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Giant Ham And Cheese French Toast Swirl
Mmmmmhhhhh, I can taste the heart attack...

...and stay there, or
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Thanks, that one was a gem ;)

And while we're on the subject of Dune:
Ultimate Guide To Dune (Part 1 of 7) The Introduction

Damn, I'd forgotten how stunning Lady Jessica Atreides was in both the original movie and in the mini-series...
Me trying to get out of bed on Monday morning

Selfie gone wrong

How Aussies wake up on Monday morning
Concept Art - World Building
Spot on.
"My GF thinks I'm immature cos I find this funny!?!"

"Is this what you want me to do?"



Wait for it.
The story of my life...
Underwater Star Trek w/sound
Don't be a dick. That's all.
Logical Fallacy


viperfdl: Woohoo!
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You should remove it.
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viperfdl: Woohoo!
BStone: [Offensive content]

You should remove it.
So far no mod has complained about it and I'm not going to delete anything because some person somewhere in the world might be offended.

Young man!!!
Memers Are Loving The Theory That Ant-Man Defeats Thanos Via His Butt

17 Hot Fresh Animal Memes To Mix In Your Morning Coffee

Honest Trailers Takes on Mortal Kombat and It's Sweet Perfection
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If Humans Flirted Like Animals

Paranormal Cativity

Istari - lore of the Five Wizards
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Once you see the coin slot, you can never unsee it. You have been warned.
Clever man...