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No more dollahs, so if anyone's feeling generous, The Longest Journey would be amazing. Thanks,
Giana sisters would be nice. Still somewhat outside what I can afford for one game/bundle.
I'd like to thank ShaolinsKunk for gifting me Zeus!

That was greatly awesome of you, man! :D

Thank you really!
I was also gifted Zeus by ShaolinsKunk, thank you so much kind sir!

This game was my n°1 wishlist for a long time, I'll play it for hours just like I did with Caesar 3.

I'm really grateful, thank you very much!
the big sale has just over 13 hours to run.
I would love a chance to play the Blitzkrieg anthology.

Thanks for reading....
Since the promos came up again, I would be deeply grateful if anyone has extra codes or is looking to gift these games:

Back to the Future
Tales of Monkey Island

Thanks everyone. :)
I'm dying to get Planescape Torment and Another World 15th Anniversary Edition before the sales run out. Thanks in advance!
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Putting in another request for "Space Quest 1+2+3" before the 75% off sale ends. Thanks and much appreciated!
If I scratch the longest journey, it may be shorter till he comes back. Let's give it a try
With all the talk about Planescape: Torment lately, I'm curious to play it. Not a big deal either way, though.

Briefly off topic- I've been blessed by many in this forum, and wanted to invite you to participate in the giveaway I have posted (though most games are on Steam). Hopefully some of you community gifters would win a game, since you've been so generous! Here's the link:
Added these games to my wishlist:

Back to the Future
Tales of Monkey Island
Beyond Good and Evil
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
i've given away quite a bit this sale, mostly on steam.. unfortunately not a single person has returned the favor. i don't feel entitled at all and that's not the reason i give.. but it would sure be nice to see a small gift one day when i log in. giana sisters is at the top of my wishlist (prefer steam version)... but kotor 2 or any of the ys games would be just as appreciated, or septerra core on gog would be great as well. thanks to everyone who has gifted :)

email - cloudpierre at gmail
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P1na: If I scratch the longest journey, it may be shorter till he comes back. Let's give it a try
Thank you .
My small wishlist:

- Lands of Lore™ 1+2

Thank you for reading! :)
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