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I know people. . .and so do you.
Why re-invent the wheel when you can re-invest in the square?
I need me.
Do NOT forget to change the cat litter. Again.
LOL, "collage"...
It's rather exceptionally pretentious of me to have absolutely no cue of what I'm talking about due to the Zoom-effect we're being targeted by, step-by-step.
HunchBluntley: LOL, "collage"...
Auto-correct strikes again, lol. But can't edit it, as the thread has now been locked...

An echo is just an ancient/natural fax machine that's low on ink...
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I love the song "Born to be Wine."
That's what HE said!
I need someone to make me a pie-chart so that I can organize the different types of pies I eat on different days without getting confused.
Hang to your popcorn cos here comes sin!
"Include me out." ~ Samuel Goldwyn
Ever been stabbed in the kneecap with a pool noodle? No?!? Neither have I.
Where will you be when the gophers take over the world(and make you live in a burrow)?
Is it this year yet?