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Prison Architect & DLC (Psych Ward: Warden's Edition)

Update The Bucket [2819_1.0.] + free new DLC Cleared for Transfer

Announcement on Steam:
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Good Company [InDev]
Update v0.6.4 (07 May 2020)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installer updated ( ⇒ 0.6.4): 14 May 2020.


Standalone installers updated 13-14 May 2020 with no changelog:
- Airships: Conquer the Skies: ⇒ 1.0.16.
- Anodyne 2: Return to Dust: 1.23 ⇒ 1.31.
- Astrox Imperium [InDev]: b 0.096 ⇒ b 0.097.
- ATOM RPG: Trudograd [InDev]: 0.5.1 e ⇒ 0.5.2.
- Even the Ocean: 1.019b2 ⇒ 1.024.
- House Flipper, and its DLC: 1.20122 (27c8c) ⇒ 1.20134 (6df9a) hgtv.
- Jet Lancer - Windows: 1.0.17 ⇒ 1.0.23; Mac: 1.0.21 ⇒ 1.0.23.
- Kingdoms and Castles: 117r6a ⇒ 117r7.
- Mana Spark: 1.1.09 ⇒ 1.1.10.
- Planetbase: 1.3.6 ⇒ 1.3.7.
- Rescue HQ - The Tycoon: GOG 1.1 ⇒ 2.2.
- The Shattering: 1.0.0 ⇒ 1.0.3.
- Ultimate Fishing Simulator, and all its DLC: 2.12.2:483 ⇒ 2.20.5:493.
- VirtuaVerse: v. 1.01 ⇒ v. 1.01a.

Also, from updates/changelogs posted earlier:
- Anodyne - Windows: 1.522S ⇒ 1.6; Mac: 1.522.2 (Hotfix) ⇒ 1.6.
- Children of Morta - Windows: 1.1.53 ⇒; Mac: ⇒
- Filament: 1.0.2701 ⇒ 1.0.2725 ⇒ 1.0.2726.
- INSOMNIA: The Ark: 1.6 ⇒ 1.7.
- Prison Architect, and its DLC: the_sneezer_1.02 ⇒ the_bucket_2819_1.0.
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Update 1.5h (14 May 2020)

Mac & Linux (Galaxy & Offline Installer)
Windows (Galaxy)
- macOS: improved game loading time
- macOS: improved visuals
- fixed not all rides/shops being available when continuing to play a campaign park in sandbox mode
- fixed campaign map screen not respecting graphics settings, causing performance issues on slower systems
- fixed customizable shop getting dirty when acting like certain other shops that can't get dirty (such as souvenir shop)
- fixed not being able to build fences on some park edges
- fixed being able to build stations on slopes for some tracked rides
- fixed trains sometimes spawning in reverse when using turntables
- fixed Launched Drop Tower stats not changing when changing number of launches
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Version 1.2.2 (14 May 2020)

