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* No Man's Sky
Offline installers updated to 3.50_Prisms_73505

It seems to be mostly a visual effects update. Detailed changelog can be found here:


* Children of Morta
It seems Windows offline installer was updated to

Couldn't find a changelog.
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The first patch for Viscerafest just arrived in GOG Galaxy. Offline installers should be ready soon too. Here's the changelog:

Viscerafest update
New Features

• Assist options added
• When you're being burnt by green acid you can dash to remove the damage over time effect.
• Added skip function to the stat display at the end of a level. Press your assigned interact key and it'll skip the stat display animation


• Scientist, Trooper, Thunder Bird, Enforcer, Grenadier, Blitzer and Watcher sprites updated
• Liquid damages rebalanced
• Pillars during boss fight lowered to prevent players from using them as cover
• Further elaboration in dash tutorial
• More Save Beacon placements in C1L7 Evanescent Evacuation
• Watcher's nerfed
• Ladder tweaks(edited)
• Projectiles swapped from particles to models to improve performance and fix visibility issues at lower framerates
• Enemy windups adjusted to be more noticeable


• Issue where you are unable to move related to keybinds (while also being unable to bind your keybinds) should be resolved
• Locker softlock fixed - you can now open the lockers from the inside, should you find yourself locked inside one
• C1 Boss softlock related to dying on certain attacks fixed
• L7 toilets fixed
• L7 trains deathbox tweaked to prevent occasions where you would die while behind one of the trains
• L7 saving softlock resolved
• L7 texture fixes
• Pistol starting works as expected when loading your boss autosave
• Fixed inconsistencies with screenshots loading improperly
• Fixed loading saves when selecting a profile
• Elevator doors in L4 fixed (when spamming the elevator button on the inside you could break the open/close sequence which could lead to a possible softlock)
• Elevator doors in Prelude fixed (when traveling back down the elevator the doors would fail to close)
• Elevator switch buttons in intro fixed (when using the elevator the buttons on the top and bottom of the elevator would break)
• Re-added the unbind instructions on the input screen that was disabled mistakenly
• Fixed issue with objective panel occasionally disappearing
• One of L6 dialogue lines fixed
• Fixed boss tutorial panel graphics
• Ratakathul explosions don't go through walls anymore
• One acid pool in L5 & L4 did not hurt you, this has been fixed
• Door in L4 that you couldn't open did not let you interact with it now allows you to play the cannot open sound
• L6 softlock fixed when saving before a sequence finishes
• File creation bug when selecting a different profile while the game is loading a different profile fixed
• L7 Stalkers not spawning in on Nightmare
• L5 Blitzer spawn outside bathroom fixed
• Typo fix
• FOV resetting on level start and death
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Moonlighter has been updated to version 1.14.29 on Galaxy. They don't include their version numbers in their announcements, but I assume this is supposed to be the February 2021 update.
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Lacuna - A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure

Updated to 1.0.9 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

V. 1.0.9


- Fixed a bug where characters would refer to Cox as shot or at large when it wasn't the case
- Fixed a bug where Lacuna logo animation would not play when coming from previous level
- Fixed a bug where NPC walk animations would not work properly after smoking
- Fixed music not always playing in Red Herring and Lotus Escort Agency
- Fixed a bug where interrogation with Gonzalez would loop when selecting a certain dialog option
- Fixed a bug where Dyson and the arresting officers would stay at train station for too long
- Fixed camera not following player into a room in CDI HQ
- Fixed animations not playing out correctly when spamming through Cox shootout (EN loca only, coming to all languages asap)
- Fixed a bug where two music tracks would sometimes overlap when confronting Cox
- Fixed a bug where player could trigger wrap-up conversation with Gary after Lotus Escort Agency multiple times
- Various corrections to German and Chinese localizations
- Some other small fixes & improvements

UI improvements

- All Cell UI sounds are now affected by the appropriate audio sliders
- Updating Glossary entries no longer spawns duplicates

Visual upgrades

- Various improvements to level sprites: Sakura Hotel, Rattle Snake Farm, Canal, CDI HQ
- Added furniture to Lotus Escort Agency
- Added animated displays to CDI HQ, AdSpot, Jorus Plaza surveillance van
- Added animated robots to Rattle Snake Farm
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Endzone - A World Apart

Updated to 1.0.7822.26058 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Due to numerous reports of death waves that occurred when building a shelter early in the game, we decided to let aged settlers move out of houses automatically to give younger settlers the chance to replace them and start a family. This prevents aged settlers from blocking houses until their death which led to younger settlers moving into houses too late to have children before they reach old age themselves, resulting in sudden extinction of large parts of the population, especially early in the game.

