

Updated to 1.179fix.
No changelog
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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

MW5 JULY 7TH PATCH NOTES (galaxy only for now)

Greetings Mercenaries!

Today we bring another patch to MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries and the DLC "Heroes of the Inner Sphere". A few of the highlights are as follows:


Added a feature where Repair 'Mech will now replace destroyed equipment with the exact same item from your inventory if available.
Fixed a bug where projectile explosions did not destroy nearby destructible.
Fixed a bug in the first wave of one of the "Black Harvest" missions where a Blackjack BJ-1 would often get stuck in the rocks preventing mission progression.
Fixed a bug where the target structure was hidden under terrain.


Fixed unlocking achievements on Microsoft Game Pass PC when not logged into Xbox Live.


Fixed a bug where the social box didn't appear until you connected online.


Fixed a bug where DLC is available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming Beta.
Updated splash screen image.


The Infantry mod has been uploaded to Steam and EGS.
The VR Plugins have been reenabled in the Editor. This should allow Mod Builders to continue creating VR-related mods and will enable users to explicitly enable VR support when desired, rather than the game auto-launching any installed VR software.
Fixed a bug where saving certain BP Assets to a Mod crashed the Mod Editor.
We hope you continue to enjoy MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries and "Heroes of the Inner Sphere", and as always if you have any technical issues or bugs to report, be sure to email or contact us in the MechWarrior Discord Server in the appropriate channels.

The MechWarrior 5 Team
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Lost Ruins

Updated to 1.0.9a (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
1.0.9a Patch Notes

Hi everyone. We have a few minor fixes in 1.0.9a,

- Added quest start/complete/failure display UI
- Fixed a bug where beam attacks were blocked by shield

Fixed item descriptions in some languages:

- Rune stone (French/Portuguese/Spanish/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Russian)
- Best friend (French/Portuguese/Spanish/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Russian)

Fixed achievement descriptions in some languages:

- Necromancer (French/Portuguese/Spanish)
- Oops (French/Portuguese/Spanish/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Russian)

Fixed character dialogues in some languages:

- Kana in castle lower (English/Spanish)
- Sadora (English/Spanish/Portuguese/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese)
- Jenny (Simplified Chinese)
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers updated)

v0.91.43 Patch Notes
Added 2 powerful races with level adjustment: Catfolk and Hobgoblin

Powerful Races and Level Adjustments

Some races are more powerful than normal races. These races have a racial trait called level adjustment.

When create a powerful race character, add the level adjustment to the character level to get the effective character level, i.e. character level + level adjustment = effective character level.

When level up the character, use the effective character level to determine the experience points needed. Therefore, the character requires more experience points to level up than a normal character. In other words, powerful race characters level up more slowly than normal characters.

Powerful race characters still use the actual character level to determine other stats, such as hit points, skill points, gaining feats, etc.

Generally speaking, a powerful race character cannot be added to an adventure party as an initial character. Only a high enough level adventure party can recruit powerful race characters.

Added detailed background descriptions (Physical Description, Society, Relations, Alignment and Religion, Adventurers, Names, etc.) for following races:

Fixed: Adventure mode Flee UI mess up
Fixed: Some too long tips of Create Character UI

Note: When you encountered a bug, please zip and send your saves (the game folder/saves) to It's extremely useful for debugging.
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* Out of Line
Offline installer updated to

- Changelog from steam:

" Fixed bug with the meta achievement “Out of Line” not triggering - reentering the game should unlock the achievement if the remaining achievements are unlocked;
Fixed a bug where the lever tutorial could be ignored;
Fixed several sound issues;
Localization updates in: German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese;
Disconnecting a controller should now pause the game. "

* Tempest
Windows offline installers updated to 1.5.0

- GOG changelog:

" Added 7 new flags and 5 new sails for ship's customization.
New long-range cannon and experimental long-range projectiles are now available, allowing you to fight at an unprecedented distance.
Of course, bug fixes are also included in this build. Rumours say the "Sea Wolf" achievement can now be successfully obtained.
P.S. To receive a quest for the new weapon, you need to sink at least 20 ships."
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Version (galaxy only for now)


Cryogenic Induction: Barrier Health specialization is now properly tied to taking that feat instead of another
You can use Point Shot with Syg MPX now
Fixed Phase Gun not being in the electronic repair category and energy weapons trading category
Fixed Formedicator's store refresh duration.
Minor dialog and map fixes
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art of rally

Updated to 1.2.0e (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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X3: Terran War Pack

Updated from version 3.7 to 3.7a on Windows and on Linux (from a much older version)!

