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Mathematicians say that there are infinities far greater than what we normally think of as infinity.

So maybe, just maybe, Buzz Lightyear was onto something after all.
He sulkily put a hat on in the store when he thought no one was around.
Review of the null game:

Graphics: There are no graphics to speak of. While this may seem like a bad thing, it is an interesting artistic decision that the developers (all 0 of them) made. Score: N/A

Sound: The game is silent. Again, this may seem like a bad thing, but it works for this game. On the up side, there are no obnoxious or triggering sounds to worry about in this game (no gunshot sounds, for example). Score: N/A

Story: The game is extremely minimalistic. In fact, even games like Super Mario Bros. have more story than this game. On the other hand, story does tend to waste the player's time, and this minimalistic approach avoids that. Score: N/A

User Interface: I didn't have any problem with the game's user interface. Score: Perfect

Gameplay: The game, again, takes a minimalistic approach; the game is immediately won. This ensures that 100% of players will see the game to the end (a common problem with games is that so few players actually complete them). The game brilliantly manages to avoid annoying parts like stealth seqences and escort missions, and it lacks any padding, but it's a bit lacking in substance. Score: N/A

Game length: Over as soon as you start, so 0.

Price per hour of gameplay: NaN (a [corrupted data] value)

Overall rating: Averaging the above scores, my final review score for the game is...

... N/A!
Kansas Wiley Stafford just touched Pete's piece.
Out to the pineapple paddock to contemplate the meaning of "exact change".

fn tempret() -> &'static mut i32 {
let mut x : i32 = 3;
return &mut x;
There weren't any Moor moray mores on the moors anymore.
Never have I ever played Never Have I Ever.
The idiot got killed 6 minutes before it was over, dooming everyone to do it again.
Be where you are.
Why do they call it coffee, if it doesn't help with coughs?
You're probably mixing up The Carpenters with the Coupe de Villes.
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Getting your orchids up in the first year is very benifical.
I forgot what I was going to say. It must not have been very important.
Bicameral legislature! Bah!