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I would truly appreciate a copy of "Space Quest 1+2+3" from the bundle. :) Thanks!
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anyone willing to part with a copy of the Blackwell bundle or FTL please think of me.
Last day of sale..

Would anyone be interested in sponsoring me for a trip to Alpha Centauri?

And a contribution to my SimCity mayor campaign would be very nice too...

Thank you and Happy New Year!
I would love to receive or trade Postal 2 and Blood 1 from the last day of the sale. If anybody wants to trade, I own the Sierra Quest, Belated Halloween, Cyberpunk, and D&D bundles in full.

Edit: No longer needed!
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If someone ends up with a spare version of Resonance, I would very much enjoy that.
Any spare game from this bundle would be great. Thanks.
gog are the champions!
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Still unemployed, so giving this a shot...

I wish for:
Anomaly: Warzone Earth (Command & Conquer bundle)
Giana Sisters (Jumpin' Indie Action bundle)

...the job I'm doing a demo for tomorrow.
I want to play Planescape Torment and I also want to visit Another World.
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I'm pretty much out of gaming money, so if anyone has a spare copy of King of Dragon Pass, they could make me very happy.
My wish list is:

Master of Orion 2
Master of Magic
Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

I'd be really grateful to anybody willing to gift me any of this games :)
I will glad if anybody gives to me:
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I would be very grateful if someone could gift me Space Quest 4+5+6.

Last day of the sale so I'll post an update on my wishlist.

Giants Citizen Kabuto
Fallout Tactics

Thank you.