Buildings: Temporary storeroom, warehouse, and upgraded warehouse can now accept medicine, in order to store medicine that was acquired by trading or expeditions. Medicine that was produced in medical facilities will stay there unless transported to a market.
Buildings: The Town Center now accepts hearty meals, stew and cake in their inventory.
Expeditions: The expeditions UI no longer indicates that collectibles can be found in a fully explored location, if the corresponding collectible has already been unlocked through research.
Expeditions: Fully explored ruins no longer show their progress to have a consistent look with ruins that didn't have a story.
Scenarios: The last quest of the Garden Eden scenario now asks the player to provide a home for all settlers.
Settlers: Fixed several cases where builders would idle instead of following repair or construction tasks.
Side Missions: Fixed some wrong Loca connections in side missions.
Side Missions: Missions that require buildings of a specific category being connected to a power grid now check all respective buildings correctly.
UI: The red highlight that indicates invalid placement positions while in build mode no longer glitches when trying to place a building outside the left or bottom map border.
UI: Fixed skipping of several affected settlers when toggling through them using the red drawback icons at the bottom of the screen.
UI: Fixed some values in age distribution statistics not showing their correct values in early seasons.
UI: Small stability fixes to prevent exceptions.
UI: It's no longer possible to go into the main menu from a resource payment that was requested from a mission (e.g. raiders) by pressing ESC:
UI: Autosave can no longer be triggered while the player is in the resource payment window.

Expeditions: Tweaked the order of decisions at the Cake Shop to make them less linear.
Expeditions: The group leader of an expedition is no longer random to ensure that he always receives and therefore visually represents tools or radiation protection that are found during an expedition.
Expeditions: All advantages due to a certain profession are now advantages due to settler badges, to make them more failsafe when assembling an expedition.
Side Missions: In the electric overload side mission the player no longer needs to build recyclers, he instead has to employ more refiners (making it possible to solve the mission with a refinery).
Side Missions: Rescaled the trigger condition for the side mission "We're Getting Older and Older".

Known Issues
Settlers: Under certain conditions, that we can’t yet reproduce, settlers sometimes don’t repair buildings, we are investigating this issue.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.0.7822.26058
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GRAVEN recieved its first patch too today. It just appeared in GOG Galaxy. Offline files will be ready tomorrow I assume. Here's the changelog:

GRAVEN Early Access Patch #1 - 0.9.1634
New Features

• We have enabled a Bug Report Tool - You can use it by pressing the "HOME" button.

• We have added Key Door and Entry/Exit markers on the Maps
• Environment Hazards have been added. You can now kick enemies into a Cheval De Frise to kill them
• Kicking now consumes stamina. Kick impulse has also been increased
• The Discharge Spell has been added to the game
• Swamp Gas Hazards have been added. These can be ignited by using the Inflame spell
• Skeletons are now more deadly. You can now destroy their shield using the Inflame spell.
• We added proper ultrawide support, using a Ultrawide Correction slider. You can find the option under Graphics options.
• Added Profile Name in the bottom right of the Main Menu, as well as automatically closing the Profile menu when you select a profile.
• Added Shiny metal for 3Dfx mode.
• Fixed Ability to revert scroll wheel.
• Add a Popup with text, once you talk to the Ferryman after opening the library door, so the players know that this is the end of EA.

