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Wasteland 3

Patch 1.4.1 "Scotchmo's Breath Mint"
Scotchmo is great, but we’re certain his breath isn’t. And just like the breath mint we imagine he chews from time to time, this update is a deceptively small but potent addition. Packing a minty-fresh wallop that’s sure to air out the place like wintergreen on the palette of a curmudgeonly alcoholic with a closet full of Snake Squeezins.

Please note, Scotchmo’s Breath Mint’s notes are separated into changes that impact Steeltown specifically, and those that impact base game content or systems that span the entire game.

The Battle of Steeltown


The special Steeltown armor is now more affordable, and it drops more often. We want players to get into the new armor more easily, as it’s designed to withstand Steeltown’s elemental-heavy weapons. Also it looks cool.
Non-lethal playthroughs were more challenging than intended. We’ve made a number of changes to improve reliability of Disruption weapons and slightly boost their effectiveness in response to player feedback.
Disruption Baton hit chance increased to 85%.
Disruption Pulser’s mag size increased to 10 and its hit chance to 80%.
Disruption Web Launchers hit chance increased to 95%.
Disruption Trap’s AP cost reduced to 4.
Heavy Disruption Blaster had its AP cost reduced to 5 but its reload cost increased to 4.
Disruption Sniper AP cost reduced to 6.

Rioter punch damage reduced by 50% and powerfist impact damage increased by 10%.
Mechanic sniper damage bonus reduced by 10%.
Foundry Worker and Exo-Tech basic attack damage reduced by 50%. Their ability damage was unchanged.
Maintenance Worker melee damage reduced by 10%.
Construction Worker hit chance reduced by 10%.


The Patriarch now properly acknowledges all possible Steeltown outcomes, which is good because dealing with the Patriarch is not an insignificant part of the game.
Addressed an issue where loading a save during a cutscene could cause the game to display the cutscene bars for the remainder of that session. Imagine just waiting for that loooong cutscene to end. Something’s going to happen at any moment… Nope.
Skipping the conversation with the Computation Engine could cause some weird bugs. Were they bugs though or did the Computation Engine just not appreciate being skipped?
Resolved a softlock that could occur if a player (somehow) initiated combat with Guard-Bots after opening the Steeltown gate but before the Ghost Gang arrival.
Resolved an issue where the Gift of the Magi mission was not being failed when a player sided with Crow to eliminate Markham.
Blue now takes the correct amount of money during the Degausser negotiation.
Resolved an issue where squad members would pop in and out of cover like deranged jack-in-the-boxes.
Players will now no longer lose access to the Steeltown merchants after the raid, which is nice.
All NPCs on the Admin Level will now properly react to Crow and Blue being in charge, *cough* ...if that’s at all how things play out for you. Not saying they need to, you do you.
Hacked Guard-Bots in the Steeltown Spire will no longer block the path to the witches. I mean switches! lol I can’t believe I did that. I’m so random! xoxo
Assistance by Steeltown’s Computation Engine was extremely infrequent. We made it less infrequent by a specific percentage which you can never know.
Resolved an issue in the Steeltown Spire where the player was moved to a different spot than indicated when trying to interact with the Bot-Lift switch.
Bot-Lifts won’t draw quite as much aggro from followers and animal companions as they did before. Promise.
Dr. Breeler should no longer go missing after the raid. Strong emphasis on ‘should.’ He’s a free spirit.
Luis at Steeltown’s gates will no longer repeat the same conversation after the Factory’s situation has been resolved.
Bro, the Helping Hand bonus will like totally no longer activate before Handcraft offers help. It was pretty sketch but we fixed it up so you can get back to shredding the gnar.
Resolved a softlock that could occur in the Steeltown Spire during cutscenes there.
Resolved an issue which was preventing combat from ending when more than one robot was hacked on the player's side before the last enemy was killed.
Destroying the generator at the Scrapyard bridge will no longer break the Ghost Gang behavior during combat.
[PS4] Resolved some visual issues with the Power Loader attacks.
[Xbox] Resolved an issue that could cause framerate to drop while players engaged in the first combat with the Ghost Gang.


Resolved an issue where a co-op player would not get pulled into the conversation with Markham and Crow if they were too far from the scene. Yoink!
Addressed an issue that was resulting in the Kodiak’s parked location being desynchronized between the players. Alas, the philosophical debate about where Schrödinger's Kodiak is has finally been resolved.
Resolved an issue where only the guest could participate in the radio call from the Steeltown Refugee after the area was completed and the party was leaving Steeltown.
Resolved an issue where a softlock could occur when a guest spoke with Dr. Breeler as the session host spoke to Luis during the Flushed mission.
Resolved an issue where Beals would appear hostile for the guest, after the party defeated the Ghost Gang using non-lethal weapons.
Resolved an issue which was preventing the guest player from being pulled into the final conversation with the Computation Engine. Double-yoink.

