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Flotsam (In Development)

Updated to 0.3.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam
"Have You Ever Seen Paper??" Update 3.3 Released

Ahoy drifters!

We've shipped another update for you all. This update iterates on the research system.

We've made research a more active process. Instead of having to collect research points, you will now have to collect books. These books will need to be researched in a brand new building, the research station!
There's a new building to process your seaweed now, the chop shop. You'll need this to make bird chow, the new food for the seagulls.
Additionally, we've smoothed out some of the landmark interaction to give more control of what you want to salvage.

Enjoy the new update!

Change Notes


- Added construction:
* Research Station: A place to process and read all your acquired books.
* Chop Shop: A place to prepare seaweed and fish for seagulls.
- Added item:
* Book: These old books contain old knowledge that might give you ideas for new buildings.
* Bird Chow: Fish cut into tinier pieces so that your birds can eat them safely.
* Seaweed Salad: Cleaned up seaweed, thrown into a salad bowl, that will provide nutrition for your drifters.
- Added landmark:
* Intact Book Shop: An island where you can find 12 books for your research!


- Iterated on research:
* Research now requires a building, the research station, to research in.
* Research has now become an active process that requires drifters and time.
* Researching requires books, which need to be stored in the town (these can be found on certain landmarks).
- You can now change the amount of drifters salvaging a landmark without having to cancel it.
- You can now change what resources you want to salvage on a landmark.


- Added 1 to 3 books to every shack landmark.
- Seaweed found on landmarks needs to be processed in the chop shop before it can be eaten.
- Increased amount of fish spots spawning by 30%.
- Decreased seagull speed by 20%.
- Seagulls now eat Bird Chow instead of Raw Sardines.
- Decreased seaweed island amount by 33%.
- Reduced sushi amount made in the Food Truck from 5 to 4.

Research costs
- Decreased Large Storage Yard research cost from 10 to 8.
- Decreased Platic Recycler research cost from 15 to 12.
- Decreased Small Water Container research cost from 5 to 3.
- Decreased Water Storage research cost from 10 to 6.
- Increased Birdhouse research cost from 10 to 8.
- Increased Desalinator research cost from 15 to 32.
- Increased Fish Kabob research cost from 5 to 12.
- Increased Fishing Hut research cost from 15 to 25.
- Increased Food Truck research cost from 10 to 25.
- Increased House research cost from 5 to 8.
- Increased Scrapsmith research cost from 5 to 14.
- Increased Solar Still research cost from 10 to 15.

Building costs
- Decreased Research Station plastic waste cost from 12 to 8.
- Decreased Research Station dried wood cost from 15 to 10.
- Removed pipe cost from small water storage.
- Add 4 dried wood cost to small water storage
- Removed 2 screws cost from Fish Kabob.
- Added 4 metal cost to Fish Kabob.


- Overhauled the research UI:
* Added more information to that buildings you are researching. This includes things like available recipes, storage capacity, housing slots, etc.
* Whenever research is done, a notification is added telling you something new is researched.
* Reworked window to be bigger and more prominent.
* Updated art assets.
- Removed mussel from drifter diet.
- Updated research survival guide.


- Fixed salvage button icon staying disabled when the button is enabled.
- Fixed issue where some text wasn't correctly parsed.
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Another day another Colt Canyon update. Version is available through GOG Galaxy now. Here's what's new:

• Adjusted final boss weapon behavior
• Getting spotted by unarmed or animal enemies doesn't prevent you from getting the shadow walker achievement anymore
• Enemies are much less likely to spot you if you are unarmed and slightly less likely to spot you if you only have throwable weapons equipped
• Enemies, especially animals, are more likely to spot you if you are bleeding
• Fixed some other minor visual issues
• Added a new hint after freeing partner
• Companions will now level up faster and therefore get more health faster and also heal up more often, making them less vulnerable to strong enemies and more powerful overall
• Partner now starts with 20 hp instead of 10 and even more in looped runs
• Added a reminder to main menu to let you know to write a steam review once you've played the game for some time. This can be dismissed by clicking it once and will never show up again afterwards, similar to the discord hint
• Actually removed bisons, snakes and wolves from ambushes this time
• Made enemy TNT more visible in high contrast mode
• Color Blindness Blue Boost now also applies on TNT
• Decreased default UI scale on consoles
• Moved UI Scale Setting to Game Settings, so its also available on consoles
• Updated the way UI Scale Setting is stored making your existing setting reset, but it will store two separate custom ui scales from then on, so you can have two custom ui scales in fullscreen and window mode without it resetting to default every time you switch
• Big Knife Upgrade also increases melee knockback
• Elite enemies have slightly reduced vision range
• Throwable weapons no longer have incendiary upgrade applied to them
• Buffed Rest and Companion Armor upgrades
• Fixed pink color glitch that sometimes happened on explosive barrels
• Fixed a minor problem regarding birds
• Fixed issues with trails
• Buffed some late-game loadouts
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fonimul: Children of Morta

