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Caves of Qud

#### Patch (01 March 2019)

* Tinkering messages are now cleared about which bits you need and which you have, and the list of bits you have is now presented in a consistent order.
* The game version is now displayed in relevant UI messages such as when a game fails to load.
* You can now order allies to stay put or follow you (via the Look UI). Staying put only stops them from following you around; they still move to defend you, themselves, or other allies.
* You can now order companions to move to a location (via the Look UI). They prioritize this command over combat.
* You can now give orders (via the Look UI) to your companions' companions.
* You must now be adjacent to companions to give them items via the Look UI.
* NPCs are now more willing to engage adjacent targets when they can't find a way to move toward their preferred target. They will attempt to hack their way back toward the preferred target if possible.
* You can now exchange water containers with your companions.
* Leather whips now latch onto opponents when they hit.
* Madpoles now use a different mechanism for latching onto their opponents.
* Thirsty NPCs now sip water if they have it.
* Autodrink now treats equipped water containers the same as containers in your inventory.
* Autodrink now shows you the source of the water you are drinking and its remaining volume.
* Autodrinking with glotrot can once again contaminate water containers.
* Tinkering messages are now clearer about which bits you need and which you already have, and the list of bits you have is now presented in a consistent order.
* Slugsnouts are now willing to attack at point-blank range.
* Fixed a bug that caused legendary companions to sometimes not attack after you commanded them to.
* Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented valid saved games from loading.
* Fixed some typos in the Templar squire description.
* Scrap no longer rusts an entire stack at a time.
* In most cases, like items with status effects like bloody or rusted now stack with each other.
* Being frozen or stuck in a web no longer interferes with your equipment becoming unequipped due to effects like rusting or the contraction of a fungal infection.
* [modding] GamestateSingletons used in mods are now properly called.
Lovecraft's Untold Stories

#### Update 1.16 (01 March 2019)

Dear investigators,We have uploaded the new version 1.16, in our continuous
effort to continue improving our game:

##### News and improvements:

* We have added the intro to our game (it was already time to do it) We really hope that you like it!
* We have improved the appearance of the minimap.
* We have added a checkpoint in the Detective Mansion right before the Boss. Some people asked us about this because the Mansion is a bit long to play, players are still learning, and having to play it all over again after dying was quite frustrating.
* We have added map stats in the pause menu. Now you can see quickly how many secret rooms, minievents, and rooms you have found.
* We have added a Reset progress button in the Options menu.

##### Fixes:

* Now, the game recognizes and switches automatically between keyboard/gamepad in case there is a gamepad connected to the computer.
* We have fixed a problem on Witch unlocking event. Now it works as intended.
* We have completed the balance of the Professor.
* We have started the balance of the Witch. Try the prologue! It should be easier to complete (still challenging, but much better than before).

Please continue sharing with us your thoughts and opinions. Together we´ll
make of Lovecraft's Untold Stories, the game that we all expect and desire.

The Devs
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

#### Update 2.6.000m1.1 (01 March 2019)

Hey y'all! I've released yet another update for CSD 2 for Win/Mac/Linux that
is a bit different in that it focuses on graphical improvements and

First off, you should see improvements across the board in terms of framerate.
I've also improved several graphical assets that were overly blurry in
previous updates.

Secondly if you're running an ATI card and have experienced issues when
running the game on Ultra settings, try the new option under Graphics called
Alternate Rendering that renders the game in a cleaner way, which should
clear up the artifacting issues. (This is worth toggling on to see if that
helps clear up any remaining framerate issues you might have as well).

This also brings the game in sync with the console versions, which lead to
some improvements with the engine that resulted in this patch! By the way, did
you know the game is available on PS4, and is coming soon to Nintendo Switch
and Xbox One? For more details be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!


If you have any issues with this patch, be sure to let me know, and as always
you can roll back to the previous update via GOG Galaxy.

