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MarkoH01: Here I am - getting up, turning on PC, seeing that somebody has quoted my post, getting all excited for finally bering able to give away this key that sticks like glue and all I got was ... a nice little post from my pal Cecil ... well, I guess the wait continues.;) But here in Hamburg (Germany) we have a well known market, called "Fischmarkt" (fishmarket) who is famous to sell nearly everything by adding additional items (mostly other fishes bananas and stuff). So I offer an additional Steam key for Lovely Planet for everybody who is taking the GOG System Shock key from me.

Edit: O.K. - I fell and gave lovely planet to cecil without SS2. So I still have a beautiful untouched and shiny little System Shock 2 GOG key but will have to think about something I can add up to it to persuade you zo take it from me. I'd guess a heartful "PLEASE" won't cut it? ;)
Admiral_Tolwyn: Since nobody is willing to relieve you of that horrible burden I'm offering myself to take it off you ;)
PM sent. Sorry for the late reply - I totally forgot about it.
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Hello! I understand that upgrading to anniversary via owning old TQIT has passed.. so does anyone have and willing to spare/gift Titan Anniversary edition, to either gog or steam?

I only own hard copy of TQ , can't afford to spare 5$ :-/

I would really appreciate a copy.. Thank you

Made uber diablo mod for TQAE
now only missing a game..
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MarkoH01: PM sent. Sorry for the late reply - I totally forgot about it.
No problem!
Thanks for the key and your generosity!
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If anyone is feeling really generous, I'd like a copy of Empire Earth 2: Gold Edition. Nothing's worse then buying a VISA gift card to use online, then it not working with the only bloody website that sells good, old games.
Made nice mod for anniversary, as well as big nice PDF guide on how to start moding ur self

Still hopping to find a soul that has duplicate and or is willing to donate game to me. Thanks!
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I like to try out Stonekeep.

That Dragon looks very derpy though:
Caught the flu this weekend and getting pretty bored. If anyone feels like spending money on complete strangers today, I'm a huge adventure fan but have never played any of the Myst games and really want to change that.