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^ Clearly watches a shitload of Kenan & Kel.
^Secretly loves coke, unfortunately has a allergic reaction every time he drinks it - he still has not learned though...
^ thinks Marsupilami is a type of Kiwi
^thinks spagetti is a type of meat.
^currently thinking about space travel
^ smelt chloroform to see what it smelled like, doesnt remember the results but awoke with no pants
^ Smells chloroform daily to clear his mind.
^ Once knocked out an enemy with chloroform and dumped him in the river.
^ knows that, since he was the said enemy
^Ist sehr böse
^ was the inspiration for Lucasfilm Games' Night Shift
^ was on every Borg ship that the Enterprise encountered
^ has anus in his nickname but still smell roses
^ bred a type of rose with poison thorns and attempted to patent it in the hope of cornering a new market of assassins but didnt realise the brothers grimm got there before him!
^doesn't need guns or Knives when he's got poison roses to throw