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Jagged Alliance 2 will be really wellcome... thanks :)
Torchlight or Planescape: Torment would be really welcome.
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Sacred Gold

Thanks for reading :)
Ian: Sacred Gold

Thanks for reading :)
Great game, friend, you'll really hate Orcs and their ilk in time :-)

Please give me a second, and check PM.
Thank you very much Dischord mate +1 :)
I'm in pinball mood...

Pro Pinball Timeshock
Balls of Steel

Thanks if anyone feels generous.
Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits and Misses is my only current wish as of now, I'd be super happy if someone could grant that wish! :)
if anyone has the bards tale or the witcher 1 ,it would be awesome if someone can give this poor guy either one of those games as a gift :D
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I'd kill for the Leisure Suit Larry pack right about now if anyone's feeling generous.
johnki: I'd kill for the Leisure Suit Larry pack right about now if anyone's feeling generous.
we'd all would kill plus I found my keys.. so thats something. =)
My wish would be Primordia. I also have some games to trade...
Right now I mainly have 2 items on my Wishlist
1. Fallout Tactics so I can finish the Trilogy

Thank you in advance to you sexy beasts

Thank you to rawmilk905 for Neverwinter
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Street Fighter Alpha 2, since it's on unexpected promo and my coin purse is empty like a pizza box after party, I have to kindly ask you, generous soul, to gift it to me, if that's ok :-)
Anyone want a Duke Nukem 3D code from a while back?

Thanks Dischord!
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