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Ape Out
Patch 1.2 (12 March 2019)

* Increased size and accuracy of no- spawn zone around starting point
* Removed flamethrowers and bazookas from the harder indoor areas of Fugue and Adrift
* Removed behavior where guards fired extremely quickly when approaching corners with guns aimed
* Prevented guards from shooting too quickly when grabbed (and hitting the player in some cases)
* Slightly increased machine gun guard's reaction time (they take longer to react)
* Slightly increased guard reaction time when lights are out (they take longer to react)
* Prevented explosions from chaining through walls
* Flamethrower guards' now must ready their flamethrowers before shooting
* Audio Improvements
* Fix for the game running too fast on some systems
* Fix for fugue ending playing at the wrong time in arcade mode.
* Possible fix for guards sometimes being inside closed containers, and occasionally pushing themselves up against closed doors.
* Possible fix for some crash bugs.

Archeo: Shinar
Update 0.75c (12 March 2019)

* Information about offered money at Land Stock.

Bug Fixes
* Game breaking bug in round 30 after the last expedition fixed.

This is a quick, not planned fix. Thanks to the player ‘Stado Baranów’ we have recreated and fixed a game breaking bug in the last round in the custom game. Next update will be there on time (04.04.2019).


Planetary Dustoff
Update Hotfix (12 Mar 2019)

- You now get a last chance with the Space Scientist before ending your run

Production Line

(and please, please - somebody tell the GOG staffer responsible for the updates/changelogs of this game that no matter how much time travelling into the past they do, 2018 is over and not coming back)
Update 1.70 (13 March 2019)

Quite a small patch this time, just to address some items that came up now we have a larger playerbase hammering the game. Here are the changes.

1) [GUI] Word-wrapping works on the blueprint slot names now.
2) [Bug] Fixed bug where it was possible in some circumstances to skip specific slots on the line.
3) [Gfx] Tweaked the animation for polishing paintwork so its scales nicely with the progress of the slot.
4) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when trying to toggle off the upgrade for the maintenance facilities.
5) [GUI] You can now type non english (supported characterset) characters into text edit boxes like company/vehicle name.
6) [GUI] Added an explicit fullscreen button to the resolution picking screen under options to reduce confusion on how to enabled fullscreen.
7) [Sounds] Reduced volume of slot placement sounds.
8) [GUI] Added an extra line in the tooltips to show any applied discounts to the price on cars in the showroom.
9) [GUI] New statistic displayed on vehicle design window: 'in production' to show partly assembled cars of that type.
10) [Bug] Hopefully a fix for the rare 'too many path objects' crash.

We have a list of things we will be working on over the next week or two, including a fix for the financial totals screwing up if they go beyond 2 billion dollars, improvements to the UI to allow changing the order of car production, better explanations for which slot is missing next, and making camera pan speed configurable.

I'm also aware of a bug where music stops after a certain amount of time for some players, and that there is a crash bug relating to the maintenance facility for some players. I'll also be looking into making it easier to copy existing lines at some point, and looking into some code optimisations too.

Eventually we will get working on an expansion too :D
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Mafia II: Directors Cut

Update 5A (14 March 2019)

* added achievement support to Mafia II
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Splatsch: Mafia II: Directors Cut

Update 5A (14 March 2019)

* added achievement support to Mafia II
Whoa, hopefully after this they will add the achievements also to Mafia III.
Splatsch: Mafia II: Directors Cut

Update 5A (14 March 2019)

* added achievement support to Mafia II
This sets a nice precedent for the future for all the achievement hunters around here :D
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Lovecraft's Untold Stories

Update 1.18 (14 March 2019)

Dear investigators, We have uploaded the new version 1.18. This time we bring the final balance to a new character, plenty of visual improvements, and additional information for the player. See the details:
News and improvements:

We have added a visual effect to the doors that lead to the boss rooms. Get ready before the final fight!
We have added an amazing visual effect to the insanity. Feel more than ever how crazy you become!
We have added to the Credits a group of funny musicians, go take a look!
We have added map stats in the pause menu. Now you can see quickly how many secret rooms, minievents, and rooms you have found.
Main menu: Now you will see the information about the game in progress when you select the "Continue" button. Character, location & Level of difficulty.
Strange place: We have added a list of the items found with their description. Take a look at it at the table.
Strange place: Go take a look at the skeleton.
Strange place: Now the board that shows the information about the Great Old Ones collected, also gives hints about where you can find the missing items.
Strange place: We have improved the Sorting option of the storage. Now also sorts by Object.
We have lowered the priority of books, bones and treasures when picking up objects from the floor. Now, these are the last ones, to avoid filling up the inventory with useless items.
Final balance of the Witch: We have improved the balance of the Witch to offer a fair beginning and a challenging end. Suit up with your most powerful items, and check it out! Warning: There are new enemies and traps out there!


