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^ is too blootered to understand that nothing anyone is saying is at all intelligebubbler!
reaver894: ^ is coherent today which is most disturbing, someone get that man a beer
*is drinking a beer* (Doesn't count as a post hopefully, so grease me up and put me aside. =P)
^ doesn't know that I saw a unicorn this weekend
^ can't tell apart a unicorn and a rhinoceros
^ doesn't know that Rhino's are way too bulky to be misidentified as Unicorns
^ doesn't know that marco polo did exactly this.
^ deals in unicorn ivory
^looks green but usually when rightly filtered is infact turquoise.
^ speaks like homer simpson
^ is homer Simpson
^ is Marge Simpson
^ has a collection of Marge Simpsons used tampons
^ is actually a Marge Simpson's used tampon
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Telika: ^ can't tell apart a unicorn and a rhinoceros
Hehe +1 very good.
^ liberally awards rep points if he likes replies
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