New Features:
- Player AI: Player units can now be controlled by the AI. Go to the system options and select "Player AI" and set the AI you want on your combatants. Their setting will be saved and remembered.
- Autosaves: Adding autosaves at the very start of battle, so the player won't lose all their work preparing their units if things go sour. The autosave will keep all pre-battle setup, but otherwise start the player right before the battle was triggered.
- Enemy Turns: The player can now press the System Menu button during an enemy turn and as soon as their turn is over, the System menu will open, allowing the player to load/quit/etc.
- Unequip Everyone: Adding a button to unequip the whole roster at once from the troops menu equip screen.
- Turn Completion: When pressing the "details button" in combat, each unit will display their turn completion amount as a percentage next to their health bar. This should help the player make better decisions when it comes to abilities that delay the turn of units, etc.
- World Map: Various updates were made to the controls on the world map to make keyboard only user more at ease (ie. users not using the mouse at all, but just the keyboard).
- Difficulty Settings: Adding a new difficulty setting to control if the AI will use drowning mechanics on the player or not.
- AI: The AI will now use the map's natural teleport points if it deems it a good idea.
- UI: Many different additions to give better information to the player.
- Crafting: Will now show a "new icon" over recipes that the player hasn't seen before, as well as a "new crafting available" indicator from the troops menu when there are new recipes. Balance:
- Gear: Updating the list of what can be sold and not sold. In general, making more unique gear unsellable and more rare gear sellable.
- Story Characters: Some story characters have small static bonus to some stats upon creation. Now those will be stored in a different way so they are kept if the unit has its level reset to 1. This change is not retroactive and will require a new game. Also slightly changing those bonuses for some characters.
- AI: Various small improvements to the AI.
- AI: There was a chance the AI would cast Dispel 2x in a row on the same target with Double Cast. Fixed.
- AI: AI wouldn't always make smart use of Focus and Hallowed buffs. It'll now be smarter.
- Axes: Increasing vertical range to 4 (was 2 before).
- Healing Staff: No longer triggers Chilling Touch and other such passives.
- Defensive Hit: Now counts as a regular attack.
- Reanimate: Summoned zombies of tier 2 and 3 will now have "Counter: Poison" rather than "Counter: Critical Rebirth" since summons can't be affected by any Revive or Rebirth abilities.
- Counter: Thrash: Increasing damage dealt to 1.2x (from 1x).
- Chaos Slice: Increased dmg from 0.85x to 0.9x.
- Marked: The class's last ability won't be locked by the story anymore but purchasable like other abilities.
- Marked: The character that has access to this story class will now learn a special passive through the story (Penumbral Mastery).
- Exiled: The character with access to this class will have access to a bonus passive as well (Stampede).
- Avenger: Bonus will now be applied per allies that is currently fallen, or has fallen before in the current battle (and isn't protected against injuries). The net result is that reviving allies won't remove the bonus (unless they have injury protection).
- Story Battles: Made a certain NPC assisting in the fight in a certain city map more likely to drink potions if their health gets low.
- Pektites: Adding an element to their regular attack.
- Sleeping Targets: When the target is asleep, a bonus to accuracy will be given to attacks on the target (25%). The target's evasion was already ignored if it was asleep, so this is mainly a boost to special attacks with a low starting accuracy (like Wild Slam, etc.).