updated again from version to version
Only on Galaxy for now, so the offline installers are out of date again.

I can't find a changelog, but I assume it's a hotfix for the recent large update.
The offline installers are now up to date. With a patch this time, too.
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Stellar Tactics updated from 0.499 to 0.501

Including offline installers.

Patch notes here:
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Endzone - A World Apart (In Development)

Update 0.7.7487.27519 (1 July 2020)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

• Audio: Added options for the audio feedback on settler deaths to the audio game options. Players can now decide whether they want to have audio feedback on unnatural deaths or all deaths or turn it off completely. Additionally players can set a delay that defines the amount of deaths before the audio feedback is played again.


• Settlers: Fixed a Bug where professionals wouldn’t carry the amount of resources they were supposed too (e.g. when transporting boar meat from the dead animal to their hunting lodge).
• Research: Research Station now only generates knowledge when it’s supposed to.
• Buildings: Fixed a Bug where dead settlers were stuck in buildings.
• User Interface: The technology window and the inspector of the Research Station now update correctly when research was interrupted and a new one was started.
• User Interface: Using the back button during Expeditions now selects the correct Dialog Option when entering the previous Option Group.
• Visuals: Building emission maps are now only active at night when electricity is available.
• User Interface: Share codes now follow a new format and include research and rain director game settings. Old Share Codes will no longer work. Future changes to the share code however should no longer break.
• User Interface: The inventory dialog at ruins during expeditions no longer shows resources that have an amount of zero.
• Fields: Hemp Fields now use the Production Limit for Hemp instead of Food.


• Balancing: The sturdy house now inhabits 4 Adults and 6 children to prevent a complete stop of population growth.
• User Interface: The inspector of the Research Station now highlights resources that are currently missing in red.
• User Interface: Rainwater Collectors & Wells no longer display Cisterns/Water Towers as a requirement.
• Feedback: Corpses within the area of influence of a cemetery are now highlighted.
• Roads: Dirt Roads and Paved Roads are now highlighted differently while in Build Mode.
• Town Center: The initial stage and first upgrade of the Town Center now have increased storage capacities.
Technology Update Hotfix #1 (0.7.7488.22848)
(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum
Greetings, Survivors!

--- Fixed ---
• User Interface: The building inspector of the school shows the demolish button again.
• User Interface: The World Icon for Damaged Buildings now shows up correctly.
• Buildings: Buildings have to be built back again and no longer instantly switch back to constructed when a demolition is canceled.
• User Interface: Hovering over the electricity button in the building inspector now shows the correct tooltip for buildings that can’t be connected to a power grid.
• Side Missions: Fixed a Bug that prevented side missions from triggering

- Your Team from Genltymad & Assemble Entertainment
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Kerbal Space Program

Update (02 July 2020)
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Prison Architect & DLCs

The_rock_1.02_3593 Patch (July 2, 2020)

- NEW FEATURE - When expanding a Island map, a pop-up will give the choice to have only water or generated Islands.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Staff will again respond to player directions now.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Forestry Prisoner Labour assignments not being saved.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Players can assign a cell to a prisoner again by selecting the prisoner and right-clicking on an empty cell.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Spiritual guidance and Parole programs not occurring after the first day of implementation.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Eating animations are working again.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Health Bureaucracy text mentions guards instead of Doctors.
- FIXED - Janitors use ironing boards from a distance.
- IMPROVED - Chef now cooks more meals in the kitchen. (We are still investigating the supply issue).
- FIXED - Firefighter’s truck rides on the water after dismissing a helicopter on Island Plot map.
- FIXED - Capacitor and Power Switch stop conducting electricity after changing their rotation without moving them.
- FIXED - Missing french loc strings.
- FIXED - Warden can go beyond the map in Warden mode.
- FIXED [PSYCH WARD] - Sedation sometimes doesn't work.
- IMPROVED - Generated islands when expanding the map look more natural and varied. We will improve this even further in the coming week.
- IMPROVED - Laundry and janitor cleaning jobs have been changed to make them more effective.

