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Sunless Skies

Updated from to on Windows, Mac and Linux

Changelog from the Failbetter forum:
Build Version:
Release Date: 04/06/2021

We are still looking into the stutter that is seen when docking and a number of other bugs. We aim to address these issues and put out another build in the coming weeks, however key members of the Sunless Skies team are now on much needed annual leave and will return in just over a week’s time when work on these issues will commence.

Thank you for your patience and the help with testing the beta builds we’ve been releasing.

Tech bug fixes
* Quality Result text is now visible on Mac devices.
* We’ve updated some blur shaders which may be causing UI transparency issues on Macs.
* You can now use keyboard thrust controls immediately after closing an interface, even if pressing the thrust keys with the menu was still open.
* We’ve made some changes to make the scout behave better when it is deployed. If it refuses to be sent out again please send an in-game bug report so we can take a look further into why they are being disobedient.
* Ambient messages should no longer trigger on the same frame causing the text to double up over the top of each other.
* We’ve made some changes to the avatar rendertexture to attempt to resolve the missing avatar in character creation that some Mac players are seeing. Since our office Macs are unaffected, we need volunteers to test this out and report back to us. Please create a new save and complete the tutorial to the point of character creation, then send an in-game bug report to us to let us know if your avatar displays correctly. N.B. If it does we recommend creating an avatar to replace the blank one in your current lineage

Narrative bug fixes
* If your Caged Catch escapes, the ensuing events will now always be described in correct prose.
* Once you have completed the Experimental Engine quest and received the Devourer of Distance, the Contriver's Collaborator will no longer incorrectly show up in your passenger list.
* When you are Assisting a Penitent Nurse, the journal will be less repetitious.
* Captains will now always be able to see some of the exploration options at Port Prosper, even if they do not currently meet the requirements for them.
* It is no longer possible to prematurely abandon your conversation with the Illuminated Archivist, and so become unavailable to reach the end of the associated story.
* It should now be clearer that the Office of Works may offer captains a task twice in a row.
* It should now be clearer that only one of the field samples is required to complete a quest at the Nature Reserve.
* Handwriting in the Abandoned Signal Box ledger is still poor, but this fact will now not be randomly repeated twice in the same passage.
* Paying off a Lustrum prospector will now cost exactly as much as claimed, rather than three times more.
* Captains who defeat a Resurrectionist will no longer be shown two different hull repair options.
* If passengers change their minds and ask to be returned to Port Prosper, captains can now oblige them.
* It is now possible to make a sacrifice to the Burrower Below while Adrift, so long as you have her attention.
* If you labour for Nostalgic Crockery at Worlebury-juxta-Mare, you will no longer be falsely informed that you will receive tea as a reward.
* It should now be clearer that a certain tea-related bargain can be available from a variety of ports.
* The scholars of Traitor's Wood will no longer request or receive consignments of literature if they are no longer there.
* Amberley Murgatroyd will now never falsely claim Midnight's Favour is more scarce than it truly is.
* It is no longer possible to meet Midnight through tea drinking if they have been met through the monastery.
* The Ministry of Public Decency has once again valiantly dispatched a number of typos.
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Maxvorstadt: Interstellar Space: Genesis updated to v 1.3
Full Changelog =)
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Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition

Update to V3.0.8.

No changelog.
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Update to V1.3.2.

No changelog.
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Master of Magic Classic

Updated to Caster of Magic 1.00.06 -A.

No changelog.
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Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Updated to 1.43.1.

No log update.
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The latest patch for Solasta: Crown of the Magister has arrived but no changelog is available on GOG so here's the steam notes:

Solasta 1.0.22 Patch Notes & What's Next!
Hi there folks!

We're back with Hotfix 1.0.22 and a little preview of our what's coming up next, as well as some solutions for folks who are having issues!