- AI: AI won't be as eager to get Hallowed Mind by slapping some nearby allies.
- Scoundrel: Increasing slightly the odds of Steal Item, Buffs and Gold.
- Wrathful Burst/Holy Burst: Increasing the vertical range to 4 (from 2), to match other Burst abilities.
- Wood Staff: Will no longer increase the casting range by 1. Other staves remain unchanged.
- Thorns: Increasing damage dealt by Thorns to 30% of damage dealt (was 25%) is reflected. Thorn damage is subject to defense, so it is not as high as that amount.
- Hellmuzzle: Increasing attack value slightly.
- Silver Rapier: Now grants increased MND, like other Silver weapons.
- Rapiers: Increasing their MND bonus a tiny bit. Rapiers now grant a bonus to accuracy as well.
- Ebony Dagger, Quarreller, Crimson Scythe: Now have a bonus to MND.
- Reflectotron: Lowering MP cost to 4 (from 6).
- NewGamePlus: A certain secret character will now remain on the player's roster when starting a NGP, rather than needing to be acquired again.
- Barrier: Will not be removed anymore from a target if the target was immune to the effect that was used on them. So, for example, an enemy immune to Poison won't used up its Barrier buff if Poison is casted on them, since they were already immune.
- Badges: Now, when the player finds a badge, the class it unlocks will be shown in the class wheel with its information, even if the player doesn't mean the requirements. That way the player can start planning their progression better if they want access to the class rapidly.
- AP Gained: On maps where the player's 6 main units are much higher level than the opposition, the AP is reduced by 33% (up from 25%).
- Stealing: Being afflicted with Blind will now reduce the chance of Stealing in half.
- Cleansing Blade: Reducing damage bonus from removing a debuff from 0.45x per debuff to 0.35x per debuff.
- Fellblade: Changed most Slices to a line targeting rather than diagonals.
- The Highlands: Updating the level range of the area to be lower in general and provide an option for the level 20-30 range.
- Story Characters: Story characters that join late into the game have had their starting AP increased a tad.
- Bonus Character: Reducing slightly the AP costs of abilities for a certain special character that likes to buzz around.
- Reavers: Gaining access to Mauls and losing access to Swords.
- Thorns: Thorn damage will no longer remove Charm from the recipient.
- Enemies: Should not spawn with Countershot anymore if they don't have a ranged weapon.
- Enemies SubClass: Changing the way the odds of an enemy having no subclass are calculated. They will now be based on character level and tied to Difficulty settings, rather than a flat 20%.
- Magic Bullet: Now counts as a Regular Attack.
- Quick Fingers: Will now allow the player to activate a chest/gather point/ladder/etc after taking an action and a movement if there is one in range.
- Worms: Can no longer spawn with boots.
- On-Hit Passives: Changing the proc chances of Deep Wounds, Chilling Touch and Sunder to all be 75%.
- Dreadmaw: Increasing chance to hit from 50% to "regular odds".
- Flippers: Enemies will never spawn with flippers if the map doesn't have water.
- Blazing Bolas: Blazing Bolas will now only try to place traps on valid tiles. Which means that a well targeted bolas, with many invalid location for the traps, will only land on valid tiles, and thus more likely to spawn directly under the target.
- AI: Various small improvements.
- Steal Gold: Slightly increasing amount stolen.
- Accessories: Slightly lowering the price of starting accessories.
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Version 1.2.2 (14 May 2020)