Bug Fixes and General Tweaks

• Saving and Exiting the game, now properly lets you go into the Brine Muskeg
• The Peat Burner now has a proper description
• You can now use the Inflame spell while your head is above water
• You now respawn with 30hp
• The Blacksmith has been made unavailable, as his main feature - Upgrading Spells and Weapons, wasn't ready yet. Therefore he served little purpose.
• Number of Barrels and Crates has been limited. Loot drops have been limited from breakables.
• Enemy Stunlock has been tweaked significantly, so enemies are harder to fight.
• The Hints for the Turtle Pillar sequence has been placed closer to the Pillar.
• The location of the turtle door is now hinted in the level.
• Fixed issue where the game would crash if you spoke to the Blacksmith with a controller connected, or would spawn in a "White box" without any saves.
• Fixed crash related to killing skeletons.
• Fixed issue where you would get more than 100% secrets.
• Added missing animations for Peat Burner's secondary fire
• H1L2 - Fixed inverted normals on mesh and wooden boards not breaking.
• Added SFX to new PeatBurner secondary animation montage for alt-fire.
• Tweaked audio volume level for PeatBrick pickup SFX.
• Revised EA concluding text.
• Adjusted resonating breakable material in Lice Slough.
• Falling through water when hitting geometry while trying to jump out of the water no longer happens.
• Projectile Range for Deacons and Cuff Arrow Skeletons has been increased
• Enemies are now overall more agressive, and stunlock less
• Made it harder to jump out of the boat before you reach the docks
• Slightly increased the Enemy Kick range. Kicking enemies off ledges is now also a more viable strategy
• Tweaked turtle key pickup text to lead the player to the water
• Substantially lowered drop rate values, deleted some drop opportunities entirely.
• Added double resolution Gargoyle textures to better fit environment density when upscaled in various maps
• Stripped loot table values from several breakables.
• Moved Cuff Arrow Pickup to guard just before Brine Muskeg entrance.
• Updated one of turtle puzzle hints so that there is only one possibility for the bottom piece
• Revised inventory descriptions to use relative language instead of hard numbers
• Fixed low lightmap res on intro tunnel and dock tower doorframe.
• Adjusted flinch, shock, burn values for most enemies available
• Removed a misleading lore scrap
• Tweaked inflame range slightly
• Tweaked inflame particle
• Tweaked Lichanthropes
• Player no longer collides with chopped off heads
• Surfaced blood on 3dfx chrome effect. Added metal mask texture for shortsword
• Fixed Flying broken bedframe in hub town
• Changed Concurrency setting for player dirt SFX that plays when landing
• Fixed main menu broken scale in 21:9
• Fixed orientation of spell pickup meshes in the UI
• Improved leap arc / animation playback for the Lichanthrope.
• Improved range and speed of Peat Totem
• Decals are no longer projected on to the player model
• Potions are now limited to 9
• Fix main menu quit button having wrong localized text
• Add "Can't pickup" health potions text
• Fixed pickups disappearing when they can't be picked up but still overlapped
• H1L2 - Added extra wood structure at the broken staircase fall in Clotted Avenues.
• H1L0 - Replaced Apothecary house with new mesh.
• Added more omph to kicking
Here's also a patch showcase vid:

Attached you'll also find the published roadmap.
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Battle Brothers

Updated to
No changelog
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Kynseed's installer updated to the version

Changelog taken from the Steam forum:

Hello there seedlings!

This update should hopefully resolve the most common reported issues since the update. If you are still getting any issues please send them in for us to look at (via discord or mailing

A big thanks to all of your support whether by sending in bugs, leaving a review letting us know what you think, hanging out in the community, or even by simply playing the game.

(Improvement) Various additional star ratings setup for items
(Improvement) Extra logging round npc actions
(Fix) Nightberries don't stop day 1 cutscene
(Fix) Fix for crash with npc crafting in apothecary with certain ingredients
(Fix) Fix for rare situations where npcs wouldn't react at the time for dates
(Fix) Goods Market event listed for all havens
(Fix) Player always visible while riding floating pig
(Fix) Fix for various Vale npcs sleeping
(Fix) Fix for fishing rod slot assignment on gamepad blur
(Fix) Npcs shouldn't ask for items they don't like for favours
(Fix) Lambs no longer rideable
(Fix) Crumblechalk mine exit to farm closed until you have the key
(Fix) C key can close the calendar as well as open it
(Fix) Fix for doubled up heads of some characters while sleeping
(Fix) Fix for animal poop happening out of level
(Fix) Fix for wisps lighting the lamps in some circumstances
(Fix) Fixed sibling stuck repeating the same dialogue instead of looping through interact lines
(Fix) Fix for slow build up of leaves while on options screen that could cause slowdown
(Fix) Fix for eldersberry potentially having different sprite
(Fix) Fix for Whistleroot in Dreamer's Nook appearing all times of day
(Fix) No favours possible for traders

Chasm's Windows installer updated to 1.079. The Mac and Linux versions are likely getting updated later on.