UI & Display

Resolved a strange visual issue that was going on with Blue’s hair.
Assembling the warbot now has all the sparks and flashing lights warranted by the creation of a mobile death-machine.
The Power Loader melee smash now gibs and ragdolls bodies so you can feel the full effect of really screwing up that fight.
While hovering on the switch to shut down the Bot-Lift in the Steeltown Spire, the movement preview will no longer show a random nearby space.


Added the Disruption Turbine’s sound effects which were missing for its ambient, idle, and overloading states. What good is a turbine if it doesn’t go vrmmmvrmm, chunkachunk, and BRRZZZRRRZZ?
The all-important THUD! sound has been added for when a player falls off the treadmill within the Administration level.
Pressing the big, red, candy-like button to end the simulation in the Steeltown Spire now has proper sound effects.


You can stop holding it, the outhouse is now usable.
We’ve tweaked some things under the hood during the Steeltown final battle so that framerate doesn’t tank.
[Linux] Resolved an issue that could cause the game to crash if the camera was rotated while the screen was focused on the Steeltown gates.

Base Game


We’ve employed a general fix for crit damage calculations, which should help with one-shot crits from enemies. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do the calculations, the game will do that for you. I mean, you could on paper, but you don’t have to.
We found that enemies were calculating a higher crit damage value than intended. We’ve corrected the calculation. Player crit damage is unchanged.


Resolved an issue where hit chance previews would not display for enemies who weren't in your line of sight. Sneaky bastards thought they were just gonna go under the radar.
We addressed the freak of nature situation that was happening in Ironclad’s makeshift jail area where combat could become bugged-out to the extreme, preventing players from proceeding with the combat there.
The reward from the "Buzzkill" quest can no longer be acquired infinitely if Marshall Kwon is present in the squad.
Resolved an issue which was preventing Benjie Braddock from giving the ventilation system password to the player after he’s been “assisted.”
Resolved an issue which would sometimes prevent players from being able to click on the Kodiak to repair it during combat.
Resolved a softlock that could occur after interacting with computers in Aspen when their connected turrets had been destroyed.
[Xbox] We’ve employed stability fixes for a cutscene with Angela Deth at Hoon Homestead.
[Steam] Resolved an issue where enemies would not attack the party when concurrent movement had been disabled.

UI & Display

Resolved an issue where quickslot items could disappear after map transitions or save loads.
Resolved an issue that could prevent a player from accessing their character’s abilities while that character was aiming.
Resolved an issue where dialog barks would linger after combat ended. Do you have to, do you have to let it linger? Good luck not singing that for the rest of the day now.
The “highlight all” button will now no longer make non-interactive corpses show an outline because who needs that nonsense?
[Microsoft Store] We’ve attempted to fix an issue introduced with 1.4.0 that was causing the game to launch with the brightness defaulted to the lowest setting. If you continue to encounter this please report it through the inXile support site.
[Controller] Resolved an issue that could prevent a player from selecting status effects in the inventory with a controller.
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The manual has been added to the Extras section of GRIP

A changelog is now available as well:
UPDATE 1.5.3 June 29 2021

- Added Vintek Marengo speedster class vehicle
- Added Norvos map Jekna 881
- Added two new music tracks from Thrill Swollowa
- Added new music track by Nosfer & Urph
- Added Dragstrip Carkour track
- Added gradient paint jobs for all vehicles
- Added more decal options to every car
- Added menu options for speed streaks and bumper cam vehicle 'ghost'
- Improved AI bot speed control
- Improved position tracking system
- Improved end-race cinematic camera support
- Fixed custom tournament results. Tourney results now shown in the main UI between tournament events.
- Solidified vehicle / vehicle collision inertia for less troublesome collision.
- Bug fix for not recording a finish time for players that don't cross the finish line before the event is ended in tournament mode. The finish time is now estimated and calculated into the final results which are used to arbitrate tie-breakers.
- Bug fix for text boxes to have them appear in the gamepad UI navigation. You may need to use the analog stick to navigate away from a text box and the D pad gets locked out.
- Various other bug fixes and improvements
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Hollow Knight's Linux version has *finally* been updated.

(Unfortunately, this means a couple versions have been skipped, which is not so good for preservation of said versions.)
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UnderRail should be getting an update here at one point. 1.1.4?
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Interstellar Space: Genesis



New 'Background Nebula Density' option in the game settings allows setting less or more density to the star map's background nebula.


