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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark & DLC

Update 1.3.1b (26 June 2020)

Ancient Path: Monster units required the ability to use items to be able to activate the crystals in this level, which could lead to issues. Now all monsters can always use the crystals.

1.3.1. Missions and Monsters Update (19 June 2020)

Bug Fixes:
- Descriptions: Updating some descriptions that were missing information (Glorious Foil and others).
- Buffs from Upgrades: Could override permanent buffs. Fixed.
- Hindering Hit: Had a height of "weapon height" rather than 6. Fixed.
- Memory Leaks: Fixing 2 small memory leaks that could build up over time under certain circumstances.
- Class Wheel: Fixing a visual issue with level requirements showing a Star for the level when they shouldn't have.
- Pushing: Pushing enemies could trigger obtaining Hallowed Mind when pushing them against an obstacle.
- Plaguestorm: Always had a 100% hit chance despite the listed odds. Fixed. Also didn't show malice's bonus in the prediction. Fixed.
- Focus Fire: AI could cast Focus Fire even if it didn't have enough MP to use with the give spell at times.
- Various: Fixing various very rare input issues.
- Arena: A combatant was missing their weapon in the 2nd tournament. Fixed.

- Worldmap: Now showing the patrol description when selecting any node on the map, rather than having to travel to the node and select patrol. Also, now showing the level range of story encounters this way.
- Shaders: Updating a game shader to be more performant and use less memory.
- Gamepads: Updating gamepad module. It should support a few more gamepads hopefully.
- Low Specs: Adding a new config option for "GameConfig.txt" that goes under the "Graphics" section, called NoWeather. Set it to true to disable the rain and ash effects on certain map if your computer can't handle showing the extra sprites and you get slowdowns.

- Cabin Battle: Lowering the levels of a few enemies to make the encounter easier.
- Stampede: Will now use the distance traveled from all abilities that displace the caster, including Pounce.
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Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
- Windows & Mac updated (v. 1.09 ⇒ v. 1.21a ⇒ v. 1.21b): 29 June 2020;
- Linux not updated yet.


Standalone installers updated 29 June 2020 with no changelog:
- The Colonists: 1.5.0 ⇒
- PC Building Simulator, and its DLC: 53 ⇒ 1.8.1.
- Project Zomboid [InDev]: beta versions (41.39) added.

Also, from updates/changelogs posted earlier:
- Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark, and its DLC -- Windows & Mac: 1.3.1 ⇒ 1.3.1b.
- Northgard, and its DLC: ⇒
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Chernobylite (In Development)

Updated to 26_06_patch_v2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)
Mega Patch #5 - “Black Stalker” Changelog (25 June 2020)

Content Additions:

- Added a new level: Prologue. Why did Igor come back to Chernobyl right now? How does he know about Chernobylite? Where does the portal generator come from? Prologue will answer all these questions.
- Added a new level: Fractal World “Black Stalker”. It is the conclusion of a new investigation on the board.
- New quest “Kozlov Killing” (part of Mikhail and Olga chain).
- New quest “Kozlov Kidnaping” (part of Tarakan and Saskho chain).
- Dozens of new items to build. Including many functional things you'll read about in "Improvements / Additions"

Technology improvements:

- We've added support for HDR. This is just the first iteration and not everything is perfect yet, but the game looks very interesting.
- Our interactive “Green fractal world” loading screen has met with huge criticism from you, mainly for technical reasons. We changed it to a more classic loading screens, while strongly optimizing their duration. In the future we will replace the green tunnels with special films that will expand the backstory of the game. For now, we've created a trial one at the beginning of the game.


- This is the thing you asked for probably the most often, and somehow we managed to keep it secret. Now you can build armor in the base. 3 types with 3 different types of inserts. They will be very useful for players who prefer fighting over stealth. This is the first iteration, so it requires light polishing and balance. Surprise!
- In base you can now build a "Microprocessor Recycler" that allows you to extract raw materials from items that you no longer need. You've been waiting a long time for this, right?
- Following your feedback, we've added building system outside of Igor's base. You can build special crafting stations, enemy traps and covers right on mission levels. Not everything works as it should yet, treat this functionality as experimental! We welcome your feedback.
- New melee animations for all weapons. In the future, melee damage will depend on the type of weapon and the upgrades used
- New animations for stealth takedown. Now, to make them quiet and without killing you have to undergo training with Olivier
- Now Igor can climb and jump over smaller obstacles. Movement should be smoother.
- Igor can now use dodge, just like soldiers do. Timed properly allows you to completely bypass damage from gunshot or monster hit
- We have improved the placeholders VO. Now their sound should be much less annoying, and whenever they appear, relevant information also appears