Changelog also from the Steam forum:

More library updates for the latest graphics, sound, and input improvements from SDL2 and FNA.

- updated game controller database (now supports PS5 controller)
- updated to FNA 21.04
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Edward_Carnby: Battle Brothers

Updated to
No changelog
Here's the changelog, from the Steam page :

Changelog for

Changed 'Beginner' combat difficulty to also have a 10% bonus to XP gained for every character.
Changed difficulty rating of 'Trading Caravan' origin to 1 skull, down from 2, to better reflect the difficulty experienced by players. The actual origin remains unchanged.
Changed difficulty rating of 'Manhunters' origin to 3 skulls, up from 2, to better reflect the difficulty experienced by players. The actual origin remains unchanged.
Changed fatigue penalty of Handgonne to 14, up from 12.
Changed Lindwurms to appear in slightly fewer numbers.
Changed world map generation to perform faster. Map seeds are unaffected and will produce the same maps as before.

Fixed potential crash as players could gain a fencing sword via event without owning the 'Beasts & Exploration' DLC.
Fixed wrong calculation of 'Dodge' effect in some edge cases.
Fixed applying poison to a weapon which already has been coated with poison not refreshing the effect.
Fixed Surgeon follower being able to save characters devoured by a Kraken (again).
Fixed issue with AI targeting priorities.
Fixed some other minor issues and typos.
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* CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience
Windows offline installer updated to 1.7

New languages have been added, as can be seen on the steam changelog:

" Well here we finally are, after a long road, here is the translated version of change, along with a little tweaking to certain values to make the early-mid game a bit easier.

We hope you all enjoy playing the game in your own language, all 40, 034 words of CHANGE is now playable in:


And we've still got Japanese, Polish, Spanish and French in the works. Though we may not be able to finish them any time soon unless interest in the game picks up, I had to get a second job for awhile just to support the first batch of translations.

Moving on! We're currently in pre-production on our next project - Exciting! - which we'll talk about more in like... a year. Or something. We're also gonna be looking at ports of CHANGE as well as writing up a detailed post-mortem of our journey, and fulfilling some remaining kickstarter backer wishes.

But anyway, if any of our players are still out there and wish to support us, sharing our game's page on your social media or something would be a big boost for us right now. ^-^ "
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Outward has been updated to version 1.3.6:

- Revenant Moon now produces heat.
- Fix issue where buying the Adventurer bundle on Epic would not properly unlock the DLCs content when starting the game.
- Fix double brace and trap knockback.
- Fix Chalcedony Mace recipe.
- Fix Chalcedony Great Mace recipe.
- Fix one of the portal positon which teleported the player out of bound when doing the Experimental Chakram quest.
- Position of portal for the Experimental Chakram quest are now properly synced in online coop.
- Fix position of a portal of the Experimental Chakram quest that could spawn at the same place as an Unindentified Samples gather spot.
- Improved bow network sync.
- Empty water skin is now properly synced in online coop.
- Fix issue where Barrier would protect against Very Cold status damage.
- Cooking 2x Salt and 2x Raw Torcrab meat will now properly gives 3x Torcrab Jerky.
- Unerring read won't be triggered on damage from statuses (such as poison) anymore.
- Fix Dark Dweller droptable.
- Fix molepig stackability.
- Fix Wolf Axe and Virgin Great Axe prices.
- Fix issue where Aether bomb could raise defeated arena fighter.
- Fix sync issue in online coop where an healing item (such as Potion) would be nullified if the client is taking DOT (such as poison).
- Fix spawn position for client in a defeat scenario in the Scarlet Sanctuary.
- Fix negative damage display in the equipment overview panel (when using full rust leech gear and brains passive).
- Conjure spell in a wind sigil FX is now properly sync in online coop.
- Fix issue where dead Defile Ghosts would not be properly destroyed when a new one appears.
- Fix issue where an Enchanted Virgin Lantern would be lit when reloading a save even though it was turned off.
- Fix issue when a client would use Take All would fail to properly move items because there are too many of them.
- Fix issue where dodging while placing a bedroll would result in that bedroll not being deployable until restart.
- Fix issue where an item would transform into its Legacy version even though the player does not own the DLC the Legacy version is tied to.
- Ambraine Withdrawal now provide correctly status resists.
- Sleeping in City Hall, Embassy or Fire totem now properly gives stamina regen.
- Fix issue where skill after the Ritualists breakthrough could be unlocked even without unlocking the breakthrough.
- Fix Ornate Chakram tag.
- Djinn lantern now gives 15 resist to status.
- Gilded Shiver now does -15 to fire resist.
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* CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience
Mac and Linux offline installers have now also been updated to 1.7