The empire yellow color was tweaked to be slightly less bright to not be so similar with the light green color, to help colorblind folks.
The small icon balls representing Gas Giants in the system labels are now displayed with a slightly different icon to help differentiate from the colonizable planet green color. This was also done to improve the experience of colorblind players.
Also to help the colorblind experience, the non-ideal biome and gravity habitability icons are now displayed with an exclamation point next to them in the colony view, system view and planet overview panel, whenever they are displayed alone with no additional information.
The 'Homeworld Name' field is now called 'Home System Name' in the New Game screen since that was not really the name of the home planet but of the homeworld's system.


Fixed a bug that was causing attack opportunities to be denied on systems with rival settlements on the special cases where another fleet was present which belonged to an empire that was either a subject or which the player had a peace treaty with.
Fixed a bug in the 'Euphoria' achievement that was not allowing it to fire.
Fixed an issue in the extra 'Maneuverability' option in the ship design screen. When the level changed, the weapons' accuracy did not update. Now they update accordingly.
Fixed a bug in the enemy weapons panel in space combat that was allowing the player's weapon ranges to update when hovering the mouse on the enemy ship's weapons.
Text reworded in some weapon tooltips where it said "2 turns cooldown." Now says "2 turn cooldown".
Text reworded on the Ship Support Points tooltip, "From Colonies Infrastructure" is now "From Colony Infrastructure".
The text label on all finished buildings in a colony now reads "Colony Structures"; was "Finished Constructions" before.
Fixed an issue in the weapons tooltip in space combat where it could show the damage number right next to where it read "From Ship Design" in some resolutions. It was lacking a space between the number and the text.
Fixed an issue in the Spinal Mount weapon tooltip. The "No range damage dissipation" effect was still listed although the effect was removed a long time ago. The tooltip was reworded accordingly.
Fixed a bug in the 'Armor' empire effects tooltip where it would show a bonus when there were sources of Neutronium available in the empire even though the 'Neutronium Armor Coating' tech was not researched yet. The effects were not being applied, it was only a display bug.
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Strangeland has been updated. No changelog but a reply to what they changed from one of the devs on discord about it:

"bug fixes, there was a small issue with music
thought i fixed it, didn't fix it
fixed it now"
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* Calico
Windows offline installer updated to 1.0.12

- I think the Changelog is related to this:

Added autosaving every 5 minutes or when you enter furniture mode. It alternates between 2 autosave slots that you can select from the load menu
Added color presets to character customization to save your favorite colors
Added design option to clothing. Allows you to select a design and control the pattern. Designs are unlocked from meeting the townsfolk, finding animals, and buying recipes and items
Added color gradient option to clothing. Allows you to select two colors, and set gradient size, direction, and position
Added furniture color customization. All copies of furniture share colors (All "Cute Chair" will share colors). Currently only works with untextured furniture (not things like the plants and trees)
Added the ability to choose from several running animations
Greatly reduced the time it takes to launch the game to the main menu
Added German and Brazilian Portuguese to language options
Made it easier to talk to a specific NPC when 2 are standing next to each other
Made jeans texture grey instead of blue for better color customization
Made item previews in store, inventory, and character creator stay fully lit even at night
Fixed dialogue sounds that were broken by the previous update
Fixed the outline of the player showing on top of the outline of their clothes
Finally fixed the item names of the Crown and Sailor Hat
Fixed a freeze that was sometimes caused by opening the clothing store

Preview trailer

6/22 Edit: Added a few more fixes
Fixed localization UI problems
Made Owl Club members teleport into their position when player arrives to avoid waiting and possible bugs
Added saving animal hats and the hat's customization
Fixed animals sometimes continuing to walk while you are trying to petting them

* Tales of Maj'Eyal
Mac and Linux offline installers now also updated to 1.7.4


* Children of Morta
Linux offline installer updated to 1.2.63
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SKALD: Against the Black Priory - The Prologue got an update, but unfortunately GOG has no changelog.

(Nice to see that a free demo is getting updates.)
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Terminator: Resistance

Updated to 1.0.50b

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution implemented
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Updated to 1.3.1 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

No changelog.
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Police Stories

Updated to 1.3.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Latest changelogs from Steam:
1.2.3 - Bugfix Patch

Greetings, officers!

While the next large update is on the way, we continue to polish the game on a regular basis. Here is a list of all the changes:

- Gamepad controls and detection in co-op mode have been fixed;
- Discord link in the main menu works again;
- Lots of Korean players complained about an inconvenient font. It has now become more readable;
- Female characters now don’t refer to themselves as males in some languages;
- Some of the spelling errors and text bugs (when certain text blocks didn’t fit on the screen) have been fixed.
1.3.0 - New Weapons and Destructible Walls!

Greetings, officers!

It's time for some great spring news — meet update 1.3.0!

