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In case someone is feeling generous, Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Digital Deluxe is currently 90% off which is a historical low. I'd love to try how well the enhancements and premium modules work.
superman53: has anyone actually received a game from someone in this thread?
Trooper1270: Yes!, quite a few, that I know. And I have also given out games to people they have requested in this thread.

The thing is, you have only been registered on this web site over the last few days (according to the date tag below your username). Though maybe not your intention, but it does not give a good impression for such a new member to start requesting games at such an early stage of their membership, thus you may find that others may or will be reluctant to donate games to such a new member, as it 'can' appear that one may be here just for free games. Though not necessarily in your case. Just something to think about...

Edit: pluralised 'others', because it now makes sense...
yea I see what you are saying, I had the intention to buy the game "re-volt", but since I do not want to use an actual credit card, I wanted to use a prepaid visa to be safe. But since gog is based in Europe, my transaction could not go through because the card it's not international. I made a gog account just to play 2 games, re-volt and jazz jackrabbit collection. Both are games that may not work on modern hardware and getting the physical disk is expensive compared to gog. And I saw this thread was open for people that can request games, so I gave this thread a chance. My intention was never to be here for free games, I came here to see if someone would gift me what I wanted since my prepaid visa transaction never went through. Hope this might add a bit more context
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superman53: I do not want to use an actual credit card
Other payment options are available
• Use a friend or relative's credit or debit card in exchange for cash
• Offer a swap for a Steam game in the trading thread, though being a new user people will be wary
paanjii2: hello everyone, i am from india and i am new here
welcome to the community