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Spaghetti with alfredo sauce is just obscene.
I'm not ready for fall
I am longing for Winter.
Joke's on you: I was, in fact, expecting the Spanish Inquisition!
If the air in some places really is rare, how do the people there not suffocate?
Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver but the other is gold
Is it Turkey Day yet?
If you're not vaccinated, you're not black enough to vote in a hurricane.
It's all down hill from here as I look up the mountain and remembering I probably forgot to actually ski down.
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Never give up on your dreams; let them give up on you instead
Fallen from the sky through the clouds what a happy omen for an air traffic controller fallen from his bed struck middle in a dream by the sword of the alarm clock's ring fallen in the ear of a deaf man who just fell in love the day before with a faithful stewardess fallen from the top of the gangway into the arms of a slightly fickle porter formerly killer for hire how could one fall worse fallen from the sky rebel to praise cast away by the angels of eternal heavens collapsed from sleep lost conscience regressed to childhood at the foot of the tall christmas tree veiled in mystery before my eyes blinded by the birth of a star in the desert fallen like a meteorite in the pockets of balthazar gaspard or melchior the three famous wise men smugglers in import/export fallen from above like the little drops of water that I hear falling from the window when I fall asleep with festive heart vane setter from the top of the clock tower give my voice the direction from which the wind hums my song (stumbling on a lucky day fallen in their prime into oblivion) that's nuts what one can see falling when you hang around on the pavement the eyes in the air the sole hitting the dust you see falling from balconies cigarette butts flower pots crooners young girls in tears and amateur climbers.
The worst part about November is not being able to eat any peanuts for a whole month
Modern gaming is a shitshow.
In fact, it DOES say unicorn on my uniform.
Remember, remember, the V of November