We are also investigating the following issues as a priority for next week’s update

- NEW FEATURE [IN PROGRESS] - Island ‘Quick Builds’ to stamp down various island shapes in open water.
- NEW FEATURE [IN PROGRESS] - “Island generator”, similar to a building construction that will generate an island where you want it to.
- IMPROVEMENT - Some jobs are being reworked to improve their efficiency and general stability of the game.
- PERFORMANCE - A round of optimisation and performance testing.
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Update to V1.1.6

No changelog.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam

- Added new icons to “Heilheim Small Rock 1, 2 and 3” in the editor.
- [Fix] Fixed graphics issue with bloodbath.
- [Fix] Harpoons technology with Mimirsbrunn now works as intended with Kraken clan.
- [Fix] Enabling world info no longer shows neutrals, white wolves and Kaija hiding in Landvidi.
- [Fix] Fixed ‘snap’ issue with farmland.
- [Fix] Dragon clan now has access to skirmishers in Conquest battle ‘Hostile land’.
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Disco Elysium

Update a35ab0b9 (2 July 2020)
Viewable in the F1 menu, bottom right

Upgraded to the latest and greatest Unity, which makes everything smoother and fixed many little bugs.
macOS version: Various enhancements and bugfixes. No, seriously
Some sentences were not completely shown under certain circumstances, so we fixe … fixed it.
Skill portraits weren’t showing their whole beauty.
Stops walking when checking inventory - can’t find anything while walking, can you?
Made some animations better. You will notice, either when playing for the first time or the tenth.
Oh, happy days, when you can play with a mouse only!
And please, try the keyboard: WASD is now an option!
More keyboard additions: arrow buttons on the character sheet, Inventory, Journal and - Thought Cabinet. Try it out!
Some new thoughts and achievements! Don't want to spoil which ones, but you will - figure them out, detective!


1.2.1b (2 July 2020)

Fix issue where on some occasion, the guest player's stacks would be set to 1 upon joining another player's game.
Cage pistol should now inflict Sapped/Weaken properly.
Changed Golden Knuckle's name for Gold-lich Knuckle.
Removed "Gold" tag on Gold-lich weapons.
Added the "Gold" tag on the Gold Junk Claymore.
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Astrox Imperium [InDev]
BUILD 0.0100 (30 June 2020)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

BUILD 0.0100a (03 July 2020)

Changelog posted in the game forum by user ksj8ak2.
Standalone installer updated: b 0.099 ⇒ b 0.0100a.


Deadly Days
Update 1.5.4 (29 June 2020)

- Added: Warning popups when you would override an existing run
- Improved: Increased loot range and speed
- Improved: Reduced volume and range of burst / inferno bomb sound
- Fixed: Custom weapon Lightning bullet could sometimes just lie on the ground
- Fixed: Lifeguard could break feeding routine
- Fixed: Loading screen when equipping “Rat trap” item
- Fixed: Some lootable things didn’t shine
- Fixed: Summary would show wrong amount for tools
- Fixed: Typos in German localization
- (Potentially) Fixed: Flickering of UI
Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 1.5.4): 03 July 2020.


Field of Glory II
Update 1.5.30 (16 June 2020)

- Non-light troops will no longer turn to face light troops in close combat if the enemy would then be able to flank/rear charge them with a non-light unit on his next turn.

- Our grateful thanks go to Paul Adaway, author of TT Mod, for permission to use units from TT mod in the main game, and Stephen Hales of Little Big Men Studios for permission to use his shield pattern designs in TT Mod units.
- Added Euzonoi from TT Mod: Light Foot, Protected, Javelins, Light Spear, 50% Swordsmen. 33 points.
- Added 3 early German warbands, 2 Dacian warbands and 1 later German warband from TT Mod.
- Added new eastern-style Armoured Noble Lancers and Noble Lancers from TT Mod.
- Added Germanic-style TT Mod textures to existing Armoured Noble Lancers and Noble Lancers.
- Greek and Thracian peltasts and Velites become Light Foot, Lightly Protected, Javelins, Light Spear, 50% Swordsmen. Point cost remains 30.
- Sub-Roman Foot units increased to 720 men (12 models) and cost to 41 points.