Thanks again y'all for all the support! Look for more awesome announcements
coming later this year!
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Rainswept to version 1.1.2 (Windows and Linux)
-> Ape Out to version 1.0.2
-> Megaquarium to version v1.2.2g
-> The Bard's Tale Trilogy to version 3.24
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Planetbase was updated:
Patch 1.3.2 (01 March 2019):

- Printed message when game can not write log.txt file

Patch 1.3.2b (01 March 2019):

- Game no longer writes log.txt file, as it was being blocked by anti virus software
- Game now uses a temp file in user folder to store in progress savegames, to avoid them being blocked by anti virus

Production Line has been updated (and whoever at GOG enjoys travelling back in time needs to stop):
Update 1.68 (01 March 2019):

Hi there! This is the last feature-update before we come out of In Development. The next week is likely to just be bug fixing and usability/UI tweaks and fixes. Here is the list of new stuff:

1) [GUI] Changed vehicle renaming so it doesn't annoyingly add (1) to a duplicate name until you leave that screen, to prevent driving people MAD.
2) [GUI] Component prices on the finance screen can now be sorted up or down by either name or price.
3) [GUI] Added remappable shortcut key (B) to toggle blueprint mode.
4) [GUI] Redesigned layout of car design screen to accommodate longer languages.
5) [Feature] Added Swedish translation and improved others.
6) [Bug] Fixed bug when adding items to a supply stockpile where some categories would occasionally not be shown.
7) [GUI] Smart junctions now retain their list of designs when switching in/out of design mode, and also add new designs to the default list.
8) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when moving existing paint drying slots.
9) [Feature] You can now move supply stockpiles, and they keep their configuration when moved.
10) [Bug] Fixed bug where if you changed floor textures under office space, then moved existing office facilities, the default office floor texture was not re-set.
11) [Feature] Added researchable make electric motor and make electric powertrain slots.
12) [GUI] Canceling a slot or facility movement action snaps the item back to its old location.
13) [Feature] You now get a brand awareness boost of up to 20% automatically if you have high number of sales over the last four hours.
14) [Bug] Moved slots now remember their import preferences.
15) [Feature] Telling a supply stockpile to copy a specific task's requirements now links it, and it auto-updates to account for new research. Any manual change to the slot breaks the link.
16) [GUI] You can now place down conveyor belts as blueprints.
17) [GUI] The production schedules at the start of each line are now saved if you move that slot.
18) [GUI] Slight gradients on the vehicle design price slider now mark out the different price ranges.
19) [Content] Some new items have been added to various slots, to show gantrys, dashboards, shock absorbers, speedometers,automated platforms & scisssor lifts.

Hope you like the new stuff. feedback most welcome, as are bug reports, we really want a bug-free emergence from In Development. Many thanks to all your support while the game was in development. Suggestions for future updates also welcome. if you like the game and have not yet left a review, it is much appreciated!
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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Hotfix 1.2.6 (6th March 2019)

Nyrd Zottenropple didn't start a dialog with the player in the area "The Menagerie". Resolution: fixed.
Nyrissa could botch the resurrection of Tristian, Kalikke and Kanerah in their respective Tests of Loyalty and start talking to their lifeless bodies. Resolution: fixed.
Some players could get stuck in the kobold'c cage on the first level of the dungeon under the Old Sycamore. Resolution: fixed.


During Jaethal's second companion quest, "Chase My Shadow", siding with Enneo in the final dialog would result in a fight with an unkillable Jaethal. Resolution: this time, she won't be coming back (hopefully...).
The quest "An Amusement for the Nobles" could, in rare cases, end up with the hunt becoming unfinishable because of the dialog with Jamel Visser. Resolution: fixed.
During the "Investigate My Death" quest, at the "Thorn River Bank" area, the camera would pan outside the map bounds. Resolution: fixed.
The global map encounter that starts the second part of Tristian's companion quest ("Saving Grace") would not happen if the player already completed the quest "War of the River Kings". Resolution: fixed. If you have already finished the latter quest, but not the "Against All Odds" quest, the encounter will happen while travelling on the global map.

User Interfaces

If a character was standing in snow, snow would also be visible in their inventory screen. Resolution: fixed.
In the class progression screen, some of the previously chosen abilities didn't display correctly. Resolution: fixed.
In some cases, when there was only one character left in the party, the interface would incorrectly display who will be passing a skill check (i.e., during dialogs). Resolution: fixed.


After loading the game, shields' descriptions could stop showing their proper qualities (such as enchantments, etc.). Resolution: fixed.
Owners of the Ring of Circumstances could only activate up to 3 abilities at the same time, instead of 4. Resolution: fixed.