No changelog, but this should mean that version 1.2 of the included Farnham's Legacy was just made available for Linux, which is indeed confirmed on the Egosoft forums.
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There seems to be a changelog now:
Update 3.7a


X3: Terran Conflict: Fixed several voice samples in German version


X3: Farnham's Legacy: Now available on Linux!
X3: Terran Conflict: Updated to version 3.4
X3: Albion Prelude: Updated to version 3.3
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Carcassonne - Tiles & Tactics

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.10.2964 ⇒ 1.10.2966.

No Changelog


Order of Battle: World War II

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 9.0.0 ⇒ 9.0.3,
v9.0.3 Update

We've released a new update for Order of Battle. Check out the changelog below:

• Force and Purchase buttons available outside of your turn
• Campaign pins now show in campaign play when spec screen is used
• Fixed unit XP display issue
• No unit trait tooltip removed
• Video Mode only disables some UI now fixed
• Unit Upgrade available popup now appears
• Incorrect Scenario values shown during Multiplayer replays fixed
• FOW Replay bug fixed
• Deployment Mode indicator added
• Incorrect text now not rendered as squares
• Turkish text issues fixed
• GDPR Panel added to Options Screen
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Distant Kingdoms (In Development)

Updated to 11970 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch: 11970

The people of Ineron rejoice with new choices for decoration! Enjoy the new hedge and brick walls, which you can use to add a natural or cosmopolitan touch to your settlements.

Enjoy these new walltypes alongside a slew of fixes to bugs you've reported!

We can't wait to see a-MAZE-ing things you create

As always, if you come across any bugs please report them at

We're all working hard on Updates 1.5 and 2, with more details soon to come!

Additions/Improvements (tasks)

- Implemented hedge and brick walls.
- Restored and improved text colours in the city overview.

Bug Fixes

- The quest for the beer tech tree node now shows correct requirements.
- Walls no longer cost double their intended amount.
- Corrected localisation issues in the quest for the noble tier tech tree node.
- Immigration is no longer shown as increasing in the city overview when it’s not actually changing.
- The birch tree prop now affects beauty.
- Added missing localisation for adventuring party status in the tavern inspector.
- Added missing localisation to the tooltip for an option in the "Counting Chickens" event.
- Notifications now appear when mines become depleted.
- Stone and wood now have different costs.
- Immigration no longer fails, and new residents now move in correctly.
- The planting cost in the gatherer's hut no longer goes into decimals if orc employee modifiers are applied.
- Side scrolling movement is now blocked while the tech tree is open.
- Buildings and roads can no longer be accidentally deleted if starting a hold click on empty terrain with the demolition tool.
- Tech tree nodes that are locked by the tutorial no longer display visual issues when selected.
- The main menu loading text is now displayed at the correct size.
- Building efficiency no longer only updates at the start of each month.
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Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 4.0.0 ⇒ 4.0.1.
Patch 4.0 - Quick Hotfix

Innkeepers of Delcrys,

Never have I seen such swift action to correct mistakes! It took all day, but here is the hotfix patch to correct some issues that caused such chaos. I sincerely thank those who posted and sent in game files. It couldn't have been done as quickly without your help!

Here is what this small, yet significant, patch corrected:
• Fixed issue with attribution of the task to workers.
• Fixed bug regarding not being able to store wood collected on the map to the woodshed.
• Fixed garden patch not working.
• Animations for bathing customers are working properly again.
• Fixed display of money earned from bathing customers.
• Fixed most of the saves not loading properly.
• Fixed issue with stacking water in the barrel, causing the worker not to load the water. In case you still encounter bugs related to this issue (especially in the prologue) we recommend hiring more workers as a temporary workaround and sending over save files.

Once again, a sincere thank you for the bug reporting and save files. Also, I would like to acknowledge the very hard work the devs put into getting this compiled, tested, and ready in such a short amount of time.

Carry on, Innkeepers!

Your Court Herald,

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.01 ⇒ 2021-06-09 @ 15:58:17, [MAC] 1.01 ⇒ 1.02.

No Changelog


Operation Body Count

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, MAC] 1.01 ⇒ 1.02.

No Changelog



Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒

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Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition

Updated to 8193.28 (galaxy only for now)

Hello, dear community!

We just released a small update for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. Thank you all for your continued support— read on for details!

Today's patch (aka Revision 28) includes:

Toolset: Fixed a crash when rendering some custom content.
Nuklear/Nui: Fixed line breaks with non-ASCII characters: Module descriptions for polish and russian should now wrap properly.
LoadAliases: Fixed DOCINSTALL not working on some systems (Options -> Open Source Licences tab was empty).
Movies: Fixed EndMovie() not working for nwsync-sourced content, such as Eye of the Beholder (because the manifest had already been unloaded).

If you are feeling adventurous, why not give the development build a try, with many more fixes and features in it?!