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If anyone would accidentally buy, on accident, extra Neverwinter Nights 2 copy, or Settlers 2 10th anniversary and on accident give it to me...accidentally...I totally wouldn't mind
It would be great to own Ultima Underworld 1+2 and/or Ultima 8! Especially interested in Underworld.

I already have the other games in the series, and I won't play Ultima 123 anytime soon.
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I would love to try The Witcher:Enhanced Edition
my short wishlist;

the ball
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Currently mine wishlist consists of only one game: Witcher:Enhanced Edition. :)
I withdraw my request, a friend of mine said he would get it for me due to a favor he said he owed me.

Good luck to anyone else with obtaining their wishlists!
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I'd really like Strike Suit Zero if anyone is feeling particularly generous :)
If anyone is feeling generous, my birthday is next Friday.

I'd like any of these games:
- Terminal Velocity
- Dark Eye: The Chains of Satinav
- Strike Suit Zero
- Capsized

Nightfall87: Currently mine wishlist consists of only one game: Witcher:Enhanced Edition. :)
A good choice! Please check PM.
:( my only one wishlist is to actually play the witcher enhanced edtion ... been a console gamer for a long time(ps3) and i was always intrigue with that game ...hope someone can actually gift me that experience :D
La-Mulana if its still on sale.
Heroes of Might and Magic III is my favorite game of all time, and I've never been able to get Heroes Chronicles elsewhere. Wondering if someone could complete my collection..

As the Atari games might not be here for too long anymore, I'm trying to get the ones on my wishlist while I still can. If anyone wants to help me, these are the games I want,in order:

-Independence War Deluxe
-Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos
-Master of Magic
-Moonbase Commander
-Krush Kill 'N Destroy Xtreme
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