Hired dance instructors for centaurs to make their attack animations look less stiff and more natural.
Audio: party banter voiceovers in DLC2 didn't playback on the Global Map. Resolution: fixed.
Last Azlanti saves could in rare cases get overwritten when starting a new campaign in Last Azlanti mode. Resolution: fixed.
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Patch 1.1.54 (06 March 2019)

Added controller support! Game can now be fully played with common x-input controllers.
Added several new vehicles that can be obtained in encounters.
Added over 25 new encounters!
Added a new main objective.
Reworked several old encounters and objectives to better fit the game in general.
Several minor bug fixes
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Archeo: Shinar
Update 0.75a (05 March 2019)

1) Expedition Forecast
-> Commentary: Basically player has 3 expeditions to choose from. It’s possible to have more choices due to the train station or other factors (random events). The forecast will deliver information about one out of three basic expeditions in advance. Depending on the difficulty the range of forecast may vary.

2) Prices Charts
-> Commentary: Prices charts for stimulants, because the player needs to know when the Merchant Company is robbing him and Prices charts for the land market because the player needs to know how much has he (or the bot) overpaid.

3) Merchant Company Boosters
-> Commentary: There will always be 3 boosters to choose from, and the merchant company will try to personalize one of the boosters for the player and his needs.

4) Black Market - The risk of buying Artifacts
-> Commentary: In a nutshell, it won’t be that risky like it is now. Also, all of the cheap Artifacts won’t appear on Black Market’s sales.

5) Black Market - Demand rework
-> Commentary: We want to give every artifact at least one chance to appear on demand. Also, we don’t want cheap artifacts on the demand.

6) Generating first 5 explorers and their addictions
-> Commentary: To balance the starting condition we want to create situation 2-2-1, which means that on start there will be always 2 explorers addicted to stimulant_1, 2 explorers addicted to stimulant_2 and 1 addicted to stimulant_3. And by 'addicted' we mean that they are very enthusiastic about certain stimulant.

7) Property Management - Interaction with the map
-> Commentary: Clicking on nobody’s lands or on lands of your opponent will open the brief note about the land.

8) Schedule of land auctions
-> Commentary: The auctions will be prepared in advance and the player will have the opportunity to plan next moves depending on the quality of the lands and their potential value. The auctions will be executed the same as in the current version, but the schedule will let you consider saving money for the next round.

9) Expedition Reports
-> Commentary: Reports contain all the information about the last expedition. The player can access all reports from the current game in the lobby. It’s super important because the information about the chance of success will be there (and it probably will be 100% or 0%, because Archeo gives % chances only for a certain range of lacking skill, and for Quests with “+” there’s no rng at all). With this tool, the player can learn quicker and better how to evaluate the difficulty of expeditions.

10) Background for items in Warehouse changed
11) Credits updated
12) Information for attempting to put artifact on the Black Market without accepting risk and margin.
13) AI opponents’ aggression on the land market decreased
-> Commentary: Bots are aggressive on the land market, and they should be to prevent the player from buying too many lands. But they were too aggressive because they know that they can’t bankrupt. It should be better now, at least after the first 10 rounds, when we feel they should be aggressive.

14) New information for each land - when and for how much was it bought Commentary: With Interaction with the map you can see this information for every land on the map.
15) Getting Fears on Normal Difficulty changed
-> Commentary: We feel that our last attempt didn’t solve this problem for the Normal difficulty. We decided to place a brand new algorithm for this difficulty, which allows 100% security if the right stimulant is present. The only negative factor (which means it’s the only reason for getting a fear) is now the lack of the certain stimulant (based on explorer’s addiction)

16) Cautious Attitude gives a better bonus to the risk of getting a fear.
17) Lands’ statistics are presented by bars instead of raw numbers
-> Commentary: It’s important to see the max. limit od land’s statistics. The player needs to know that a certain value is high or low. With bars, it should be clear.

18) A few adjustments for the random events in the code
19) “Thumb” graphic in the expedition
20) Archeopedia - text correction
21) Changes in random quest on the expedition - RNG factor terminated
-> Commentary: We’ve changed the formula for the random quests. Player probably won’t even see the differences but there are a few. First of all, we’ve terminated raw RNG factor. It was a small value, but after a lot of feedback, we decided to terminate it. After that, we had a void in the formula, and we needed to add a new factor to fill it for the balance. We added new relation for the amount of explorer participating in the random quest with the rule “the more the merrier”.

22) Cautious Attitude buffed
-> Commentary: After changes to getting fears on Normal Difficulty, cautious attitude became useless. We decided to buff it to make it a tool for players, who want to save some money on the stimulants but also don’t want to risk too many fears. Nevertheless, cautious attitude always will be a better tool on harder difficulties.

