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Heart attack

We really need some Mechwarriors on
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Here's Why Santa is the Most Awkward Mythical Man Ever
Earth as Art

More quantum crap

Even MORE quantum crap

Theoretical metaphysics

Enough with that science crap, how about an AK-47 fired underwater?
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Growing Up Is Overrated

At Least the Kid Is Honest

Merry Christmas to All the Adults
Chester Knows How to Keep Warm in the Winter

And I Could Sit and Fetch Even Before I was Born
To Be Fair, It's Very Distracting
How to disappear online
41 Cats Who Had A Worse Year Than You

27 Cats Who Completely Forgot About Their New Years Resolutions In 2013
:D Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan Share A Lyft Car
Smithsonian's History Explorer

(via Gizmos Freeware)
Ron Gilbert talking about Maniac Mansion.
Some good old games in a "light show" (quite old - 2009)
a neat little comix, but beware if you're faint hearted :B
There is Something Wrong With Our Standards When This is a Plus Sized Model

Unrealistic standard of beauty

That's it...I'm Quitting the Nocturnal Life