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"June, may April march?" is the longest valid English sentence which can be created from the names of the months of the year, in (reverse) consecutive order.
Gedd'im, Sparky! Lick his balls!
GR00T: Seems like a good time for another coat of paint.
Space chutney, man. Fucks with my innards.
HunchBluntley: Space chutney, man. Fucks with my innards.
You know, you could make a small adjustment to the steering column and it would be completely smooth sailing.
...And they call it a "cake". A CAKE!
Not in the face or hair, please.
sanscript: "A Canadian in Britain? Is that like saying you're unarmed or unprotected?"
I don't think ducks need work visas. :P
The majority of posts in this thread are not even non sequiturs.

Therefore, this thread title is misleading. It should be called "random nonsense thread" or something like that.
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The equations didn't take the elephants into account, though. It's just bad planning.
...But is Brillig before or after Thursday?
Sounds like it's time for some *actual* nonsense.

HunchBluntley: ...But is Brillig before or after Thursday?
(The following quote is nonsense; read at your own risk.)

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The goldfish blows red flowery bubbles at 8pm next Glursday. Be prepared with feathered boas and cobweb nets to capture the morish little trinkets.
That sucks. They didn't even give the poor little guy a chance.
Getcomposted: Look!
LOL! I thought he said "oral borealis". XD