- Troops Menu: The screen could feel less responsive for KB+M users if the user was moving the mouse around while pressing keys. Should feel better now.
- Troops Menu: The currently selected unit will show "Deployed" on its portrait (like in the battle placement screen) if the user is in battle the unit is deployed.
- Gear Description: Slightly increasing the size of the description of gear in their main description box.
- Abilities Equip: Some of the descriptions wouldn't shown until after the player had made an actual change to their loadout.
- Visuals: Various small spacing improvements to the UI.
- Visual Customization: Made the experience using both mouse and keyboard at the same time better.
- Troops Menu: Spaced out the units in the troops menu. Also made the troops menu layout better (less units covered by the UI) when using a small resolution.
- Abilities Description: Clarifying and updating a few descriptions.
- Worldmap: The worldmap will now center on nodes as a road is drawn to them. This will be especially useful to people using low resolutions since the new nodes are easier to spot.
- Title Screen: The game should reach the title screen just a bit faster than before.
- Unit Number: When pressing the "details button" in combat, each unit will be assigned a number based on their order in the turn bar and that number will be shown over their portrait and sprite on the map. This will help quickly seeing whose turn is coming soon by looking at the sprites only, as well as differentiating any sprites that might have the same portrait.
- Damage: The damage prediction box will now show "-0HP" rather than "+0HP" when an attack would do 0 damage, to be more consistent. Heals for 0 will still show "+0HP".
- Patrols: Adding a tutorial explaining a few basic concepts about the patrols, including their level range. It will trigger the first time the player selects the "Patrol" command on the world map.
- World Map: The right stick will now pan the map.
- World Map: Pressing and holding the mouse button will allow the map to be panned with mouse movements.
- World Map: The keyboard will now control the world map cursor as if it were a gamepad, so the mouse won't be required at all with mouse and keyboard. The directional buttons won't pan the map anymore without pressing and hold the "Pan Map" button or the mouse.
- Gear Description: Making the layout of the gear description box a little smarter if there aren't any on-hit effects or buffs attached to the equipment piece. This will make the description section better.
- Weapons Description: Now showing the shape information in the description for weapons with an AoE.
- Weapons Description: Will now show the base on-hit chance of debuff in the weapon description panel.
- Delaying a Turn: When an attack causes a delay in the turn of the target, the word "Delayed!" will be shown using the Debuff colors.
- Item Potency: Will now show the increased numerical amount in the item description box while browsing items in combat, rather than just in the prediction box.
- Damage Prediction: Will now show the amount of turns a debuff will last in the prediction box.
- Credits: Will now use less memory. It probably won't be noticeable by anyone really, haha.
- Class List: The list now has a sort option (default, a-z, z-a).
- Class Wheel: The wheel now has a sort option (default, a-z, z-a).
- Prediction Box: Will now show "No effect" instead of "not showing any effects" when Dispel or Panacea wouldn't do anything, for clarity.
- Prediction Box: Buffs will now be shown in "healing color" when being added and "damage color" when being removed, rather than the reverse. With this change, all "good effects" are "healing colored" and all "bad effects" are "damage colored".
- Abilities, Weapons: The base chance of debuffs will now be shown in the description of the ability.
- Descriptions: Changing the format of many descriptions from 0.5x to 50% if it would be more intuitive for what they do.
- Help Screen: Adding numbering to the help tooltips to make it clearer how many tooltips there are on any given screen.
- Sabotage: The % chance will be shown in the prediction box. It's always 100%, unless the enemy is immune to displacements. This should make it clearer the enemy can't be displaced at a glance though.
- Spell Speed: Effects at the end of the turn (like Renew, Poison, etc) will be shown faster if the player has increased the spell effect speed (they were already shown faster than regular spells, but now they will be even faster if the player spell speed is higher).
- Tutorial: Adding a mention about being able to add custom portraits to the game to the customize tutorial.
- Battle: The turn order number shown over portraits when pressing details will now skip dead units so the numbers remain sequential.
- Dialogues: The cancel button will now advance the dialogue as well as the confirm button.
- Arena: Adding a confirmation prompt when starting the battle for consistency with patrols prompt.
- Buffs and Debuffs: Will now show their icons when shown as damage text over targets in battle.
- Help Screen: Will now show the trap description if a trap is visible on screen during combat.
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Version 1.2.2 (14 May 2020)