- Fixed a bug where you could get infinite amount of XP during Excuses quest.
- Fixed bug where good effects was shown in red and could mislead player.
- Fixed bug where you could fall into a basement at Red Forest and block yourself.
- Moved loot crate on Red Forest to more accessible place.
- Fixed AI of Shadows, they will no longer stay in one big group anywhere.
- Fixed floating grass on Kopachi Kindergarten.
- Redesigned mechanics of beds inside the base, now game will precisly point out who was missing his bunk and you won’t have to build more every time.
- Fixed savepoint on Tarakan's Hideout mission, now even if player dies during the mission it will properly execute next time.
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Tooth and Tail has been updated to ver. 1.7.0. No changelog.
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fonimul: Children of Morta
got some more free stuff. Only on Galaxy, for now.


Bergsons’ House Update (24 June 2020)
The free update contains:

A brand-new character with a unique skillset designed to play in single-player, but shine in co-op playthroughs
Special shielding skills and passive healing mechanics
32 new Apan-specific Runes
9 new story Cutscenes
a few HUD and UI tweaks
additional bug fixes
More info here

Eventually, the offline installers have been updated.

edit: But it looks like there's no patch. People will have to download the whole thing again.
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Prison Architect & DLCs

The Rock Hotfix 3542 (29 June 2020)

- New Feature: When expanding an Island Map, new islands will be generated, rather than empty sea.
- The game will leave an empty area for existing shipping lanes.
- All the Island Bound assets are now showing in the Cheat/Debug mode.
- Solved pathfinding issues caused by Security Checkpoints.
- Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when deploying a modded room.
- The game will no longer crash if you intake a corrupted Name In the Game Prisoner.
- Tyre Apparatus can now be rotated properly.
- Air Paramedics will now be able to leave the map if their Helicopter is dismissed.
- Criminally Insane prisoners will now properly attack trees when they acquire a weapon if they really have strong feelings against that tree.
- Fixed several localization issues for Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

************************************************************************************************************** ***


Update 1.4.7424

Message from Steam (May 25, 2020):


With the help of our loyal community of international agents we were finally able to make the Orwell system available in three more languages: From today you will be able to utilize Orwell in Italian, Japanese, as well as Indonesian. You are hereby encouraged to appreciate their effort.

As always, you can find detailed update instructions below.

Stay vigilant
The Orwell administration

Patchnotes Version 1.4.7424

- added community localizations for Italian, Japanese and Indonesian

- fixed a bug where the Insider tool wasn't unlocked correctly in Episode 3 on an OS with Turkish language setting
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Legend of Keepers: Prologue
version to 0.8.1
No changelog
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The Legacy: Realm of Terror

All offline installers updated to "1.0 audio fix"

Fixes the issue with an irritating loud "popping" sound being heard whenever the character opened a door or performed certain actions.
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Starpoint Gemini 3

Updated to 0.700.1

Changelog posted by the devs in the game's forum.
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Offline installers for Colt Canyon have been updated to version today.
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Many GOG game updates have no official update flag.
I started to record it since Nov 2017. Only games I have are listed here. [1]

Report for Jun 2020:
Total updates: 80
Games updates: 54 (Some games have multiple updates, daily basis)
Flags I got: 76

95% updates have an official flag. 5% are missing.

[1] Jun 2020 updates:
[2] May 2020 record:
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Since people obviously still do enjoy your statistics each month I have a suggestion: update flagging apparently improved a lot (after the recent 100% miss of course ;)) so what would you think about including which games also received a changelog and which did not since imo ths would be worth to point out as well?
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Blade Runner new extras added:
- A second version of the English manual
- A Behind the Scenes booklet (part of the same boxed release as the above manual).

Also the previous version of the English manual (from the UK / European boxed release) was re-scanned for better quality, optimized size and compatibility with old(er) PDF Readers.
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Summer in Mara

updated from v1.5 to v1.9 only on Galaxy for now.

Found some information here.

We heard you and we want to use your feedback to improve Summer in Mara. In this update we implemented two features that will improve the experience of the game:

Fast travel: Now Koa can travel immediately to any island that you have discovered previously. This way, you don't have to go from quadrant to quadrant, avoiding loading screens.

Crafting and cooking. We thought it's a good idea to let Koa craft and cook in other islands, near to the main characters. Now you can craft/cook in Taka's restaurant, Akaji forge and Dunna's island.
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Children of Morta

updated again from version to version
Only on Galaxy for now, so the offline installers are out of date again.

I can't find a changelog, but I assume it's a hotfix for the recent large update.


Summer in Mara (mentioned above) now has its offline installers updated to version 1.9, on par with Galaxy.