Known Issues & Work Around
I have a high end GPU (GTX 2070, 3090...) and Solasta keeps overheating my computer!
We found out that the game does not perform properly above 60 FPS :( The solution is to go to the graphic setting and either switch VSync to Double, or if that doesn't work switch VSync to none and to cap your FPS at 60

My main quest is stuck even though the patch notes says it's fixed!
Most of the time if you sequence break (aka you manage to bypass a trigger that would make the quest move on), a patch won't fix your save retroactively. This means you will need to load a previous save file and re-do the level - for example, if you're stuck in Dark Castle, you will need to load a save from the start of Dark Castle (or before you arrived at Dark Castle).

I used to be stuck in a weird screen with clouds when I started a new campaign

This was an issue primarily with Windows 7 configs where Microsoft removed a certain codec that prevents Unity videos from working. We should have implemented a work-around without having to delete the movie in your folder, but if you are still stuck please make sure to let us know (at worst, the old work-around still works)

For some merchants, trying to open their shop just doesn't open anything
[i]You simply need to save again and load that save, it should fix the issue.[/i[

Patch Notes:
Removed outdated crafting recipe for scroll of Mirror Image that doesn't work
Made sure a certain Sorak can now be targeted while hanging on the wall
Fixed some AoE spells looking very strange when cast next to walls
Fixed one specific beard being misplaced on dwarven faces
Fixed an issue when two cutscenes were trying to trigger at the same time
Fixed a couple of crashes that could occur during specific encounters
Fixed an issue which could cause the quest journal to break when the player would go back and forth between too many quests at once without completing any of them.
Attempting a hotfix to "being stuck when starting a new campaign". Users affected by the issue should now see a variation of the Intro Movie, though without sound.
Fixed a save corruption issue if a character equipped an Orc Shortbow, Orc Javelin or Ogre Javelin. Saves that were corrupted in this manner should now properly load.
Fixed an issue when loading an Early Access save where a certain cutscene with Merton... did not have Merton in it. Making it very awkward.
Improved a few cutscenes when talking to Merton
Fixed an instance where the Lowlife and Sellsword cutscenes would trigger at the same time
Fixed a rare save corruption issue which could happen when the player saved while a scroll was being scribed
Fixed a sequence break in Dark Castle where players who managed to go through a tree in a certain place could end up getting their main quest stuck. If your main quest is stuck in Dark Castle, you will need to load a save prior to entering Dark Castle / right after entering the Dark Castle location from the World Map
Fixed a rare sequence break in Dark Castle that could happen if players used Misty Step while trying to solve the Maze puzzle.
Fixed a rare issue in Caer Lem where the main quest would not progress after defeating Soraks in combat
Guardian of Faith can now be cast (although it is lacking some VFX for now)
Fixed an instance in the Evocation Main Quest where the door would not open when meeting with Brok in front of the Throne Room to face Arrok.
Fixed some items being deleted by reordering the inventory while trying to sell things at a shop
Banishment should now correctly permanently banish extraplanar creatures when the banished target is the last remaining enemy in the fight.
Ending a fight with a creature controlled by Dominate Person will automatically kill it, instead of having it follow you everywhere (and unfortunately breaking the game in the process)
Fixed an exploit wherein selecting a sub-class during level up, then cancelling the level up process, then using the level up to select another sub-class would grant you the features of both sub-classes
Fixed the issue where shooting a bow with a Dwarf would cause massive delays every time
Fixed a rare instance in Cradle of Fire where none of the characters would have a dialog choice when trying to give back the axe to Radulf, effectively blocking the game
Fixed a rare instance in one Council cutscene where none of the characters would have a dialog choice, effectively blocking the game
Remove outdated Scroll of Mirror Image from the game
Fixed Poison Vial acting like a Healing Potion
Finally added Primed Longsword to the Arcaneum Shop
Calm Emotion now only affects humanoids like it should
Fixed a sequence break where obtaining the bones in Aer Elai before entering a fight would block progress on the main quest. If you are affected by this issue, you need to load a save from before you looted the bones

What's next?
For now we're done with our first round of Hotfixes, and we'll disappear for some times in order to prepare... The Sorcerer Update! As those of you who followed us since Kickstarter already know, we promised the Sorcerer Class as a free post-launch DLC - and we intend to follow up on that promise!

