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CarChris: He may be a speedrunner! :)
I've read in another annual thread that some finish over 20 games in a month and I wonder "How on Earth are they doing it"!
Lone_Scout: Please stop attacking this user for no reason.
He's as free to ask for any game here as everyone is to ignore his requests or not.
And, unlike yours, his name appears in this list so the "0 games donated" assumption is false.
CthuluIsSpy: Who says anything about finishing it? What you really do is play a game for a few minutes. If it's rubbish, move onto a better game. If it's good, keep playing it.
I make a point of playing every game I have, and even I haven't played them all to completion.
SvitlaSveta4: So "Much support" for a user that do not deserve such things.
I have a question for all of you - Where were you when that one - "MarkoH01" wrote such silly statements about my friend? That is not a rhetorical question.
3 of you know those "Edward_Carnby" so well that you are ready almost for anything to cover its @ss. It is so pathetic - those your messages.

[Post modded because of political and off-topic elements]
Hey mate! Please cool it down with the off-topic and political discussions. This is a specific thread with specific purpose. Let's stick to that.
Thank you very much to BenKii and LoneScout for the code!
Lifthrasil: Thank you very much to BenKii and LoneScout for the code!
I think you meant to post here:
Legrand legacy tale of the fatebounds and YIIK a Postmodern RPG is on sale right now would be really gratful if anyone could gift me any of them
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Hello, any chance for Fallout New Vegas from the current sale? (yes, I'm coming from the TV show :)
I don't suppose someone could gift me a copy of UnderRail heavy duty? I would greatly appreciate it.
I hesitated back and forth deciding whether to write this or not, but (a) I really have no money to spend on games this past year (b) this is a game that rarely on sale and (c) I'm currently down with a flu

The original Dead Space is on sale at $7.99 with less than 2 days to go. It''s been a while since that particular game is on sale, 6 Sept 2022 if istheranydeal to be trusted.A gift code of that would be a welcomed one

Or just wish my recovery from flu well, that is also a good one