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Get Mystery Games in Leprechauns’ Hats • 300+ deals up to 90% off

UPDATE: The Sale is coming to its end and Daedalic's catalog joins in for the final stretch, alongside steampunk dungeon-crawler Vaporum. Make sure to snatch your Leprechaun hats and sweet deals until March 19, 11pm, everyone!

Oh, Paddy, dear, an' did ye hear the news that's goin' round? It's the start of the St. Patrick’s Day Sale, lasting the whole week, I found!

Come join the festivities - we’re launching with 300+ deals up to -90%, and Leprechaun Hats full of great Mystery Games!

Since we’re all Irish this week, how about having some fun, and checking what the GOG Leprechauns have for us, hidden in their mystery Hats! Every Leprechaun Hat contains a Mystery Game that you don't own yet – it's a great way to discover something new and broaden your horizons. What's more, those Mystery Games that are also on sale cost more than the cost of a Hat, so you know you’re getting a great deal with every Hat you open. Check the FAQ for details.

And if you don’t trust in what the mischievous GOG Leprechauns will pick for you, choose from more than 300 deals, with discounts ranging up to -90%. We’ve selected for you some all-time classics, as well as the best games from recent years including Little Nightmares (-50%), Ys SEVEN (-25%), ABZU (-50%), Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (-75%), Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition (-40%), STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic II (up to -75%), Yooka-Laylee (-66%) and many more.

The St. Patrick’s Day Sale will last until March 19, 11pm UTC.
When are you going to add new currencies? In Steam i can buy with my country currency.
It is weird that no Connect games were added; they grab headlines and help promote these major sales.

That is all.
Chamb: Regarding the issue with not being properly notified about the possibility of getting a game you already own from the hats - we identified a bug which was causing that, and released an update addressing it (meaning it should not happen anymore).
It still does, I just got Jagged Alliance 2 without a warning.
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kneekoo: Regarding this sale, has anyone found a title discounted by 90%?
I didn't, because nothing on this website is discounted by 90%.
I see no point in making a headline for such discounts when they don't exist.
So was it intentionally fake advertisement?
Or are the marketing and development departments out of touch? 90% off 90% off 990% off

All found in less then two may want to hone your searching skills.
That's some serious discount. =P
seikus: When are you going to add new currencies? In Steam i can buy with my country currency.
Best bet would be to discuss that with their directly via a support ticket:

Like most support forums, these are player driven with little to no staff interaction.

There's also a wishlist for it although it doesn;t seem to be high and many folks' list:

Good luck

That is all.
This man is right!
It's worth all leprechaun's hats you can afford and there is no risk - you'll get one of the best crpgs ever made and experience you'll never forget.
yooka laylee has made the top 10. that's interesting since it neither qualifies as an interesting game nor fulfills the requirements of the nostalgic backers. you'd have to be insanely open minded to believe all the 5 star reviews. still massive price drop and almost a year old. depriciated in value. i'm still waiting on a decent shovel knight sale.
Vadalma: Hmm ... no daily deal :(
Crosmando: Good.
I guess daily deals will be back, sooner or later. But when the discounts are as generous as the previous ones you won't miss anything when you ignore them. :P
BreOl72: 90% off 90% off 990% off

All found in less then two may want to hone your searching skills.
Because the main page has a lot of tiles that aren't easy to read, I hit Ctrl+F and wrote "-90". Nothing found, but then I went to the store page, which lists the games one line after another, but there were 9 pages so again I hit Ctrl+F and wrote "-90" because looking after the 90% discounts requires patience on an 800+ games list. Again, nothing found.

The thing is, the page is not designed in a way that you can actually search like this, there's no way to sort the games by discount, and I didn't feel like carefully looking at hundreds of games in the list. Not knowing about the design issue, I assumed that there are no -90% discounts. It was only later, after two other forum members told me about the discounts that I went to check why I couldn't find them. It's because the "-" is not in HTML, but in CSS.

So here's a tip for anyone trying to find specific discounts in the future: don't use the dash "-", but only write the number and "%" after it. For instance, writing "90%" works (without the quotes, of course).

My searching skills are fine. It's this damned website that got harder to use because of various design choices.
NO NO NO. Not getting burnt again.
high rated
BreOl72: I wish, GOG would take on this concept:

You are about to enter a lottery, albeit one, with no duds.

Every ticket is a winning ticket.
That's right - you'll always win.
However, there's no guarantee, that you win something, that you want.
There is no guarantee, that you will win something, which you don't already own.
That's the risk, you wittingly and willingly accept, if you partake in our lottery.
There will be no refunds on doubles and or unwanted games (instead, you'll receive a gift-code for doubles).

Hey GOG: make the above a box to tick by every user before buying a "ticket" (maybe using some more legal mumbojumbo) and look, how many users still "gamble" with you.

Edit: spelling
Errr, wouldn't that be gambling then and GOG would need a gambling license?

Until GOG makes that change, this is a digital sale, and people are entitled to the refunds (by law)

Does that go against the spirit or "karma" of these types of sale? Sure. But then GOG shouldn't be doing these type of sales to begin with - if it doesn't have a gambling license.
Anyone else as confused as I am that half the "Highlights" on the main page don't have any discount at all?
CelineSSauve: Anyone else as confused as I am that half the "Highlights" on the main page don't have any discount at all?
Nah, even I;ve been here long enough to wonder some times how GoG does things.

Those are recent releases that are being highlighted. For example the KSP DLC was just released a few hours ago.