Working on a Sorcerer will take some time, which is why we can't afford as a small team to keep testing and releasing hotfixes while doing so - but worry not, we will still be working on small improvements and fixes while getting the Sorcerer ready. Things such as the Tome of Understanding not working will be properly fixed with the Sorcerer Update as well!

So... the next question is when? We're happy to say that the Sorcerer Update should drop in the upcoming weeks, so keep the game warmed up in your library as you may want to do another run soon!

... Also, know that there will be a little something in that update for our Russian and Brazilian fans :)
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Tropico 6

Updated to t6-#351-winmaclin-gog@e5b5026 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows & Mac)

Changelog from Steam:
Tropico 6 Update 14 – El gran resumen!

Fellow Tropicans,

Tropico 6 has just received Update v.14: ‘El gran resumen’ on PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox One und PS4. This update adds three new multiplayer maps and the brand-new ‘Resource Overview’ tab. It also fixes several bugs, including the player receiving an overly high tourist rating after visiting a Gourmet Restaurant with Sushi Mastery work mode.

Viva Tropico!

New Features

- Added new ‘Resource Overview’ tab to Almanac detailing each resource e.g., current amount stored, production history, or recent distribution.

- Added 3 new multiplayer maps:

* Islas De Mesetas (2-player)
* Isla del Trébol (4-player)
* La Península Gigantesca (4-player)

Bug fixes

- Added key binding option for toggling the ‘Demolition’ tool
- Fixed an issue where the population change graph in the Almanac could show no values.
- Fixed amount of money displayed in the ‘Private Bank’ work mode
- Fixed some issues with the ‘Lightbulb Ban’ edict when relocating houses with the ‘Electrification’ upgrade.
- Fixed cases where highlighted buildings affected by the Manure Spreader were missing.
- Fixed player receiving too high a tourist rating after visiting a Gourmet Restaurant with Sushi Mastery Work mode
- Fixed Museum of Modern Art not being affected by the ‘Permanent Exhibition’ work mode of Luxury Hotel
- Fixed tourists getting stuck in Tourist Port – a result of the captain dying during travel to the port.
- Fixed a mine within the ‘Tropicoland’ mission that was inaccessible.
- Fixed a rare scroll bar glitch
- Corrected positioning of Ancient Ruins in ‘Lirio Dorado’ map
- Fixed a few crashes.
- Fixed a couple of localization & text issues.
- [Multiplayer] Fixed stuttering when moving military units.
- [Caribbean Skies] Fixed Drone Factory using up Resources even when the Outstock for a specific kind of Drone is already full.
- [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue in the mission ‘Penultimo’s Secret Mission’, where it was possible to lose the game due to suspicion even after completing the final raid.
- [Caribbean Skies] Fixed Construction Workers walking on cliffs in mission ‘The Scientific Method’.
- [Caribbean Skies] Adjusted duration of Meteor Shower disaster music in the mission ‘Drone City’
- [Linux] Improved edge scrolling behaviour on Linux
Edit: Linux offline installer now updated as well.
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Astrox Imperium