Bug Fixes:
- 4_3 Fixing small inconsistencies in the Help screen and Try&Buy screens while using a 4:3 aspect ratio.
- Pulsar Generator: Spell could change the facing of the target to a different facing than the target had at the start of the spell. Fixed.
- New Game Plus: A certain secret character wouldn't retain his AP correctly in a New Game Plus. Fixed.
- Mouse: Using the mouse wheel, it was possible to enable the "Dismiss" command on Story characters in the Troops menu (and also during battles). Fixed.
- Swarm Strike: There was a visual glitch where "helpers" that are sleeping would remain upright (and still sleeping) at the end of the Swarm Strike animation. We don't want to change the functionality or complexify the ability, so it will keep working correctly even if teammates are sleeping, but their frames will reset to "sleeping" correctly at the end of the animation.
- Large Units: Cleaning up the way distance is calculated to/from larger units so it always uses the closest distance. This should make abilities that rely on distance (or the distance of weapons) always function correctly with larger units.
- New Recruits: Fixing a bug where under certain circumstances, new recruits from an advanced class would still lose access to that class after switching them out (even though we changed that behavior in a prior update).
- AI: The AI could have odd movements under certain circumstances. Fixed.
- Misc: Reducing memory usage a tiny bit in battles and menus.
- Name Change: When changing the name of a recruit and then canceling changes, the old name wouldn't be restored.
- AI: AI could make odd decisions when it came to One for all, selecting it when it shouldn't or not selecting it when it should. Fixed.
- Niwot: Enemy had idle stance running too quickly. Fixed.
- Random Drops: There was an issue with the way the map rewards were being generated and it could often result in wrong odds for most item, the longer the player went without restarting the game. It also resulted in a lot more Godwood drops late game than was intended.
- Mystic Shield: Fixing an issue where Mystic Shield would absorb damage as MP if the character would heal from the damage due to high elemental resistances.
- Mystic Shield: Fixing an issue where the MP damage wouldn't be shown correctly when punting a target with Mystic Shield if there was no bonus damage.
- Sacrifice Abilities: Those abilities could have inconsistent behavior with One for All, Protect and other more complex interactions. Fixed.
- Cleave: When a character with the Cleave passive got a kill during a turn and died on the same turn (due to Thorn or other reasons) could result in the "next character in the Queue" getting their turn as a "cleave turn" (meaning they wouldn't regenerate MP). Fixed.
- Selecting Subclass: Fixing some minor UI issues.
- Relentless Investigator: The player could fail to get the achievement if the last chest they opened was located in Gelligh. This fix will be retroactive and grant the achievement to player that should have it upon loading a save file that has all treasures opened.
- Teleport Other: There was an extremely rare chance of the AI using this ability to teleport someone "on top of them". Fixed.
- Ancient Path: Fixed an issue where the crystal would deactivate after an enemy was revived (until another enemy would be killed), even though it should have stayed activated.
- Battle Menu: Fixing an extremely rare case where the battle menu could get 'stuck' if the player hid and showed it rapidly.
- Displacements: Fixing a rare issue with "abilities that displace a lot of people at once" sometimes leaving some of the targets "untargetable" until they moved again.
- Charge: Fixing an issue when using a charge ability from a water tile, where the attack wouldn't occur after the movement was done.
- Charge: When the player used a charge, the target would not get to counter it, even if they had a valid counter. Fixed.
- Leap: Leap will now correctly check for traps after the caster lands.
- One for All: One for All would ignore the target height and just check for distance. Fixed.
- Infused Edge: No exp would be granted to the caster if the spell part of the attack missed. Fixed.
- Doppelganger: Some bosses with multiple parts wouldn't have their parts correctly flagged as not being valid for Doppelganger and the player could attempt to copy some invalid ability sets. Fixed.
- Enemies: Fixing some issues in enemies generation tables that would prevent a few passives to be generated on enemies as optional passives.
- Zzakander Spires: When using "Elite enemies", the added enemy would spawn in an odd location. Fixed.
- Mind-Control: Mind-Controlled enemies with Smart Cast would apply Smart Cast incorrectly. Fixed.
- Pushing: Pushing someone out of a water tile with a push ability would result in visual issues and the target possibly surviving with 0Hp.
- NewGame Plus: Enemies would still be restricted by story progression in their choice of weapons and accessories, even when using the flag for enemies to have access to all the gear.
- Units in Water: Certain abilities that exchange position with a unit could have some inconsistent text positioning for caster drains if the caster started in water. Fixed.
- Fleeing Enemies: Fixing a rare case where strange AI behavior could occur when an enemy escaped battle and was under the effect of Protect.
- Double Cast: The AI could cast a spell using Blood Magic without enough HP if the first cast got countered and reduced their HP below what was needed for their 2nd spell. Fixed.
- Monsters: Some rare monsters had weaker stats in an upper Tier than a lower Tier. Fixed.
- Credits: Fixing an issue where some names in the credits didn't show up properly.
- Adaptive Evasion: Will now correctly be set to "Evade Regular Attacks" after being attacked by Infused Edge.
- Summons: Fixing an issue where mind-controlled summons would have no abilities other than attack for the player to use.
- Interstitch: Was ignoring the spell height restriction on the victims. Fixed.
- Stampede: Now calculating the amount of tiles walked more accurately (it used to calculate it from the distance between the 2 positions, rather than the steps taken to get there).
- AI: Will not attempt to cast Wild Cards on a target immune to all debuffs (or that has all debuffs already).
- Dispelling: Will now show 0% for the chance of the buff to be removed if the target has an Evade counter against the Dispel ability used.
- Scar Tissue: Will not trigger from fixed damage anymore (since those don't target def nor res).
- Bows: Under very specific circumstances, the optimize feature when changing classes could end up equipping a bow and a shield at the same time.
- Blazing Bolas: Under very specific circumstances, the target could be flagged as being underwater after the spell, even though they would not be. Fixed.
- Gadgeteer: Missing icon with first ability in skilltree. Fixed.
- Banyan Span: Fixing gathering point that wouldn't visually disappear after being picked.
- A certain Kawa: Could remain visible at the end of a cutscene where he shouldn't have been. Should be fixed.
- Cutscenes: A unit with float could have their shadow float with them during a few very specific cutscenes. Fixed.
- Flying: Some rare players have had issues with units taking flight under rare and specific circumstances. We added some code to report the issue better and to make sure the game doesn't stall if it happens (it'll resolve itself after a little delay).
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continued below ------->
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Version 1.2.2 (14 May 2020)