We have fixed the problem with some doors being blocked by a wall.
We have changed the quest of the Black Pharaoh.
We have fixed the error with the door to The Old One Temple location.
Other minor fixes and improvements.

Things to come in future updates:

New music tracks.
Improved balance and changes for the Thief.
Improved balance and changes for the Ghoul.
German language.
Edition of the English text.

As always, thanks a lot for your support! Please, send us your comments, opinions, ideas... We will be happy to read them!

The Devs
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The new Linux update for Owlboy is broken, game doesn't launch.
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Book of Demons

#### Update 1.00.18086 (13 March 2019)

##### Electric bosses

They might seem quite harmless at distance, but don't give them a chance to
come close. Every time an electric boss is hit the damage you deal them
converts to ball lightning that flies your way.Better have your Boots card
polished and shiny as it might be a good idea to be well grounded in the near

##### In other news

As usual, the update also introduces a bunch of fixes. You will find the full
changelog below. Those of you who enjoy hunting for achievements will be happy
to hear that I'm Invincible achievement requirements were lowered from 10
deaths to 8 in Roguelike mode.Another noteworthy change: Legendary Chaotic
Ring effect got significantly buffed.

Besides that, we are busy planning future updates for Book of Demons and
production of the next games. We are also expanding the team and switching
offices (our lovely current spot is scheduled for demolition so it makes sense
to plan ahead and not to be blindsided by a wrecking ball :paperdeath:). All
this in hands of just seven people so it's busy as usual :archduck:

##### Changelog for version 1.00.18135 13th March 2019

* Added bosses with a new tag Electric
* Fixed a crash occurring when Twitch viewers type a dungeon command during a legendary card voting
* Changed incorrect text on a death screen after death during quest mastering
* Reduced number of resurrections needed to unlock the 3rd level of achievement Tis' but a scratch
* Fixed Evil warrior, Evil rogue and Evil mage taunting with an empty text
* Adjusted a change of light intensity during a Meteor fall in a dungeon
* Changed Instigator's (legendary Chaotic Ring) effect's trigger chance from incorrect 0.1-2% to 3/5/7%
* Removed the Online Battle button from Selection Screen - the feature may come back sometime in the future
* Fixed game freezing when trying to load corrupted save file
* Minor UI corrections
* Added new supporters to credits
Project Hospital

#### Patch 1.0.15420.1 (14 March 2019)

* Fixed a regression: staff not using objects in green/blue rooms when there's a designated staff-only area (this was affecting water dispensers or washing hands)
* Fixed a regression: surgeries sometimes stuck reserved by a lower-priority patient
* Fixed objects allowed to be picked up from the areas outside of hospital property
* Fixed one case of procedure reservation state not correctly displayed for hospitalized patients
* Fixed doctors walking to wrong position if they started an examination while still in the examination room with previous patient and the next patient was being delivered there
* Fixed a rare internal error after deleting rooms where a procedure was currently being performed
* Fixed a rare internal error after deleting beds while a nurse was performing the patient care procedure
* Fixed a rare internal error after deleting anesthesiology machine while a patient was on the way to trauma center to be stabilized
* Fixed a rare case of medicine delivery stuck running the whole afternoon
* Fixed a rare case of patients stuck in 'being checked by a nurse' while the nurse has been freed already
* Fixed eye test patient animation (gloves were automatically added to all examination animations, but this one is not played by a doctor)
* Fixed a couple of procedures not allowed in specific situations (liver medication on ICU, chest auscultation for patients hospitalized at general surgery)
* Fixed 'couldn't wash hands' modifier reset too late
* Fixed objects assigned as night shift workspaces not allowed to be deleted in closed departments
* Increased time technologists spend idle at their desk before running to common room
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Flower to version 1.44
-> Truberbrook to version 1.11
-> Foundation to version alpha
-> Book of Demons to version 1.00.18135 (it got another update today, no changelog this time)
-> Infectonator 3: Apocalypse to version 1.5.20 (Windows) and 1.5.26 (Mac)... ehm, Mac users live in the future, I guess?
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Ganni1987: The new Linux update for Owlboy is broken, game doesn't launch.
And its version number is wrong.
Ganni1987: The new Linux update for Owlboy is broken, game doesn't launch.
Works fine for me. The version in menu is 1.3.7011.41203, the same as on download page.
Post edited March 15, 2019 by EugVVl
Ganni1987: The new Linux update for Owlboy is broken, game doesn't launch.
EugVVl: Works fine for me. The version in menu is 1.3.7011.41203, the same as on download page.
After reading your reply, I redownload it and still get
EugVVl: Works fine for me. The version in menu is 1.3.7011.41203, the same as on download page.
kbnrylaec: After reading your reply, I redownload it and still get
"The version in menu is 1.3.7011.41203"

I think kbnrylaec is talking about the filename itself.
EugVVl: Works fine for me. The version in menu is 1.3.7011.41203, the same as on download page.
kbnrylaec: After reading your reply, I redownload it and still get
Given that the file name version is the same as the windows version its possibly a naming error on GOG side.