Offline installer updated to version b 0.0120

Changelog from in-game text file:
Build 0.0120
- Fixed a few spelling errors in the items database.
- Fixed sort by Price filter listing on station storage panel.
- Fixed bug causing error with new player stations and mission generator.
- Adjusted mission payment generator for better calculation of skill bonuses.
- Adjusted passive scanner ping to ignore pre-scanned saved targets.
- Adjusted mission pay jump count modifier.
- Adjusted residual skill point timer from 10 min to 15 min.
- Adjusted beam weapon modules base beam speeds.
- Adjusted salvage modules base beam speeds.
- Adjusted merc flight AI to reduce sideways flight based on target distance.
- Adjusted position and ordering of fleet command buttons on fleet panel.
- Adjusted tractor beam strength and tow calculations.
- Adjusted tractor drones strength and tow calculations.
- Adjusted drag and angular drag values of structures , gates and stations.
- Adjusted power generators to distribute power cables to unpowered structures only.
- Adjusted all structure file data to include new formatting for new structure parts.
- Adjusted wallpaper screenshot slides to show from newest to oldest. (max 10)
- Adjusted all damage resistance calcuations to diminish returns as buffs are stacked.
- Added new dynamic action calculation for residual skill point system (max 5).
- Added bonus to residual skill point system based on life support drain rate (max 2.5).
- Added new ship class icons for tactical sensors for improved mission coloring.
- Added Run In Background option to game options / Extras
- Added Run in Background option to new_player_options.txt file.
- Added new passive scan filter option to toggle rescan.
- Added modules option to lock module targeting to active ship target on bottom module bar.
- Added Youtube and Twitch channel links to social media bar on title screen.
- Added ability for strucutres to upright themselves when tilted.
- Added ability for structures to disconnect and reconnect power cables when moving them.
- Added max cap to ship damage type resistance. Caps at 99 percent.
- Added Structure Editor alpha test version access from modtools menu.


Mac offline installer updated to v366

Windows and Linux installers were already at this version since long ago.

Changelog from Steam.
- Fixed an issue that made main bosses immune to any damage if you talked to them in the Underworld first
- Fixed a crash when first selecting an item for an Arena custom preset
- Fixed a crash when killing an Archon in the Underworld in co-op mode
- Fixed a rare crash occurring when reviving your co-op partner
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"SKALD: Against the Black Priory - The Prologue" got an update.

No changelog, however.
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Updated to 1.3.0 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Latest changelogs from Steam:
Version 1.2.1 (for real, this time!)

Hello everyone!

We're delighted you've been enjoying our tale of deception, seduction, and murder as much we enjoyed making it.

Special thanks to everyone who reported issues from the in-game bug reporter or via our discord; this should fix everything we've heard about so far!

- Added a pause menu setting to disable screen flashes
- Tweaked some images of hands to fit the correct characters
- Fixed a bug where the clock wouldn't reset on jumping overboard
- Fixed ending where Clarissa could return from the dead to (successfully) protest her innocence
- Fixed a crash caused by Veronica getting completely tongue-tied by the Commander's dashing handsomeness
- Assorted minor story fixes and typos, including the truly remarkable correct spelling of Connecticut
Update'o'clock! It's V1.2.2!

Thanks to everyone submitting bug reports over the weekend - we're delighted to have fixed everything submitted, and it's not even yet lunchtime!

- The flipping profanity filter now persists across runs, and even across a full reset
- Exorcised a few ghosts who were returning from the dead
- Assorted minor story fixes
- Fixed a rare bug where an image panel appeared over the map
- Fixed a rare bug where the clock didn't reset fully on restarting
No changelog for 1.3.0 yet.


Brigador: Up-Armored Edition

Mac version updated to 1.6a (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Jupiter Hell

Patch 0.9.10 (9 June 2021)

