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^ is wanted for several "suspended tidal wave" attacks
^ has wished me away, after using a 4 day banishing spell
^cursed Azdeth until he removed the ban
^once downloaded the entire internet, with 1MB left to spare
^once tried to steal my downloaded planet, until he realised I had them on 9,312,583,592 5mb floppy drives
^ allergic to cats fur
koima57: ^ allergic to cats fur
Hey! Seriously, how'd you know?!
KylieM: ^real name is Iam AnEvil GoggerInator
And oh! I am glad that nobody knew
That the name I am called is Iam AnEvil GoggerInator

Hey, how did you know my name! The devil told you.

^KylieM revealed also the name of Rumpelstiltskin
^ needs to explain whether he is a true & loyal servant to the EMPRAH
^ that's the real look of his eyes after one of his famous unbridled sprees
^defeated an entire armada of cyborgs, ready to invade earth, with just a screwdriver and a hammer
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^Consistently attempts to screw things up, but at the last minute stops...............'cause it's Hammer Time!!
^ is often ignored... but not this time
^ His soul has become one with the GOG servers and is cursed to spend an eternity in this thread.
^ still uses a minitel with 3615GOG.