Army Lists:
- Greek Peltasts replaced by Euzonoi in Greek and Spartan lists from 280 BC.
- Replaced existing warbands with early German Warbands in German Foot Tribes 105 BC - 259 AD list.
- Replaced existing warbands with Dacian Warbands in Dacian lists 50 BC - 380 AD.
- Replaced existing average warbands with later Germanic Warbands in Germanic Foot Tribes 260-599 AD, Germanic Horse Tribes 260-492 AD, Hunnic (Western) and (Sabir) lists 250-558 AD, Roman lists 379-492 AD, Romano-British 407-599 AD, Kingdom of Soissons 461-486 AD, Visigothic 419-621 AD, Frankish lists 260-499 AD, Gepid 493-567 AD , Lombard lists 493-569 AD, Anglo-Saxon 449-599 AD.
- Replaced Armoured Noble Lancers and Noble Lancers with eastern-style version in appropriate lists.
- Unit numbers adjusted in Romano-British 407-599 list. Roman allies removed – their existence was highly speculative, and unbalancing in tournament games.
- Kingdom of Soissons list changed to use Sub-Roman Foot instead of Limitanei.
- Added thureophoroi to Pyrrhic 274-272 list.

Epic Battles:
- The following Epic Battle scenarios have been updated to use the new units: Adamclisi, Argentoratum, Adrianople, Frigidus, Chalons, Nedao, Volturnus, Raith.

- Deprecated tiles removed from the tiles lists in the Editor.

- The new version of the engine changes the way in which scripts are loaded, in order to improve the reliability of mods using the modded version of the script at all times and not sometimes using the vanilla script if a copy of $DEFAULT.BSF is not included in the mod.
- By request, here is a list of scripts and other major files changed since v1.5.28: system.txt, Squads.csv, Squads.xlsx, MultiBattleCampaign.BSF, AITools.BSF, CombatTools.BSF, MoreCampaignTools.BSF, MultiPartSkirmishTools.BSF, LiaisonTools.BSF
Standalone installer, and those of all its DLC, updated (1.5.28 ⇒ 1.5.30): 30 June 2020.
(also, GOG in its infinite wisdom, scrapped all previous changelogs of the game; were they taking up too much server space?)


Good Company [InDev]
Patch v0.7.2 (03 July 2020)

Patch Notes posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installer updated: 0.7.0b2 ⇒ 0.7.1 (a version behind or typo?).


No Man's Sky
Crossplay Patch 2.55 (26 June 2020)

- Fixed multiplayer connections on Windows 7.
- Crossplay players now show a different icon depending on their platform.
- Fixed PS4 friends showing a gamemode icon when playing in non English languages.
- Fix for crossplay friends not being joinable if they are in a group.
- Updated matchmaking rules to form lobbies of the correct size.

We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.
Standalone installer updated (2.54_Crossplay_60935 ⇒ 2.55_Crossplay_61121): 30 June 2020.


Noita [InDev]
HOTFIXES (30 June 2020)

- BUGFIX: Game froze on older CPUs
- BUGFIX: Lukki mutation attacked lamps and other similar objects
- BUGFIX: Telekinetic kick caused erratic behaviour in submerged bodies
Standalone installer updated (20200624-1902 ⇒ 20200630-2057): 01 July 2020.
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Outward (previous update)
1.2.1a (26 June 2020)

- Weapon damage in the Character equipment overview panel now takes into consideration the durability modifier.
- Runic Weapon visuals are now properly disabled when unequipping them or if their lifespan expires.
- Virgin armor now correctly compatible with enchantments compatible with it.
- Kazite Light Armor and Shadow Kazite Armor now correctly compatible with enchantments compatible with them.
- Head is now disabled when equipping the Rust Lich helmet.
- Economy and Assassin Enchantments now applies their stat properly
- Poltergeist and Whiplash enchantments can now only be applied to main weapons.
- For the Client, enchantments on armor that were increasing damage was being increased each time a loading was done. It is now only applied once.
- Imbue VFX are now properly aligned on all pistols.
- Junk claymore is now included in 'Antique Field Equipment Low' drop table.
- Fix two blood mages that had mercenary visuals on the path to the Blood Mage Hideout.
- Fix various typos.
- Fix various stuck spots.
Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated ( 1.2.0d ⇒ 1.2.1a ⇒ 1.2.1b): 30 June & 03 July 2020.