NEW #0683 - Medusa - dangerous end-game enemy! NEW #1353 - new exotic - the big gun you've been waiting for! NEW #1352 - new exotic - railgun! NEW #1370 - 7 new exotic melee weapons! NEW #1371 - added melee AMPs with appropriate perks NEW #1258 - UI - enemy health bar flashing damage indicator NEW #1383 - Mk2 m-facture stations can reroll basic perks NEW #1383 - Mk3 m-facture stations can also reroll adv perks NEW #1320 - 30 new message-"quests"! CHANGE #1369 - SPACE now reactivates station you're standing on CHANGE #1386 - Mk2 stations moved post-Callisto, Mk3 post-Europa CHANGE #1386 - AV3's generally not present on Callisto CHANGE #1379 - Nightmare once again has UV enemy accuracy buff CHANGE #1384 - Infiltrator L2 and L3 much more interesting! CHANGE #1384 - Juggernaut protects from all frontal attacks CHANGE #1384 - Juggernaut values slightly lower to offset CHANGE #1381 - Vampyre reduced to 5%/5%/10% CHANGE #1381 - Vampyre L2+ heals armor on mech/semi-mech kills CHANGE #1378 - Summoner fight made harder (esp UV+) CHANGE #1357 - SusFire, Onslaught are not reset by free actions CHANGE #1359 - Point Blank perk works in range 1-2 CHANGE #1359 - Retailiate adds full pain percentage to damage CHANGE #1359 - Durable perk now doubles durability CHANGE #1358 - bullet visuals match game effects (not physics) CHANGE #1365 - improved light and sprite fade effects CHANGE #1373 - removed unused Feet slot from equipment CHANGE #1373 - added world seed to mortem CHANGE #1368 - light defaults changed (shotgun light artefacts) CHANGE #1377 - no reaver infestations on Callisto CHANGE #1375 - ongoing sounds very quiet on menus and endgame CHANGE #1292 - changed turret AI and buffed CRI turrets CHANGE #1258 - better damage info for Crit > 100% CHANGE #1382 - barrel explosion chains properly chain CHANGE #1382 - physics properly throttle and chain CHANGE #1328 - most melee weapons have their swap time halved CHANGE #1328 - Swashbuckler buffed to compensate for swap time CHANGE #1384 - damage resist effects properly reduce pain CHANGE #1385 - AoLT - no extra gun, doesn't block Hoarder CHANGE #1372 - red keycards more common FIX #1385 - fixed Swashbuckler zero-time swap not working FIX #1213 - volatile storage level crashes fixed FIX #1213 - Volatile Storage has a barrel count cap FIX #1213 - mass explosions won't kill the music anymore FIX #1372 - CRI bot Mk2 properly uses his weapons FIX #1361 - fixed t-pose after teleport FIX #1376 - disabled enemies no longer progress calibration FIX #1375 - fixed rare edge case of rotary sound after death FIX #1292 - enemies properly detect that they are attacked FIX #1385 - hidden special levels wont show up on Recon FIX #1384 - you can no longer re-hack/disable from Security FIX #1384 - sentries in CalSec can no longer be hacked FIX #1384 - fixed red-locked/active-locked branch elevators FIX #1384 - drones hacked via terminal will have control
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The Dream Machine received another update, only 12 days since the last one. And once again there is no changelog.
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seppelfred: The Dream Machine received another update, only 12 days since the last one. And once again there is no changelog.
After the last big update (which just was a bit delayed for the offline installers but was available in Galaxy already for a few weeks) I have been informed that the achievements which this update added are not working correctly both ingame and with Galaxy. I tried to contact them and maaged to do so on Steam. They replied within seconds and told me that they are thankful that I pointed it out. After the update yesterday I asked them on Steam if the update was there to fix the achievements. Here ist their reply:

"I was hoping the update fixed it, but I'm still seeing some contradictory information."

For the full "discussion" see here:

So I guess we might get another update soon.
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The developers of The Dream Machine are a really small team, I think it's basically a core of two people.

But while the game was still releasing episodes, they used to issue updates with bug fixes as well as quality of life improvements quite regularly, and they continued to do so years after the final episode got a release.

The last big update did come after the regular updates had more or less stopped, but they do seem to follow the same approach here, issuing small updates to address any issue that people bring to their attention.

I guess what I'm saying here is basically I hugely appreciate their devotion, development and maintenance work on the title, and if you report an issue to them (like you did above) I'm quite sure that they're going to fix it as soon as it's possible.