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Cats Aren’t Jerks. They’re Just Misunderstood
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I know from first-hand experience, cats are misunderstood jerks.
Neko Ninja (English subtitled trailer)
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Don't remember if I shared this before:

Holding Out for a Hero in a medieval style with altered lyrics, and animation
"Chop Suey" on a C64
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"About - Why Area 51?
Area 51 is a game that holds a bigger place in my heart than it has any right to. It has all the trappings of a military sci-fi B-movie, and both looks and feels the part. I'll contend the story is better than first meets the eye, but more importantly, the game itself is a historical curiosity beyond its design.

You see, the only reason I (and many others) played Area 51 back in the day is because of a sponsorship... by the US Air Force. (Yes, you read that correctly.) As part of a recruitment advertising campaign, our benevolent armed forces saw fit to release three games for free, the most prominent of which was Area 51. Even more surprising, the deal was apparently made in perpetuity, meaning that to this day the game remains free to download on PC.


Found this initially on reddit randomly.

Really interesting that the game got officialy free and then some people worked to restore it separately and finally it came together to the end.

I remember back then playing it for free online when said campaign started.
Fun game.
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"Twenty emerging technologies that will change the world..."
Time to relax:
(Youtube) 12 balls moving in straight lines
Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Sci-Fi Movie Tier List
Have we already gone too far?
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