A Short Hike
Update 1.7 (29 June 2020)

- Official French and Spanish translations have been added.
- Auto-saving has been added. This can be disabled in the options menu.
- Three save slots are now available in the options menu.
- Various bug fixes and optimizations have been made to the engine.
- The mouse is hidden in game.
- The game detects if you fail the fishing tutorial.
- Button mashing has been made more effective when reeling in fish.
- Physics have been tweaked to make the player less slippery.
- Momentum is no longer cancelled if you flap your wings after jumping on a bouncy flower.
- Terrain rendering has been optimized.
- Fixed another round of typos.
- When speedrun mode is activated, you can hold the right bumper (or backspace on keyboard) to automatically skip text.
- The splash screen has been updated.
Standalone installers updated (1.4.1 ⇒ 1.7.7): 30 June 2020.


Standalone installers updated 30 June - 03 July 2020 with no changelog:
- The Colonists -- Linux: ⇒
- Godhood [InDev]: 0.18.16 ⇒ 0.18.17.
- Jump King: g1.04 ⇒ g1.05.
- The Long Dark [removed] -- Windows: 1.78 ⇒ 1.79 ⇒ 1.80; Linux: 1.76 ⇒ 1.79.
- OUTBUDDIES DX: 1.60 ⇒ 1.60 (1.0.3).
- Railway Empire, and its DLC -- Windows: ⇒; Linux not updated yet.
- SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated: 1.0d ⇒ 1.0g ⇒ 1.0h.
- Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg: 1.5-gog ⇒ 1.7.
- Strategic Mind: The Pacific: 1.1 ⇒ 1.2.
- Tainted Grail [InDev]: 1.08 ⇒ 1.10.
- VirtuaVerse -- Windows & Mac: v. 1.21b ⇒ v. 1.22; Linux: v. 1.09 ⇒ v. 1.21b ⇒ v. 1.22.
- Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War DLC:
** ALL -- Linux: 1.06.02 ⇒ 1.06.03;
** ALL but Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War Lord of Skulls & Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Tyranids -- Windows: ⇒ 1.06.03;
** BaseGame not updated yet.
- West of Dead, and its DLC: ⇒

Also, from updates/changelogs posted earlier:
- Chernobylite [InDev]: 25_05_patch_v2 ⇒ 26_06_patch_v2.
- Children of Morta -- Windows: ⇒ ⇒; Mac: ⇒ ⇒
- Colt Canyon: ⇒
- Disco Elysium -- Windows: c9a92687 ⇒ a35ab0b9; Mac: 217ba3f6 ⇒ a35ab0b9.
- Endzone - A World Apart [InDev]: 0.7.7480.28603 ⇒ 0.7.7488.22848.
- Flotsam [InDev]: 0.3.2 ⇒ 0.3.3.
- Kerbal Space Program, and its DLC: ⇒
- Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master [InDev]: ⇒ 0.8.1.
- The Legacy: Realm of Terror: 1.0 ⇒ 1.0 audio fix.
- Legend of Keepers: Prologue: ⇒ 0.8.1.
- Northgard, and its DLC: ⇒
- Orwell: 1.2.6771.29757 ⇒ 1.3 ⇒ 1.4.7424.
- Pathway: 1.1.5 ⇒ 1.1.6.
- Prison Architect, and its DLC:
--> Windows & Linux: the_rock_3458 ⇒ the_rock_1.02_3542 ⇒ the_rock_1.02_3593;
--> Mac: the_rock_1.01_3510 ⇒ the_rock_1.02_3542 ⇒ the_rock_1.02_3593.
- Starpoint Gemini 3 [InDev]: 0.651.1 ⇒ 0.700.1.
- Tooth and Tail: ⇒ 1.7.0.
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HypersomniacLive: - Orwell: 1.2.6771.29757 ⇒ 1.3.
- Orwell: 1.3 ⇒ 1.4.7424.
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Danger Scavenger

Update Notes 1.1.0

New Features:

For twin-stick shooter lovers

--Upon death, the player keeps the top 3 items, currently used weapon, and scrap
--Pick-ups don't disappear over time
--The player attracts all pickups once the level is cleared
--Characters share deposited items
--Unlocked characters start from different buildings

For roguelike enthusiasts

--Lose everything upon death
--Pick-ups disappear over time
--The order of the buildings is the same regardless of the character selected

easier to DESTROY props
--No more bothersome breaking through objects on the roofs. With this update, one melee blow does the trick

Skyscrapers gain more of their own characteristics
We have started work on a more diverse generation of individual skyscrapers so as to further diversify their characteristics. The first visible effect in this update is the different landing levels at the beginning of the mission. However, this is only the beginning of changes in this direction. The next ones will come in the next updates.

Bug Fixes:
--the pickups could not be picked up when you had to mouse over the tooltip
--improved camera smoothness - work in progress (we'll optimize game more soon)
--screen tearing fix - valid v-sync
--"SET DEFAULT SETTINGS" now resets resolution and refresh to windows desktop values
--The game saves keybindings correctly
--minor bug fixes
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: 0.91.28 (Offline installers have now been updated)

v0.91.28 Patch Notes
New Class - Monk

Unarmed Strike
Monks are highly trained in fighting unarmed, giving them considerable advantages when doing so.

A monk's attacks may be with either fist interchangeably or even from elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a monk may even make unarmed strikes with her hands full. There is no such thing as an off-hand attack for a monk striking unarmed. A monk may thus apply her full Str bonus on damage rolls for all her unarmed strikes.

As the monk level increases, her unarmed strikes have more attacks (1 extra attack at 8th and 15th) and damage.

Small, Medium and Large Monk Unarmed Damage:
Level Small Medium Large
1 1d4 1d6 1d8
4 1d6 1d8 2d6
8 1d8 1d10 2d8
12 1d10 2d6 3d6
16 2d6 2d8 3d8
20 2d8 2d10 4d8

When this ability is actived as a switch ability, you always make unarmed strikes in melee, even holding a melee weapon.

Flurry of Blows
When unarmored, a monk may strike with a flurry of blows at the expense of accuracy.

Lv 1: +1 extra attack. All attacks made that round takes a –2 penalty.
Lv 5: the penalty lessens to –1.
Lv 9: the penalty disappears.
Lv 11: +1 extra attack.

When using flurry of blows, a monk may attack only with unarmed strikes or with special monk weapons. When with unarmed strikes, the extra attacks from Unarmed Strike count.

A monk always applies her full Str bonus to damage rolls of a flurry of blows.

When wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, the monk cannot use this ability.

AC Bonus
A monk is highly trained at dodging blows, and she has a sixth sense that lets her avoid even unanticipated attacks.

When unarmored and unencumbered, the monk adds her Wisdom bonus to her AC. In addition, a monk gains a +1 bonus to AC every 5 monk levels (+1 at 5th, +2 at 10th, ...).

These bonuses to AC apply even against touch attacks or when the monk is flat-footed.

She loses these bonuses when she is immobilized or helpless, when she wears any armor, when she carries a shield, or when she carries a medium or heavy load.

Fast Movement
A monk gains a +2 enhancement bonus to her speed every 3 levels (+2 at 3rd, +4 at 10th, ..., +20 at 30th).

A monk in armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load loses this extra speed.

Still Mind
A monk gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting spells and effects, since her meditation and training improve her resistance to mind-affecting attacks.

Ki Strike
A monk's unarmed attacks are empowered with ki which improves with her monk level.

Her unarmed attacks are treated as specific types of weapons for the purpose of dealing damage to creatures with damage reduction:
Lv 4: magic weapons
Lv 7: cold iron and alchemical silver weapons
Lv 10: lawful weapons
Lv 16: adamantine weapons

In addition, +1 enhancement bonus to her unarmed strikes every 5 levels (+1 at 5th, +2 at 10th, ...).

(Cold iron and lawful weapons related monsters are in development)

Slow Fall
A monk within arm's reach of a wall can use it to slow her descent. When calculate the distance of the fall, reduce by 5 feet per monk level. At 20th level, she can fall any distance without harm.

Purity of Body
A monk gains control over her body's immune system. She gains immunity to all diseases except for supernatural and magical diseases.

(Diseases are in development)

Wholeness of Body
A monk can heal her own wounds. She can heal a number of hit points of damage equal to her monk level x (2 + her Wis bonus / 2) each day, and she can spread this healing out among several uses.