- List All Jobs: The optional GameOptions.txt option to always show all classes in the class wheel was cleaned up to not show classes from bosses and other special hidden classes.
- Abilities: Adding a new abilities.xml field so abilities can use the element of the weapon equipped rather than have a built-in element. Previously, skills with "treated as a regular attack" would automatically have this behavior, but now they will be able to decide with this new field.
- Monsters: The game started using Monsters.xml last patch, but the file wasn't generated in the customdata_examples folder. Fixed.
- Abilities: Abilities will now correctly use the minrange value when being casted. Before, it would only respect values of 0 or 1. Now any value <= maxrange will work correctly.
- Abilities: Adding a new field to abilities (PosStyle) that can be set to "kLine" to force the ability to target only in a line from the caster.
- Jobs: Adding "noVicarious" to the job fields. When it's set, a class doesn't gain vicarious AP. This used to be hardcoded.
- GameOptions.txt: Adding "Vicarious-extensions" table. You can make special mappings there to have vicarious AP work "cross class" (for example, you can make it so that a specific story class earns vicarious AP from another class).
- Encounters.txt: Makings more robust in general in terms of error handling.
- Encounters.txt: Adding command to grant spawned units bonus stats, speed, max hp or mp. Those are: stat-hp, stat-mp, stat-atk-, stat-mnd, stat-def, stat-res, stat-spd. Eg: stat-hp:100 will give the unit 100 more max HP.
- Charges: Will now use the size field to create a max charge range. Using a very large value for size will essentially behave like before (ie, no real max distance).
- Abilities: Adding a new counter called "kOffensiveCounterWithDebuff". It can act with any debuffs and will trigger with the standard "offensive action" conditions. It will use SpellHash for the visuals to use during the counter (and use a generic effect if none is provided).
- Abilities: Adding a new counter called "kOffensiveCounterWithBuff". It can act with any buffs and will trigger with the standard "offensive action" conditions. It will use SpellHash for the visuals to use during the counter (and use a generic effect if none is provided).
- Abilities: Adding a new counter called "kRandomDebuffPerPower2". It will trigger on standard offensive actions and apply "x" number of debuffs ("x" is the power2 field) to the target and use SpellHash for visuals.
- Abilities: Adding a new effect field (AddsNonRemovableEffects3) to abilities with fields called: kfEquipAxe (and one for each weapon name). Those can be used to allow a character to equip said weapon as a passive ability.
- customdata_examples: Files will now automatically be refreshed if they are out-of-date rather than needing to be deleted first. We were afraid of deleting changes the user might have made to those files, but I guess making changes to those files wouldn't do anything since they aren't used by the game anyways, so it should be pretty safe. Files in customdata will never be deleted by the game though, just to make sure we don't delete people's mods.
- Stores.xml: Adding an XML to control store contents.
- Encounters.txt: By default, overrides for Encounters.txt replace the section they are targetting. By using the new command "AdditionMode=true", custom data will "add to the section" rather than replace it. This is useful to make tiny modifications, rather than redo an encounter.
- Encounters.txt: Adding new commands for the creation of enemy monsters: portrait, sprite and spriteextra. They allow the unit's portrait and sprites to be changed. "spriteextra" is for added sprites, as some monsters have multiple parts (you can see examples in Monsters.xml).
- Encounters.txt: Fixing an issue that prevented the helmet and armor commands to be used for accessories.
- Encounters.txt: Adding "weighttarget" command for units generation. Format is: weighttarget:AbilityHash|IncreasedValue|Target (eg: weighttarget:HEAL-A1|50|monster0 which will make that action 50% more attractive than normal).
- Encounters.txt: Adding "isaleader" command for units generation. Format is: isaleader:number, where number is going to be the bonus EXP granted for killing the leader.
- Encounters.txt: Adding "objective" command for Patrol fields (like: [city01-patrol0]). Format is objective:defeatleader. Currently, that's the only value and it will "win the map" automatically if all leaders are defeated and set the map objective description accordingly.
- Encounters.txt: Adding "story-" new command. Format is: story-=x:0, y:0, dir:rd where name is the name of a story character (like kyrie, reiner, etc). This will spawn them on the map on your team.
- Encounters.txt: Adding "nozone" new command. Format is nozone=true. It can be used in place of zone0=1,1,1,1 command so there is no zone at all. This will only be useful when spawning story characters, otherwise you'll need a zone to have units in there.
- Encounters.txt: You can name specific multiple class or subclass at once for generating an enemy. The system will pick one at random from the list. The format is "class:Class0|Class1|Class2|etc."
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Astrox Imperium

