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Her mama isn't home and she wouldn’t take the bottle, so he had to improvise.
Welcome The New Cat Breed - The Wolf Cat

Prepare To Die
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Interracial Dating

Monkey got moves!
I'm glad Schrodinger didn't choose a dog, because that cat is f**ked.

How to Teleport Schrödinger's Cat
Awesome bird
Bird sounds just like a laser! (R2D2 bird)

Animals reacting to musical instruments

Dad Is That You?! | Funny Reactions To Dads Shaving Their Beard!
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Thalassophobia collection
ARTE documentary about psychotropic drugs:

French: Mort sous traitement

German: Todesursache: Unbekannt
A Mostly Fresh Batch of Memes For Your Tuesday

30 Radical Memes That'll Help You Start The Week Right
19 Dog Memes Because We Love Those Dumb Floofers
The 1968 Book That Tried to Predict the World of 2018
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RIP Solid Snake

Emergent Gameplay
Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange
Honest Government Ad | The Economy