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^Is Marge Simpson used tampon, when it was used as a teabag. Then plays halo and teabags others.
^ exposed to enough alcohol, he becomes Hulk's... used tampon
Thespian*: ^ exposed to enough alcohol, he becomes Hulk's... used tampon
lol.. what else I can say. ^^
^ speechless
^ Of all the souls I've encountered in my travels his was the most.....

^is a human-potato
^ missed an opportunity to post a fact about the Star Trek quote
^ Finally took that Santa Hat off
^ continually feels cold, so always tries to stay by the fire at the inns
^ has no clue what Post-Modern Art Music is :D
^ is absolutely right ...

... but forgot to mention that the very same happens to him. ;)
^ has yet to have a dinner with Crocodile as it's main meat ingredient
^Closet Vegan
^ used to be a mop bucket.
^ has an elaborate plan that involves monkey nuts, 12 grey squirrels, a jar of honey, a blindfold, 2 wild boar, and a 3 legged horse.