I just installed and gave it a shot it gave an error cause the ~/.config/Owlboy/config.cfg didn't exist manually creating the file fixed it. Someone with Ubuntu wanna temp move/renaming their config.cfg file and see if it bugs out and file a bug report with the dev or whatever?
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Bard's Tale Trilogy has been updated.
Update 3.26 (15 March 2019)

Fix hide in shadows range issues - wasn't able to attack if advanced past the enemy...
Surgery to UseItem in combat to fix UnequippedItems legacy not letting you use any unequipped item in combat.
Fix a couple of missing messages before combats in mangar and fanskar.
Fix problem where dead characters could find items in treasure.
Add feedback to how many items you have on the Inventory option.
Fix the new HIDE status now gets reset if you run from combat.
Fix roscoes individual inventory issues
identify was overlapping text, not charging money, and getting stuck
Fix witherfist and horn of death special damage.
Luck chant now correctly improves spell chance to hit.
Lucklaran and spellsong (remaster mode) now improve spell chance to hit.
Fix difficulty level of bt3 cities.
Fix brillhasti archmage experience points.
Fix immunities - unless monster was immune to all mediums of a spell (like Magic)
remove some spamming
Fix illusion monsters were not being created as illusions
Improve the text feedback on casting disbelief and disrupt illusion spells.
Fixed deathhorn now sounds like horn, not mandolin
Fix damage of black arrows and make them attack whole group. Intentionally still requires a bow as we feel this is more intuitive (unlike original game that implemented black arrows as just a usable magic item).
Turn off the range display on torches and lamps to be consistent with other light spells.
Old shrine location string from original wilderness map was still hanging around south of cold peak.
Fixed levitation had "show range" still set.
Removed the crumbling wall from ice dungeon lv2 so you have to pass the riddle to get through the wall.
Fixed some missing journal entries in sceadue.
Fix spell cost showing up text was not taking the half/quarter price into account and saying "couldn't afford it" when you could.
Dreamspell / divine intervention, now heals out of combat.
Summoned creatures in BT1 legacy mode were getting removed instantly on taking damage.
Add arrow and spear to shop if transferring to BT2 via full or medium power transfer.
Fix summoned monster inventory size to match character size for the game/legacy settings
Fix bt1 legacy - party monsters were able to attack groups C & D.
Fix war axe cannot be used at range in bt1
Fixed arrows cannot be 'used' without a bow equipped.
Fix some journaling issues where some places were being written to the scroll rather than just the journal.
Need sorcerer sight to see crumbling walls on the automap.
Clear the message scroll on turning
Cats eye no longer ignites explosive gas
Remove quest items from garths on transfer.
Black arrows can now stack to 30
Fixed cases where arrows could be used without a bow equipped.
Speed up treasure finding - can feel a bit broken...
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Probably not a surprise as its got a news post but heres the changelog

Patch 1.26.1 2019 Rebalance (15 March 2019)

All combat in the game has been substantially improved to provide a more fun and immersive experience.


Russian localization now supported! Use the Russian patch file to change your game into Russian mode.
Organ damage and healing dramatically changed to be far less punishing
Sped up PCU incapacitation nanites
Shield strengths and recharge rates changed
All enemy armor and shield balancing completely changed
Zenlil defense mini-game rebalanced
Traitor fight completely rebalanced
Updated Kinetic Assault Rifle firing sound
New / Updated ending message from Vidal
Civilian Defense - Protective civilian bunker now spawns in much earlier.
Virtual Trainer tutorial - healing nanite tutorial now only requires that you start healing, not finish it.
Saving Wade is less punishing now
Changed up gear in mission ops Emergency Weapons Locker
New virtual trainer level, accessible by command line - vt_civdefense_gauntlet.bsp


Deleted trigger that was causing Wade to actually die in lower avionics - most noticeable on easy difficulty level where player is not in much danger.
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Grim Dawn
Patch (15 March 2019)
Really big changelog.

Update (15.03.2019)
Another big changelog.

The Escapists 2
Updated to 25.565675.
No changelog.