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Licurg: Only one thing on my wishlist from the promo:

-Lords of Magic:Special Edition
Check your PM.
Enjoy :)
Licurg: Only one thing on my wishlist from the promo:

-Lords of Magic:Special Edition
K_1269: Check your PM.
Enjoy :)
Have no worries - I will :D Thanks a lot my friend.
I would be more than happy to get Judge Dredd , if that's something you'd like to gift to someone like me :P
I would love to play the role of an Evil Genius....

Silent Storm
are high on my wishlist, but maybe that's asking too much...
I would wish for Retro City Rampage, since i'm a huge 8-Bit Fan and I still sport an NES!
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Can anyone get me these games

-Crusader: No Regret
-Alien Breed + Tower Assault
-Pinball Gold Pack
-Magic Carpet
-Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods
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Neverwinter Nights Complete
Hotline Miami
Retro City Rampage
Arma Gold Edition

contact me by PM
I'd love to get my hands on Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete while it's on sale, if anyone is feeling super-generous.

I don't have much I could give to return the favor, but I do have steam keys for Brink Complete Pack and Fallout GOTY.

(Oh, and good morning, folks) :)
I would kill to get Legend of Grimrock either through here or if someone has an extra key from the HIB7

"don't want me to kill well then how about we just go over to that alley over there ;)"
I would absolutely LOVE a copy of Lords of the Realm: Royal Edition (on sale now), I would be willing to trade for it too, see here.
Okay, my proposition is the following:

I am looking for those two titles actually:


both on gog buyable

My offer:

I offer to buy steam gift-games for the countervalue instead. In my actual playlist at steam I have nothing to change, but I would be able to buy desired keys as gift-keys according request in relation to the valor of theese two games, or one by one, if preferred.

If anyone is interested and willing to help me with one or both of theese games, please answer me and I'll have a look about it - I have actually approx 20 Euros or about 27 US-Dollars (in Swiss-Francs) at my disposition. If someone is in the need of something from he also may write to me. MMOGA also offers the payment-method paysafecard. And it's working for me without problems, because I do not live in Germany.
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All I want right now is

Ultima Underworld Series
UT 2k4
Stanger's Wrath HD
Beyond Good and Evil
Rayman series
Anything else ya' got

I'm willing to give away/trade stuff of my own as well.

I have two keys for steam, one for Binding of Isaac + DLC, and one for Cave Story + (I know Cave Story is free but + is even better IMO) Finally, I have unused Desura/ONlive (does ANYONE even use that?) keys for many of the Humble Bundles. PM if you're interested in giving/trading/getting
Can anybody please gift me Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits and Misses? I'd reaaaaaaaaaaly appreciate it! :)
I'd love to play Sanitarium and Little Big Adventure again (the cd's don't work anymore :( )