But the store page STILL only mentions that the game is available for Windows and Mac... (-‸ლ)
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DYSMANTLE (In Development)

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

Update 0.7.1 - Westport Polaris Express

The massive 0.7.1 update is finally here! This one opens up TWO AND ⅓ new areas on the island. You'll be freezing your furry hat off in Polaris, checking the seaworthiness of some boats in Westport, and visiting jails in Central West.

This by far is the single biggest update we've done in terms of area size content.

Update Highlights

There's A LOT of new things inside this latest update, but I'm only going to mention a couple of them. Full change list below. (BTW. if you think we shouldn't be posting so many screenshots of the new content here, please let us know below. We don't want to spoil too much, but it's hard to describe the content without light spoilers.)

Westport Harbor

The west coast harbor is a must-see place to visit. Just don't expect to find any seaworthy boats at this point in time.

Mana Crater

Hopefully this isn't spoiling anything you haven't already guessed, but you should definitely visit the crater and the surrounding installation in Polaris.

Classified photo

New Audio System

New XAudio2 based sound implementation is now in place. As mentioned before, the old DirectSound based stuff is still there as fallback in case you're running some older Windows version. Please send in bug reports of any issues you may have!

New Winter Box Art

It took a while, but the last hand painted loading screen art is finally in place.



- Access to 'Polaris' and western part of 'Central', and 'Westport'.
- Level Cap is now 36. Up by TWO levels!
- New Craftable: Motorcycle Helmet, lvl 32.
- Rice can be found in the western part of the island.
- New XAudio2 based Sound Implementation. Falling back to DirectSound implementation on older systems.
- New Skill: Scavenger.
- New winter loading background image.
- Lighting a campfire autosaves the game if you're not in danger.
- More protagonist reactions.
- Showing Change Log when x.y.z version changes if you have opened the Change Log before.
- Stack trace is logged when the game crashes (contains only the code path, no player information).
- Intro cutscene is now skippable.


- Destroying buildings you've built puts the materials directly back to your storage box (avoids grinding XP this way).
- Eased up the notorious 'puzzle' in Serpent's Crossing.
- Partially rebalanced some wearable stats.
- Slightly increased sledgehammer speed.
- Raised large rock DMG threshold, so they can't be broken with the tools available now. (Sorry!)
- Knockback effect improved.


- Tomb Mana Orb is no longer lost if you Restart Tomb without picking it up after completing the tomb.
- Quest markers no longer shown for quests you've picked up.
- Quest tracking box panel has correct height for multiline goals.
- Fixed sound volumes for some collisions.
- Few clarifications and additional checks to quests "Dirty Money" and "The Last Stand".
- Health bars are not drawn too high anymore.
- Few specific cases of player getting stuck in the game world.
- Usual round of fixes regarding floating objects, terrain glitches, etc.
- Minimap points of interest now colored properly.
- Performance optimizations in areas where there are lots of searchables (like the city).
- Link towers with changed internal PUIDs now show activated in old saves.
- Fleeing animals do not run into the water anymore so easily.
- Player's melee attack now prioritizes turrets over other obstacles.
- Grammar and typos.

Up Next

The area we will be heading next is the southern desert Solaris. Spoiler: it will be hot! You will also be able to finally reach that third fuel cell required for your Escape Pod.

There's also a new bigger feature coming. Many of you have been requesting this. What is it? I'll just leave this one image here and hope you'll crack the puzzle.

But don't get too excited! It may not be what you think!
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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is now at (was
No changelog, looks like the overdue update the GOG version was missing since last year?
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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Updated to 1.1.288.
No changelog.