Update to 0.0097a

No changelog.
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SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest

renamed version "1.05.75996" to "1.05.75996old"
added new build, version "1.05.75996" (12 May 2020)

Standalone installer updated 14 May 2020 with no changelog: 1.05.75996 ⇒ 1.05.75996
Installer files are named "setup_spellforce_3_-_soul_harvest_1.02.73825_(38252)".

Looks like only the game executables have changed.
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Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion Ultimate Edition

Patch 1.95 (15 May 2020)

Fix accidental double damage on weapon defense structures and hangar defense structures.
AI Squad owners (e.g. hangar defense, carriers, etc) now autodock their squadrons when there are no enemy units in the gravity well.
Fix Pacifist Society planet bonuses on PlanetBarren and PlanetBarrenFair.
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After waiting for years Ether One Redux finally has received an actual update hopefully fixing the bugs that plagued it.

The changelog comes with a little bit of explanation so in this case I'd rather link to it.

Changelog along with explanation is here.
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Terraria has received the Journey's End update. The patch notes are apparently over 40 pages long, as the changelog just gives a link to the game's forum:

Currently, the link is not working, though.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Grargar: Terraria has received the Journey's End update. The patch notes are apparently over 40 pages long, as the changelog just gives a link to the game's forum:

Currently, the link is not working, though.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tossed the relevant bit of the included changelog.txt up for anyone who wants to take a look.
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Tacoma offline installers have been updated to v2019-12-20. The relevant message from Steam (dated Dec 19, 2019):

Hi there! If you already own Tacoma, you may notice a large patch from Steam today. But, despite the patch size, it should keep everything pretty much exactly as it was: we've updated the game to be compliant with MacOS Catalina's new security requirements, which required upgrading the game to a new version of Unity-- which means practically every file got touched in the process, causing a large patch size on Steam. But, everything should work the same, just maybe running a little smoother, with a few bugs fixed that we found along the way, and better compatibility for Xbox and DualShock controllers.
Does anyone know when the GOG Update Icon will be fixed?