Bug Fixes
1) The sailor path in animation in the Quarters fixed
2) [ESC] works for Archeopedia
3) The game starts on the best possible resolution for the player’s PC
4) The fired explorers’ salary fixed
-> Commentary: It was a game breaking bug, and we are glad it’s solved now.

5) The bug with land auction report fixed
-> Commentary: Sometimes it showed the wrong winner.

6) Random Event ‘Need more coffee” fixed

This update provides adjustments to the gameplay and should help a lot with the understanding of the game. We didn’t want players to spend their time in the archeopedia learning basic and trying to figure it out. Instead, we want the player to learn on his mistakes and gather more and more experience with every other expedition. That’s why we added more tools for predictions and reports.

During our work on Update #02, we also had time to work on the career mode. At this time we know exactly what we can add to the game and what we will add in the next updates.

In next days we’re going to talk with you, the community, about our plans for next updates, for the release and about the career mode. We would love to see your activity and opinions and we hope that our plans and your expectations will meet.


Kingdom Rush Origins
Update 1.4.8 (07 March 2019)

* A new expansion: Forgotten treasures is here!
* War is over, or so we thought... Even though our Kingdom goes back to its former peace and prosperity, the messengers previously sent to ask the Dwarves for their assistance have never returned. And the only thing more troublesome than a loud dwarf, is a silent one! Something terrible might be lurking beneath the depths...
* For this mission you will be guided by two brave warriors

* The most dreaded dwarf across the shiny skies. Wilbur is the ace of the Dwarven Air Force! A pioneer who built his own flying destruction machine with the help of his little brother. He will aid you with an arsenal of clever weapons raining down from the skies. Feeling the need for speed?

* A mythical creature that always gets reborn from its ashes and burns everything in its path! Phoenix will unleash the power of the sun upon everyone who dares to threaten the Elven Kingdom. May the poor souls who face him wear an extreme sunscreen!
* Did you think this game was easy? Did you dare to believe that this was the end? Prepare to be impossibly challenged with this new Impossible mode. ONLY for experts, ONLY for the best Generals.
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Rise of Industry
Patch A10.1:0503a (05 March 2019)

Improvements and Changes
* Updated the Tooltip for the Undo button.

* Fixed the Plus and Minus signs in the Logistics window so the increment properly.
* Fixed a bug where Farms or Factories were not able to get Products from a Warehouse.

Work in Progress for A10.x
* Working on solving some saving issues.
* Working on adding a Query Tool.
* Working on adding a Crosswalk Texture to intersections.
* Working on disabling the Cursor during intro video and splash screens.
* Working on the incorrect figures appearing on the Production Overview Screen.

Work in Progress for A11
* Working on adding special bonuses to Headquarters when you invest in a model change.
* Working on creating One-Way Bridges and Tunnels.
* Working on getting AI Entities to use all harvesters available.
* Working on making different map layers to condense the information players see.

Tesla vs Lovecraft
Patch 1.0.8 (07 March 2019)

* added better gamepad support to the Linux version of the game

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia
Patch 1.3 (06 March 2019)

* Bug Fixes in level #3
* Bug Fixes in level #8
* Bug Fixes in level #9
* Bug Fixes in level #10
* Added option in settings to change over head text style
* UI addition to prevent deleting datas by mistake
* Graphical tweaks
* Minor bug fixes
* Fixed input lag issue for some fast typers
* Fixed level #8 replay with story

Working on:
* Fixes in level #5
* Fixes in level #10
* Minor graphical tweaks
* Minor bug fixes
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Objects in Space

#### Patch 1.0.2 (06 March 2019)

##### Windows:

* Fixed a bug with mods.
* Fixed a bug with the in-game InfoPedia.

##### General:

* Fixed a bug where authority and pirate ships sometimes didn’t respond to a player after loading game.
* Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a crash when the player was threatened by a pirate.
* Fixed a bug which caused a crash when moving your mouse over a weapons module when your ship is destroyed.
* Fixed an issue causing changes to the ad shells on space stations to sometimes crash.
* Fixed an issue where bounties wouldn’t clear when going back to main menu.
* Rolond Consortium can now be exited
* Rolond Consortium no longer appears until it’s narratively meant to during mid-November
* Altered the welcome email from the Developers
* Fixed a bug where you could accept the contract from Mahuika Ngata and it wouldn’t appear on the Orai Contracts terminal.

