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That's why I like French toast.
*is thinking of generating random text and posting it here*

Anyway, on topic (whatever that means):

I think I like slices of lemon juice better than french toast.
Turn left here.
Maxvorstadt: Gargelkarg?
What if it wont fit?
I like your old stuff better than your new stuff.
Here's a math problem for you:

∅ wants to split a pie between them. What percent of the pie should each person in ∅ get?

(Note: ∅ is the empty set, and therefore has no people in it.)
i have got a spoon you know ?
snowkatt: i have got a spoon you know ?
Only one? How do you manage to get your everyday tasks done? How are you even able to find the energy to post on the forum? Doesn't that take a few spoons?

I saw an alien play baseball today. Come and go with me to that land.
toast is great on muffins
Why are they all sparkling? What's the point?
oh wooow that sounds suuuper
snowkatt: oh wooow that sounds suuuper
Really? I would've thought it would stain the upholstery.
they will lay waste to all your frilly asses !!!