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Bill Burr - no reason to hit a woman - how women argue (FULL) from You People are all the Same

Comedian Bill Burr - Owning a dog
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Man's Victorious Petty Revenge On Obnoxious Partying Neighbors Will Make Your Blood Boil

10 Times People Took Their Passive Aggressiveness To Infuriating Extremes

Car Vs Excavator Ends In Absolutely Ridiculous Act Of Instant Karma

Confused Guy Almost Gets Chainsawed After Being Accused Of Stealing His Ex-Girlfriend's Psycho Little Brother's Highlighter

I’m too pooped to shop!

Never mind

A six-lane no-speed-limit superhighway.
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Bear Cuddles

"Makes sense. He was trying to muscle in on a market dominanted by axe body spray."

Gotta love the first comment at reddit. I would link and give the man his rightful glory but I wont since the subforum is political.
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Advanced Sci-fi Civilisations Too Stupid To Really Exist Ep.02- "Alien" Signs

Advanced Sci-fi Civilisations Too Stupid To Really Exist Ep.03- The Galactic-ish Empire
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Epic Fallout 2 Prank
Advanced Sci-fi Civilisations Too Stupid To Really Exist Ep.04- The Harvesters

Advanced Sci-fi Civilisations Too Stupid To Really Exist Ep.05 - The Daleks

Advanced Sci-fi Civilisations Too Stupid To Really Exist Ep.08 - The United Citizen Federation
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Oh Sheep!
Prejudice by Tim Minchin
I'm not a Dragonball fan, but still, I found this three pages article about international censorship of that show quite interesting, just for the underlying differences of cultural sensitivities :
17 Funny Memes To Get You Through Monday!

Just Turn It Into Chocolate Ice Cream


At Least They're Honest
The War On Democracy
Arte reportage:

French: Habiter le monde - Inde, Auroville, la cité utopique

German: In der Welt zuhause: Indien - Auroville, die Stadt im Einklang

Polish: Auroville, utopijne miasto, Zamieszkiwać świat

Spanish: India: Auroville, la ciudad utópica, Habitar el mundo
15 Times Animals Have Expressed Our Current Mood In The Most Accurate Way
28 Catnip-Filled Memes To Satisfy Your Caturday Obsession

27 Hilariously Bad Wedding Photos and Wedding FAILs

Workout buddy
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