Diamond Body
A monk is in such firm control of her own metabolism that she gains immunity to poisons of all kinds.

Abundant Step
A monk can slip magically between spaces once per day.

Diamond Soul
A monk gains spell resistance equal to her current monk level + 10."},-- In order to affect the monk with a spell, a spellcaster must get a result on a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) that equals or exceeds the monk's spell resistance.

Quivering Palm
A monk can set up vibrations within the body of another creature that can thereafter be fatal if the monk so desires.

When this ability is actived, if the monk strikes successfully and the target takes damage from the blow, the quivering palm attack succeeds.

Thereafter the monk can try to slay the victim at any later time, as long as the attempt is made within a number of days equal to her monk level. To make such an attempt, the monk merely wills the target to die: the monk level/2 + Wis modifier vs. the target's Fortitude. If succeed, it dies. If failed, the quivering palm effect disappears.

Creatures immune to critical hits cannot be affected.

Timeless Body
A monk no longer takes penalties to her ability scores for aging and cannot be magically aged. Any such penalties that she has already taken, however, remain in place. The monk still dies of old age when her time is up.

(Aging is in development)

Tongue of the Sun and Moon
A monk can speak with any living creature.

(Languages are in development)

Empty Body
A monk can enter the Ethereal Plane and become ethereal.

For the duration of the ability, the monk is in a place called the Ethereal Plane, which overlaps the normal, physical, Material Plane. When the ability expires, she returns to material existence.

She may go ethereal on a number of different occasions during any single day, as long as the total number of rounds spent in an ethereal state does not exceed her monk level.

For the Material Plane, she is invisible and insubstantial. However, she can see and hear on the Material Plane, but everything looks gray and ephemeral. Sight and hearing onto the Material Plane are limited to 60 feet.

Normally, ethereal creatures and material creatures can't attack each other. Ethereal creatures treat other ethereal creatures and ethereal objects as if they were material.

As an insubstantial creature, the monk can move through solid objects, including living creatures. When the ability expires and she become material while inside a material object (such as a solid wall), she is shunted off to the nearest open space and take 1d6 points of damage per 5 feet that she so travel.

Perfect Self
A monk has tuned her body with skill and quasi-magical abilities to the point that she becomes a magical creature.

The monk gains damage reduction 10/magic. She is forevermore treated as an outsider rather than as a humanoid for the purpose of spells and magical effects. For instance, charm person does not affect her. But the monk can still be brought back from the dead.

Adjusted Combat Maneuvers Training feats:
Combat Maneuvers Mastery: +2 bonus on Combat Maneuver Defense -> Can use all the combat maneuvers: Trip, Grapple, Bull Rush, Drag, Overrun.
Decreased level requirement of Combat Maneuvers feats:
- Combat Maneuvers Mastery: 3 -> 0
- Drag: 9 -> 0
- Improved Drag: 9 -> 0
- Greater Drag: 12 -> 6
- Overrun: 9 -> 0
- Improved Overrun: 9 -> 0
- Greater Overrun: 12 -> 6

Other improvements and fixes:
Improved Unarmed Strike: +4 proficiency bonus on unarmed strikes.
Stunning Fist - Uses per day: Character level/4 -> Monk level + Non-nonk level/4
Weapon Focus/Improved Critical - prerequisite: Simple Weapon Proficiency -> Any Weapon Proficiency
Whirlwind Attack: adjusted prerequisites. Standard action -> Full-round action
Improved Whirlwind Attack: discarded
Devastating Strike: No class prerequisite. Level: 12 -> 11

Optimized create/level-up character UI
Display the highest priority default action icon prompt only on battlefield
Added monk avatars
Replaced icons of Falchion/Flails
Optimized action description format
Optimized descriptions of some feats, such as Improved Unarmed Strike
Optimized descriptions of some classes
Added Profession/Craft skills in description of classes
Added description of bypassing damage reduction in attacks of character panel
Unified chinese translations of Trip

Fixed: No monk feature on Quarterstaff
Fixed: Wrong uses per day in action bar prompt and Wiki
Fixed: Some special symbols (such as ') in character names mess equipment comparison list of Arena shop

Note: When you encountered a bug, please zip and send your saves (the game folder\saves) to It's extremely useful for debugging.
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