Much work has been done, and now we’d like to share what awaits you in the largest update in a long time :)

Firstly, we’ve added 5 new weapons to the game. One is stronger than the other, and now they’re getting unlocked as you progress through the game and complete missions. To keep you on your toes, the game now starts with the weakest weapon:

- R226 pistol, with which normal walking becomes faster (initially unlocked);
- Automatic submachine gun NP5, which is already familiar to players (gets unlocked after the 2nd mission);
- Pump shotgun Moss 500 (gets unlocked after the 8th mission);
- Automatic carbine MA41 (gets unlocked after the 10th mission);
- Semi-automatic rifle AAR 15 (gets unlocked after the 16th mission);
- Automatic shotgun Stelvio M4 (gets unlocked after the 17th mission).

New shot sound effects have been added to all new weapons. All weapon mods work differently for new guns.

Secondly, destructible walls have been added to the campaign. They break with 8 melee hits, 8 shots, or the installation of explosives on them. But here's a piece of advice: do not spare resources for their destruction, because they give a great tactical advantage!

Thirdly, we fixed some bugs and slightly tweaked the balance. We know that the game has a high entry threshold, so the bikers (the main enemies in the first levels) have been weakened. We will continue to work in this direction to make the game even more friendly and more fun.

Following bugs have been fixed:

- Game crashes in local co-op mode;
- AI ally now indicates a bomb on the map when he sees it.

We are also aware that with the 1.2.3 update, certain issues with Mac OS appeared. Unfortunately, there’ll be no updates available to Mac players until we fix this bug. We are trying very hard, but have not yet figured out how to do it.

We wish you a great day and many hours of fun in the game! And, of course, watch for the news, as we are not done here yet :)
1.3.1 - Balance Improvements

Greetings, officers!

This small fix-patch is devoted to your feedback. We read all your commentaries, reviews, complaints and suggestions, and, of course, analyze them. Many players experience difficulties with the completion of missions. The game still has a high entry threshold, which not everyone can handle.

We have lowered the penalty for mistakes, making it easier to beat the game overall. However, if you want to complete the game with a high score, you’ll have to spend the same effort.

Also, players have difficulty in situations where negotiations are already useless, and delay can cost Rick and John their lives. The heartbeat quickens, and the blood boils, as you made the difficult decision that the only way to stop the criminal would be to shoot, and every millisecond becomes worth its weight in gold. But at the most important moment, the hand of the police officer shakes and the bullet doesn’t hit the target, while the cold-blooded bandit deals with the lawkeeper with one precise shot.

We have slightly increased the accuracy of the police officers, while the criminals have become slightly less accurate, which increases your chances in a firefight at long distances.

Thanks to everyone who leaves feedback. Thank you for your responses to the last survey. We’ve received a thousand replies — a lot to think about. We continue to work on the game and make it better.

The following bugs have been fixed:

- After completing missions in online co-op, an error no longer occurs, which made it impossible to pick up evidence;
- Melee strikes no longer pass through doors;
- Fixed a bug that prohibited shooting after pressing reload and firing at the same time;
- Fixed a crash in local co-op when the second player selected a shotgun;
- Fixed a crash when you started the game without selecting the main weapon.
1.3.2 - Destructible Walls Updated

Greetings, officers!

In this patch we focused on the developments of destructible walls.

We’ve added a tutorial window with destructible walls to the first level. Now new players will be aware of their presence in the game for sure.

Our team would like to thank all content makers. We watched a lot of your Police Stories playthroughs and realized that destructible walls were not visible enough. Therefore, we decided to make them animated so that you no longer have to strain your eyes.

And if you think that there weren't enough of them, now destructible walls are also available in the level editor!

Enjoy your dismantling!
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List of games that their update flags are missing in Jun 2021:
(Only games I owned are recorded. [1])

grip (Game Manual)
metro_exodus (Enhanced Edition)
[1] Jun 2021:
[2] May 2021:
Post edited July 01, 2021 by kbnrylaec
kbnrylaec: grip (Game Manual)
It is an extra added - don't know if they ever showed update flags in such cases since the game files were not altered at all.

kbnrylaec: metro_exodus
Has there even been an update fpr Metro Exodus? Afaik they only added the new version of Metro Exodus which is also just listed as an Extra.
kbnrylaec: metro_exodus
MarkoH01: Has there even been an update fpr Metro Exodus? Afaik they only added the new version of Metro Exodus which is also just listed as an Extra.
I don't remember seeing any updates/blue dots for Metro Exodus in June, but I do remember seeing getting an update on gogdb.

Edit: That is for the Enhanced Edition.
Post edited July 01, 2021 by ariaspi
MarkoH01: Has there even been an update fpr Metro Exodus? Afaik they only added the new version of Metro Exodus which is also just listed as an Extra.
Yep. Enchanced Edition updated at least twice.