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What? Where'd He Go?

Updating the Truck's Browsing Habits

Remember to Check the T-Shirts!

Yeah, That's a Good Enough Reason

Telling It Like It Is

Check Your Privileges

PC er0tica

The Only Reason Someone Nice Looking Would Talk to You

Old Views on Love

Where Do Babies Come From?

A Binary Relationship

Familial Carnival

Who The Heck Refuses Boy-Meat?
Old but still funny:
Whitest Kids U Know - I am gonna grape you in the mouth
The Whitest Kids U´Know - Hot Sister
Drop bears target tourists, study says
I'm sure most have seen this. If not:

Madonna at the Brits
Watching This Playful Skunk Might Change Your Mind About Your Next Pet
The Universe is a Magical Place

What Have You Done?

Don't Jerk The Wire Too Hard

She Doesn't Look Very Excited

Cats Are Teaching Dogs to be the Fluffy Pillows they Are

One Scrambled Idea

Seems Like a Bad Idea


Well, That's Strange



Tackling Gene Decay is the Next Step

Finally, Something For Everyone
Five Stupid Things About Conservatives.
This is the Worst Elevator Ride These Guys Will Ever Have

The Illusion of Rock

Twin Are Twice the Depression

Low Self-Esteem Has Some Advantages
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The Cancerous Mobile Game 'Clash of Clans' Gets an Honest Trailer
Smellysocks presents "MARRIED TO A TREE"

DJ MANI presents "DANCE"
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This is why elevators should have emergency toilets people can use. LOL
completely random. was looking Sokobond trailer and youtube offered this.
Item abuse in Super Mario World.