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I know right! You know left?
Lately I've been exploring solipsism, so I'm not sure this forum even exists.
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Do chickens have lips?
Do snakes have hips?

Can your forum title say
i love you
The huge toddler slouched in the tiny armchair, leering with unhinged glee. "Again!" it threatened. It clapped its meaty hands and the entire house shook. "AGAIN!"
Non-sequitir: an inference that does not follow from the premise. Ah Sōdesu ka? Hai!
If I put away a penny ever day from now till I'm eighty, I could be rich, but I don't usually have very many pennies, because of limited space to store them.
The omnibus will continue expanding in volumes until further notice.
(I) Never judge a matter by the other matters friction.
No, that's a reference. Just because you thought it was funny within the context you stripped from it when repeating it as a catchphrase doesn't make it a joke (or funny).
If Dorothy's Ruby Slippers were the key to her going home, where would they have taken the Wicked Witch?
Yes, certainly not.
I say neigh! Or was it maybe? You decide.
Please don't steal my AI generated content, I ordered those!