* * *

#### Patch 1.0.1 (06 March 2019)

##### Alterations:

* Made the tablet-in key force the tablet to move back into position if you are mid-conversation.
* Darkened the default conversation font colour.

##### General:

* Fixed a bug causing a crash sometimes when you die in a scenario.
* Fixed a lighting bug on the Remora-class shuttle from the tutorial.
* Fixed a bug where the power draw/generation metres were not showing correctly on Remora or Enceladus class vessels.
* Fixed a bug causing problems rendering ads on space stations periodically.
* Fixed a bug where the delivery bonus for contracts were not shown correctly in the Notes section of the PDA.
* Notes app on the tablet were incorrectly listing old contract features no longer relevant.
* Fixed a bug where the EMCON and Main Engine lights on the Christmas Tree on the Proxima were reversed.
* Fixed a bug where having an advanced new game pane open and selecting a save game did not show the correct scenario text.
* Removed erroneous mention to VASIMR drives.
* Fixed a bug where an SOS beacon and tow could drag you to a non-commercial station with no repair facilities.
* Fixed a bug where number of the seconds taken after a scenario was sometimes incorrect.
* Removed erroneous ‘Time taken’ text at the end of scenarios.

##### Mac:

* Fixed an NPC rotation issue on Intel-GPU based macOS machines.
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Epic Tavern to version 976
-> Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! to version 2.6.000m1.1 (Linux installer)
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Diablo was updated to 1.09 v2

Internal Hotfix v2 (07 March 2019)
• removed misleading info about TCP / IP from launcher;
• added workaround for DX version asking for CD on some Win10 machines
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The GOG team who maintain Pathfinder: Kingmaker skipped patch series again, make those patches useless.
And they never tag any update flag, while the game had at least two major updates.
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Update 2.2.6 (7.03.2019)

Full changelog.
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Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

Update (08 March 2019)

Added new Character Creation assets
Mac Pro 2013 now supported
MacOS 10.14.4 introduces a fix for Apple Gamecenter lobbies

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a rare crash when joining multiplayer games with certain mods
Fixed save file compatibility issue
Fixed an issue with using the Swornbreaker in multiplayer games
Fixed issue with player fast-traveling to Lady Vengeance
Fixed Dashing June not taking gold from player inventory
Fixed Sir Lora incorrectly absorbing Source
Fixed the Frozen Family incorrectly initiating combat if defrosted in a certain way
Fixed issue with Malady not appearing on the lower deck in some situations
Fixed issues with players not receiving Seascape and Liberator achievements
Fixed issues with The Gargoyle's Maze quest not appearing in the Journal under certain circumstances
GM: Fixed issues with certain children missing faces and limbs when switching torsos
Fixed minor visual and audio issues
Fixed some dialogue issues
Fixed UI cutoff in Spanish
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Unfortunately, it seems muntdefems has taken an extended leave of absence... I hope everything is ok with him and that he'll be back soon.

I would have normally stepped in to cover his side of things as well, however that little thing called life is currently in my way. Still, my posts do cover everything which is not tracked by MaGOG and/or reported by someone else, so completionists needen't fear as long as they keep an eye on both MaGOG and this thread.

Dawn of Man

#### Update 1.0.4 (08 March 2019)

##### Overhauled camera controls

* Camera can now be rotated up and down (PageUp/PageDown by default)
* New setting to control camera rotation (this affects both mouse and key rotation):Turn: the camera rotates in position (same as it was before)Orbit: the camera rotates around a point ahead of it (how some other games work)
* Camera can now be zoomed in/out a bit more

##### Stability fixes

* Fixed crash when coming out of primal vision at the same time as a selected work area was exhausted
* Fixed crash when someone was targeting a megalith while it was being destroyed
* Fixed crash that was sometimes happening when placing a Wood Pile at the edge of the map
* Some fixes in the texts for the crash screen
WinterSnowfall: Unfortunately, it seems muntdefems has taken an extended leave of absence... I hope everything is ok with him and that he'll be back soon. [...]
I noticed that his location says "Poland" since at least a few days ago, so he's either travelling or perhaps... GOG's hired him? Hmm... the plot thickens!
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Diablo was updated to version 1.09 V3


- added potential hotfix for mouse issues
- added a workaround for DEP issues on some machines
I received a flag for Outlast. No changelog.